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  1. L1onheartNew

    Wages surely not again ?

    Jesus. Even my phone is torturing me.
  2. L1onheartNew

    Wages surely not again ?

    Thanks Joe. If only for surpassing the miserable Brisbane weekend weather by bringing up the divisive Sharp. Made me bring up my dinner.
  3. L1onheartNew

    Wages surely not again ?

    FFS is the Sharp love in over yet? Can i open my feckin eyes?
  4. L1onheartNew

    Bradford FLT

    I prefer the more tradditional approach of We are in deep shit...
  5. L1onheartNew


    I now have visions of Ethel Merman compering the Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club and introducing Norman Collier with an iFollow microphone
  6. L1onheartNew


    Theres no business like show business luvvy
  7. L1onheartNew

    Bradford FLT

    Yup. Every time it starts moving again, we are celebrating
  8. L1onheartNew

    Bradford FLT

    4-1 and i havent seen a single goal
  9. L1onheartNew


    IFollow shocking today. Would be quicker to download a picture of Ethel Mermen in the 20s
  10. L1onheartNew

    Bradford FLT

    Very good goal. Their defence is worse than ours
  11. L1onheartNew

    Anthony Gerrard

    Oh those Halcyon days
  12. L1onheartNew

    Anthony Gerrard

    Especially one who was outshone by a certain Mike Jones...
  13. L1onheartNew

    Carlisle United (H)

    What Steve said. Also left mid right footed Lang. He is a striker according to many. Although the through ball for Miller's goal was excellent. At times, Surridge had to come deep just to get a sniff of the ball. The formation confused the shit out of every player and the puported change to 4-4-2 after 15 minutes made it worse. To be fair to Graham, he never strayed from his designated position, (almost like he was standing on a gaffer tape cross) which Carlisle exploited at will. We are 11 games into the season and we looked like a team of strangers. We got nothing from the game. We deserved less.
  14. L1onheartNew

    Carlisle United (H)

    What worries me is FBs response to the first question in his post match interview. "I'll probably have to take the blame for that." The interviewer should have replied: "Probably? Fucking Probably???? You played players out of position in a formation that none of them were prepared for against a team whos manager got 10/10 for homework. Fucking probably????"