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  1. My father and other working class football heroes, by Gary Imlach. Yes, him off of the cycling. His father played for Bury and Forest among others in the days when footballers were indentured labour - maximum wage plus enforced retention, which Bosman sorted out only very recently. It's a top book and everyone should read it.
  2. Oh God. Please give us a good sheikh.
  3. Yep. It's a thumbs up from me as well, but I'm in the cosseted area of the country where we have decent broadband and what not. Someone must stop Roy from kicking the cable out though. Tie his legs together or something.
  4. I think I've got the answer. I need to GO TO A FUCKING GAME.
  5. It's never bothered me before but I'm hankering after the pictures. I know it's wrong.
  6. Aye. At least we know now who out of Gordon and Roy has been kicking it out all these years.
  7. It just cut out for about a minute. Nothing different from Latics Player really.
  8. I'm listening from the UK on my phone (after I cracked the puzzle of downloading the app). It's fine. Might try the shady VPN manoeuvre if anyone abroad actually sees any pictures. And the purists shouldn't worry. I'll go to as many games if not more than I always go to.
  9. Nope. I'm retired. My theoretical offspring might have a go though. Just depends on whether the powers that be can accept someone with such awesome hypothetical genetic credentials. The championship would be a piece of piss for the contingent lad.
  10. You tell him Joe. He's not fit to lace your predicting boots.
  11. Patrick. Berger.
  12. Fair play to Corney for seeing that the results of the part-time strategy were poor and giving it up. Has anyone set up a shit or bust thread yet? PS. What's all this AND STAFF nonsense about?
  13. Turns out my imaginary lad can't enter because he's not on OWTB, doesn't have a bank account and isn't allowed money. (I'm trying to bring him up right by depriving him of everything so he gets used to the idea of working grimly for no reward, recognition or fulfilment for the rest of his life.) I've said I'm willing to lend him the money as long as he understands the concept of usuary and crippling interest rates.
  14. Are there no depths to which you will not stoop? My son has broad enough shoulders for your shite. And given that he goes out with a supermodel, I reckon he has the balls for this challenge. But it's purely up to him. I won't interfere. The lad has to do things under his own steam.
  15. Worst leaflet I've ever seen. My son is thinking about having a go though. I haven't encouraged him to go into the family profession but he's keen and naturally has the genetic talent for predicting. I've told him he'll be getting no help from me and that he has to do it by himself on his own terms.