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  1. Fair point about the accountants...but if you’re in charge you face the music for shitty things done by the people around you. I’m sure there is a bit of groupthink and ganging up going on. At the same time, this received wisdom has legit sources that have accumulated over time. If nothing else, Barry has become a symbol and embodiment of the malaise. He has done so through his own actions, which we have all seen in public and when they manifest themselves publicly. I’ve not heard a single person who’s met or dealt with Barry say a good word about him, but that’s irrelevant.
  2. Barry was the Trust representative on the board and failed to file the Trust accounts...for SEVEN STRAIGHT YEARS. I’m also unclear what his role in the Abdallah takeover was. Abdallah was clearly sold a pup by Corney, so where was the due diligence. Surely it wasn’t in the hands of Barry Owen in his advisory capacity? As for Barry moaning about the financial mismanagement of the club under the previous regime...he’s got more front than Blackpool promenade. The man is a big part of the problem and has been for years. The only mystery is why some people think the shambles of the last fuck-knows-how-many years is not at least partly a product of Barry’s efforts. You know I love you Lags but pull the other one.
  3. My father and other working class football heroes, by Gary Imlach. Yes, him off of the cycling. His father played for Bury and Forest among others in the days when footballers were indentured labour - maximum wage plus enforced retention, which Bosman sorted out only very recently. It's a top book and everyone should read it.
  4. Yep. It's a thumbs up from me as well, but I'm in the cosseted area of the country where we have decent broadband and what not. Someone must stop Roy from kicking the cable out though. Tie his legs together or something.
  5. I think I've got the answer. I need to GO TO A FUCKING GAME.
  6. It's never bothered me before but I'm hankering after the pictures. I know it's wrong.
  7. Aye. At least we know now who out of Gordon and Roy has been kicking it out all these years.
  8. It just cut out for about a minute. Nothing different from Latics Player really.
  9. I'm listening from the UK on my phone (after I cracked the puzzle of downloading the app). It's fine. Might try the shady VPN manoeuvre if anyone abroad actually sees any pictures. And the purists shouldn't worry. I'll go to as many games if not more than I always go to.
  10. Huge ramifications from this. I reckon it's about time but I'm not a long-suffering season ticket holder.
  11. Saw it in the flesh for the first time yesterday. Never been so excited by a building site.
  12. I've signed up for a monthly donation. Without this site, plenty of exiles like me would be out doing something useful or entertaining on Saturday afternoons rather than typing highly ephemeral :censored:e in the chatroom.
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