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  1. Think the "someone else" is the fan group. Believe it includes Mr Whitehead who built the stand?
  2. "Here's a pound to buy your ground". Remember the RRE singing that to Stockport fans at the start of the Penney season. Seriously though, if it's in any way feasible, we should be all over this as a fan group.
  3. Is it fitness showing, or opponents chasing the game and leaving themselves open at the back?
  4. If we lose on Saturday and Tuesday, will you start panicking about relegation?
  5. Matched by Moore and LJ: Sharp - drew 0-0 home to Luton Warnock - lost 2-1 home to Bradford Ritchie - lost 3-1 home to Notts Co Wadsworth - drew 1-1 away at Cambridge Dowie - lost 2-1 home to Cardiff Talbot - drew 0-0 away at Col U Moore - won 3-0 home to Vale Shez (1) - lost 1-0 away at Tranmere Penney - drew 0-0 home to Stockport Dickov - won 2-1 away at Tranmere Johnson - won 3-0 home to Hartlepool Kelly - drew 1-1 away at Walsall Dunn - drew 1-1 away at Donny Shez (2) - lost 1-0 away at Bradford Robinson - lost 3-0 away at Millwall Shez (3) - won 1-0 home to Gillingham Wellens - won 3-2 home to Peterborough Bunn - lost 2-1 home to MK Dons
  6. Adblock Plus - right click - block element
  7. May well be in Brisbane on Wednesday. Just for an afternoon though, ugh.
  8. I'll go first - 9,094 miles! Suspect our Brisbane-based fan has me beat though.
  9. O/T question for you - what's the sports direct equivalent in Oz - i.e. place to buy replica shirts etc?
  10. Dummy and Hunt. Also read that another Taylor start would give him an extra year, which would be a disaster imo.
  11. People forgetting we had a manager who threw a game to help out his old man?
  12. Yeah I'm out in Perth at the moment. 36 degrees today. Tough.
  13. Anyone seen Scholes on the train down? (pre-emptive post - it's 21.15 Perth time...)
  14. I'd heard the £300k figure too - the delay is due to AL trying to rustle up the readies.
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