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  1. Next Manager Speculation

    The thing that gradually seeped out of Wellens was his desire. We start with a legend who wants the job and is much more than I first thought. He could be the one but must aim for promotion as consolidation is what Corney did so well. If I live that long I don’t want 20 years of league 2. Bounce or the National league calls.
  2. Transfer Rumours

    The squad is too big and out of balance to allow for further signings for a league 2 squad without a reserve team fixtures. Baxter, is that definitely a done deal, looks like the first in until we have some outs. However what we have with Jose should be enough to prosper in league 2 with the right man behind them. I wonder where we stand with four offered contracts?
  3. Bunn Officially confirmed

    Bunn is the one! He has the chance of his lifetime. Come on guys and dolls give him a break.
  4. It’s something I want but at £75k pa a dead duck. Assuming everybody involved takes nothing you must be looking at taking £9k per game. If they let you use the space for free and reimburse the cost of any improvements you make should they let they unit go ahead but otherwise save your energy for something else.
  5. Frankie Bunn Poll

    I think ‘can’t make my mind up’ is another way of saying ‘not sure’ which is how I voted. Having thought about it I’m now more positive. Let’s hope he is the one because we won’t get the option of rebooting.
  6. Bunn Officially confirmed

    Didn't expect this but he does have many years football experience and should have contacts that will allow him, if Abdallah agrees, to bring in players like Bryan. I hope he is the manager and not the coach so I look forward to the signing of a first team coach. I don't doubt he will have the skills to manage the players. What I doubt is that he will pick the players. A football agent as an owner is a recipe for meddling and why not as it is his to meddle with. So the question I have is can he manage Abdallah?
  7. Frankie Bunn Poll

    Can't make my mind up!
  8. Next Manager Speculation

    SO we collectively have no idea what is going on. My theory is that Wellens was kept on because at the time AL couldn't stump up the compensation but an opportunity arose to allow AL to sack without compensation and he took it. However timing was not good as no replacement sought or in view. Unless we know that Clarke was asked about the job might AL have been negotiating his departure or considering a coaching role. Scholes is clever enough to dodge this bullet but could have been asked to recommend somebody. As far as I know Paul Terry is still on the books unless he was on a time limited contract but I suspect that after last season he is not answering his mobile on whatever holiday he is now on. Going forward I would not be surprised if AL hires a coach and picks the team himself - I don't think he is short on self belief.
  9. Next Manager Speculation

    Come come what a load of nonsense. Clarke a player who was shipped out to be our manager. Scholes - don't make me laugh he is bright enough to sidestep this one. None of the above. As AL was putting his team selections to RW he might just decide to do it himself. Can it get worse? 'fraid so! Down down down down .........................
  10. Who to Believe?

    I would like to suggest that Wellens or not makes no difference to the player recruitment policy as the man in charge of that is AL. We're on a road to nowhere but the future is uncertain.
  11. Wellens sacked!

    Pierre Dreossi armee bleue et blanche
  12. Wellens sacked!

    Undoubtedly the right end result but the timing is strange as Wellens was never going to walk away. As my son has just texted let's hope "Pierre" is better.
  13. Wellens

    Undoubtedly the right end result but the timing is strange as Wellens was never going to walk away. As my son has just texted let's hope "Pierre" is better.
  14. Squad movements, summer 2018

    Jose we will see but definitely more positive than negative. The negative is Wellens admission that he has to move players out who only have a year to run on their contracts in order to get players in. Why negative because as Wellens admits nobody yes just nobody has yet approached us for any of the players he wants (has to) move out. I wonder which, if not all, of the nine he wants to move on - Zeus, Johny, Clarke, Dummigan, Gerrard, Fane, Gardener, Aaron or Davies?
  15. Squad movements, summer 2018

    Disappointed to see French teams sniffing around Gardner because regardless of what you think about his ability he did give his all game after game. Not surprised with a French connection given the players that AL brought in. Is this one of those win win situations when oafc gets a sale and an agent gets a commission. We of course are not part of the win win because the team we support is carved up sold on and a new coach load arrive from across the water. An owner with an agency background is not going to stand back and let his manager pick a squad. Wellens is in no position to argue after the mess he made of last season. An owner who knows better with a weakened manager is not the way you bounce back - its a belly flop - hope I'm wrong.