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  1. When rumours are allowed to spread it is inevitable that they will be altered or embellished and this is why Marco should have responded when he was getting such a bad press. I still believe that OAFC is not in a good place and that the rumours have their foundations in fact. The letter from Marco does little to allay my fears. Indeed it rather makes him out to be a fool lacking any business sense. It makes him (almost) the last person I would want to run OAFC.
  2. I didn't start this thread in order to discuss either the merits of our team or of Paul Scholes. What we have in the interview are public statements made by someone who experienced working for Marco that are undoubtedly true. For those who can't listen to or hear the interview, Marco started by making 'subtle' hints and suggestions about selection and then told Scholes not to pick a player. The telling crossed a red line and Scholes correctly walked. There is also enough in there to confirm some of the rumours ie cold showers, players washing their kit so in the absence of a reply to the letter from the trust we are all left with only the rumours. Marco has seen us through one relegation. Our football club is not in a good place.
  3. The letter was from the Trust after a meeting of Trust members because the Trust has a role to play in the football club. The Trust would like to represent all the supporters/fans of the football club but they need to join the Trust if they want a say in what the Trust does which is exactly what I did. The Trust likes to operate on behalf of the supporters/fans and the more that join the easier it will be to do this. Abdallah Lemsagam has a duty to respond to the Trust and has failed in that duty. Insults are not the answer. Owners are just an ephemeral thing in the life of a football club but can do great damage. He may own it but it belongs to us and the actions he is taking are not going to stop me supporting my team but the Trust does need to assert itself and that I believe is the correct path which they are following. Each to their own. Boycott if you want to - I found out that I couldn't.
  4. Scholes is not the issue and we might never know how good or bad a manager he would have made. You can't be at odds with the owner and perform well as was evidenced by Wellens. The issue is the failure of Marco despite his public pronouncements to engage with the supporters. Giving us a scarf is the way you engage with a two year old. Engagement is particularly important when rumour after rumour suggests that the club is not debt free and could be heading for disaster even greater than sticking his oar in and facilitating our relegation to league two. The letter is the right way forward for the Trust. It is an opportunity for Marco to give at least some answers - to prove that some of the rumours have no foundation. It is his move next but if he fails to answer something has to be done. I would favour taking legal advice to find out how/if Marco can be forced to engage as he should with the Trust and then doing it.
  5. Why wouldn’t you take on Paul Scholes unless you have blue blood in your veins? Could be Scholes has done us a favour in showing Marco his place. Wild didn’t have this form before. Suspect he has learnt from the earlier period in charge or is Priest a great second. Who cares ONWARD!!!!
  6. Apologies I can’t do it. Will renew next week!
  7. Marco ain’t going to answer. The team under Wild is answering for him and the £5 offer for Mansfield another shot.
  8. No. It’s the hope that gets you. Are Colchester actually there?
  9. If you give someone until 12th April to respond to a letter then you have to wait until 12th April before going after him for comment. Have some patience! We could get a reply on the same day that the EU throw us out because we have a House of Commons full of cowards. They should revoke or leave without a deal and suffer the consequences. Their combined actions sine the referendum have split my Country down the middle. They are no better than Marco - I'm reminded of the Grand Old Duke of York.
  10. It was rather sad to sit in the Main Stand after 27 years of support with the intention of not renewing my season ticket in the North Stand. I just needed to remember how shit the seats are and to reacquaint myself with the pillars. I have however an alternative plan which is to go to a dozen away games. I only make 2 or 3 at the moment. I would then still be supporting my team but apart from the cut home clubs take for selling away tickets (if they do) I won't be supporting Marco (I do prefer Murco but Marco it is). I would then buy a season ticket if and when Marco says goodbye. Not renewing, very hard to do and I might yet break, does two things. It hits Marco in his pocket and it is a vote against him. He should get the message but it might not matter to him depending on why he is here.
  11. We have now seen two good performances. Is this evidence that the departure of PS, the slower than normal season ticket sales and the action by the Trust has had an effect? We can't say but if AL is the nice bloke some people say he is he might, just might have realised where things have gone wrong. Evidence of this would be a documented response to the Trust letter. Evidence that he will remain an interfering hire and fire non payer would be a failure to reply to the Trust letter. Probably our best league performance of the season.
  12. It isn’t my attendance that matters it is how many turn up and pay on the day. I won’t spend a penny in the ground and haven’t renewed my season ticket. I think Abdallah has got the message but does he understand and will he respond. Nah!!!!
  13. Are we protesting by not having a thread for the Grimsby game?
  14. I'm confused! I meant gone disappeared never to be seen again. I agree Administration now would probably see us relegated. I wonder if there is anyone who is owed money if they might get a bit jumpy when they learn that season ticket sales are not going so well.
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