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  1. For the good of the football club AL & the FLG need to get round a table and sort it all out ASAP, otherwise it’s going to escalate big time and develop into a Coventry type scenario and that’s the last thing we want!!!
  2. My decision not to renew my JR season ticket looks to have been the right one. IMO The football is now totally irrelevant and all our energy should be focused on getting this bell end out and as far away from this club as possible. We’ve spent God knows how many seasons in a three sided ground and now we’ve got the North Stand he’s considering closing the fucker!!! Who the fuck does he think he is!!!! He is the present custodian of OUR football club and along with Barry fucking Owen and the rest he’s dragging it through the gutter!!! Although I know nothing about this FLG they have to be a better option than this twat. Let’s hope their presentation next week will lift the doom and gloom. I’ve had enough of this shite, FFS...LEMSAGAM OUT!!!!!!!!
  3. At the last trust/fans meeting Darren seemed to be relishing the involvement of the FLG. It will be interesting to see if he carries his support for them into the boardroom and if he does what the reaction of AL & Co will be.... As he says it will be his first board meeting as the official trust representatives. If AL has a stroppy fit I have a feeling it could very well be his last!!
  4. We have to establish exactly who the people behind the FLG are and their intentions long term. There is no way this club can prosper and move forward under these arrangements. Hopefully after presentations from them after the Bolton friendly match ( subject to confirmation regarding their ongoing situation ) we will have a much better understanding of their motives going forward and blueprint for the club.
  5. Of course I have......FFS, if you mean the land and stands say the land and stands!!
  6. The entire football club?...as in the land, stadium and the badge. That’s a guess right, if not, where have you got that info from?
  7. Also listed.... Fane, Benteke & Paul Green Chairman...Simon Corney 😂😂
  8. Looks like Plymouth will #walktheleague
  9. Surely it’s got to be better for all concerned including AL that the stadium is owned by fans rather than Blitz & Gazal who no longer have any interest in the football club!
  10. This is just a ridiculous ridiculous situation for all concerned....the club cannot move on until it’s sorted out. AL has had the opportunity to buy the ground and land but for whatever reason 😉 has declined to do so. I don’t think he’s remotely interested in the land and never has been. You have to ask the question again....why would you want to buy just the football club alone in the first place? As someone else has said previously there’s a Ricoh situation developing here....IMO We’re fucked!!!!
  11. I believe the corporate deal with the OEC for the new season has not yet been signed. Am I right thinking until it is, box holders and 100 club members would not be able to use the facilities. I might be completely wrong here but I’m sure I saw something about this a couple of months ago and I haven't even seen them advertised ....are there any 100 club members past or present on here who can confirm my thinking?
  12. Whether he gets what you say he probably deserves will depend very much on the outcome of the next three months or so....I’m not too confident myself!
  13. Probably AL being a t***, it’s the Frizzell Stand that is usually closed for friendlies.
  14. It’s been well documented on here that AL purchased the football club and nothing else. The FLG have a deal in place to buy the stadium and the land including the car park. Although the Fans bar in the North Stand will be open, the Stand will be closed to supporters for the friendlies against Rochdale & Bolton. As far as I’m aware the club has still not signed a deal to use the OEC corporate facilities in the North Stand for the 2019/20 season. Where this leaves potential ‘100 club’ members and ‘box’ holders I’ve no idea. A ridiculous situation that needs sorting out ASAP. I think the shit is about to hit the fan!!!
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