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  1. Not won in 6 games against teams below and around us. Honestly gobshite do one.
  2. If Banide had Rowe we would have been mid table easy
  3. Wow take off a striker and bring on a winger I’m puzzled honestly he needs to go please AL
  4. I hope the rumours I hear of Smith signing are true
  5. How does Azankpo start ahead of any of the 3 wingers we have on the bench anyway. Baffling
  6. Rowe up top on his own by the looks of it ? If that’s the case fuck off Dino
  7. Got his name and went through his twitter. Not sure how they exactly know good question.
  8. My friends ticket got cancelled as he retweeted Jonny smiths goal against Macc, so they are on the look out
  9. If anyone has a Salford ticket going please let me know. Thanks in advance
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