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  1. I do agree with this. As much as I respect Roy I wish he would stop trying to show how pally he is with the players and just let them speak.
  2. Hate the fact we ch age manager so often, but Dino needed to go. Terrible manager!
  3. Him and Nepo looked like the only two we would get a fee for. They have both left for free, weird really. The rest are utter shite.
  4. I’m speaking for my two friends who no longer go.
  5. I take two friends to games with me (poor lads) and they said something which made me think. They said a few years ago we where a well ran club (under Corney, which we weren’t), the games where enjoyable and they liked going. Now they see how poorly ran we are, don’t enjoy the games and have no connection to any players. How come AL’s bad ownership is in the press more than Corney, given both have huge faults. I think it comes down to what people see and connect with and that’s the team. No one connects with the mass number of french players that have all turned out pretty shit. You can make half a case for about 3 of them but other than that no one cares. I think this is AL’s biggest failing.
  6. If we sign that Burnley lad Jesus Christ. Bring back Omrani
  7. I like them both. So do my friends. Maybe maybe we are a younger generation with a different taste who knows.
  8. He’s nothing short of terrible. Another positive departure.
  9. The signings of McCann, Rowe and Dearnley made a big difference. But he also signed N’Guesaan ? He must have won the same raffle as Omrani
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