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  1. Ex copper on an early pension brown nosing his way into positions of power or influence shocker.
  2. Rangers, Barça, Frankfurt, Lazio, Linfield and Brest.
  3. No win no fee. 50/50 split on any recovery.
  4. So, one current player and three former ones then!
  5. Yeah l suppose it is only early May really. So much shit going on that the pitch has kind of been ignored. It’s the Trusts fault l reckon.
  6. If nothing is happening with the pitch then that is not good. Not sure l’d even heard of Jonker, but l do think we should go with the european set up. Last throw of the dice, fuck it.
  7. Well that’s one of you. There’s loads of us bored to fuck with your lazy defending, so you’re jus gona have to suck it up I’m afraid.
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