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  1. Fear of Blitzy having him killed over the Richards sell on?
  2. It was @laticsandengland and myself. We didn't see anything like that level of detail though, that's what the Trust was fighting to get in the latter Corney days, although he wasn't keen
  3. It confuses it comparing individual and team sports I think. There might be 1000 higher ranked footballers but they're top 50 in team terms. I bet the 50th ranked golfist in the world ranking earns a fair bit.
  4. I'm keeping an open mind until I hear what Jenny McCarthy has to say about it
  5. Presumed that's outside though, I'm talking about somewhere to have a drink for about half an hour during the match
  6. Looks pretty much like no beer in the ground, anyone confirm or deny?
  7. If it was the ground staff doing it off their own bat then I'd be concerned, these seem to be medical professionals so I'd tend to take their word for it.
  8. Bolton were the same when they were doing well with Fat Sam, made out that they were on a shoestring because they never spent much on buying players but had one of the higher wage bills. We'll see shortly how that worked out
  9. It's Barry's USP that he knows how to run a football club (properly, no doubt).
  10. Winning away against a team of PSG's calibre and reaching the quarter finals of the Champions League will stay in their memories forever
  11. Recently I've taken to talking about them as what they are, a second tier Premiership club. "It will be hard for player X to resist if club Y come calling." "Decent point away to a club who were Champions season before last." If done well it really upsets them.
  12. I don't disagree, but it's useful to remember when people are saying Sylla is the worst player ever in his first few games out of the French 6th division
  13. What if he was somewhere between shit and invisible like in his first 4 or 5 games?
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