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  1. I hope not. Whatever you find in the washing machine belongs to the finder
  2. He should have scored. I think it hit the side of his head
  3. AAH provided assist for Donovan to equalise for Brisbane v Perth in the 94th minute.
  4. Go to bed Mr. Trump sir. This is a football forum.
  5. Agreed Dave. His general play has gone backwards at a rapid rate. Still got a long throw though 🐵
  6. Came to see what all the fuss about Hamer was
  7. Tommy Hamer.Tommy Hamer. Tommy, Tommy Hamer. He's got a long throw And And Another long throw Tommy, Tommy Hamer.
  8. Would like to see us looking at a player like Cheltenham's Broom. For a mid, he was the best forward on the pitch. Addai also excellent.
  9. Disagree with the first half analysis although they did use the ball better. I thought the first half was far better than most games I have watched us play in League one. Both teams looking to go forward. Second half, they went 3-5-2 and had that extra man in midfield. They looked fitter and with Egert tiring, that extra man looked like 2. They also looked far more accurate in the final third whereas we were like headless chooks at times. Hamers miss was atrocious. Looks like he took his eye off the ball. Granted, he is not a striker, but it was unacceptable. I like Maouche up front. Gives defenders something to think about.
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