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  1. halcyon days. It was missing a play breaker upperer
  2. To Stevenage's credit, they have reviewed, analysed and recruited well. They have identified where they went wrong last season and at the very least have made a concerted effort to correct it. Just sayin.
  3. after watching 6 hours of pre-finals AFL, i expected a more "relaxed" spectacle physically. I did not expect us to be so feckin featherly. Stevenage were slick. We were beyond ultimate shite.
  4. And the rest played like they were already dead.
  5. As shit as these supposedly are, they should be 6 or 7 up.
  6. Rowe Carrying 7 players. DKD, Grant and Hamer are absolute shite.
  7. Smashie and Nicey said that we were a lot better than last year.
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