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  1. leeslover

    Transfer Rumours

    St Mirren apparently considering signing Cotterill.
  2. leeslover

    Grimsby (a)

    Yeah, lots of the Italian ones closed and lost shitloads. He blamed Brexit.
  3. leeslover

    Colchester United (h)

    I think Lang is a goalscoring No 10. If we've ever had such a thing.
  4. leeslover

    Grimsby (a)

    I don't actually mind his school dinners stuff so much, although it obviously has to be something they'll eat. Taxing poor people and pretending to be a proper chef when he isn't annoys me. And him pretending to be best mates with the owner of every local deli. And he's a cunt
  5. leeslover

    Grimsby (a)

    People buy Jamie Oliver's books and he's a pot washer
  6. leeslover

    Grimsby (a)

    I'm trying to remember Greg Wallace saying, "this batter is light and crispy. Quick, pour half a pint of thick liquid over it before you send it out to the judges."
  7. leeslover

    Lancashire 2015

    I hope they've forgotten about the time Yorkshire missed on on the County Championship when a leaking overnight cover at Old Trafford led to the final day of the final match being abandoned with them on the verge of the win they needed.
  8. leeslover

    Newport (H)

    Do Babestation have a really cheap 15 minute slot?
  9. leeslover

    Newport (H)

    Actually, has anyone ever seen Harry and Eyrsey at the same time and place?
  10. leeslover

    Newport (H)

    I bet he's absolutely delighted to have received your ringing endorsement 😀😀😀
  11. leeslover

    Ex players and that

    5 for Nazon last night if my French is working. Odd as I don't remember drinking red wine outside the JFS last night
  12. leeslover

    Newport (H)

    But could Byrne and Maouche play in the same team together?
  13. leeslover

    Paul Scholes

    Abdallah played better than him in the end of season charity game
  14. leeslover

    Welcome back Jose Baxter

    Weren't we told he'd been in and out with injuries at Everton? He might not have had a consistent spell of fitness to get properly up to speed
  15. Believe they put a serious bid in and he was none too pleased (and probably fucking amazed) when it got turned down.