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  1. I have spoken to him a number of times and his English is actually really good. Can have a full conversation easily. So you are chatting shore here
  2. Create an account just to say we will be relegated a week into pre season. Nice one .. I suggest a hobby
  3. You do need one hold up striker so I assume that will be Vera, though if he learnt how to jump he might be more effective
  4. 442 with Ogrady and Vera upfront. Can’t wait.
  5. Thought the opposite. Baxter had a spell under Scholes but we where doing shit so what does it matter. Maouche is a very good player for this level imo. Glad we have him
  6. AL wants to be out this league within 2 years so it’s obvious what the head coach should have as a target surely ?
  7. Oh come on the lad can’t pass. He has no technical ability. You say it yourself he can run, then go run a marathon we do not and will never need him. Awful holding midfielder
  8. Maouche tore Mansfield, 2nd in the league a apart when on Sky. He was unbelievable that game.
  9. Would rather we have time to Stott can’t be any worse and will be an asset if he’s good rather than buggering off.
  10. Oh Lags you really have fucked some people off on this thread.
  11. What do we think of this then ? Seems a fairly good signing. I never wanted Zeus as number 1. At Exeter he didn’t look like a number 1 to me personally.
  12. The way they passed the ball around against us was great and refreshing to watch. Think they are a very good side, potentially over play a bit but if they had a decent striker against us we would have been battered.
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