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  1. They told me that the tickets will be sent down with the media team, to be collect at the stadium.
  2. Steve Cross, the ex-kit man that was ejected from the North Stand was in the OEC today. Not sure that's helpful really.
  3. Neither. Bored by it all. Think Abdallah's is full of it and nor do I think FLG are the saviours they'd want everyone to believe. (I don't see me investing anything into their scheme)
  4. Came away more pissed off at the racist bile being spewed by a bloke near me. He was clearly as thick as and thought that shouting "Get back to fucking Africa" at Sylla, 'all these African rag heads are shit" was worth sharing but that his 'mates', also in their 40s/50s weren't telling him to wind it in (one of them going on about them being chased by Lions back home) was also pretty dumbfounding.
  5. ..or some of it... or none of it at all. The 'protests'; the drama of using a bike padlock to attach oneself to a drainpipe; a shouty man kicking (then closing) a door; every bit of media coverage is just part of a negotiation.
  6. He'll step aside or sell to one of the groups that have made bids. The club will then make big wage signings in the next transfer window and the fans will be convinced that this is part of a plan to reach the Championship.
  7. It's pretty much spot on. I stayed after the final whistle and made it clear that I wasn't happy and they'd be better off just leaving the pitch. However, some of them, I feel genuinely sorry for such as Desire who is young, miles away from home, trying his chase their dream but has been thrown into a hopeless situation - probably as a result of some shady agent dealings. He's probably not good enough but is here now anyway but similar to Fage (who looks more promising), our recruitment policy has left them with no senior pros to guide them and this is where I felt the likes of Nepomuceno & Maouche had failed to step up. In retrospect though, it's probably not in their character so they shouldn't be blamed either (However, I'd like to think that Maouche would acknowledge this & volunteer to step aside as captain when someone moer capable is available - as highly unlikely as that is). I honestly think a small handful of the squad have some individual ability but, as a football team, there's very little to suggest that results are about to improve. The complete absence of guile means that they just don't know how to win games and are unlikely to learn. Unfortunately for them, they will always be the focal point for the most important aspect of the club.
  8. You don't have to be based in Moscow to buy Twitter accounts that have been registered for some time.
  9. Left it to the bloke collecting the money to tell everyone, rather than any kind of notice. Just leaves a bad taste.
  10. As shite as it is, isn't it part of the T&Cs around purchasing a season ticket that you can be moved to a different part of the ground? Certainly when buying one for the North Stand initially, we didn't get to actually sit in it but weren't offered a cash alternative.
  11. It's an odd one. You'd think he'd be gone in five minutes but it's going to be difficult to criticise substitutions and team selections when the squad is made up of different shades of shit. I think most will just find him irrelevant but AL/ML will probably sack him after the first ten games (of which we won't win any).
  12. As they have been for a long time under previous regimes which told us a similar amount of nothing. Wasn't quite sure what people were expecting to see. We had another CCJ against us in the last week or so...'only' for £1000 or so but it tells us more than the accounts will.
  13. Just as a helpful recap (because I can't remember) how much does AL owe the OEC (a rumoured figure will do) and what does he/ the club get out of it? Whatever the cost is, is it a figure that will have "negotiated" (😂) between Corney and the other two lads when the stand was opened?
  14. Wasn't this common knowledge anyway as we'd sold it prior to his move to Burnley (for around £40k)?
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