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  1. Wouldn't be shocked to see them in/buying the rugby stadium if they carry on progressing
  2. Good on them, local boys putting money back into the community.
  3. No manager appointed til end of June, mark my words.
  4. How coached up is he? Could be taking a year out to study up to UEFA level badges.
  5. Can imagine Clarke is long gone in the summer wether the club wants him or not
  6. Kingsway, loads of land and already a tram stop
  7. Its mostly about his dealing with Nantes, who now will no longer work with him or his former agency.
  8. Maybe AL just suggests who the manager picks
  9. do we need a savior or we do we need to get our house in order.
  10. If we could get rid of first, would live to see Darren Moore takeover
  11. Thats just a copy and paste job with Shez/Wellens/Frankie scrubbed out
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