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  1. It was Byrne on Saturday, but he drifted all over the place really
  2. Yeah agree, one minuite im thinking he's a top player and love him cos he's made a last ditch tackle that no one else would make and driven it all the way forward. But then he just gets to the passing stage he looks like he's got a hot potatoe at his feet. Not to sure if he is able to progress to a higher level. But I love the fact he wanted to prove himself here, love the fact he is working hard with extra sessions, and his performances have been really good lately. Happy for him
  3. Personally have just exchanged a property within a month, 100% possible
  4. Taken slightly out of context there, if you read futher on I try and make my point, in reply to Alangroves Fan club
  5. Hi, sounds like you are carving out a solid career, no problem, apology accepted. Just for my own knowledge, during a takeover or investment, say the deal is close, am I incorrect in believing that it is possible for the wages or any other costs for that matter, to be negotiated at all. For example, couldn't Corney be negaotiating that he believes they should pay the wages if investment is pretty much done. Especially if the players that AL are having to be paid by Corney but under normal circumstances we would not have such a high wage bill ? Many thanks
  6. Cheers mate, people seem to forget respect on here
  7. No problem, could you please enlighten me as to maybe what you do for a career ? Or any business background you may have at all ? Genuine question
  8. Sorry by your last sentence are you claiming I have no idea what I am talking about ?
  9. That's fair enough, maybe some people like to know more than I do personally. I respect that
  10. Months wages is a lot of money to loose if in the next month for example you are not going to have the asset
  11. The same principle applys to both ? They will be gaining shares, the percentage of shares will be interesting to see, but he principles are still the same
  12. What do you mean ? Corney provided and update just a few months ago. We have 4 of AL's players ? He has been to every game ? Members of the club publicly stated it's still in the process ? Buying a football club is not a simple transaction, buying any business is not a simple transaction, heck buying a house can take months and months. The deposit has been paid, there are fa regulations that need to be done. It's just not something that will happen over night I'm afraid, and people need to realise that. It's not a case of signing a few papers and handing over the money. Nothing's that simple in business
  13. I understand on the staffs point of view that there not getting paid. But during a business transaction, there are lots of little negotiations that the various parties try to gain. For example in this case, Corney is trying to save himself a months wages. Due to the deal going through. It's actually extremely common practise
  14. More than likely not paid due to deal so close, So corney trying to save by getting new investors to pay. It's nothing to worry about in the slightest
  15. Cheers for the opportunity. I'll let my "mate" know it went down well. I'll be back In a few years I'm telling you now.
  16. I'll pass on the comments hahaha
  17. My mate wanted me to post a chant he made for him: oh Ryan McLaughlin he is a winger, he's fucking fast. He use to play with sterling and put an end to that. Then he joined the Oldham and that's the end of that oh Ryan McLaughlin he is a winger, he's fucking fast Think it's pretty catchy fair play
  18. Sorry I'm not blaming him directly, just thought he was a bit out of position. Could be because he wanted to make to much of an impact and this losing a bit of positioning. But agreed did well for that third goal. We shall see, I hope there all world beaters
  19. I was at the Rotherham game, and I can honestly say that Omerani in the 20mins he was on, was on of the most lost center midfield players I have seen for some time. He was awful, cant comment on Tuesday but he set up a goal
  20. what update would you like? Sheridan has been sacked, Investment/Takeover still in process ? Anything else? Or you expecting him to tell you who the next manager is, what date the takeover/investment will be completed. Need a reality check, we are supporters not directors
  21. I love shez and really think he's a good manager, but I know for a fact when he is not set on it, his pre game preperations are very very poor. I'm obiously guessing that his mind wasn't in the right place. But I would say with his court case, our uncertainty, it probrably is a good guess.
  22. Great win ! Much needed 3 points. Still worried about this needing to score 3 a game to win tho. But 3 points I'll take
  23. Just wondering, does anyone know if there is any parking facilities and that ground ? Cheers
  24. Steve Robinson doing okay at Motherwell