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  1. Judge Eyre QC from Stevenage..............😂
  2. Hope he does his due diligence properly this time and doesn’t think he’s also buying the hospital, town hall and high street 😂
  3. Can we organise crowd funding to help him buy Bolton
  4. Bazzouti not Bassini please 😂
  5. What I should have written was: This is where your ‘youre’ is wrong 😂
  6. FIFA/UEFA Accusing any team of financial cheating is like a coal mine calling a speck of soot black, hypocritical bastards.
  7. Any idea which sport they’re transferring to? 😂
  8. ‘The older I get the faster I could run when I was a kid
  9. ‘We’re due some hope, so that slowly slowly we’ll kill you slowly can continue 😂 but joking aside e come on Oldham!
  10. Change the FIRE EXIT sign to FREE PIE on the fire door and BO would be through it quick enough to satisfy any safety regulation concerns 🥮
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