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  1. Gillingham away

    Me and two others making the trip. Hoping for 3 points, last away game we all went to was Rotherham
  2. Wimbledon (H)

    Id agree, been playing against two very poor teams. Good to see we are conceding fewer tho
  3. Wimbledon (H)

    Is Gerrard doing a better job than clarke at keeping us solid at the back ?
  4. Rochdale (H)

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, he’s a good player for a team in the lower half of the table. But if in January there was one area of the pitch I would improve, it would be a replacement for him. Or a new centre half so Bryan could play this role
  5. Rochdale (H)

    I know he doesn’t have to spray the ball. Though a holding midfield player has the most time and opportunity to do this so it would be ideal, but he can not do it which is fine. But he can’t even play simple balls effectively. I like him, but he just can not pass
  6. Rochdale (H)

    I agree Fane does do a job, and he is a good tackler and has an engine and that has its benefits for the team. He’s just so frustrating when he just can’t pass or shoot. The latter does not matter as much but he has found himself in some shooting positions. He’s a good player to have in the squad tho
  7. Rochdale (H)

    If we had a centre half who could provide the pace Bryan does. Would you move Bryan into midfield to do Fanes job ? I 100% would. Much better player than Fane will ever be
  8. Rochdale (H)

    Holloway actually gets the assist for both Doyle goals. His impact off the bench has been very good the last 5 games or so
  9. Rochdale (H)

    What's holding you back ?
  10. Carlisle (A)

    Who knows, just saying there is actually talks going on that's all
  11. Carlisle (A)

    Potentially, been told by someone within the sport he is 40% chance of coming here, make of that what you will. But apparently it is being talked about
  12. Carlisle (A)

    He has been good there, but he was also very good in midfield, I think if Byrne goes in January, fane will be dropped because he becomes a bit ineffective without Byrne to play 2 yard passes to. We will see Bryan back in centre mid, with a Byrne replacement, and hopefully keep hold of Doyle.
  13. Last 32 of the Checkatrade - AWAY

    Go on then, if you start it we will all join over. Cheers
  14. Carlisle (A)

    If we had a centre back with pace, Bryan would be played in holding midfield, simple as that really
  15. Newcastle Youth (H) 19:30

    Thought you might get Sheridan involved somehow