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  1. I was looking after my sons sister once and l tried to scare her about the singularity by discussing implanted chips and wildly exaggerated (in others' eyes, not mine) saying when she is my age we will all be cyborgs, there will be no phones or tablets anymore, just a microchip in your eye (😬) and she said 'Wo that will be cool'. So l gave up on her 😢
  2. Fine. If you can't understand that Football will start again soon, with no vaccine in sight. Then you can't understand it. Jus tried to dumb it down abit for you that's all. Good luck.
  3. That's just silly. Be back in about six weeks.
  4. So what shit you chattin now? Are people dying twice or have there been 200K covid deaths ASWELL AS flu deaths? Why don't you go live in texas? Not sure if they'd welcome a foreigner, but you spout all the correct shite.
  5. Pulling the plug is what causes it. They reach the singularity wo us noticing and hard wire a fail safe, then piff in our general direction when we flick the switch and it stays on.
  6. No. Is it good? I've seen about 20mins of ep1 but my son said it was boring and made me turn it off..
  7. In which case l'd suggest finding somebody who disagrees, this convo isn't about that, it's about people potentially going back to work. Late June seems to be the plan atm.
  8. Or on busy public transport or small staff rooms, warehouses etc. Don't be kidding yourself theyve got acres of space back there in tesco 😂
  9. They all loo 👍 They all look the same to me.
  10. We will be gone by then. Nature or robots would have got their shit together and we are too fractured as a species 🌍.
  11. Germany is starting to open stuff back up and Denmark never closed. A certain number of our population haven't stopped working, so l don't see why Footballers going back to work should be vaccine related. Matches played behind closed doors, obviously.
  12. Also ignoring the imeasurable amount of lives the lockdown has saved. It's a real thing, it's pretty bad, people have been wrong and are scrambling like knobheads and making themselves look silly trying not to admit it. There's one in charge of the US.
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