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  1. Oh and we should remember that he isn't the manager, he's the head coach. Talk around building his own squad are irrelevant - he does tactics, training, motivation, that's about it. In theory anyway.
  2. I'm not in favour of swapping managers in and out like a teenager swaps girlfriends, but isn't now a pretty good time? Not going up, not going down, not a huge number of players contracted past the season - sounds like a pretty good time to bring someone in to me.
  3. Michael Jolley? Unattached, experience of the division, full complement of badges, well educated, bit of cash behind him due to previous career, trouble with the law. He'd be perfect.
  4. Or when the clown runs out of money and stops paying wages again
  5. £30k apparently. Dino no say either. Obviously.
  6. Shame that most appear to be happy to leave it to someone else to force the change needed. Piss poor imo.
  7. May be bollocks but I heard a whisper that they'd sounded out Shez. I assume he told them to get fucked though!
  8. New signings/sacking the manager is classic papering over the cracks. Fewer and fewer get fooled every time they do it.
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