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  1. My current worry with Barry is that I'd imagine it's be him that thinks the quickest way to appease disgruntled fans is to appoint an ex-player in some coaching/ managerial capacity or spew out a tangerine kit (i.e. he'd be viewed as someone who can tap into to the zeitgeist of whatever period he thinks makes fans happy when, personally, that nonsense makes me want to slam my head into the boardroom table where Richard Jobson signed his contract)
  2. Couldn't agree with that. We'd be top half of the Championship but I doubt we'd get out of it.
  3. Does anyone know how many previous employees are taking us to a tribunal over their removal from these lists? I've read on Twitter that the kit man and Chief Exec have been paid up but don't know how many more are taking their dismissals further. I expect Gerrard would be one & possibly Philliskirk to be another.
  4. Reeks of "We don't need a goalkeeper coach for a couple of months, so why should I pay for one?"
  5. Pretty much nailed on that even an intention to sue PS will now make the press (especially as suing someone for £175 for quitting their job after a month seems either fanciful or something that we should do more often). Looks like it has been leaked by one of Chuckle's FB group 'mates' - would be interesting to know how it fell into his hands.
  6. We'd already know that wouldn't we as mortgages/ charges are updated as and when they are incurred and settled...which this one hasn't been.
  7. I've rarely known anyone use social media to post so much offensive, racist bile than 'Chuckle' and yet he seems to be trying to position himself into a role with the club. Strange times.
  8. Made lots by acting as his son's agent on some big moves which is why he was OK dropping to us in the first place.
  9. I think there are strongish feelings on Twitter for a protest (and maybe to some extent on here too) but I don't think that is necessarily representative of much of our support who probably don't bother reading anything on either platform. Certainly there's a few around me that only hear about things to with the club if it makes the papers and, even then, they'd still turn up. Today's attendance was probably down on where it would have been with another half dozen points but I don't think there are too many (maybe a few hundred - but not thousands) who would likely boycott because of things being said on the internet.
  10. It's almost as if he's trying to get people back on side by making himself out to be utterly reasonable. Well, at least it's some sort of plan so, in that respect, it's progress.
  11. Didn't he do that a month ago during the contract negotiations? As AL has immediately gone back on his word (and, most likely, Scholes has discovered things being even worse than he envisaged in terms of money, facilities, squad) then Scholes has probably worked out that it's an impossible job in the current circumstances. It's also a job that he's not desperate for. I don't think many thought that it was going to be a success anyway. There's never been anything about his communication that made you think, "Now there is a leader of men" but his reputation in football at least gave hope that it was going to be 'interesting' particularly when it came to recruitment. 'Interesting' is obviously as pretty much as good as it gets following this club. However, that AL was never going to allow Scholes to recruit made this whole experiment pointless and so we were left with him as a coach, leader & tactician. It's unfair to judge him on those criteria over the seven games but I'm more than happy to be that twat. It would have been a loooong 18 month contract. Upon his appointment, he spoke about the importance of developing our youth products and (I'm sure) something about getting more English lads in - if the owner has a plan, then I don't see either of those things being on it. That over and done with, it's now hard to see where the club can go from here other than downwards (either quickly or gradually). Realistically, I think apathy will prevent a strong protest movement (I love a pissboil as much as the next man but my lad still wants a season ticket next year so we won't be boycotting) and there will be a long line of coaches that will be happy to put their ego against AL's for a couple of months until the pile of straws become too much.
  12. Probably the only journalist that brings some of the goings-on at the club to light but gets panned for it. Not difficult to find things that he's reported on as being correct, which things has he reported incorrectly? I'm guessing there's not many.
  13. If, in order to persuade him to take the job, the chairman has told the manager that he will be in control of the playing staff then determines the season's retained list himself, then it shows that he can't be trusted to keep in his word.
  14. It'd be great if this was the beginning of a sustained period of success but given that history is often a better indicator of the future rather than blind hope, I reckon he'll last to that couple of weeks in the summer when the season ticket money is in but none of the ambitious transfer targets are.
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