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  1. south east latic

    Statement by Chairman

    I’ve been fairly critical of AL up until now as, whilst the odd token gesture like a free scarf and cheaper match day prices are nice, there has been too much going wrong both on and off the pitch if rumours are to be believed. Crazy wages on poor players, the disappearance/sackings of members of staff, late payments etc don’t point towards a successful ownership. I’ve been equally critical of our transfer window this summer as we’ve not strengthened in any way. However, if he’s to be believed here and he’s had to spend vast sums to get us out of the shite left by his predecessor, it’s no surprise that the playing side of things has had to take a back seat. It sounds as though he’s finally got us back to a place where he’s not spending money ‘catching up’ but is now able to spend in a progressive way - hopefully that includes on the pitch. Based on this, I’m willing to be a bit patient and see what happens in the next 18 months. He’s admitted he’s made mistakes, now let’s see if he’s learned from them. We don’t have much choice but to give him our backing and if his statement is true, he’s pumped enough money in to justify that in the short term.
  2. south east latic

    Bunn Officially confirmed

    Absolute nonsense to suggest AL ought to be considering binning Bunn off. Not sure many managers would be able to get more out the 11 that started yesterday. Not sure why or where all these injuries have come from but that’s about the only stick you might be able to beat Bunn with at this stage. The thing to be critical of is our transfer business. It’s been very, very poor and as above, the fact we’re calling out for Benteke shows the state of our attacking options. Can’t quite get my head around why the money has dried up so much versus last year but we’ve been set up to fail (and by failure I mean bottom half - still don’t think we’ll go down).
  3. south east latic

    Placide leaves

    Was certainly a character and interesting to watch but I reckon he cost us more than he saved us with errors - most obviously at Northampton on the final day. Seems to make sense to part company, especially if he’s on £4k a week.
  4. I had issues getting through but you need to press 1 when you get through to the initial answerphone message to speak to an operator. I was ringing up for a while thinking that the answerphone message meant the phone was busy so kept putting the phone down without listening to the full message. Got through quite easily once I’d worked it out. If that makes sense...