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  1. Such as, for example, telling them that their mother is a whore?
  2. Barry told me - when he was still Chairman of the Supporters Trust - that he knew signing Evans would result in quite a few long standing fans not going, but he thought it was worth it. That would be enough for me. But I've also met him. And his family entourage. And I remember him threatening to sue this message board. And threatening to sue everybody. I know he always told people Corney was a crook but he was sitting tight to take over from him. And the Strangeway riots. And the fleece. "And Lady." And a whole lot more
  3. I got it, although a psychologist would have a field day over your word association for someone coming to Oldham
  4. Four years with an option for all eternity in a hellfire of sulphur and brimstone
  5. I presumed somebody would pick up on that!
  6. Doubt it will happen, or with so many exemptions it won't matter much
  7. You would've had a 38 year old Clint Hill marshalling your defence in 2017/18 but your Chairman wouldn't meet his demands for another year 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. There's been talk of a £30k per year salary threshold to classify overseas workers as skilled. The French Lads have nothing to fear there.
  9. He prays to Mecca as part of his warm up, that will be ok yes?
  10. Westerners in the Middle East call Kuwait, "Jail," or, "Prison," due to it's wide range of leisure opportunities. The only concession to fun is that they openly allow Iraqi prostitutes to walk the streets so that locals can grudge-fuck them for the war. Still never heard tell of anyone being tempted to check out the football though.
  11. If you mean the Premier Inn, watch what you have to say about my house...
  12. If he'd done it the other way around that would be encouraging
  13. Although I was just told on Twitter that it meant Edmundson was scared of joining such a Huge Club and bottled it by going to Peterborough. Apparently they can afford him piece of piss and they're selling Morelos for £20m
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