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  1. The Duck

    Agreed, Davies is a good target man for this level who is able to score a few goals to
  2. Holloway

    Wow, the guy has scored some important goals for us
  3. Benteke Signs

    He can’t be worse than his brother, his brother is utter shite. Criminal of a footballer
  4. The Pitch

    Cabbage patch that
  5. Wellens

    He also has a group of player who have shown loyalty to him by coming back to us, I would fully expect him to show that loyalty back. AL bring in his own man, it’s very well know that AL was part of the appoint process for Wellens. Also, why would Bradford want him ? He’s done nothing for us so far, glimpses of a good manager in places but very much still learning and he knows that.
  6. Wellens

    He won’t leave, he will show faith in this club
  7. Bradford

    I could be completely wrong but isn’t that matty Lund from burton ? And the Lund that use to play for us is now at Rochdale ? No, my post is utter shit - ignore
  8. The Abdallah Lemsagam era begins

    I just think a light heated comment about his smile and accusing him of money laundering probrably shouldn’t be put together
  9. The Abdallah Lemsagam era begins

    A complete inaccurate one
  10. The Abdallah Lemsagam era begins

    To be fair, I was the one who made the comment on his smile, it was simply a joke, think your being a bit dramatic with that
  11. Bradford

    Placide wilson gerrard edmundson dummingan Bryan Pringle Byrne McLaughlin davies nazon
  12. The Abdallah Lemsagam era begins

    Slightly off topic, does his smile creep anyone else out ?
  13. 7 wins...where will they come from?

    I’m not to sure, but they signed jay Simpson who was a proven player at the time
  14. 7 wins...where will they come from?

    I’m sorry but every other post is about shez all the time, you might have some good Input occasionally but please stop banging on about shez, he’s gone, he’s not coming back. I apologise for my aggressive post, but please try and change your topic
  15. 7 wins...where will they come from?

    Shut the hell up about shez, he should have a restraining order put on you. It’s bloody weird your obsession. It’s every fucking thread