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  1. Hands on

    Carlisle United (H)

    Sadly Bunn got that one completely wrong and then did nothing about it until we were 3 nil down. If my employer wasn't paying me on time he wouldn't get the best out of me and that also seems to be the case with our club. We are once again looking towards the wrong end of the division. No game next week so lower we will go. I thought a double relegation was on the cards but then we were 6th but now at 12th and falling I'm sad to say it is.
  2. Hands on

    Carlisle United (H)

    It is a cruel thought that Bunn has being playing the best we have got. No doubt COG will start unless injured (Byrne could have been useful in training here). Looks like a win to me so that John can boost his retirement fund, rest over Christmas and rescue someone come February.
  3. Hands on

    Colchester United (h)

    It rather looks like Bunn is a score more than them rather than a concede fewer. Three goals two games running.................... I would rather see a 3 3 than a nil nil.
  4. When they said he was MoM I just thought Abdallah picked him. I was there and he did not stand out. He doesn't just look lightweight he just is and although one or two things caught the eye a game changing performance? Nah! I wish him well but that first half against Forest when he couldn't tackle or keep the ball and the improvement in our play when he was substituted at half time sums him up.
  5. Hands on

    Jordan Lyden

    It is fairly obvious that he is a good player who is injury prone and Bunn has got him on a deal that costs us nothing if he doesn't play enough games. So no chance taken and a good deal for a cash strapped club. Some of you are dick heads.
  6. Hands on

    Newport (H)

    Lang will do as well as Nepo would have on the wing and with Clarke to solidify the defence should be a good game. O'Grady to start possibly with Surridge so although I would like to see Baxter from the get go I suspect he will be the first sub on. Looking forward to this one.
  7. Hands on

    Barnsley (H)

    It's a bit more complicated than it should be so I think you have to play more than four from last Saturday to make sure four also play next Saturday. "7.3 Each EFL Club shall play its Full Available Strength in and during all Matches. Full Available Strength means the EFL Club must include at least four Qualifying Players in the ten outfield Players named in the starting eleven on the Team Sheet. 7.4 Qualifying Player means any Player who: 7.4.1 had started the immediately preceding First Team Fixture (as defined below); 7.4.2 subsequently starts the immediately following First Team Fixture; 7.4.3 is in the list of ten Players at the Club with the highest number of starting appearances in First Team Fixtures in the same Season; 7.4.4 has made forty or more starting appearances in First Team Fixtures or international equivalents (and not limited to the same Club or Season); or 7.4.5 is on standard loan from a Premier League Club or any EFL Club operating a Category One Academy. 7.5 First Team Fixture means the League Competition, Premier League, EFL Cup or FA Challenge Cup (but shall, in the context of Rules 7.4.3 and 7.4.4 only, also include this Competition). 7.6 Any EFL Club failing to meet the requirement to play Full Available Strength will be required to pay a fine of up to £5,000."
  8. Hands on

    Crawley (h)

    First twenty minutes a walk in the park. Referee was doing well but every time a Crawley player goes down they have been told to hold their heads and he fell for it. He then gives a contested dropped ball instead of having it passed back to Iversen. (To give him his due Morais actually told the ref to do this later on) So Crawley score, Iversen could have done better but so could the whole team. Then it was how many passes can Dan misdirect. Can't fault his energy it is just the passing. But we pressed on and with the arrival of first Surridge and then Lang I felt a winner was inevitable. A win is a win is a win and we are 6th. There is a gulf between leagues one and two and I'm confident of a top seven finish as we will get better.
  9. Hands on

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    Don't forget it is a registration period. He can't register for another club until January. Lets hope he sorts himself out but I'm glad to see the back of him.
  10. Hands on

    Jordan Lyden

    Looks like a good loan which might sort out the midfield muddle. Interesting to see who has this seasons shirt in the first team photo gallery - obviously isn't one that fits Byrnes inflated opinion of himself.
  11. Hands on

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    Serious enough to side line him for six months. It wasn't just a bruise.
  12. Hands on

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    Byrnatics! From a perspective of 66 years and 26 as a season ticket holder if the devil has been sacked can we not spend the next few weeks arguing about why and should he and just move on. This is one player I will only look back upon with sadness because his failures outweigh any success he has had. What a waste.
  13. Hands on

    Morecambe (a)

    It is interesting to take up a position that our midfield is not good enough and then moan about Bunn protecting a lead because, perhaps, he knows our midfield is not yet good enough.
  14. Hands on

    Morecambe (a)

    We won dick heads!
  15. Hands on

    Morecambe (a)

    So we get 7 from 9 and ‘you’ are not satisfied. Points win prizes and the prize is 7 or better. We are eighth.