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  1. Homegrown does not mean English. In another few years it might mean British. However the qualification still allows us to have 66% who are not homegrown so not a problem for Marco (grown very mush abroad in style and honesty) and Mo ( don't know anything about him). Looking forward to see the accounts at the ned of June!
  2. When Marco says he is looking forward to working alongside him does he mean on the touch line? At least the coach won't have a problem getting the team to away games. I believe only a third have to be home grown but that doesn't mean English. So for example with 6 french grown, 6 arab grown and with irish, welsh and scots grown in England (or any nationality grown here) we could indeed have no English players in our match day squad.
  3. With a start date of 1st July does that mean no signings until then or now Marco and Mo have their coach will they build the team without him. I suspect football in the gulf is a light year away from elf division 4. Could be wonderful - Banide’s Blue and White Army. Could be what we expect - TWT
  4. I think Marco is looking for someone who has a surname that goes with blue and white army. Insisting on interviewing a BAME applicant is only the first step. Why not insist on a LGBTQ+ candidate or a deluded person who believes in one of the 'gods' or heaven forfend a women. Actually there are some well qualified women out there so why not? Tick tock!
  5. We have been here before with Corney waiting and waiting in the hope players will take less money. I thought we had an option on Mouse but have offered him less money to stay on hence the delay. Having said he will not sign players until he has a head coach I'm not surprised he is delaying finding somebody. The odds for relegation and promotion suggest we will finish 15th. Looking optimistic as time drags by.
  6. The organisational effectiveness of OAFC is going to be based on a Head Coach so like many things Marco has also made this tread redundant.
  7. Peter (C) was asked to take over when Paul (S) threw in the towel. When unsurprisingly he declined Marco (AL) said something like do it or no contract next year.
  8. Seeing Chris O'Grady in that list is reason enough not to renew a season ticket.
  9. I am not suggesting that anything untoward needs to go on for an owner with past links to a football agency to choose that agency to handle player movements and conditions. It would be simplicity itself. If an owner was prepared to bend the rules and I am not saying or alleging that this is happening at Oldham then the upside would be much greater. Perhaps my years of trying to police large corporate entities with household names leaves me a little cynical when it comes to 'business'. I look forward to seeing the accounts and finding out how the 2 million invested in the club before the change of ownership and in due course how the 200k per month since the change of ownership is reflected.
  10. It is impossible to predict what is going to happen. I suspect that the motivation for Marco will be primarily how much money he can cream off for the agency. So every out or in involving a fee will be undisclosed. 50p for OAFC and £kxxx for the agent so don't pin any hopes on improving the squad from sales.
  11. Mate of mine sat next to a scout from north of the border for the Mansfield game who was watching Edmundson. He liked what he saw but what he really liked was Missilou.
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