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  1. Monty Burns

    FA Cup 2018-19

    I did think it was strange them giving us 550 seats in the main stand when they gave Macc a standing option behind the goal
  2. Don’t forget how many people used to come to tbe match from places like Coppice, Werneth and St Mary’s. I don’t think we have potential supporters there anymore.
  3. Monty Burns

    Andy Rhodes???

    Kov- Nixon wasn’t at chesterfield World- Nixon was at chesterfield nearly five years. Kov- well they should put it on wiki World- it is on wiki Classic Kov 😂
  4. Monty Burns

    Tranmere (A)

    Probably similar to Ollie Banks
  5. Monty Burns

    Shez has gone

    Is Shuck the guy who gets banned every six months for spamming up the board? Then he gets back on, starts slowly, then works himself back up to a ban again? Gota be close now, wonder if he pays extra?
  6. Monty Burns

    Danny G

    What the fuck is wet rain?
  7. Monty Burns

    Cambridge (H)

    Gardner 4th in L2 assists table.
  8. Burgess could have been good, but he is jus too soft.
  9. GMR tweeting interview snippets https://mobile.twitter.com/BBCRMsport/status/1063150969431711745?s=08
  10. Monty Burns

    The Youth Team

    4-1 now. Brave effort, but
  11. Monty Burns

    Jose Injury ?

    They were dickheads. Hope they go bust.