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  1. Mouche is a luxury player. There will be times when his impact isn't massive and he's not going to be sprinting all over the place (thought he put a shift in though tbh). But I want him in the team because he has quality. He's a game changer.
  2. His management of Byrne in the 2nd half of the season was ridiculous. The team was more than good enough to survive even if he was told who to play. You can't absolve him of all blame....
  3. Have you recently received any teamsheets from mo?
  4. Yet people still believe he's one of the best wingers in the division. Crazy!
  5. Cheer up shuck, we might get to see big Urko at some point.
  6. It was actually a 200% increase in budget shuck
  7. You should be ashamed of yourself. Its a classic.
  8. Was a lovely assist. Somehow cushioned his header perfectly despite knowing nothing about it.
  9. Id expect my strikers and wingers to be contributing more goals and assists than my cm....
  10. Doesn't really prove that he knows how much we offered Maynard and mayor does it
  11. Which is different to answering crap questions in an interview
  12. If I was ITK I'd want to convince people of that by going into more depth than saying we offered peanuts....
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