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  1. Senor_Coconut

    Tony Philliskirk

    Sad way for things to end really, no-one can begrudge him a move to a premier league academy but the the whole suspension has been a mess from the club and FA.
  2. Something like "wages due tomorrow, or maybe not for some" Could be anyone really
  3. Are wages due tomorrow? Nixon hinting on twitter
  4. Senor_Coconut

    Chron Articles

    Seem to remember before the summer of hell they were starting to become critical of Moore around the time he dumped Alan Hardy
  5. Senor_Coconut

    Wages surely not again ?

    Not sure deyres42 can come back from this
  6. Senor_Coconut

    Andy Rhodes???

    Just an idea, someone should contact Jim White on talksport, he's been very good at highlighting clubs in the lower leagues which aren't being run particularly well. He was actually talking to Jordan Rhodes today who was saying how much his dad was enjoying it
  7. Senor_Coconut

    Wages surely not again ?

    The tabloid journalist has said they still haven't been paid
  8. We were losing £50k a week when Moore left.
  9. Senor_Coconut

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    Fans he met in-line at the chippy?
  10. Senor_Coconut

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    Just run me thru that
  11. Senor_Coconut

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    Goodnight Sweet prince
  12. Senor_Coconut

    George Hill

    Some how it just fits, i've still not got over losing the Lookers name.
  13. Senor_Coconut

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    Kenny's son
  14. Senor_Coconut

    Statement by Chairman

    He works for the Daily Mail