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  1. No sign of a head coach, no sign of any new players coming in and preseason is just 5 weeks away. We’ve lost all our key players including a goalkeeper and both centre backs ...At this moment in time all I can see is a constant battle to just to stay in the league! I’m hopeful that preparations are well underway behind the scenes but I’m not holding my breath. If we start badly, which is highly likely, the mood amongst fans is going to become a tad toxic. Unless there is some positive action quickly regarding recruitment I genuinely fear for our future!!
  2. Sensible decision anyway...if we played a premier side in the cup just now we’d probably struggle to hit 9k!
  3. Thats where I’m at...too little too late. He should have come out with this weeks ago. I can’t help but think this is just all about the trust stance. I don’t think this will have much of an impact on ST sales and I like many others will pick my games for now and see what happens. I would like to believe his intentions are honourable but after 18 months of absolute shite he’s going to have to improve relations no end!!
  5. Absolutely, what a fucking joke, it won’t alter fuck all, especially when only one has any clout. This is not a board of directors it’s a complete sham! I sincerely hope the trust display their displeasure but I’m not holding my breath!!
  6. Serious question....at this moment in time, who at the club would be targeting Joe McGuire?
  7. 100% of fuck all is....er...fuck all😆
  8. It wouldn’t be a surprise...... Preston, Everton, Man U, Real Sociedad, Sunderland, West Ham.....???Oldham???? yeah....see where you’re coming from😂
  9. Plymouth are actively chasing Ryan Lowe right now, Mansfield will probably also have a target in mind.....WTF are we waiting for? We’ll end up with another rookie or a no name appointment in late July😡
  10. Not in my lifetime and probably never!
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