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  1. What a terrible stat. You could have been winning for any amounts of minutes and won all games
  2. Yeah fair play he’s brought in players which have us 20th in the bottom division. Fair play top work Mo you waster
  3. Class idea, would love to do more stuff like this.
  4. Absolutely, about fucking time we had a centre mid who doesn’t just run around and tackle, he doesn’t need to because his intelligence means he keeps the ball and picks up positions where he doesn’t rely on his running ability and lackey legs to get him out of shit, purpose to his play.
  5. As much stick as he gets you can clearly see his talent on the ball, even looking at the highlights he’s the one central to the build up to the second goal.
  6. I just want to see us climb the table and compete. The answer to that isn’t 15 year olds and it’s not healthy in the environment we are in. You mention the club not being stable yourself, so why would you introduce 15 year olds ? Don’t get me wrong it was great to see and I was buzzing when he came on and the others in recent games. But this isn’t the environment to be doing it in imo.
  7. But what progression has it brought to Dale ? I want to see the club progress.
  8. A 15 year old isn’t going to be much use against a 30 odd year old centre half at this level I’m sorry. 17-19 is the age you should be looking to introduce.
  9. I’m with you on Dino, I feel he’s all talk but really hope I’m wrong.
  10. I really rate jack Byrne our best player based on talent when he was here. More a dig at the Irish league rather than Jack 😂
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