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  1. Piergianni was under contract until 2021 anyway. I hadn’t realised they had signed James Wilson😳
  2. Many football clubs will be liquidated if there’s no football until 2021!!
  3. Isn’t it about time our retained list was out?
  4. I rated Peter Clarke very highly but as good a player and captain as he was for us.....I fail to understand why anyone would be remotely interested in a Q & A session with an ex player who only played here for just a couple of seasons?
  5. Let’s hope there are interested parties thinking the same! ***********ABDALLAH OUT**********
  6. Don’t really get this!! 7 weeks from now our 1st team squad will be practically zero. We’ll need a rake of signings when/if we get up and running again and I would rather give our kids an opportunity before bringing in the usual uninterested dross to which we have been accustomed to...It would surely be cheaper and more cost effective recruiting from within your own academy.
  7. Just noticed whilst reading this..... “We did tentatively look at doing something there this summer but the pitch is being re-laid so that was a non-starter and we’re looking at next year.”
  8. The best thing for us would be that the 🤡’s cut their losses and f*** off. We were almost certainly going nowhere before all this kicked in and now it’s a definite!! If anyone has a genuine interest in owning a football club then once this pandemic has burnt out it could well be the right time. With very few players on the books and the majority of the non playing staff following AL out of the door it could be the perfect opportunity....blank canvas n all that? Either that or we probably liquidate!
  9. He did retire and some buffoon thought it a good idea to pay him for the privilege!!
  10. We have only 9 games left to play, even without players contractual problems, do you really think the majority of football clubs in general let alone in our division could realistically survive until Aug 2021? Whether the season is abandoned or league positions at the close are classed as ‘final’ and whether relegations and promotions are justifiable is a matter for the league hierarchy. As unfair as it would seem to the title contenders and promotion chasing clubs were the season to be scratched, the situation is totally unprecedented and unfortunately difficult decisions will have to be made at a difficult time! For me the season finishes now and we start next season as early as it is safe to do so.
  11. There’s a fair amount of opposition to regional leagues but it is surely the way to go. Better crowds and less travelling would cut costs overnight. If you had a similar format in the National League and below I think it could work well. If there is no change survival would be difficult for sure!!
  12. I’m a Latics fan of 60 years but nearing the point of no return as during the last few weeks my appetite for all things Latics and football in general has all but evaporated. I never thought it possible but I’m simply not missing it at all! These are unprecedented times but for me to become ‘reattached’ there will have to be a real big change at BP. If we continue as we were with the same owner and the same management, as seems likely, I just cannot see myself returning anytime soon. For me the present status quo seems like a make or break situation...I’m not convinced the club can survive under the current regime.
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