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  1. From the Oxford English: Appointless: when the board of directors at Oldham Athletic announce their new manager
  2. Dear AL, fuck off. Dear PS, buy the club
  3. Mine hasnt even begun. There is not enough storage or bandwidth on any device or ISP in the world to accomodate it
  4. Cannot fault your optimism and positivity LSA
  5. And when after being 0-2 down after 7 minutes and we thrash them 17-2, it will have all been worth it.
  6. As he said in his initial interview, it isnt going to happen this year. IMO it is always going to be an 18 month contract. If we are top 5 or 6 after 15 games next season its going to plan. If we are top 4, its above expectation. I expect us to be all but promoted this time next year with Scholes still at the helm.
  7. No, no and no. There are six goals in everone. Unfortunately, Frankie got them all in one game.
  8. Is he here? I look in the poolhall Well, is he here? I look in the drugstore Is he here? No, he don't come here no more Shuck 'es in love
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