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  1. Hope we win today could really do with a home win. Got a loss and a bad performance written all over it. No Vera No Party
  2. Technically one of our better players, admittedly not hard. That’s two wingers out the frame then.
  3. It’s a hard one, I seriously dislike the ownership but I still love Oldham and want us to succeed. I’ll continue going and hope something happens. It’s a shame we don’t have a group led by the fans leading the charge for change... oh wait we have two, one we know nothing about but have to assume they are fans with good motives, and another which is about as useful as a chocolate tea pot which labels itself the “trust” but it’s okay because they have 3% shares and won’t ever let anything bad happen.
  4. There is far more than team selection issues going on in regards to our owner. He’s a bell end and there is something not quite right about it all. He’s signed all these below par players and he seems to be happy and continuing to do so.
  5. That Swindon team that came to Boundary park where a joy to watch. Said at the time if they had someone who could finish they will find themselves flying, they have in Doyle. I’m not sure how we managed a draw that day actually.
  6. Because he’s without a doubt our best left back.
  7. I was actually impressed with Alex Lacovitti at Plymouth, he battled well with there number 9 and was up for the fight. Also showed a lot of passion when Wheater scored. I was very critical of him, still stand by he’s a dreadful left back, but he was very good against Plymouth. Nep at left back, Hamer with Morais infront of him and we might start to look more solid.
  8. My question is, who knew smith-brown was right footed ? He’s awful and that explains a bit of why.
  9. He’s fucking dump, no witch hunt. He’s just shite with a shit hair line
  10. Our fan was being a bell end, guy needs to learn how to act in a public place. Embarrassing. Genuinely hope your post was sarcastic.
  11. I saw it all. Our fan punched the steward first
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