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  1. Because we have no interest in winning the game? Another poster theorised that we didn’t want to win against Cheltenham - just don’t get why AL or other wouldn’t want promotion??
  2. I didn’t go yesterday so can’t comment on the game but that sounds eerily similar to Northampton last season. At a time where you’d expect a group of professionals to be leaving nothing on the pitch, most looked like they couldn’t be arsed. It’s that sort of performance/mentality which makes you question why you bother as a fan. I’ve never left a ground feeling more dejected than at Northampton for that reason.
  3. This is it - we won’t. Loanees who have done alright for us will be gone and I’d imagine some of Hamer, Clarke, Edmundson etc will be off too. If you’re a perm/champ club are you going to be keen on loaning your young lads to a club run like ours? If you’re an established 4th division pro are you going to pick us over another better run club? Our name has been dragged through the mud for a while but seems to be much worse under this guy. Add to that dwindling funds due to fans boycotting (as they’re well within their rights to do at this stage). I just can’t see how we’re going to have a decent squad next year given the state of the club and it’s depressing. Hopefully the pressure built through public shaming will get to him and he’ll think it’s not worth it. His contempt of the fans shown through his not replying to the trust letter shows it’s his ego that we need to hurt most.
  4. I was on course for 20 games this season before the Scholes situation but decided after that that my hard earned would be better off spent elsewhere until we could be less of a shambles. Made other plans for today but would be lying if I said I’m not regretting that decision. I absolutely sympathise with all those staying away but equally understand how difficult that is to sustain - it’s in our blood. As for the game I think lots will depend on who has this lurgy. Another must win if we want play offs - as they all are from here on in.
  5. I whole heartedly agree with a protest. I’m fed up of my club being run like a circus. However, for a protest to be impactful, it requires for everyone to be on the same page. With such short notice I think we should all get behind the Trust’s proposed plan for this Saturday. I completely get people not wanting to line the owners pockets and perhaps a full on boycott can be the next stage of action. However for this Saturday, we need everyone to be doing the same thing or it just won’t work. 10 people throwing a scarf onto the pitch will look rubbish. 1000 doing it will send a message.
  6. Yep, Gardner got completely undue stick at times. Whilst he’s no world beater and he does have a habit of making over-complicating things, he’s a decent enough player at this level and as has been noted earlier on, he was often left doing the job of two. I think he can be a decent asset at this level and would be interested to see him under Scholes. That said, I wouldn’t be rushing to give him a long term deal especially if he was wanting out before he got injured.
  7. I think the lack of activity on this thread shows that people have generally accepted that this season is over in terms of play offs. Hoping we just finish strongly and that Scholes has the chance to fully assess the squad before having a pre-season to make the squad his own.
  8. Exactly that Bristol. I think a lot of people dismiss him out of hand because he used to dance around with his top off like a bit of a tool. I never had an issue with it but some seemed to take offence. Actually when you speak to him he’s a nice lad with a bit about him but he’s really got to grow up with regards to coming onto the pitch and making a show of himself. His commitment is second to none and it’s a real shame for him if he’s blown it by being an idiot.
  9. Whilst I know it’s not a fair representation, their lot in Twitter are pretty painful.
  10. Spot on Ryan. Our summer transfer window was a joke and we’re left with only a couple of players who can actually play football. To be where we are in the table is more an indictment of the quality of the rest of this league than it is of ourselves. As the saying goes, you can’t polish a turd. We need investment in the pitch over summer and in the playing budget. I’m willing to give AL the benefit of the doubt that he needed a year to get the club on an even keel after being run into the ground for years previously hence why the playing budget was slashed but we’ve not got a hope in hell if we don’t start signing some actual footballers. To be questioning Scholes at this stage is daft. Hopefully he can spend the rest of the season working out who is and who isn’t good enough (it won’t be hard), and begin to overhaul the squad in summer ready for next year.
  11. I think he means that if we win all our games before Bury we’ll have actually won four on the bounce, not three therefore it can’t happen unless we have a game postponed. However technically if we’ve won four on the bounce, we’ve also won three on the bounce...
  12. Or D) he played very well second half last week so deserves to keep his place. Overall I’ve not been impressed with him but he’d be difficult to drop after last week. I do wonder if he’d be best off the bench running at tired legs though.
  13. Completely agree. Despite being pony for most of the season we’re still in with a shout. That win at the weekend was massive. As has been noted, we have 3 really winnable home games coming up which we really should be looking at 9 points from. Take that form into the Bury game and you never know. Awaits 0-1 tomorrow...
  14. Chris Taylor gets a lot of undue stick from Latics fans. I know nothing of his attitude second time round but I do know that in his first stint, he was a consistent performer over a number of years who could have made a move to the championship sooner than he did. Without looking at the stats I’d suggest that no other player has come close to his total appearances for the club in modern times. A legend, no but definitely deserves more recognition than he gets.
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