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  1. Ex players and that

    Another 2 goals for duffus tonight. 9 goals in 14 games
  2. The Pitch

    Currently soaking up the sun, turning greener by the day. Should be fit for the new season with a good pre season behind it I’m sure it will come good, let’s give it a proper chance before we right it off hey
  3. Ex players and that

    What number did Andy Ritchie wear on the year 2000 kit ? Going on a football tour and been told to wear retro kits.
  4. England Squad

    Portugal have only one world class player in Ronaldo and they seem to do okay.
  5. Ex players and that

    13 games 7 goals for duffus
  6. Eoin Doyle

    If wellens is here let’s say duffus won’t be coming back Which is a shame, he’s a good player
  7. Could be worse

    Watched the league 2 play off game yesterday. It was awful, can not be classed as football what I saw
  8. Ex players and that

    He played almost all games, the two games we missed him at the end. Doncaster we where better off without him Gardner did his role to much greater effect. Northampton, I was not there. They are two different players, one can play one cannot. Do they play the same role, absolutely
  9. Ex players and that

    If you watched the game today you would have certainly seen palmer putting a lot of effective challenges in. Fane just looks busy, anyone can cover a lot of ground. Its players who cover effective ground which succeed and play at the highest level. His distribution is shite, you can’t defend that
  10. Ex players and that

  11. Ex players and that

    Sorry. Palmer played holding midfield all game today until he got the yellow card. Sorry did you watch the match? Yes the play the same role. You take up another bloody sport you cheeky git
  12. Ex players and that

    Matty palmer playing on TV in the play offs for Rotherham. He’s 10x the player fane is. Play the same role
  13. League 2 joys.

    We could have been going to Sunderland stadium, instead we get this shite. Oh well
  14. Other Teams' Retained Lists

    Look elsewhere if he’s going to be injured. Saying that, we have wasted money on these foreign imports but we need a plan B if we was to get him
  15. Other Teams' Retained Lists

    Don’t waste your petrol, he can run there he’s had practise all year.