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  1. The concept of, "ordinary cook," has moved quite some way since Lloyd Grossman was doing the show
  2. I might try that with some home made mozzarella
  3. This subject always pulls out some strange comments on all sides. How well would most current Premiership teams do if you took their (and only their) TV money and replaced it with Scottish levels? Celtic would immediately be one of the richest clubs if they were in England (which I don't want or expect)
  4. I clicked on an article about the shame of United fans singing calling for Woodward's death. It was only Build a Bonfire ffs
  5. Not sure about the injury bit. I remember him being in pain for months and Ronnie telling him to stop being a soft arse and play through it.
  6. They could test Barry's bones to prove dinosaurs are only 6000 years old.
  7. It's got Adam Whatsisface all over it. Barry and Mo didn't come up with that one
  8. There's no need to create new shares to write off Directors loans is there? It's usually a sweetener where the club is owned by multiple people including shareholding Directors, who agree not to get their cash back in return for owning a larger % of the total*. It's shenanigans when it's the 97%ish owner massively diluting the shares to pay off an immaterial amount of debt. * As The Rangers have done a couple of times recently to keep the lights on** ** Sorry Ackey
  9. Think it's a limit on numbers, we don't have enough security to cover a full stadium
  10. I'd like a working model of Strangeways like those kids pirate fortresses, where you can have prisoners throwing slates at Baz and he brings water cannons in.
  11. Reminds me of Big Fucking Dave from very early Viz comics. "Ho'way Dave, that fellas there's wearing jacket/drinking a half/just washed his hands in the toilet." Dave became upset on perceived homophobic grounds.
  12. That's one of the main advantages of the Sporting Director role. Oh bugger.
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