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  1. In these days of staying at home to help the NHS and save lives one can become fixated on a particular thing. For me it was the thought of a good hot chilli con carne. Having successfully got a delivery slot with Ocado three weeks ago for yesterday I added the one ingredient that I don't have - the humble tin of kidney beans well actually organic and posh kidney beans because they didn't have the humble ones. 11 o'clock yesterday arrived with rising excitement in the household as the clock ticked round and then Gareth in his cabbage van arrived. Disaster no kidney beans and this was the only thing they didn't have. Are we now a nation of kidney bean eaters? Has some moron posted on facebook that kidney beans can defeat Covid 19? The wife says put baked beans in instead but it won't be the same. Why kidney beans?
  2. I suspect I would not do well if the coronavirus came calling but in all the calculations I don't see any evidence that the impact on the social and economic fabric of society is being taken into account. I understand why our Government is fascinated by the prospect of people dying from this manmade viral attack - you push animals/bats out of their natural environment and wonder why their close contact with us causes viruses to jump species. But understanding their concern does not take away their responsibility to consider the long term consequences of what they are asking us to do. In particular they don't seem to be considering the impact of their policies on our health. Older people still have all the problems that caused the bulk of the 616,000 who died last year but the GPs have put up a ring fence notwithstanding that they all have lives to lead outside the practice. I can't get a blood test recommended by my GP because I have had an intermittent cough since Christmas and they will not let me in. A friend of my wife has had radiotherapy for cancer postponed - I'm sure the 'neglect' of the 'normal' has many stories. We are faced with an attempt to smooth the curve which if successful will result in another curve in the Autumn and possibly another after that. By concentrating our effort on Covid 19 there will be untold hardship. I'm sure when we look back on this event we will understand why they treated it as the only thing that mattered but wonder why the didn't count the cost of their actions. Many lives might be saved from Covid 19 but will many more be lost?
  3. The delay to 30th April is based on all fixtures then being completed by 30th June. So City would only have to play a maximum of 19 games in two months. The only way would be to start by playing behind closed doors. People with BT & Sky would benefit by having games to watch after a 10 week drought but no going to the pub and the season could be concluded in good time to start it all over again in August. Sounds good but the possibility is almost zilch.
  4. As usual there is a lot of crap floating about. Although this virus is not as bad as many of the statistics suggest it isn't that good for the over 70 and at risk groups. The problem is a comparison between the number who sadly die and the number of confirmed cases which paints a dismal picture. The reality is that the number catching the virus is at least ten times the number of confirmed cases so the stats overstate the downside. There are 14 in my family - self, wife, 3 children and their spouses plus 6 grandchildren - at this moment 6 (six) have the symptoms that require you to stay at home for 14 days but none have been tested even though one is a key worker in the NHS. Our government wants us all to do as we are told and we should because if we don't literally thousands of people will die when that could have been avoided - a guilt trip for everyone. It is a simple reality that even our NHS, as excellent as my experience of it is apart from GP appointments, can not cope with the number that will need intervention if we just let it rip. If the serious cases get treatment 5 in 6 can be saved. This is all about saving those 5. Do we let it rip and save our economy or do we save the 5 and let our people suffer the consequences of what this will do to the economy even though the poor and disadvantaged will then suffer the most. No Government can take the second option because now is what matters but they rely on us to do what we have been told - distance yourself. Having decided not to be influenced by the supermarket panic I turned up at Sainsbury's at my usual after dinner time. It takes real strength of character, I failed, not to be influenced by shelves that were two thirds empty so I bought some things I didn't need to. Pity on me because had I gone to the M&S next door I wouldn't have. Some shortages in the fresh fruit and again no tomatoes but otherwise quieter than normal and everything you could need. Why tomatoes?
  5. Sorry to hear this. My weekly order is taking 2 & 1/2 weeks and they are not taking any more at the moment. Another case of letting people order too much and advice to book orders in advance - I didn't think to book an order for 3, 4 & 5 weeks time as well - no wonder they can't cope. So it is off to Sainsbury's but I'll go after the rush when the shelves are empty to maintain social distancing and to try the SmartShop.
  6. My granddaughter has a cough so my daughter is staying at home - she rang 111. So my wife and I will shop for her as deliveries are not the answer. We are 67 but don't feel confident that the lack of three years will make much difference. At least I won't have to queue to get out if the Sainsbury's SmartShop App actually works. People are mainly to blame but the supermarkets should have responded when they noticed the higher demand, which they would have done in a matter of hours, instead of rubbing their hands together. My daughter also works for NHS but because they are not testing when you stay at home they lose her for 10 days longer than necessary if the granddaughter just has a cough. Not easy being in charge but some things are just common sense. Dino should stay - he isn't going to lose a game for months.
  7. The next 18 months does not look good. China are now worried that the lockdown in Wuhan has created a situation where 95% of the population still has no immunity to the virus which is undoubtedly still there. Some expect another peak of infection when the lockdown ends and that is one of the things they were trying to avoid in the UK but not at the cost of 250,000 lives. Let us hope that for some reason Wuhan can get back to normal. It is almost worth, even at my age, finding someone with the virus and playing Russian roulette. If I survived stamp my forehead with "I've had it" and go and support the local economy.
  8. So much for our scientists. They obviously now say they got it wrong to the tune of 260,000 deaths if the nuanced approach of last Thursday is followed. No football, no bowling and social distancing for 12 weeks (at least). Premier League and EFL did the right thing - MEA CULPA!
  9. Again I say buying a service (season card) from a business that has an adjourned administration hearing might not be protected even if you use a credit card.
  10. I do wonder how many people listened to the press briefing. That briefing was based on the science. It was not political. We have that daft idiot across the pond stopping flights. Does he think somehow that the virus isn't in the USofA? The virus is now everywhere and stopping people travelling will have no impact, zilch! The response has to be based on how the population in each country will respond. It is also a mistake to simply lock down. You need to protect the most vulnerable but let your people build up resistance to the virus. You can only do this by allowing people to be infected. Sounds awful but what is the alternative you might ask. The alternative is that after a lock down the virus will run rampant again. Our best defence was to allow the epidemic to proceed but to slow down the rate of infection to allow the NHS to cope over this spring/summer with a smaller number of people at any one time needing help. The virus kills by both respiratory failure and/or a cytokine response which causes multiple organ failure. Both can be helped if treatment is available. The health service in Italy failed and couldn't cope with the number of older people who couldn't combat the virus on their own. The plan in the UK is to slow down but not stop the spread of the virus whilst protecting older people. The crass decision by the premier league and the EFL has undermined this approach. We have moved on from containment whereby anyone who has been in contact with someone who has the virus should self isolate for 14 days to only those people who have the symptoms self isolating for 7 days because the high transmission period is the 3/4 days following the onset of symptoms. As more people become infected there would be whole household isolations and older people avoiding any places of risk/staying at home. All this has been blown apart by the desire to be seen to be doing something. All the above steps were explained at the press briefing. We are now moving to the place where our economy will be much more severely damaged and who will suffer the most. It is those who live hand to mouth. Those who have zero hours contracts. Those who are self employed. How can the NHS respond if the children of those working there are sent home? What happens to the distribution of food and public transport if the children of those working there are sent home. The least affected group in China were children. What happens when children sent home are looked after by grandparents? The current madness will lead to more deaths and risks another peak of infections later in the year when the NHS has no chance of coping. We are an irresponsible society of idiots who could destroy the very fabric of our civilised way of life.
  11. I think it is worth saying this again: Daft idea! The UK Government's scientific based advice is that games should not be cancelled. In fact you are less likely to catch Covid-19 going to a football match than you are going out to meet with friends in a busy pub/wine bar/coffee shop. It has been decided that Covid-19 can not be contained and for the safety of our society the population has to build up resistance - in other words people have to catch the virus. If we don't then there is likely to be another epidemic later in the year. The difficulty is that if we do nothing too many people will catch it at the same time and the NHS will not cope hence the plan to delay - it is not a plan to stop you getting Covid-19 - it is a plan to extend the duration of the epidemic so that the numbers needing intensive care at any one time are reduced and are spread from now into the summer. If the UK Government's scientific predictions for the course of the virus are correct there is no rational for a suspension to only 4th April. The EFL will then have to suspend matches once again because by 4th April there will be many more people with the virus and the end result would mean that no games will be played until after the beginning of the next season. So what then EFL? The sensible science based thing to do is to keep on playing.
  12. At the moment Marco has a failing football club so there is no way he can recoup the money he has spent. If he persuades Blitz to accept less than he wanted for the stadium (and car park) he will at least have something that might give him a chance of reducing his losses.
  13. There are three certain things - death, taxes and you can’t make money from owning Oldham Athletic. Whatever Marco is up to all he can hope to do is minimise his losses. Blitz has received a ‘substantial’ amount in respect of what he is owed but not the full amount. Marco says he wants to buy stadium and car park (or surrounding land if you believe club news) so Blitz agreed adjournment but retains right to go back at any time if Marco is bullshitting. Anything else i.e. 95% of the above is speculation. Don’t believe a word that they say unless it is said to a Judge.
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