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  1. Was a lovely assist. Somehow cushioned his header perfectly despite knowing nothing about it.
  2. Id expect my strikers and wingers to be contributing more goals and assists than my cm....
  3. Doesn't really prove that he knows how much we offered Maynard and mayor does it
  4. Which is different to answering crap questions in an interview
  5. If I was ITK I'd want to convince people of that by going into more depth than saying we offered peanuts....
  6. You know this for a fact? Or are you just assuming because they're not here we must have offered next to nothing?
  7. I know as much as you, which in this case is nothing....
  8. Not going to an away game (you would usually go to) surely has no effect on big Marco?
  9. https://twitter.com/SkySportsNews/status/1106237777430151169?s=20
  10. There's a lot of competition for those unpolished gems though bp. At the minute it looks like we've got our pick of the French 3rd division...
  11. I thought it was actually a decent performance against a very good side (probably the best in the league). Game plan was clear, keeping branger & dearnley wide to stop their wing backs and looking to counter with Lang running the wings. We also had some decent passages of play but just couldn't find enough clear chances. The way we played is always going to lead to tired players and I think the lack of quality on the bench led to PS not making subs until late on. Baxter was terrific in the first half and if we can see more of that then I wouldn't write us off completely. Onwards and (hopefully) upwards!
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