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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/06/dean-furman-jewish-footballers-chelsea-south-africa-interview
  2. whittles left foot = party or halliwell. Nailed on.
  3. You're right, but isn't that contrary to what that vote indicated?
  4. The recent review of the accounts show he's been putting £60k a month in. Which, as per the evidence (which some would have us ignore, because it's "the past"), is barely enough to keep us going. Apparently this is all fine, and worthy of unconditional support.
  5. Not paying bills (resulting in court appearances), not paying staff (whether deliberately or not) and claiming to be putting in absurd figures is all good with you? I'd love to live in your world.
  6. Getting a bit o/t, but you could argue there are a lot of parallels. Both are 'owned' by ''owners' who don't really like funding them properly. But that's probably an argument for the pub.
  7. So he can fund some things, but not others. Good to know, thanks.
  8. Remind me how much AL is putting in again? You're suggesting it's the square root of fuck all?
  9. She's been using volunteers whilst the main heads are furloughed. Could be the future, sadly...
  10. He was being a cunt. Lots of people told him about himself. Enjoyable. There might be screenshots floating about somewhere.
  11. Noble though this fundraising is, can I ask how it's advancing the efforts to get AL out of our club?
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