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  1. No, you should have said, I should have said. 😚
  2. ‘you’d actually be very lucky to get nil for them, their true value is minus their remaining contract values
  3. I read somewhere the grant would be paid in stages as work progressed I’ve not checked any dates so sorry if I’m wrong I often am (always wrong if you ask my wife)
  4. 3-1 to us today We’ve got three obvious cunts Scunthorpe only has one
  5. terrible colour text to read gave up after a few mins
  6. Does the owner interfere with the catering team choices , who works in which kiosk etc. We need an inside 😂
  7. The title of this thread could be changed to ‘Bowel movements summer 2019’ and would still describe most of our squad😂
  8. ‘Rattled a few cages 😂😂😂 Having read that diatribe, it sounds like your cage is self rattling ‘Do yourself a favour and when you look in a mirror and see bulging eyes a red face and steam coming out of your ears, calm down and think of your blood pressure
  9. ‘More..... The squad is shit ‘The league is shit The atmosphere is shit The owner is shit The way they treat staff is shit The way treat the fans is shit The Director of football is shit The red fleeced vitriolic geezer is shit Club statements are shit.......................................
  10. Thanks for the email Merry Christmas to you guys too. keep up the good work it is appreciated by many fans #ReclaimTheFaith
  11. Maybe I would have got a season ticket for my self and my family had I been made aware of the protection it can provide against health and safety issues. I wonder if these magic immunity from danger tickets only work at the OEC or will they offer protection against any health and safety issues anytime anywhere, and if so why aren’t they being marketed as such?
  12. Shares are only ever worth what someone is willing to pay for them. The real value in the shares that the FLG were buying/bought was proving BO and AL wrong on the 97% / 3% split between AL and the Trust claim. With the biggest value now looking like being that the FLG have in effect forced AL to turn his Director loans into shares. So a win for the Club and the FLG in my view (if you believe their intentions are about the long term benefits of the club, which I have no reason not to).
  13. If true, can we keep BO on in a more suitable roll......as a Dancin Barry A big B on his shirt and a red fleece around his neck.......
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