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  1. L1onheartNew

    New Manager Thread

    Auckland City are top of the Prem, Easts are second. They play each other a week on Sunday. It is much better entertainment than the A-League in Oz.
  2. L1onheartNew

    New Manager Thread

    Granted, the New Zealand Premiership is a pub league but 7 in 7 since he returned from Rotterdam is pretty good. Bagged a hat-trick on Sunday.
  3. L1onheartNew

    New Manager Thread

    There is a young mid/striker at Eastern suburbs in New Zealand. Callum McCowatt. Just back from a 3 month trial at Sparta Rotterdam. 19, good tech ability and can finish. Will try and dig up some vids. 7 goals in 7 games for Easts
  4. L1onheartNew

    Daniel Iversen Signs

    Ee Eye Ee Eye Ee Eye oh Eye dont know
  5. L1onheartNew

    Forest Green (h)

    That goals list is interesting as a lot of those not scored by Surridge, Miller and Lyden were scored without Surridge, Miller and Lyden in the team. For all Surridge's goals, Lyden is our biggest loss as he was just starting to control the defensive/mid link, but he was missing for a large part of the season. If Mo S can hit the ground running so to speak, we will have a ready made 3/4 Lyden at the very least.
  6. L1onheartNew

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Video against Reality...
  7. L1onheartNew

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    3 hrs sleep to first day back. Should fly through it on adrenaline alone. Absolutely fantastic!!!
  8. Dunno. If we have then all good. I see us going up in third place.
  9. I would add that the loan system by and large has worked for us over the last couple of years. The club has learned from last season in moving quicly to secure Lang for the rest of the season. Iversen is here for the season and whilst Surridge has been very good, we havent missed him since the demise of FB. Baxter is also close to returning. Lydon on the other hand will for me be the biggest loss. In that respect, we have also moved quickly to sign "the shield" on a year and a half deal; and whilst he is unproven, it shows intent from the club. Glass half full from me.
  10. L1onheartNew

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    Ah. Good old Oldham with its blocks of flats
  11. L1onheartNew

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    Apartment block?? Who says Oldham is a shithole???
  12. L1onheartNew

    O’Grady Signs

    Of late, he has been my favourite player to watch. Very unspectacular and appears nonchalant but with the exception of Lydon and Maouche, he reads the game better than any of the current squad. Personally, i think our recent upturn has been down to players actually catching up to the likes of COG in the way he thinks.. Maouche in particular is blossoming. His game is expanding at a rapid rate; so much so that he is often starting moves in defence and getting on the end of the final ball in the oppos six yard box. When he irons out his finishing, he will be a 10 goal a season player By and large, it is COG who creates that space to afford Maouche the luxury of being the furthest player forward. Players are starting to trust each other. It is making a huge difference. If there is one benefit to iIfollow it is that it allows nerds like me to replay the games and study the players' efforts. I get exhausred just watching COGs workrate. He must be completely knackered at the final whistle. For the life of me, i still cannot explain Carlisle!
  13. L1onheartNew

    O’Grady Signs

  14. L1onheartNew

    New Manager Thread

    Any last requests Pete? Just asking for the frogs
  15. L1onheartNew

    Notts (H)

    Liked Robinson's cameo. Good balance and found a blue shirt with a full length crossfield ball. Must have a lot of confidence to be able to do that on debut.