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  1. We hear a lot about the level he's played at (albeit only from you and Shucks). Is being an absolute journeyman in the Spanish 2nd division and fucked off to Romania at 30 all that?
  2. Correct, it would have stood us in good stead at a time when there was some positivity around and the owners still seemed to have footballing ambitions (if we'd timed it really well maybe we'd have got a Leicester style freebie).
  3. Does, "target man," now mean the the player who it's easy to hit with a pass from 40 yards if he stands still? We've got plenty in the stands willing and able to do that better than Vera can
  4. If the stadium and club were one package would they be much better off? If I read it correctly they could still only function by selling the ground to pay the debts? Obviously it's best to have it all together but nothing can help you if you go on spending way above your means
  5. You're waiting to see if Abs offs his big brother to save Dino? I can save you time.
  6. We were chatting football with a Porto fan in Paris this week, he asked us our thoughts on Mourinho, then he just said, "Solkjaer," and we all spontaneously burst out laughing
  7. The way the club have treated staff, including managers, is one of the biggest concerns. Having a new manager as a human shield won't add anything
  8. But can he do it in a Clio on a wet Saturday in Oldham?
  9. Who's your lad hanging out with since Thomas Cook went under?
  10. It would be pretty cool if Mo did the team talk by Skype. Greta would be pleased anyway.
  11. Indeed. The, "late dash for the exit lane," move is SO 2003, and frankly disrespectful to the pursuing officers.
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