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  1. World Cup Predictor Competition

    Big weekend for me sport wise. Sat arvo: Lions smash Giants at the Gabba Sun 4:00am Sweden smash Germany 6:30am all world cup highlights. 8pm Origin 2. Qld smash NSW in NSW 10pm England smash Panama-ah. I can barely see the road from the heat coming off of it...
  2. Carabao Cup-League Cup

    He only got 5 with his feet. One was a header...
  3. Gordon Lawton

    A year??? Bloody hell that went quick
  4. Frankie Bunn Poll

  5. Transfer Rumours

    I am confused! We have been a hot cauldron of enigmas surrounded by intrigue wrapped in mystery for a long time. Now we have a Bunn in that oven...
  6. Transfer Rumours

    Connor Browns dad should have done the same
  7. Bunn Officially confirmed

    As my ex Father in Law used to say, there are 6 goals in every striker. Unfortunately for Frank, they all came in one game. Still, he is a legend by any measure.
  8. Wellens

    That fridge has its own eco system!
  9. Wellens

    Or he could play Byrne on the west wing and ask him to saw a piece of timber with a tube of Sikkaflex
  10. Next Manager Speculation

    Is our pre-season tour of South Africa still on then?
  11. Wellens

    I have a builder like that which is why today is contract termination day. Maybe Wellens can continue my build?
  12. League 2 beginners guide

    It was a long day... I held up a line of traffic in Brisbane City centre because i was looking at the wrong lights.
  13. League 2 beginners guide

    The ref; Is that Pat Partridge?