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  1. Based on fuck all, next year is our year. Surely we are due a bloody decent year. Automatics for us next year.
  2. Why are we likely to start badly ? Fear for our future, he’s just announced a plan. Stop being dramatic and if it’s like this in 4 weeks time then fair enough. For now patience
  3. That’s fair, I’m a bit to young to know this. Can only go from what I have seen
  4. Nice to see us playing the market well for a change. We can get a good few for George, hold out don’t rush.
  5. Yeah your right, let’s get another holding midfielder in whilst we don’t have a Keeper, potentially both our starting CBs, and one striker on the books who is well passed it. yeah let’s do that. never said I wouldn’t want to replace them, I have been extremely critical of Sylla. I just don’t think we will. Plus, Lyden is consistently injured.
  6. What’s this about the training ground ? I’ve missed this
  7. Agreed, but with misslou and Sylla I don’t think we need another holding midfielder, depends on formation AL wants to play
  8. For god sake, hopefully the new manager doesn’t like him.
  9. He is a dreadful left back, never seen him at CB. Couldn't overlap a statue this lad.
  10. Agreed, his crossing is really good for this level. Always see the ball in dangerous areas from one of his crosses. Hes also technically very good.
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