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  1. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/874316/Infection_prevention_and_control_guidance_for_pandemic_coronavirus.pdf Page 8 section 2.2 suggests mostly that people are infective when they get symptoms and for 7 days. However there is good evidence of infectivity 24 hours before symptoms and occasionally 3 days before. I’m not sure the point you were making disjointed.
  2. You are good with that telescope of hindsight. So what is your thoughts about the validity of this report. The first case of Covid-19 was in this crowd in Bergamo and gave it to 40,000? Even this report says the first cases were a week later. One person could have only given the virus to a small number of people. If there were already a large number of people with the virus, then the Italian authorities should have postponed the game. The facts in Italy are that they did not realise the virus was there and spreading until to late to contain it.
  3. So you think I am being over the top about my mask? If I told you I am putting my mask to the ultimate test, with my personal health at risk, would you think I have the right to my over the top opinion?
  4. https://www.efl.com/news/2020/march/efl-statement-coronavirus-update4/ The statement mentions players, I heard several senior football people giving statements at the time, including Mark Palios, saying players health and safety was paramount. You are criticising the comment I made in the week between the football decision and the government change of advice. A bit picky Jorvik! At the time I made the comment it was correct IMO. You will have heard the Chief Medical Officer telling you several times that the restriction should be done at the right time to have an effect.
  5. It was Jorvik! As it happens it was only a week or so early because the restrictions by the government were brought in soon after that and hence the decision was made for them at that time. Remember we’re we’re still in the confinement phase where hardly anyone should have been exposed. the reason given was for the safety of the staff and public. Well the public health should have been decided by the Chief Medical officer, not the EFL. The players are at nearly the lowest risk of any group of the population. So are not at risk. The restriction brought in since then have been to protect the NHS. Not a reason offered by the EFL.
  6. Thanks for posting that Kow. These things make me spit fire. that leaflet is so politically influenced!! The planner so messed up in ordering PPE that they have had egg on their faces, so they produce this garbage document "which supersedes all previous guidance" just so they can say "see we were right! the floppy masks were Ok after all " Here we are dealing with a disease where one of the prime symptoms is cough. medics have been advised that it is to dangerous to examine mouths, as that is where the virus resides and replicates first. A cough generates 50mph wind and 3000 droplets (Approximately! that is for the pedantics on here). So is that is not aerosol production of viral particles, then I'm going senile. The floppy paper masks are designed to stop a surgeon or nurse from coughing bacteria into a patients wound. They are not designed to protect the medic from an air borne virus . When the medic breaths in, the leakage around the side is where the small water droplets and virus will be sucked into the medics mouth and nose. That is the whole reason for the FFP3 masks. They seal on the skin and air comes in through the filter. I bought my mask from a building supply merchant. NHS had none! You wont get me wearing a floppy mask at the moment
  7. The point you were making was that the media are making more of this then they should. Actually the media are right, the chief medical officer is right and he is not “the media”! I’m sure the poor doctors in Italy feel this is worse then 2014/15. It fools like you petera that are not taking the government’s requests for us to alter what we do seriously, who worry me.
  8. That sort of altruistic attitude was most certainly not part of the EFL and Premiership decision. (Boris and his advisors said those issues weren’t important enough to ban sports events, so why would football)
  9. Talk to Boris and the chief medical advisors. They didn’t ban public gatherings, ie football matches. However the football world did, quoting it is for the safety of the players. Actually fit twenty year olds are definitely not at any significant risk from Covid-19. This decision was definitely to early and will cost any possibility of finishing the season.
  10. You realise Mills is a right back and has played that position only a few times, never once with a proper centre half inside him. Most of the season he has had niggles or not fully fit. He was just getting fit when he is told he can’t play because of contract issues. Even so he has often been one of our better players on the pitch. For you to say he is shite calls your opinion into question.
  11. Think about it Gary. A player is responsible for his own performance. He may be good one match and poor the next, but that leaves 10 playing well. Oldham as a team, should still give a good account of themselves. If they all perform badly as a team (losing 3:0), that is due to preparation, tactics, morale and team selection, ie, the manager. You may argue that interference from above didn’t help with team selection, and I would agree with you!
  12. Prob because no one has been paid. Certainly promises not being kept on payment is just the norm for Oldham and the new accounting wizard is no different. Why cant they just be honest and say we have no money? I will pay you next week is easier but not honest!!
  13. Surely the directors (eg Darren )could also be asking the staff if they are being paid on time, not taking the finance directors word for it. The directors surely could look at the bank accounts to see what money is there. For that matter they could ask the football manager if anyone has influenced their team selection. The reason players and staff are not being paid on time is clearly because there in no money!
  14. So on many occasions since Mr Lemsagam taking over ownership of Oldham Athletic, we have had reports that the manager has been told to play or not play certain players. (Managers have left because of this). Despite laughing this off several times when questioned at fans forums, ( including when questioned by the PTB On 16th Jan) we find out that again today the manager was told he could not play a player who he wanted in his squad. Yet again proof that AL and Mo are liars. What AL and Mo and their present senior staff say cannot be trusted. That in fact the bullying of the players who are not in their favour is still going on. One thing I hate more then anything is a bare faced liar, and we have several in charge at our club!
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