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  1. His love for cricket would have more than compensated for Mo's shenanigans. He would have also sent Cricket Australia packing as it tried to get through the pearly gates.
  2. 2030 by Christmas? That's a goal every 61 seconds. Pushing it a bit.
  3. It will probably say "Edmondson, who arrived recently from League 2 Oldham"...
  4. Mark my words, Marseilles will be back #yoyoclub
  5. I see a mini prediction league starting
  6. What if they are really good and earned their contracts?
  7. I washed pots in my mum's kitchen. Made me a Michellin man. Thanks mum.
  8. It is still staggering to think that the shit that most L2 players from all teams offer up week in week out warrants an average weekly wage of £1500.
  9. Stupid phone! It was supposed to be how much better Maouche V2.0 was than Baxter V2.0. Granted they were playing against weaker opposition and MoMa had an extended run, but they still played against the same type of oppo. What did me was Baxter ranting about certain players not playing for the team or being not good enough when he himself was exactly the same.
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