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  1. First game and I'm going to try and only make positives. Fage looks like the real deal, ready to go. Eagles looks fitter than anyone in our division, which I really wasn't expecting. Nepo still good for at least this level. Desire will be a nuisance up front. Quite a bit else, but for another time.
  2. As I said in another thread, I have to wait until she's 55
  3. I choose to rise above your ad hominem comments
  4. We still could have been, if you'd stayed true to me.
  5. Nah, I got a straight up ban for making too many dirty jokes. It was a stiff one and hard to accept, but I clenched my teeth and took it like a man.
  6. It was in the French newspaper article. They might well make an exception if it gets rid of one of his lads he lumbered them with previously
  7. Again, it's hard to think of an answer which doesn't paint a pretty poor picture in one way or another
  8. Wasn't that in the first statement about the FLG (the one that was obviously written by Barry)?
  9. Could be good for him if it's not a case of homesickness. Am I right in thinking that the standard is quite variable in that league, from some very decent players to some real hammer throwers?
  10. It's true, although @Harry Bosch says I have to wait until she's 55 to get really good value for murdering her 😥
  11. Yes. Someone in work saw them last time. Said his voice was poor, which I thought was harsh given he'd had throat cancer
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