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  1. I get what he’s saying though, a trip to BP has become a real chore, banter at the game has become almost non existent. So many fans have now chosen not to attend, surely AL must see it’s pretty pointless carrying on. He has made no attempt whatsoever to connect with the fan base and his withdrawal from the GMR Interview has confirmed his contempt. He has absolutely no chance of recouping his losses and for the life of me I cannot understand why he’s intent on losing more. *******ABDALLAH OUT********
  2. Reckon the length of Kewell’s stay could be rather short!!
  3. Depends how he delivers it....I’m hoping for a completely different tone and attitude, however you’re probably right and it will be more bullshit!
  4. We haven’t heard a tap from the guy for a good while. He needs to sell some season tickets. He needs to outline the ambition of the club and get the fans back on side. We have a completely new slate with a new manager and a new squad to assemble. If he apologises for a disastrous 2 years and outlines an actual plan going forward then with a good start to the season he has a last chance to turn things around! What he says tomorrow could make a big difference, I’m hoping it will be an unusually positive interview. If he comes out with the slowly slowly bollocks he’s fucked!!!
  5. The pitch doesn’t look to good in that corner!
  6. Perhaps at this stage of his career championship football was deemed a step to far for him. He only played a handful of games in League 1 this season so that would be an indicator as to why he was released. Seems a decent signing to me as all his former clubs speak very highly of him. League 2 should (hopefully) be well within his capabilities.
  7. This decision will have been made weeks ago. I reckon Dino has probably known about it for some time. How long was his contract? I can’t remember If it was to the end of the season with an option or not. The timing of the announcement yesterday was almost certainly made to coincide with the completion of his furlough period. However, Jewel, Kewell, it matters not, as his replacement will go the way of all the others and I’ll be surprised if he’s still here beyond Christmas! Just what are these 🤡🤡 trying to achieve, it is an absolute shit show which just keeps getting worse and worse.
  8. As Mr Sinnott has just said...not a hope in hell!!!
  9. An owner who can give the fans some cause for optimism. Not necessarily someone awash with cash (although that would be nice) but someone with the club and fans at heart who can reignite the town and bring back the lapsed fans. I would take another chance on new ownership tomorrow because in its present form this is not the football club I have supported since a boy and not a club I feel a part of either. AL has been an absolute disaster from day one and the longer he’s here the worse the outcome!!
  10. That’s just it...the longer he stays the more he’ll lose. He’s only going to get what a buyer values it at, regardless of the money he has put in and continues to put in. If he’s put £3m in already and a further £1m in this year that won’t have made it more valuable. His relationship with the fans is probably at a new low and is deteriorating month on month!! It is inevitable at some point under AL the club will enter administration! If he wants out as has been suggested and a £1.5m offer is on the table then surely he should be advised to cut his losses and sell now!!🙏🙏🤞
  11. If true then if someone was offering £1.5m for the club I’d be ripping their hands off!!
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