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  1. As I see it, the main interest from the fan led group will be to push on with the houses that TTA didn't follow through with on little Wembley and the back of the RRE, what we get out of it as a club remains to be seen.
  2. Lets hope Pete Wild gets rewarded for his work over the past two months
  3. Actually pathetic seeing an Oldham fan telling her to stop moaning over a few quid https://twitter.com/natalieseats/status/1094244654042832896
  4. Mike isn't the only person who mentioned this you know, BBC Manchester went with it too.
  5. And that Spanish carthorse upfront still gets picked?
  6. The FL board meeting will continue tomorrow, seems like spygate is taking up a lot of time
  7. Fully badged up, fast tracked by the FA and about to join the Liverpool setup
  8. I'm sure the trust can confirm that people have looked at the club over the years but been put off when it was clear the former owner came as part of the package. Joe Royles Chinese group at Wigan for one
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