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  1. Live now: https://www.theguardian.com/football/live/2020/apr/08/oldham-athletic-v-manchester-united-1990-fa-cup-semi-final-live
  2. Yes - https://footballia.net/teams/oldham-athletic-afc (dunno who's commentating though)
  3. Guardian are doing a retro minute-by-minute of the 1990 FA Cup semis tomorrow afternoon - Liverpool v Palace first, then us v the red shite. https://www.theguardian.com/football
  4. DY Sizzling Hot Pot - Sydney Found this place near my hotel after the red eye flight across from Perth - zero sleep, and a day spent walking around Sydney meant I was ravenous. Fuck me did this hit the spot. Cheap as well, for Sydney anyway.
  5. Depends where you go. Business as usual here in leafy cheshire.
  6. Mushrooms are much better if you tear them up with your hands rather than use a knife. Unleash your inner caveman.
  7. Colleague's brother has it. He's a GP, so not unexpected.
  8. Crumpets, pancakes, toast, whatever takes your fancy
  9. Vanilla spiced pear butter. Nothing better.
  10. Yet his approval ratings are through the roof. Boggles the mind.
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