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  1. That assumes information about Mr Corney's finances and or what arrangements might have been arrived at. I know neither.
  2. Can I try to put the debts thing to bed? The last time Corney asked Blitz for a loan, Blitz asked security. It's like taking a loan out with your house as security. Corney has no right to sell the club without settling this debt or coming to an arrangement. It isn't (directly at least) related to anything else.
  3. I think a lot can change for the Club with nothing but a new owner, but that's to be seen. AL told us that right now he wants to get the football right as the first priority, he hopes to do more later.
  4. Holloway Off?

    That'll teach me!
  5. Holloway Off?

    We got him from Wycombe though? I've liked the extra aggression he's shown recently as a sub, could be something to work with
  6. I'm going to leave them all in there, they'll come in handy sooner or later.
  7. It's purely the football club at the moment, not the land or assets
  8. Yes, it seems the other one is either finished or something has been agreed with the Scousers
  9. No, it's not that. Blitz has given a number of soft loans, the last one it seems he actually wanted paying back so had it secured against the Club. Same as the Scouse loans.
  10. I understand that AL will be able to put money in that allows a higher wage bill
  11. If only Underdog had been explaining for months that the debentures would need to be settled