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  1. Fane

    I’m praying this is true, he’s not a footballer and never will be. Marathon runner at best
  2. Next season

    What have you been doing for the past two years ?
  3. Transfer Rumours

    😂😂😂😂 based on ?
  4. World Cup Predictor Competition

    Paid and tried to join the pool, has it done ?
  5. Bunn Officially confirmed

    Can you fuck off with your negative attitude all the bloody time
  6. Next Manager Speculation

    He’s doing well with Motherwell
  7. Next Manager Speculation

    Now let’s get Gerrard the fat scouser out the club hes is a bang average player, overweight and highly unprofessional
  8. Next Manager Speculation

    At least he’s in early and not foreign
  9. Next Manager Speculation

    Ffs 😂😂😂
  10. Today's S*n 2-page spread article

    All you predicted was that the club is a mess, and just been saying I’ve told you so. If we are paying Meing 12k a week, getting rid of all the toxic staff and starting again, and just announced Baxter, it can’t be that bad really. Anyway even if the club is a mess, why would you sit there and boast about it being. Weird way of getting satisfaction you should probably go outdoors a bit more.
  11. Transfer Rumours

    Either way he’s under contract, he’s scoring goals for them so someone would pay a decent fee for him. Hold out and get a decent fee for a change, it’s not our issue he signed a contract with that clause in
  12. Wellens

    Wellens is a twat
  13. Wellens sacked!

    His status might also mean AL leaves him to it, he would take no shit
  14. Okay so, our new owner is allegedly spending 12k a week on Menig, and paying the others a larger sum than normal to. Why the hell are people saying we are skint ? It just makes no sense ? Clearly we have money and he just needs to learn when and where to spend it ? Am I missing something ?
  15. They have a box in the new stand
  16. World Cup Predictor Competition

    I’ll be joining
  17. Pisses me off!

    Think I’ve found the solution, the electric lawn mower being advertised on tv. No fuel required. If he doesn’t buy this he clearly has no money. Come on AL time to prove yourself
  18. Squad movements, summer 2018

    You really think he would come in and spend all his money and he’s been here 5 months and he’s ran out ? What would be the point of him doing that ? Makes no sense for anybody.
  19. League 2 beginners guide

    Not having a go, but why do we have less money ? Makes no sense to me. We have the biggest squad in years. Funded by the new owner. Apart from that he hasn’t had a transfer window yet ? So what are you basing this off ? The more I think of it the more your constant post about how we are financially struggling pisses me off
  20. World Cup Predictor Competition

    😂😂😂 my plans fucked
  21. World Cup Predictor Competition

    Can we sign up anytime before the World Cup
  22. Ex players and that

    Another 2 goals for duffus tonight. 9 goals in 14 games
  23. The Pitch

    Currently soaking up the sun, turning greener by the day. Should be fit for the new season with a good pre season behind it I’m sure it will come good, let’s give it a proper chance before we right it off hey
  24. Ex players and that

    What number did Andy Ritchie wear on the year 2000 kit ? Going on a football tour and been told to wear retro kits.
  25. England Squad

    Portugal have only one world class player in Ronaldo and they seem to do okay.