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  1. The trust have been supporting AL so why on earth would I unite with the trust as they clearly know nothing or are oblivious ?
  2. Yeah I agree. Not saying it is the case, but when I mentioned Maouche had an option he just swerved the comment and said we are all out of contract end of season. We will see what happens.
  3. Spoke to Maouche and Bragner last week, they both didn’t seem sure whether them two, Misslou and Nep would be here next year. Seemed like they where off more than anything.
  4. He’s far better than Fane and Sylla and they get applauded on here
  5. Spoke to Misslou this morning and the players certainly haven’t written off the play offs yet. As should be expected really.
  6. Scholes rested players against Morecambe for the Bury game. Why would you do that when we all knew 3 points against Bury was a long shot ?
  7. Na im with you on that. Surely there isn’t enough time in the day to look on other clubs forums
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