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  1. Even if we do get in the playoffs, we'll end up losing to MK Dons.
  2. Nah. Loud in the RRE, but you can barely hear it from the NS near the Chaddy.
  3. Chesterfield in the rain on boxing day Hereford 5-0. Hammered, in both senses of the word.
  4. Haha fair enough. Thanks. I'll take my chances then 😉
  5. Keep going trust folks - you're never going to please everyone, but at least you're doing something.
  6. Hey Billy, what's the deal with the padded seats in the North Stand? Most near me are unoccupied. If you try and sit in them before kick off, you get turfed out by the stewards. If you wait until the game has started, you're usually left alone. Is this policy, or are the stewards just being slack?
  7. Spot on. That's why we should be hearing more about the ground purchase plan - that's the fallback.
  8. Iversen Hamer-Clarke-George-Iacovitti Branger-Missilou-Maouche-Nepo Dapo-Lang
  9. Parts of MSU closed, and others with restricted view. Suspect attendance isn't going to be great for this one...
  10. Anyone know where I can buy 1,000 tennis balls?
  11. "But I've got to support Pete Wild and the lads" "But I've got to support the lads" "But I've got to support Tom and George" "But I've got to support Tom" "But..."
  12. In those days? As it ever was, as it ever will be.
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