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  1. LightDN123

    Courtney Duffus

    They signed Noel hunt. He’s been starting instead
  2. LightDN123

    Swindon Town (A)

    Fully understand, but why would he change a system that sees us in the playoffs ?
  3. Agreed. He has the basic attributes of a decent striker at this level.
  4. I’m not sure, I just have a contact who is close to Duffus. Last time I spoke to him Duffus did not want to play for us again. Situations change, but I would be surprised
  5. Well, during the whole late payments, he was seriously struggling for money, he told the club they did nothing, he had to ask around for money to pay bills. Sour taste
  6. The way we have treated him, I would be very very surprised
  7. Way forward for me. With Edmundson, Clarke and Taylor making the back 3. Also I would me more inclined to play nepo as the left sided wing back. Purely for his left foot. Otherwise you get an Ashley young situation where it’s cut in every time on his right foot
  8. LightDN123

    Next 3 League games

    Happy with that. Going with 5 for the next 3
  9. LightDN123

    Newport (H)

    Also, I find it entertaining watching the club I have loved since I can remember play football. Yeah, I’d say it’s entertaining. We are even winning a few. Even better
  10. LightDN123

    Newport (H)

    We are top 10
  11. LightDN123

    Grimsby (a)

    Has seemed very light traffic on here, and if I had to guess why it would be because of the arguments caused by all the negative comments by some individual on here. We all know who they are. And slowly they are driving people away from the forum
  12. LightDN123

    Newport (H)

    Great post that.
  13. LightDN123


    Class cheers, appreciate it
  14. LightDN123


    We should create a neutral account where We all contribute
  15. LightDN123

    Barnsley (H)

    Loving the highlights 😂