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  1. Monty Burns

    Courtney Duffus

    Don’t think that’s a given..
  2. Monty Burns


    Yeah. Like he said.
  3. Monty Burns


    Did he like Davies’ tweet? Burn him.
  4. Monty Burns

    Courtney Duffus

    Thanks 👍🏻
  5. Monty Burns

    Courtney Duffus

    Not sure. Waterford was last season and last calendar year..
  6. Monty Burns

    Doncaster (A)

  7. Monty Burns

    Doncaster (A)

    I am outraged by this negativity from the club!
  8. Monty Burns

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Get em ordered!!
  9. Monty Burns

    Doncaster (A)

    1900. But I reck you knew that already!
  10. Monty Burns

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Sold 2/3rds already told them they should ask for more this afternoon when l got macc tickets, response was non committal.
  11. I could do a brew run? When l say run, l mean if it’s in the same room and l can pretend l’m not listening?
  12. Monty Burns

    Courtney Duffus

    Poor from AL.
  13. Monty Burns

    Macclesfield: Directions, Beer & Food

    Just picking a team from available XI. Gona make some big changes to it.. lversen hunt clarke edmundson hamer cilla missile maouche nepo lang the johan branger 😎