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  1. This article tells the story of the 1990s incarnation of the Anglo-Italian Cup. Amongst other curiosities, it references Latics’ away game in Ancona, which was played out in front of just 300 people... https://calcioengland.wordpress.com/2019/09/13/the-tempestuous-curtain-call-of-a-tournament-destined-to-fail-the-anglo-italian-cup-1992-96/
  2. Latics have made a number of visits to the County Ground over the years, so I thought this may be of interest. An article about Swindon’s link to the famous Italian architect Nervi, who also built Fiorentina’s stadium and the Stadio Flaminio in Rome: https://calcioengland.wordpress.com/2019/03/22/florence-rome-swindon-how-the-grand-master-of-italian-stadium-design-nearly-made-his-mark-in-england/
  3. A few times - always been impressed. Manchester based, I think
  4. May be of interest to a few on this thread; Classicfootballshirts.co.uk are knocking out Frankfurt shirts at £12.99... https://www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk/banners/frankfurt-clearance.html
  5. I've been to a few games in Germany - most recently to Mainz, a mid/low ranking Bundesliga outfit. I can only agree with the point about the fantastic matchday experience; in fact the standard of football was not great that day (the opposition were rock bottom) but it was a great day out. Here's why... a) Prices - 15E entry, 1E for a programme, free transport from railway station to ground and back again b.) Full stadium - see a above c) Buoyant atmosphere - see a and b above, but also presence of safe standing and a lively ultra section complete with its own conductor on a mega phone (there's probably a proper name for this) d) Other attractions - bars in every area of the ground (with prices comparable to a normal bar) and a fan village outside the ground meant that people arrived early, had a few pints and also stayed after the game. A real sense that it was a 'day out' and not 90 minutes of entertainment. e) Accessible - the diversity of the crowd was striking - many smartly dressed women and children in the large bank of terracing in and around the area where the ultras stood. The atmosphere was passionate, lively, intense but in no way threatening - the ultras were genuinely supporting their team not goading the opposition fans - which presumably contributed to this diversity. I'll leave others to pick the bones out of that and think about what could apply to UK/Latics...
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