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  1. Our summer recruitment and lack of signing a decent striker was a disgrace and we’re going to pay the price at least until January. You cannot go into a season with the striking options we have and expect anything more than an uphill battle. We’ve played some ok football in most games this season but we’re nowhere near strong enough in key central midfield and attacking positions. Yes, we should have enough to stay up (especially given only 1 team are going down as it stands) however that really shouldn’t be the bar and seeing people use that as a reason to be positive is nauseating. We’re a Wheater injury away from being in real trouble whilst we’ve got the best part of 20 players twiddling their thumbs each week and one of our better players frozen out by our lunatic of an owner. It really is a depressing situation all round.
  2. Surely there is no middle ground to be had with this statement. It’s another contemptuous piece of writing blaming everyone but himself.
  3. Latics facebook really is a scary place. Full of halfwits lapping it up as a good, honest piece of communication. Shows what we’re up against in terms of uniting a fragmented fan base when half seemingly don’t have the capacity to see the complete horse shit that’s staring them in the face. Bazza is surely pissing his pants with that nepotism line.
  4. Amongst the chaos, there do appear to be some decent players there. Woods, Wheater and Fage have all started the season well. Hamer, Mills, Nepo and Missilou should all be good enough at this level whilst Eagles and Morais’ experience should add something. Such a shame that our scattergun recruitment didn’t include a decent striker - we won’t achieve anything without one. Positive signs today and a good point but needs to be followed up by a home win.
  5. That was disastrous today. Anybody left supporting the current ownership and regime need their heads testing. We are heading down the swanny to non league and it’s bloody horrible to watch.
  6. Exactly this. Also this slagging off of his ex-employer stuff. I wasn’t at the meeting so can only go off what I’ve read but it doesn’t look to me that he’s purposefully slagged off AL yesterday at all. He was asked why he didn’t take the job and he gave his reasons - it wouldn’t be a Pete wild team due to him not having full autonomy. That’s just a fact.
  7. Woods Hamer x x Mills Nepo Missilou Maouche x Wilson x Realistically thats 4 first team players needed if we are to be in any way competitive. I think an extra CM wouldn’t go amiss either. 7 days until the start of the season...
  8. Thanks Bristol - that’s what I meant to type. Can’t get my head round why we’d be interested in a player with that history unless he’s had personal/off-field issues etc that have affected his career.
  9. Dominic McHale? Never heard of the lad but a quick search on wiki shows he’s moved from local lower non-league club to local lower non-league club and hasn’t stuck at any of them. Only 23 but why on earth would we be after someone that can’t stick at FCUM? Does anyone know something I don’t?
  10. Similar to Midsblue, I’ve struggled to muster any real feelings about this whatsoever. I don’t suppose it matters really who’s in charge but at least now Lemsagam has got someone in the mould he wants at the helm. If it goes tits up, it’s completely on his head. The new guy’s record looks less than brilliant even if you only look at length of tenure at his respective clubs but let’s face it, those of us that are still left are going to be there come August either way so we may as well get on with it and get behind him for now. Roll on fixture release day next week!
  11. Tranmere, Notts C, Walsall, Leyton O, Swindon, Southend?
  12. Because we have no interest in winning the game? Another poster theorised that we didn’t want to win against Cheltenham - just don’t get why AL or other wouldn’t want promotion??
  13. I didn’t go yesterday so can’t comment on the game but that sounds eerily similar to Northampton last season. At a time where you’d expect a group of professionals to be leaving nothing on the pitch, most looked like they couldn’t be arsed. It’s that sort of performance/mentality which makes you question why you bother as a fan. I’ve never left a ground feeling more dejected than at Northampton for that reason.
  14. This is it - we won’t. Loanees who have done alright for us will be gone and I’d imagine some of Hamer, Clarke, Edmundson etc will be off too. If you’re a perm/champ club are you going to be keen on loaning your young lads to a club run like ours? If you’re an established 4th division pro are you going to pick us over another better run club? Our name has been dragged through the mud for a while but seems to be much worse under this guy. Add to that dwindling funds due to fans boycotting (as they’re well within their rights to do at this stage). I just can’t see how we’re going to have a decent squad next year given the state of the club and it’s depressing. Hopefully the pressure built through public shaming will get to him and he’ll think it’s not worth it. His contempt of the fans shown through his not replying to the trust letter shows it’s his ego that we need to hurt most.
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