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  1. Hands on

    Doncaster (A)

    We will fill the stand with the allocation of 2998 - it holds 3315. I suspect they are allowing for a bit of movement. They can fill the rest of the stadium with c.12,000 but they will not make more noise than our away following. No doubt they are favourites but I fancy we have a better chance away with our support.
  2. Hands on

    New Manager Thread

    Could be waiting to appoint someone after the transfer window closes to avoid any awkward questions about budgets/player recruitment.
  3. Hands on

    New Manager Thread

    It is a mistake to delay in appointing a new manager. Hanging our current staff out to dry by overloading them with work is the cheapest but not the best way forward. Either appoint Wild or Another and fill the any other vacancies.
  4. Hands on

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Somewhat different to taking the family for a day out or weekend to London. Would hope we go over the 2,000. No doubt COGS as our only striker is being rested for the FA Cup! The 2998 looks like the unreserved seating capacity of the away stand but they can accommodate more in the East stand.
  5. Two things: 1. Might I suggest that we would be better off with a smaller squad of players who are paid on time rather than a bigger one that goes missing when it is paid late. 2. Recent signings of players who have French as their first language have shown improvements to the kind of player we need i.e. Sylla looks a good replacement for Lydon. I do still think we need a striker (return of Surridge in time for Doncaster my preference) and a CB who can compete with Clarke and George for a start.
  6. On the question of supporter ownership of our football club I can't see that being a possibility unless and until OAFC goes into administration so that we can get a debt free entity.
  7. I wouldn't expect any prudent football league club to have the ownership of the land (stadium) in the same company as the ownership of the football club/team however I would expect both to be in the same common ownership although that is not always the case.
  8. Hands on

    Forest Green (h)

    It seemed to me we started slowly with a 4 4 2 and I suspect that was because Wild didn't know what he would get from Sylla. When we did make it into their half and the Nepo cross nearly went in the game changed. We appeared to go to 4 2 3 1 but unfortunately the 1 couldn't cut it for whatever reason. Sylla settled in and looks a good replacement for Lydon - it is possible that Abdallah now knows what sort of player is required for this league. Yes could have won the game but a draw seemed OK on the balance of play. The referee was another one who lacked consistency and worse than that thought he was the most important person on the pitch. If you shout abuse at the referee it won't make him perform better and it is likely to work against our team.
  9. Hands on

    New Manager Thread

    I rather like the idea that any job at Oldham Athletic is secure given the way our owner has been 'moving people on'. If I were Wild and he offered me the job I would ask for a contract to the end of next season and if the answer is no say no thank you but then AL might just sack him anyway. Although automatic promotion is unlikely getting into the top seven from where we are is not. This is why I fancy Wild for the job because he undoubtedly has done very well both tactically and with his substitutions. He seems to know what he wants and is remaining true to himself. A win today and how could you argue against making him the permanent coach.
  10. Hands on

    Jordan Lyden

    Nah not now he is fit to play.
  11. Hands on

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Well for me it is a must but by car and therefore less lubrication for the singing. A game we can win but I suspect in the back of our minds one where we will hope for a draw. I fancy we will be on Sunday again at 2 but no hope of the tv as you need to be either Barnet or at home against prem team. Lets hope Sylla is a good replacement for Lydon and that we sign another SS and keep everyone else.
  12. Hands on

    New Manager Thread

    What a hard question! Do you take the man that has produced our best result for twenty years, I rank away to Fulham as better than the win at home against a much poorer than now Liverpool side, or do you take Scholes with all his experience as a player? What relevant experience as a coach or manager does Scholes have or is he just a name that makes Abdallah happy with the possibility that a few more will turn up to watch. Teams win when they are confident, know what they are doing and have sufficient players of the appropriate standard (and it could be said have nutrition by Antoine). We have spent the season under Bunn questioning what he was doing. Didn't hear anyone question the 4 2 3 1 or the substitutions Wild made. When you are on the crest of a wave why jump off?
  13. Ah twas Nepomuceno who put in the telling cross. COG was the obvious substitute - I’m sure he did as he was told but little impact and that scuff. Interestingly spoke to a Fulham fan who thought Maouche was our star player! It was a fantastic team performance but Wild has made a difference with the 4 2 3 1 formation and desire and working for each other truly the sum is much better than its parts. Shame we appear to has lost Surridge and Lydon
  14. Not a single song from home fans. Fulham boredom personified. There goal soft. Our pen result of previous near miss. SS! Then our pressure with Engone working wonders on left. Fantastic cross get in Lang. So much noise. So much joy. Wild fantastic.
  15. So we get the referee that didn't red card Vincent Kompany for his reckless and dangerous tackle on Mo Salah. I suspect he will be looking to make amends and get a good "report" after our game.