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  1. That's it. You have to judge the owner on his merits, not on what went before, not on what may come after. He's presiding over a disaster, and is proving incompetent in virtually every area. The only rational response is to agitate for change - whether that's for him to sell up, or for him to stop being such a clown. Anything else is insane, and tantamount to appeasement - effectively giving him carte blanche to continue behaving and operating in this manner. It's not his club, it's our club. It's up to us to hold him to account - no-one else is going to do it.
  2. There's a group meeting outside the main stand at 7pm I believe
  3. Much rather the Trust be writing letters to him "fancy backing the FLG?" than ones that are going to be ignored by Marco
  4. I meant the written up ones, in response to friz
  5. £190 here. £270 if Maouche's shot goes in today...
  6. Don't think it's football he needed a break from
  7. If they do buy the club will they get Dave Mellor back and banish him to train with the yoofs for eternity?
  8. Would've got Sheff U away. Frankly I'm glad we're out.
  9. Ummm - hope this isn't him... (wasn't on the bench today) https://twitter.com/gmptraffic/status/1160260986575740929?s=20
  10. And that's with a ton of kids in on free tickets in the family stand.
  11. Just a caution - isn't it against T&Cs? Just be careful with revealing info which might identify who you are - the walls have ears...
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