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  1. Looking for bright spells, there aren’t any FFS!!! Negative😳 Damn right I’m negative, give me one good reason to be positive about this shit show. Dino knew what he was getting into but has failed to stem the tide. January won’t make a blind bit of difference....we won’t be able to offload the sub standard shite we have been saddled with and do you seriously believe we can attract the required standard of player on loan or otherwise? We aren’t even worthy of the division we are in as this last few days has clearly demonstrated. **********ABDALLAH OUT**********
  2. I think the club right now would probably be at its very cheapest.
  3. BP1960....You’ve been watching Latics longer than my 60 years. Have you ever in all that time seen us in a worse predicament than we now find ourselves in because I definitely haven’t!
  4. GlossopLatic....I’m confident that it definitely won’t!!
  5. You are seriously deluded...when are you going to wake up and smell the coffee?
  6. Giles Coke!!!!...every time I hear his name it makes me cringe. Is he our biggest waste of a wage...........ever!!!
  7. We can easily lose any game these days.....if it’s Burton sub 3000 nailed on, if it’s Salford I would expect a decent crowd.
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