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  1. England or Latics?

    Even in this namby pamby age I'm convinced a team of footballers could massively outdrink 11 tennis players, so that's the key point sorted
  2. Squad movements, summer 2018

    I doubt it would have been much of an issue if last season's #frenchlads had been either good or among the lower paid in the squad. So long as they are paid sensibly I think it would be fine.
  3. Holloway

    I don't think he'd be any better or worse a division below. No doubt he'll have a season where it clicks and he scores 25 tap ins but we can't wait for it. Good luck to the lad but not what we need. What's Jabo up to?
  4. Craig Davies

    True, except we were robbing Paul to pay Simon-Peter.
  5. Craig Davies

    Likely just a nominal address? Doesn't mean he's got a big office there or anything
  6. Ashton United friendly

    Wonder if Hamer could play LB?
  7. Trust AGM announcement

    I actually, TRUE FACT gave the free months membership to Mr Sinnott as well #whatsapp
  8. Ashton United friendly

    Does that make it 2 assists and 1 goal from #frenchlads?
  9. No fucking way. It'll be u-23s!
  10. Trust AGM announcement

    Thanks. I joined the gym a couple of months ago so I'd still be ITK. Always 2 steps ahead.
  11. Trust AGM announcement

    Cunt, sneaking it out early to make me look like Boris to your David Davis.
  12. League 2 activity

    Hope Bury fans shit all over the place after.
  13. Love Island or 🇧🇷 v 🇧🇪

    If that's your thing why not put some actual porn on then switch to the football when you're done?
  14. World Cup Predictor Competition

    If some pervy old bastards try and use that to get Winchester into a Monk's Chain I'm on the pitch swinging
  15. Sam Graham signs

    He'll be a big lad when he starts filling out...