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  1. LightDN123

    Macclesfield (h)

    How we looking ? Should we go onto win realistically ? Have a good feeling about today. Much more experience in that side
  2. LightDN123

    Macclesfield (h)

    Much better side today. 3 points needed today. Up the tics
  3. Could video from lee Johnson on Facebook. Talking about the issues at the club and how he went about securing the short term future of it.
  4. Finally something we agree on 😂
  5. Would all want to slit our wrists listening to you 😂
  6. LightDN123

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    Nep on for coke
  7. LightDN123

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    Just no experience and leaders in the pitch. Young back 5. Two players that have never played in the league and 2 strikers who have not played much football. Hope we pull it out the bag
  8. LightDN123

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    Poor side on paper in all honesty. Very young back 4 and keeper
  9. LightDN123

    Ishmael Miller signs

    Okay mate calm down now. That’s enough positivity for a month. Have a sit down
  10. Most top managers would remove anyone who doesn’t believe in the managers plans and/or doesn’t fallow the standards and guidelines set by the manager. If Bunn feels like either of them are going to cause issues down the line then get rid and freeze out if needs be. The team is more important than individuals and you will find most top managers believe in this and act accordingly .
  11. LightDN123

    Season tickets 2018/19

    Fuck off
  12. Got slated for saying the same thing, couldn’t agree more
  13. LightDN123

    Transfer Rumours

    For the love of dogs that’s harsh
  14. I completely understand where you are coming from, and I take your point. But last year it was very well documented that these players formed a group which was seperate to those who where not AL’s contacts. Why would this season be any different ? it’s not good for the general morale of the team. If AL signs his contacts and Bunn is able to intergrate everyone to build a good relationship within the squad then I’m all for it. I just don’t see it happening. Also your point about successful teams all have diverse individuals, but these players arnt from an ameatur league in France.