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  1. But a huge oversight from all managers that have expressed they target Clarke, as PW said he wins vast majority of his personal battles. Tom Hamer was solid yesterday and one of his best performances. But for me, as an opposing manager I’d be playing triangles over on his side of the pitch trying to create overloads, he’s often out of position and gets caught the wrong side of his man many times. Also loves to go and win the ball, a good trait of his but when he doesn’t win the ball he can be found 10 yards further forward than he possibly should be.
  2. You’re putting Wellens and Taylor in the same category as Peter Clarke?!? Wow. Taylor, ye, great player in his first stint. Awful attitude second stint. Wellens, again, great player. But a bit of a wanker.
  3. We have such a big turnover of players. There’s ex players everywhere for us. The play off semi finals I swear there’s been at least 3 in each... there was 6 ex Latics in the Notts County vs Coventry. Another 3 in the Scottish cup final. Another 3 in Exeter vs Lincoln Another 2 in Scunthorpe vs Rotherham Another 2 in Middlesbrough vs Villa
  4. Weird, my uncle doesn’t know how much I earn and I’d say we’re as close as family get (unless from Rochdale, Burnley, Bolton etc) I know the life of a footballers different but just cant imagine it coming into a family discussion on how much your new contracts increased wages etc.
  5. Good player, nothing more nothing less. Another inconsistent midfielder that can be brilliant one minute and pass it to an advertising board the next.
  6. Thought this was worth posting, for a laugh - someone sent me this link, Bury fans putting our fans in the same bracket as Millwall and Leeds etc. One of them says we’ll struggle next year because we’ll be the team everybody wants to beat.. Worth a laugh. I think the link will show you page 2 but page 1 there’s plenty to read aswell https://www.gigglane.com/index.php?/topic/31672-let’s-all-laugh-at-oldham/&page=2
  7. Tbf, he was playing for a contract next year. When he’s been axed as manager he may be knocking on AL’s door for a playing contract.
  8. I saw Chesterfield play earlier in the season against Notts County... they won quite comfortably against a side in the top 3 at the time. They played heilliant football theoughout the game and looked a class above league 2... genuinely shocked they’ve been relegated, thought they’d have enough about them to stay up at minimum.
  9. Definitely. Still wouldn’t be near the top of my list of strikers for AL to get his wallet out. Realistic list, I may add.
  10. Do you want us to sign a player because he scored a goal on telly BP? It’s just I could rattle off about 6 strikers that I’d want AL to get his wallet out for over Marquis.
  11. One thing that did used to piss me off about him, was his obsession with running through the middle, losing control of the ball and ending up conceding a free kick from a lunge... but other than that I used to bloody love watching him play, and came home from a youth game saying we had a decent polish lad at the back who’s worth keeping an eye on. Turns out he’s English, turned out he was from Moston... similar I suppose.
  12. Reece Wabara.. for anyone interested. https://mycomeup.com/ex-footballer-reece-wabara-became-force-fashion-mycomeup-2/
  13. In regards to this, I noticed the same a week or so ago - does he still downboat 10 a day? So so cringey. i found myself agreeing with a few of your posts and couldn’t believe your bad rep.. not considered changing ur account? Suppose you’re not bothered enough.
  14. Yeah, don’t think his games fast enough for the level up. Injuries last season, this season he’s just come back from injury but a change in the way they play has left him out the squad. I probably wouldn’t have him in our starting XI as it happens, when all our players are registered.
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