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  1. To be fair it seems the 2 week extension is due to no longer needing to pay the taxman NI, as no staff left. Extra time given so that smaller businesses can be repaid monies owed from the fighting fund which was raised.
  2. Donny at home in the FA Cup 12/13 was the lowest I could find since the Prem days - 2,783. Ironic given the run we went on that season. Apart from that (and a couple of other FAC1 games) the lowest was Col U earlier this season - 3,091.
  3. When we setup the initial board we asked for volunteers for the various positions, then formed a board off the back of this. As per usual, we didn't have too many come forward... At the time it was pretty much just me (the other founder had, errr, lost a bit of focus) and Adrian Stores - Adrian had met Barry I think.
  4. Alexa find us the perfect owner before we consider getting rid of this one
  5. Jesus christ. Some of you lot would choose to stay in a burning house rather than jump into a firefighter's arms. "Well I don't know him from Adam. Has he been trained? Did he have a bad night's sleep last night? Is he in a grump? Fuck it, my roof hasn't caved in yet, I'm safer in here. Maybe the fire will go out by itself..."
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