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  1. 24hoursfromtulsehill

    Barry out

    I’ve only just found out about this. This is where posho constructive dialogue gets you. Should’ve been on the pitch every fortnight since a year ago.
  2. 24hoursfromtulsehill

    Barry out

    He’s gone, according to Companies House. Everyone who’s boycotting because of Corney and Barry...it is now safe to return. See yous on Saturday?
  3. 24hoursfromtulsehill

    Charlton away

    This is exactly what we need. A stand-in keeper who goes full old skool by not wearing gloves. His outfield days might be behind him...as, alas, are mine...but he could still do a job for us if Dickfingers gets injured (very unlikely) or sent off (50% chance every game). Anyone else taking their boots today?
  4. 24hoursfromtulsehill

    Gillingham away

    Is this the December one? I nearly died of hypothermia that day. I locked myself out of my flat in London and had to sit in the pub in pissing wet and freezing clothes till my missus got home at about midnight. It definitely wasn't as wet as Brentford that time when it rained for the entire second half (from the first whistle to the last and not a second longer) and we went down to one of the most miserable effortless defeats of all time.
  5. 24hoursfromtulsehill

    OWTB 2017/18 Prediction League

    Forgot to predict? They're sockpuppet accounts designed to boost the numbers, as you well know.
  6. 24hoursfromtulsehill

    Chron purchased by Revolution 96.2

    Exactly. That’s because Tarquin and Jocasta write a lot of it for free.
  7. 24hoursfromtulsehill

    Chron purchased by Revolution 96.2

    I’ve heard it’ll be weekly on Thursdays, which was historically the Chron’s biggest circulation day (because of the property pages). It won’t just be The Rarely Wrong anymore...it’ll be The Rarely Wrong and Rarely Printed.
  8. 24hoursfromtulsehill

    Chron purchased by Revolution 96.2

    Guilty as charged. The online subscription was too expensive. As I recall it was initially set at about 90% of the print version price. I do believe in paying for journalism, but if you don’t have print and distribution costs, your paper should be a lot cheaper right? Besides, I don’t live in Oldham so I don’t feel that guilty. The Grauniad’s policy is similarly insane but in the other direction. I used to pay 50p a day for the print version, but it’s now about £15 a year for the online version. That’s not enough if you want quality journalism.
  9. 24hoursfromtulsehill

    Tangerine and blue kit?

    We play in blue and lamb tagine.
  10. 24hoursfromtulsehill

    Book Reviews

    My father and other working class football heroes, by Gary Imlach. Yes, him off of the cycling. His father played for Bury and Forest among others in the days when footballers were indentured labour - maximum wage plus enforced retention, which Bosman sorted out only very recently. It's a top book and everyone should read it.
  11. 24hoursfromtulsehill


    Yep. It's a thumbs up from me as well, but I'm in the cosseted area of the country where we have decent broadband and what not. Someone must stop Roy from kicking the cable out though. Tie his legs together or something.
  12. 24hoursfromtulsehill


    I think I've got the answer. I need to GO TO A FUCKING GAME.
  13. 24hoursfromtulsehill


    It's never bothered me before but I'm hankering after the pictures. I know it's wrong.
  14. 24hoursfromtulsehill


    Aye. At least we know now who out of Gordon and Roy has been kicking it out all these years.
  15. 24hoursfromtulsehill


    It just cut out for about a minute. Nothing different from Latics Player really.