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  1. Just wondering, does anyone know if there is any parking facilities and that ground ? Cheers
  2. Steve Robinson doing okay at Motherwell
  3. Ollie wanks?... Sorry
  4. Yeah I never questioned Shez, I know how good of a manager he is. (One of my mates has been coached by him) but just thought the uncertainty might have affected him as it would anyone in the workplace that's all. I'm fucking buzzing we won
  5. Saving him for our second half of the season charge, gives others the first half of the season to get some points
  6. I'd say it's not his commitment that was questioned, more so, some of us fans feeling as if the uncertainty at the top had caused maybe a shake for Sheridan, especially with him not winning games. I think most fans saw that
  7. There is bound to be a bit of uncertainty, but surely this shows Shez is supporting the cause
  8. Fucking come on lads
  9. Wtf fuck sake
  10. 7 goals in 3 games. Bloody hell
  11. Very harsh that
  12. Who scored
  13. Goooalllll
  14. Cracking hit
  15. Byrne with the goal