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  1. Not bothered by this one in the slightest... One of my least favourite players in the last 10 years and there has been some badduns.
  2. Gonna hang on until late July, if it looks like football is likely to be played with fans, I’ll go for option 3.
  3. They were, but only if you had a season ticket set up on the system. Must have been some kind of glitch.
  4. I don’t actually think the crowd was as bad as some are making out.... over 3k there yesterday
  5. We got played off the park by a 6th tier side at the weekend, so we’re obviously not going to be able to compete with a 3rd tier club. The majority of player’s levels in our squad is probably the conference north with very few exceptions. Why not have 22 quality league two players as opposed to 40 utter shite players on the books, that’s on ‘I’ve done a good job’ Mo.
  6. Any tips on where to park arriving a couple of hours before KO? Also I’m presuming it’s POTD?
  7. We are an absolute shit show of a football club at the minute. However I do actually quite like this appointment. He’s got experience of English football over a number of years, had success last season guiding Stevenage to 1 point outside the playoffs, he can embed the English and French players into the team. He seems to speak well and I like the fact he basically said in his interview that his teams either win or lose, because he won’t sit on a lead. Positive signs from him I think, all depends how much the loony lemmys let him take control I suppose.
  8. I’d say the majority are somewhere in the middle, including myself
  9. Don’t disagree with that, he did have his worst game for us by some distance though. Just a blip.
  10. Keeper gets booked for time wasting and Sefil comes on for a winger in the 90th, says it all
  11. Exactly, why do a bunch of players who have played 3 games for us, some of them who have done alright, some who are dog shite, deserve that absolute barrage of horrid abuse at full time. They don’t. It’s people who are frustrated with the owner taking it out on players. Fage had a good game Saturday, yet someone at the end was calling him a wanker and telling him to get out of our club. Fucking joke and then we say the club don’t deserve our support cos we’ve taken a thousand to Bradford, it’s laughable.
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