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  1. Don’t disagree with that, he did have his worst game for us by some distance though. Just a blip.
  2. Keeper gets booked for time wasting and Sefil comes on for a winger in the 90th, says it all
  3. Exactly, why do a bunch of players who have played 3 games for us, some of them who have done alright, some who are dog shite, deserve that absolute barrage of horrid abuse at full time. They don’t. It’s people who are frustrated with the owner taking it out on players. Fage had a good game Saturday, yet someone at the end was calling him a wanker and telling him to get out of our club. Fucking joke and then we say the club don’t deserve our support cos we’ve taken a thousand to Bradford, it’s laughable.
  4. I thought it was an absolutely ridiculous reaction personally, vent your anger all you want at the owner. But them players didn't lack effort yesterday, first half we were the better team by a mile and actually played some decent stuff. Was a joke that, and I’m probably in the minority which I find baffling. Also if a players trying his best, but he’s simply just not good enough, that’s abdallahs fault, not the players.
  5. Clapped em off last night they deserved it, first time I’ve clapped off a loss in donkeys years.
  6. Thought this was the page to discuss the cup game against Blackburn.... Not for bickering 12 year olds.
  7. Its not the ‘leasing.com’ shite trophy. Should be putting out our strongest team available in the FA and league cup imo
  8. We’ve sold 300 tickets in a stand that holds 7000, why do they wait until the day of the game to announce its POTD! Absolutely ridiculous, properly pisses me off.
  9. Gonna need a few decent results quickly, Otherwise things are going ugly after a few consecutive loses. The majority just don’t have the patience to stick by the team at present for obvious reasons. Crewe, Blackburn and Bradford next up, looking forward to going to all 3, however I can see us losing all 3 quite easily and I’m usually a ‘happy clapper’.
  10. Wasn’t Corney still chairman for the majority of this period? I’ll be more interested to see the 18/19 accounts.
  11. Surely we’re about 7/8 players short still?
  12. Yep, because I go for what’s on the pitch (granted it’s shite) and wanting the team to do well. I don’t get het up about what’s happening off the pitch. There’s bigger things to worry about in life than some of the ridiculous things I’ve seen some moan about on here over the last year. I go because I love the club and just focus on the football. Fuck any sort of boycott in my opinion.
  13. 2498 and 169 - also complete guesses
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