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  1. The fact we had changed a manager 36 hours before I found out shows the interest in this shit show has gone. Hes probably gone before the Sun sets over the Chaddy End in November but at least give him 3 games before the abuse starts. Anyone who even wants this job must be bonkers so at least give the muscle bound gym addict chance to inspire a town. His interview was positive onwards and upwards. Perhaps Dino will venture in changing room and actually manage. Who knows.
  2. Seen Wilson a few times for Mac and always played well with Smith some really good finishes in a very hit and mostly miss team. Way hes played at OAFC only says hes out of position. What a shock that is.
  3. deleted.... football is fucked if they get away with it
  4. Lets have it right DMc usually gets a bargain then makes a mint. Top chairman in that respect. Our lot usually sell as cheap as chips at smell of £££ with a shite sell on clause. AL a clown but we owe DMc nothing plenty of players have bailed on agreed deals with us Eddie Howe was one that springs to mind. Others gone for a phone call to arrange a better deal. AL a fool but plenty about the club.
  5. Evina, Stead and Alesandra, Duffus all manage to see Notts County and Yeovil out of Div 4 Ben Wilson, Eoin Doyle, Ladapo, Burgess, help Bradford, Plymouth and Scunny down. Palmer and Rotherham, Grounds Bolton, Adayemi Ipswich Etheridge and Cardiff, Coleman at Huddersfield, Training at OAFC not wasted.
  6. 13. Zeus de la Paz (2019) new contract 4. George Edmundson (2020) sold by August. 15. Sonhy Sefil (2020) 26. Peter Clarke (2019) will offer a year someone else Salford two and off he goes. 34. Tom Hamer (2020) 49. Javid Swaby-Neavin (signed contract, length not announced) 7. Giles Coke (2020) 17. Christopher Missilou (2019) 22. Johan Branger-Engone (2019) 27. Gevaro Nepomuceno (2019) 28. Mohamed Maouche (2019 plus option) 42. Mohamad Sylla (2020) 46. Harry Robinson (signed contract, length not announced) Prediction ....for August.
  7. agreed another bullshitter. Wonder if Bluecoat ever got the money he promised them.
  8. as I said For those sticking with it admiration but can see reasons both ways.
  9. Well at 60 I have supported club 56 years through thick and ultra thin however not seen many games this season Macclesfield away was shit being with Macc fans (sons in laws) You laugh move on Typical Latics..... BUT tonight I am done 100% Will never set foot in BP again whilst this tosser is associated with club. To see Corney being defended is also comedy gold. He put us in this mess as wanted out. The crisis has been coming many years. The Evans saga "care in community esque" was a turning point and down down deeper and down. Will I ever return probably not the links broken. Scholes well his words are damming but predictable. The future to be honest right now couldnt give a flying F... Will say thanks for the chats and humour since board started lots of genuine people on here and care about club. The fans deserve better and always have. Always will but lost another supporter tonight. Frankly better things to do than pay money into a black hole with zero purpose. Will take some doing to get me back. For those sticking with it admiration. But dont slag off those that have had enough it hurts when club is only one you have ever supported.
  10. Pretty accurate big rope no hat or harness, heavy wooden ladders. Dad wore expensive leather shoes (Barker or Grenson brogues) so he could feel the surface better. Took up a decorators plank to spread load. Sounds barmy but true. His one safety device an unbreakable flask so he had a drink. Different breed of workman. He converted our house in Shaw did a dormer over a weekend with my father in law labouring. Roof off Friday, Timber work in Sat, Plaster etc,,,, Felt Bitumen and paint woodwork Sunday. Mum and dad slept in the room throughout. Took advantage of good weather. Another World. We even had entertaining football.
  11. You can laugh but my late dad did all the signs for free as his brother in law was a director. He had neither a bloke at the bottom footing the ladder nor any help getting the paint up top. He tied himself on with a rope for health and safety.
  12. What have Sunderland got that we haven't lol other than fans and a fully completed ground. Pffft. Look where its got Chesterfield... Ian Evat as manager .... More debt, more relegation's in past 21 years, they might get a huge shock next year. Lets hope we can entertain them.
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