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  1. Suarez’s brother and Cavani’s cousin on three year deals.
  2. I’m not accepting mediocrity, it’s just that we are mediocre and l can see it (now).
  3. Wouldnt the vote also help on here for those of us not on the sycophantic cess pit known as twitter?
  4. That’s because they are better than us but people expected us to win 7-0.
  5. I think if Sky know there is s potential match affecting protest, they will change the match.
  6. Second option is massively short sighted. Miss the days when you could see who had voted for which.
  7. I don’t think l can handle another false dawn.
  8. A list of adresses on here would help. The SLO (if we have one) somebody at the EFL, the ticket office (sorry Billy) and to a lesser extent, because he probably won’t read/digest it, the Owner. I’ll do mine when l DM Mike Keegan to apologise to him.
  9. 😂 That’s the most work you have done for years!!! Possibly ever. Didn’t happen tho, it’s far better to pay a bit more attention all round than instantly compartmentalising all information. Saves so much time and energy.
  10. You need to change your username. Are you that guy who started up the investigation into Corney, but then looked into his eyes and got charmed by him and completely forgot what you originally set out to do? You sound like him.
  11. Defo contact the club to express why you will not be renewing.
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