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  1. F.C. United of Manchester: Directions, Beer & Food

    Or not. More a polite request.
  2. F.C. United of Manchester: Directions, Beer & Food

    Segregation in effect.
  3. Giles Coke

    Happy with this.
  4. Ashton United friendly

    Missilou played for the French age teams up to u20 I think, so his basic technique should (and does appear to) be sound. Next come all the other tests such as culture, on field rough and tumble and playing in front of crowds again.
  5. Transfer Rumours

    I forgot about Nepo. Bonus. And I’m only saying this one last time, if you can’t get it then Lord help you. The TEAM needs two more players, the SQUAD needs five.
  6. Doesn’t matter, I’ve said it now so I would do it. Also we will be going up, not down 📈
  7. Transfer Rumours

    Just need two players then 😎
  8. If we go down I will wear an item of clothing containing the word idiot at every match I attend the following season. Even then I still would not be at the level of somebody who wanted to keep Silvertongue Corney in charge.
  9. Transfer Rumours

    Coke or Missilou can start then.
  10. Transfer Rumours

    New Keeper Dummigan Hamer Clarke Edmundson Hunt Fane Gardner Byrne Baxter New Striker What is wrong with that?
  11. Transfer Rumours

    Yes I agree, players moving out is 100% what we don’t need.
  12. If you didn’t want Corney out you’re an idiot. If you go on a website and admit you don’t know what you are talking about and then try and use that as a reason for not wanting Corney out, then you are a complete idiot.
  13. There shud be a pudding on a muffin buried behind each goal line inside the area of the netting.
  14. England or Latics?

    Please vacate our club and country based Football chat with your silly nonsense.