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  1. We have 6 points from 24 and on course for about 35 come May which would certainly put us in the relegation frame. As poor as he is, but a big lump like Hanson would have made all the difference for us today. The fact that we’ve signed Azankpo and Wilson and are playing them as lone strikers is baffling and don’t start me on Vera! I cannot believe we aren’t bottom already, the fact that there is only one relegation spot this season could be a god send!!
  2. There are plenty of things we’re not aware of......that’s for sure!!
  3. Bury went bust because their debts were irrecoverable, which is where we will be if ‘bell ends’ like you you aimlessly support these clowns. Bury went ‘up’ but it didn’t help them did it? If you can’t see the bigger picture and what’s really going on at Latics then you must be a bit thick!!
  4. You’d argue black is white...give it a rest!
  5. We’d be 8 points off top and 8 points off bottom....Using that logic any of the teams mid table could be top. We would be a damn site more comfortable than 3rd bottom!
  6. My mistake, I meant Colchester, but I still maintain that with better composure in the box from Maouche we would be comfortably mid table!!
  7. He could be such a good player but needs to up his tempo. He strolls around like he has all the time in the world when in actual fact he hasn’t!! Technically he’s probably our best player. He knows he’s a shoe in for a place but now has genuine competition for his position. He needs a kick up the arse and a spell on the subs bench could be the makings of him.
  8. A decent performance IMO but Maouche should have absolutely buried that chance, frustratingly he didn’t and Plymouth went up the other end and scored. His woeful finishing has probably cost us 4 points so far as he missed a couple of sitters at home to Exeter!!
  9. AL’s statement telling us Wild wanted a break from football was total bollocks like everything else he’s said since taking over!! As a lifelong supporter it must have been a massive wrench to walk out of his dream job. His reactions to our winner at Fulham told us everything we needed to know about his love of the club. 🤡🤡🤡🤡ABDALLAH OUT🤡🤡🤡🤡
  10. A 5th rate Barcelona would be a tad optimistic just now...it just shows these 🤡’s are oblivious to demands in this division. When the pitch has deteriorated around the January window we will really struggle with this powder puff lot. I would settle for survival right now!
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