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  1. Everything said is all background to the negotiations that might take place before we leave or will take place after we have left bearing in mind that the majority of MPs are trying to stop us leaving - even the two faced one who will literally do anything to become PM.
  2. That idea introduces the thought that Captain Fantastic Mo Maouche will have to run across to translate for him.
  3. Head Coach Laurent Banide has now unleashed the decisive strategy, well not at Bradford but he was just practising there, in that he has learnt to stand in the technical area. No doubt previously he thought only Mo could stand in such an importantly sounding space but he was wrong. We could beat Exeter with exciting developments like this. Will his arms be folded? Will he scratch his chin? Or will he do both? The options are endless!
  4. Contrary to popular belief it does appear that Head Coach Laurent Banide can stand because there is a picture of him doing that at Bradford. I'm now at a loss to know why with a standing Head Coach we could possibly lose.
  5. Well the team didn't want to win away at Exeter last time when I thought we were evenly matched and ended up giving up and losing. Unfortunately they have probably signed some decent players whereas we have signed a disjointed bunch under a static underwhelming head coach. However we are better mid week so it might just be our first points of the season if he makes (if allowed) some changes. Lets be positive as we might get a pint of donkeystone.
  6. I wonder what happens when the dozy twats realise that owning a football club outside the efl is not De rigueur!
  7. I very much dislike these repeated posts saying Marco tells lies. Gentlemen to lie you have to knowingly set out to deceive and I'm sure Marco believes everything he says - are we not in any case the Kaffar.
  8. Randal Kolo Muani - a snip without a single senior goal to his name. That is it zero as in none.
  9. We are getting side tracked by a spat which appears to have been orchestrated by one of the parties involved. Recent history tells us that anyone who says something that is not appreciated tends to have their relationship with one of the parties terminated or seriously curtailed. The reality is that arguing about what we are being told or has been written in 'leaked' correspondence is pointless. None of us can adequately judge what is fact or fiction. However we can reflect about the period from mid 2017 onwards and use our gut instinct to consider where Oldham Athletic Football Club finds itself now and is likely to end up.
  10. Sefil is a 25 year old centre half who we are all agreed is positionally very poor. Rather late to coach what should by now be second nature. I imagine Marco & Mo told Banny about all the great signings they were making, tell everyone what they want to hear, and now the stark reality of what he has to play with has struck home. We nearly won through a not surprising lack of respect but the subs changed the game.
  11. It is possible that opening the Royle stand would have cost the club money for the friendly games. It is obvious that leaving the boxes and the 100 seats empty will cost the club money during league 2 games. It is obvious that Marco and Mo are ruled by considerations other than common sense.
  12. I'm not so sure that Banide is saying they are not good enough. It could just be a language thing in that I think he is saying they are not doing enough nor are they playing with the right intensity or spirit. So I think he wants these players to do better and that is his responsibility.
  13. Doubt it. I know it was raining as I was sitting in it but when was the last time the head coach (or manager) just sat out the game?
  14. MIndless, stupid, pointless! Why smash up the facilities we use. However this was a true reflection of where we are.
  15. Well we had the first 3 minutes of that game and then and then....... Vera actually had a good first10 minutes but then....... It was a team of disconnected individuals who had no idea what anyone else was doing with a captain who didn't even know what he was doing himself. Woods saved us from a drubbing and Hamer kept at it. I can't see where our first point is coming from. We need someone who can hold the ball in attack and someone who can make a tackle and keep the ball in midfield.
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