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  1. The only restriction I could see working is if they were allowed for everyone but the Prem. Get there and you wouldn't be arsed about ripping it out and putting really good grass down. You wouldn't be arsed if you were in the third division hoping to sneak up in the playoffs only to have to lay a new pitch for your forthcoming relegation season.
  2. leeslover

    Wages surely not again ?

    I resigned because I was scared of Gerrard coming looking for me didn't I?
  3. leeslover

    Andy Rhodes???

    I think Barry was running the show for periods when Corney went AWOL (he wasn't around the club for ages, I think around the Dazzler era. Worked out well.
  4. leeslover

    Bunn Officially confirmed

    If I owned a club and the manager persisted with shit tactics and selections you can be sure as anything he'd know my thoughts on it
  5. leeslover

    Andy Rhodes???

    I keep telling people that Barry and Corney absolutely hated each other...
  6. leeslover

    Shez has gone

    I suppose Wood could be desperately unfunny in song as well
  7. leeslover

    Shez has gone

    Who I suspect was influenced by Victoria Wood, who loads of people said was the most hilarious ever but who was as funny as sitting on your balls.
  8. leeslover

    Shez has gone

    I agree about the first part of that season, fantastic. There wasn't a single one of us who went to Blackpool expecting anything other than a right good pumping though
  9. leeslover

    Shez has gone

    Pretty much, yes. On fire up to Christmas and snuck into the last play off place with the momentum of Steve Evans leaving a cake shop.
  10. leeslover

    Andy Rhodes???

    Simon had additional risk as he was a director of his own company (prior to joining Latics as an employee). Trust Directors are protected through the £1 share price but the Trust member on the board is fully exposed as a Board member. Of course the authorities generally take a view on who has actually done what, esp if our old friend Corporate Governance has broken down
  11. leeslover

    Andy Rhodes???

    I think they have power to suspend league membership in extreme cases if the same bloke stays in charge. Nutter at Leeds? I don't think we're that special yet.
  12. leeslover

    Andy Rhodes???

    #insurancelads #anycarparkin10minutes
  13. leeslover

    Andy Rhodes???

    I was thinking that. He'd have them over a very high barrel from what we've been told
  14. leeslover

    FA Cup 2018-19