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  1. If Pete Wild gets results he’ll probably be offered the job full time!
  2. Dont think it’s a pre requisite...it sounds to me like if fans would like to get involved financially they would probably be able to do so. Might be by the way of a shares scheme? We’ll have to wait and see but IMO it’s brilliant news for supporters😁
  3. I really don’t care about AL anymore!! As far as I am concerned he’s burnt too many bridges and should be driven out of our club. IMO he is a conman who has no interest in us at all, and as an ex agent I believe his agenda was in no way dependant on the running of a successful football club. If we can get shut of him even by way of administration and take the hit this season we will have a better chance of a recovery thus avoiding a drop into the National League. Even a drop into non league would for me be preferred to any more of this crap!!!
  4. With a owner who has the clubs best interests at heart, the events of last week have shown that there is now a disconnect between the fans and the cluband the owner wants to repair that.Without the fans there is no club The disconnection is between the fans and YOU. Just get out now!!!
  5. This guy has fucked up big style and for me there is no way back...IMO everything will now implode!
  6. Get the trust rep on board properly or forget it. In fact forget it anyway, the man is a buffoon of the highest order. This a desperate last ditch attempt to get fans back onside and boost ST sales. The man has bullshitted his way along since the day he took over and I don’t believe a word he says. The ‘events’ of last week could and should have been avoided. It was a massive opportunity for this club to move forward and has been completely wasted. I don’t believe the appointment of Scholes was ever a genuine attempt to improve our fortunes and IMO it was just a PR exercise and then for AL to then put the blame on Scholes for walking out. Im convinced now that the guy has no money and that from the very beginning his involvement in this club was suspicious to say the least. IMO....We have to get him out!!!
  7. If anyone thinks Steve Evans would be a good fit with AL and Co. is insane, unless of course the penny has dropped and we are actually going to let the manager manage!
  8. He promised 1st Div footy by 1970 but actually left us in a load of debt!
  9. Absolutely...been going since 1959 and supported them through thick n thin...won’t be renewing my ST until this idiot is gone. He makes Corney, Moore, and Bates look like saints!!
  10. What a time to take on a commercial role...he’ll be pissing against the wind😳and well gone, probably before the end of the season. Its amazing we are are making these staff appointments yet can’t pay a coach firm or the gas bill.
  11. There seems to have been a fair few fans obtaining refunds for season tickets but as far as I’m aware no comments or reactions from the club. Not even a question as to the reasons why. Seems rather strange because If I was the owner it would set the alarm bells ringing as I would be quite concerned.
  12. We won’t be signing any fucker until all the surplus players have been offloaded if we sign anyone at all. I’m fully expecting late wages at the end of this month again!!
  13. Absolutely. I think that would be a good start and is the best way to kickstart the protest! IMO We need to bombard OAFC with emails expressing our displeasure at the way the club is being run and why we are not renewing/boycotting games etc....It needs to be coordinated, and the emails need to go to the right person. Perhaps underdog from the trust could advise the correct channel/email contact for maximum impact? Al would then have 7/10 days to respond. If he fails to acknowledge our concerns we could then take action at the next home game and especially at the live game against Mansfield.
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