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  1. Wellens

    Rochdale is the selfish cow refusing to budge up a bit.
  2. Wellens

    I think we need to see past the idea that Wellens worked some magic during his good spell. We had already started scoring goals, he tried Johnny because the other two were shockingly bad, and Gerrard who was also clearly shit. We then conceded a few less than we scored. Byrne and Doyle were on fire, which you couldn't expect to carry on forever.
  3. Doncaster

    5 in midfield. We don't have a combination of 4 who can do it.
  4. Tom Hamer

    Not compared to many defenders we've had at the peak of their career, no
  5. Wimbledon!

    He still spends time on his own watching his Danny Philliskirk, "100 greatest moments," VHS compilation so he's ready to go.
  6. Season tickets 2018/19

    Like the bad penny ;)
  7. Wimbledon!

    Are the full backs pushing up into midfield I wonder?
  8. Wimbledon!

    It will really throw them when we attack slowly and without purpose
  9. Wellens.

    Where would we be if we'd given Robinson, Kelly and Dunn 4 years each to learn from their mistakes and benefit from stability? We'll never know, but I don't think it would be the Champions League.
  10. Wellens.

    I can imagine we didn't offer much second time around, he was shite.
  11. Wimbledon!

    Make sure your back wheels aren't on the footpath or I'll be sending the lads round.
  12. Wimbledon!

    Residential. You won't find free parking, there is pay by phone but I'd guess the spaces will go on match days. There's an Aldi nearby and there's a Council car park at Norbiton station maybe half a mile away.
  13. Wellens.

    If he lost Gerrard surely he would just have followed the trail of crumbs until he found him again?
  14. We've got a grudge against both, that's a local matter. Everyone knows Hughes is a cunt though
  15. You must have a high threshold for who you consider to be a cunt if you need that lot detailing