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  1. Just listened to his post match review....Two good teams out there he said... probably because this is the level he’s mainly played at! He comes out with the same bollocks every week, he just makes it up as he’s going along. Not a fan of him at all!!!
  2. We are in a continuous slow demise...ST’s will certainly reduce and the budget will be cut accordingly. His stand off with the OEC and the North Stand has probably pissed off another few hundred. If AL continues this strategy we will end up in the National League at best or Administration. He has made no attempt whatsoever to appease the fan base and to be selling ST’s at this stage without a statement of intent or rallying call to fans IMO is suicidal. What possible incentive is there for anyone to buy one!!! I’ve said on several occasions, the longer these 🤡🤡’s are running the club the worse the outcome will become. Our owner is poisonous as well as clueless and continues to stumble from one disastrous decision to another and must be losing money hand over fist! Personally, I would rather everything came to a head before the end of the season and he either puts the club up for sale or hopefully just walks away. IMO, the sooner they are gone the better!!! ***********ABDALLAH OUT***********
  3. Piss up and brewery springs to mind. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to sell ST’s before The North Stand dispute had been resolved. The club’s board of directors are fucking clueless, ST sales are not going to meet expectations and another season of struggle awaits. I just want them gone now and for us to be able to get our club back regardless of the consequences. If that means dropping into the National League then so be it!!
  4. Same price as last year basically but no prices for the JR Stand. Instead of these silly extra incentives and discounts let’s get the ridiculous North Stand saga sorted. Talk to Blitz and make it look like you actually give a shit about the fans. Getting a team out on the pitch we can all be proud of would be a good start. If things remain as they are I suspect ST sales will be at a record low. As it stands I will certainly not be purchasing a season ticket!
  5. If that is their intention then we must fight tooth & nail to prevent it happening. If the fans don’t support the move then surely it can’t happen!
  6. If we were to ground share it wouldn’t matter where....that would be me finished 100%!! There is absolutely no need for it whatsoever, just get round the table and talk FFS!!!!!
  7. We must be one of, if not the most despised clubs in the league. I fucking hate what we have become under these 🤡🤡’s. Do we really need to do this to a fellow club who like ourselves are struggling to compete both competitively and financially. It’s pointless and totally unnecessary. I really don’t want this lot running our football club.....period!! ***********ABDALLAH OUT**********
  8. Didn’t Barry Owen say that the club were looking to reopen the North Stand ASAP?
  9. It was only 3 weeks ago when he said they could reach the Championship😂🤣
  10. AL paid money for Rowe and will be expecting a promotion challenge next season and/or a profit on his outlay. If Dino can’t set this team up to get a tune out of Rowe he’s going to be mightily pissed off!!
  11. Deluded Dino at the end of his interview just said.... ”We are a good team”
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