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  1. Of course you might believe I'm one of the fit and healthy young or middle aged. I'm not but my children and my children's children are. My views are based on reviewing the information I can find on coronaviruses, it is out there, and the impact lockdown has had and is having. Put simply if the children, young and middle aged had been allowed to get on with life our NHS would undoubtedly have coped (look at the numbers). Our society would not be under threat and our economy heading for a depression with millions needlessly unemployed. Open your eyes! Who do you think is going to suffer most in the years to come - the children, the young and the middle aged. Why should they sacrifice their future for those who in the main only have a past.
  2. We could be a feeder club for Salford!
  3. What a mess! The lock down appears to have been the creation of healthcare where every life must be saved without regard to the cost or indirect consequences. An NHS that has given up the day job, mass unemployment, ruined economy, impact on mental health, children removed from education and all those people who will lose their lives as a consequence from suicide to the failure of GPs to identify who needs help now. Even worse the message has created a population with an irrational fear of SARS-CoV-2. Undoubtedly there is risk but the people who should take action to avoid getting Covid-19 are the old and those with a pre existing condition. If you are a child or young or middle aged and you are fit and healthy the sacrifices you are being asked to make are out of all proportion to the risk. This penny will drop eventually. I agree that football must have an audience. There is no point playing league 2 matches behind closed doors. The problem is when will common sense prevail and everyone realise that we have to live with the Wuhan virus rather than trying to make it go away. It is here to stay and coronaviruses are tricksy.
  4. I think there is a very useful formula for calculating a refund on your season ticket. Work out what it would have cost to attend the games that took place and compare to the price of your season ticket resulting in no refund. I wonder if they will refund the £26 I paid for two guests to attend the Swindon game. I would settle for tickets to another game which, the way the hysterical are going will be 21/22 season or am I being too optimistic because by then we will have discovered either that any vaccine only gives short term immunity or the many mutations of SARS-cov-2 just side step any immunity we have from infection or vaccine. There are at least 30 known strains already. PS The future is only bright if you don't have a pre-existing condition. To 12 May only 1,245 of the 23,953 deaths from Covid-19 in hospitals were people without a pre-existing condition. Of course some of the 1,245 could have had a condition but it had't been identified. Stay healthy and get your weight down.
  5. Well now they are probably going to have the 2020/21 season to think about it. The realisation that SARS-cov-2 is going to stick around for some time must eventually penetrate the thick skulls of those who think we can beat it. Coronaviruses are a bit tricksy.
  6. The WHO are not saying you don't get immunity they are just saying it hasn't been proved that you do. The problem they have is that if you don't get immunity all the effort being made to produce a vaccine is wasted. If that is the case the effort should be directed towards finding ways to help people recover more quickly from an infection. There is the problem that this coronavirus produces so many different responses. This ranges from some people developing no symptoms to those it kills. Given the range of response it is possible that the virus might be killed off by some without their immune systems producing any coronavirus specific antibodies. Finally there is the problem that this coronavirus might behave like the cold and flu coronaviruses and produce mutations so that even if we have immunity against it, should we catch it now, we will in due course be faced with a different enough version next year so that our 'immunity' counts for nothing. So the WHO are right and the Koreans are right. It is possible that a vaccine might save us but it is just as likely, in my opinion, that we will have to get used to a new world order where each year a significant additional number of older people will die as victims of this virus from Wuhan.
  7. I disagree with all of you. The reason I disagree is that we will not be able to start 'next' season in August. I can not see football in front of paying spectators this year - I hope I'm wrong. There is nothing wrong with teams changing their players during a season - we do it every year in January. There is nothing wrong with teams playing less than their best side at the end of the season - we have this every season when teams have nothing to play for. So if we can't start next season why not find some way to end this season even if it is a neutral ground behind closed doors but televised - free to season ticket holders but on payment to others. We might have to wait until the Autumn but why not wait? What is the point of making a decision now when if people don't behave we could be back in lockdown at any time this summer? It might even be a good thing for players as teams might keep more players on their books rather than letting everyone go whose contract expires on 30th June.
  8. Now is the time to win the Euro lottery and buy the club. Just imagine the team you could put together come the end ofJune when most league 1 and 2 players are out of work.
  9. I very much hope that a vaccine will work but the official line is still that there is no evidence that having covid 19 produces immunity - the glass is half empty approach. If this is the case there will be no vaccine that works. Myself I await the antibody test to see if I have those and look for any evidence that immunity isn't produced by having the bloody thing - my glass is half full. The point about immunity is I think the fact that some people seem to knock this virus into the long grass so quickly that they might not have developed antibodies to do so.
  10. As someone who avoids series I've been been watching one or two box sets. Series 1 always seems the best although as you approach the end the hook for series two gets in the way. I liked Devs because series 1 did have an end but on it goes. Killing Eve, well what a misnomer that is, was OK but series 2 completely unbelievable and so they go on and on.............. The Capture really good until they started thinking about another series. I'm now trying Taboo because Tom Hardy is the central character - can't give up hope. Live sport, any live sport! I'd even watch tennis - how can singles tennis behind closed doors offend the social distancing rules? I'm sure Hawkeye could replace all the line judges and the players could get the balls themselves.
  11. I think an agreement has been reached for players to be furloughed if the March salaries are paid in full. For anyone that doesn't agree redundancy was mentioned although I don't know how that works for employees on fixed term short contracts.
  12. From this point in time I can't see Marco resigning any players or exercising any options come the end on June. Sadly there are going to be a lot of pro footballers joining the ranks of the unemployed.
  13. Training they are training or at least the Nelson lad did. Platt such a good name for an Oldham player.
  14. There is no fair way of not completing this season - the matches have to be played even if that has to be behind closed doors. What would be nonsense is to start next season before completing this one when we will not be going to football matches, mass gatherings, in August until who knows when. So whenever play can restart the first priority is to finish this season. Then having done that organise a truncated season for 20/21 and let everyone know what it is before we start so there can be no complaints. Finally the testing argument is a diversion, a journalistic thing to criticise our government who have so far met their targets of 10,000 by the end of March and who I expect will meet the target of 100,000 by 30th April. What is the point of testing all the players and staff when one or more of them could catch the virus before the test results are even known. The most useful piece of information would be an analysis of the deaths attributed to Covid-19 by age, existence of underlying health condition(s), sex and ethnic group so that we all know the risks associated with where we would fit in. At 68 with underlying health conditions I would not like where I would sit although after three weeks I've just recovered from the nastiest virus I have ever had which I'm convinced was Covid-19. The risk for healthy professional footballers would I think make them wonder what all the fuss is about.
  15. Cutting the football pitch might not seem important. Cutting the Uppermill cricket square and grounds might not seem important. Cutting our bowling green might not seem important. Should we leave all three to return to a meadow and become unplayable? To fail to behave in a way which says we will get through this is important. Cutting this grass is one way to say yes there is an end in sight.
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