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  1. LightDN123


    I support our players and always will at the games, but I struggle to get behind a centre mid who struggles to pass never mind shoot. Seen him be 1 on 1 with the keeper and end up passing it to their defender
  2. LightDN123

    Forest Green (h)

    We are light but PW got this wrong for me today, and i hope I’ve spoken to soon.
  3. LightDN123

    New Manager Thread

    Just a tactical switch to win the game we are 45 mins into. Had to be one of the middle three, wasn’t going to be misslou and Maouche is most creative player for us. That’s all
  4. LightDN123

    New Manager Thread

    Get hunt on for Sylla, Nep to the wing. Lang up top
  5. LightDN123

    Forest Green (h)

    Can someone twitch stream the game today ?
  6. LightDN123

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    Anyone willing to fill me in on the history with Blitz ?
  7. LightDN123

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    Lyden officially gone back. Played his part Yestrday but before that didn’t play to much, need replacements and strengthening
  8. LightDN123

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    Sam graham posted saying thanks for the 6 months and good luck. He must be off, new CB to come in
  9. He’s class, really is. If he can improve on finding our player when he’s driving with the ball, rather than taking on the man he will move on for a fee
  10. Didn’t you know, Ranieri is frequently on here.. don’t stop with the insight, it’s the best information provider we have. Thanks for the work
  11. LightDN123

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    Was always going to be hard for Maouche today. We sat deep (naturally), him and O’Grady where feeding off scraps. It was always going to be a set piece and a moment of quality (Neps cross) that would win us this game. I’m fucking buzzing
  12. LightDN123

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    I am so happy for so many people. Reason we all love this club is for times like this. Wish I could be there
  13. LightDN123

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    Good half. Second will be tough. Misslou looks very good wins it back a lot, might say a lot about our attacking tho, but what do you expect. Hopefully nick agoal
  14. LightDN123

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    Thank you, that’s much appreciated.