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  1. It's a shame that we appear not to be able to do either; At least one of us would be happy! 🐵 I stand by my gallant defeat. Much better than grinding one out 17 seconds from time.
  2. I would much rather us continue the trend of the last two games; gone at them, lost 8-3 with a couple of players sent off than play the garbage that we played after Smith scored. We effectively gave the league's free scoring entertainers 50 minutes to score two goals against a defence that has more holes than A colander of Swiss cheese.
  3. Ok so he has scored 6 so far this season. What are the odds of him going Frankie and doubling that tally against Carlisle? More than 4 squillion? Personally, I expect him to score at least two. And another 4 against Salford.
  4. Great save by Woods to tip onto the post
  5. Came off his line well to force the error on what should have been a certain goal. Dreadful game though.
  6. I get what you are saying Pete but Maouche would be a better option than Wheater! If he is going, it needs to be soon.
  7. Why Wheater????? Absolute liability. Wilson? Get rid.
  8. We have 3 decent footballers. One is injured, McCann. One is on the bench and occasionally turns up, Maouche. And one on the pitch in Mills. Akrap Acrap is absoluteley woeful, Wheater is marginally better and its just as well that Hamer has a throw as he offers absolutely nothing else. Morais is poor which is surprising given his first couple of games and Jones is not McCann. Smith has been worked out and Sylla is far better than the rest of the first 3 that I mentioned. Zeus has lost confidence and Segbe is just Segbe. We are shit. We need glitter in the second half. And I Follow has gone backwards.
  9. I hope not. Whatever you find in the washing machine belongs to the finder
  10. He should have scored. I think it hit the side of his head
  11. AAH provided assist for Donovan to equalise for Brisbane v Perth in the 94th minute.
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