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  1. Hands on

    Macclesfield (h)

    I would suggest the Byrne and Cotterill fanatics should forget them. If Cotterill is a free man we could sign him but isn't he registered with another club so that it would be a transfer and we are now outside the window. (Is that right?) Byrne on the other hand is, if half of what is alleged is anywhere near the truth and based on how he behaved whilst playing at the end of last season, not the sort of player that will get picked unless he sees the light and undergoes a character transformation the like of which we have never seen before. Forget them. Concentrate on those in the squad who have survived the training and are fit enough to play with the exception of Baxter who if it isn't going to cause him injuries should start rather than coming on when it is too late. It's the midfield that so far has not been good enough and from what I have seen from Maouche he is not the backbone we need. I do wonder if we have a fit defender capable of sitting in front of the back four which of course is a sort of three at the back.
  2. Hands on

    Statement by Chairman

    I think this thread is about a statement from the owner and not Jack Byrne. Byrne the messiah who saved us from relegation - now I'm doing it! The plan I suppose those who want one need is a statement of how much more money Abdallah is going to spend on the club and the team. I think that much is clear he is going to comply with the league 2 rules on financial fair play or whatever they call it. His short term plan has been to fight the financial fire left by Corney and no he won't tell what that is in any detail or answer any questions because I agree that if action is being taken to recover some of this money from Corney he might prejudice that action. (Just as Jack might have been advised not to apologise for deliberately breaking Fanes leg, if he did, because that could prejudice his position - I've done it again [the sooner he goes and destroys another team the better]). The long term football plan is to get a decent management team, a squad that plays as a team, a squad that plays for the shirt and keep within the FFP rules. We can help by supporting the team/club in other words buy a season ticket as more people did or if you didn't come to our home games if you don't. The more we spend the more he can spend. In return it would be nice to see the team win tomorrow.
  3. Hands on

    Derby (h)

    Went to see if we are as bad as OWTB suggests. Derby made six changes from their 4-1 defeat and for most of the match played well within themselves. We looked OK and it was entertaining but our problem is the midfield. Gardner was the only one I would play again if we had options. Nepo had so many opportunities to cross but failed to put in one decent one. Branger can hit the ball but needs to improve. Coke was not hopeless but he is a little quiet. Missilou made a number of tackles but he is always stretching and will get sent off. In conclusion we don't need a fit Baxter or Clarke or a Striker what we need is a midfield. If Nepo, Branger and Coke are it the National League beckons
  4. Hands on

    Callum Lang

    It is fascinating to see. We approach the season with our only striker, Baxter is not and Branger isn't, out on loan and then a flood of which two are injured (looks that way from the official) and O'Grady still doesn't seem to be able to do it for us. So now another loan of a promising striker. Presumably they have worked out that the way they are working the players means we are unlikely to have a fully fit squad ever. Welcome Callum - look after yourself. If anything train with Wigan and just turn up here on match days. Could play tonight if Wigan allow it.
  5. Hands on

    Derby (h)

    Another reason why I'm going is that so far I have only seen the Forest game. Once Maouche was removed at half time we played well. It is an opportunity before Macclesfield to see if all the moaning is well placed.
  6. Hands on

    Derby (h)

    Some of us sensibly stayed away. I'm going to see the battle of the Franks and (pauses due to excitement) to pick up my scarf.
  7. The start we have had suggests we are going to struggle at the wrong end of league 2 but early days - the games against Derby and Macclesfield will give us a clearer idea. We have a class player in Jose but he is way off starting games which suggests an impact role until Christmas unless he also falls foul of a training regime which seems designed to cause injuries rather than create fitness. Two strikers out with tight hamstrings has to be the result of what they are being asked to do. As I've said before a professional football team should not start the season with so many ruled out because of injuries. Something is wrong with what they are being asked to do.
  8. Hands on

    Anthony Gerrard

    It rather seems that we are in an era of self harming. Rant as much as you like but I remember a player who wanted to win. Someone we sorely missed along with Fane in our relegation.
  9. Hands on

    Transfer Rumours

    Byrne. The obvious simple answer is sometimes the right one. Putting aside the tackle and his attitude could it be that he isn't the wonder player many of you think he is. That he isn't the wonder player who will drag us out of league 2 because he wasn't the wonder player who could stop us dropping out of league 1. Why would anyone take him on at the sort of wage he is said to have? Overpriced and unwanted. Sit tight Jack and see out your contract.
  10. Hands on

    Beer - worst ever

    The thing to remember is that by the time they have sold half the perishable stock they are making a gross profit on it. Non perishable should have zero wastage. Failing to properly control staff should not be taken out on the supporter. Running those outlets is not rocket science. Failing to give a decent food and drinks service to supporters can only have an adverse impact on the gate. The lunatics are running the asylum and if they way they are doing this is anything indication of what is going on it is going to be a long depressing season. Yes I'm rather pessimistic. No doubt we'll beat Forest Green and run rings round Macclesfield.....................
  11. Hands on

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    In getting a grip can I ask why this professional football team is starting it's season with so many 'first picks' unavailable? Can I also point out that it is easy to look 'good' when the other team is winning and cruising to victory.
  12. Hands on

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    The truth is we lost. No excuses we lost at home first game of season. I’d take 16th if only we could!
  13. Hands on

    Placide leaves

    Heart stopping entertainment. I will always remember his assist for the Holloway goal.
  14. With our capitulation last year and the England capitulation, once they faced a decent team in a meaningful game, I'm not yet thirsting for more punishment from Oldham. Saw the Forest game after a good interview with Bunn but that might have been a false dawn. We will continue to struggle as the team is unbalanced and the owner likes to dabble.
  15. Sat in the main stand rather than in the North. The bar was pump less. On offer cans at £3.50 (Guinness £4 with a wiz). Have they removed the pumps in the North Stand in favour of cans?