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  1. Having Zeus in net is like starting 2 goals down
  2. And that's the problem. He doesn't learn. I've watched us enough this season to see that we're poor defensively, whether that's through mistakes or just a lack of quality. We very rarely keep clean sheets. First half we weren't brilliant but we had an attacking threat and kept them pretty quiet. 2nd half we got the goal and then immediately dropped back. Why? It was inevitable what was going to happen after that. You can't spend half a game sat back allowing the opposition to keep coming at you with no outlet. Yet he did nothing to change it. We used 1 sub (not counting the last 1).
  3. He's high end league 1 standard. It doesn't help him that he's in a garbage team......
  4. I'm desperately close to being convinced that dino isn't the right man for the job......
  5. Tbh that wasn't terrible. Switched off for their goal but it was well worked. Other than that we've looked in control. Created a few chances. Best we've played for a while. Need to kick on in the 2nd half. 3pts are there for the taking....
  6. Well that was absolutely bloody garbage.
  7. Yes, unfortunately the video still remains.
  8. If I had a quid for everytime segbe was offside i'd be able to fund our rise to the prem.
  9. At what point do we question whether dino is up to the job? I get that we're limited with the squad we've got but jesus. It's got to be better than this....
  10. I might be in a minority on this but I've been dissapointed with Hamer most of this season. He's fortunate iacovitti is on the other side soaking up the criticism.
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