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  1. Take more than that for me to buy, a start would be removing the bad smell.
  2. They struggle to shift St's for 1 year, only the mad would buy for 2 seasons.
  3. Well whoever it was should have kept it zipped up, it well and truly fucked us.
  4. If your feeling hungry is it similar to hippopotamouse.
  5. Bat is in plentiful supply, it's seasonal though, not to be eaten November December time. Poor humour I know but it's hard being stuck indoors.
  6. If I write a list for you could you pick me some things up, either that or just knock up the Mongolian Beef recipe as posted by Bristol, and I will call round for it.
  7. Have any of you lot been to the supermarkets lately, there is fuck all in there, unless it's you bastards that has been stockpiling it some of these ingredients are unobtainable.
  8. Yes it's a ukelele, Bought one when I saw Frank Skinner on TV doing a programme about it, my ultimate inspiration was the legendary George Formby.
  9. I've got a uke at the back of the wardrobe, going to dust it down and try to learn how to play it.
  10. The 1dt night they open the pubs might be one to swerve, it will be carnage. And hopefully by then my home brew will be par excellence.
  11. A wrong guess is a wrong guess, educated or not.
  12. Whilst generally I would agree with most of this, my personal opinion is that some of these so called cleverest people haven't got a fucking clue about this virus, they are guessing just like the majority of us.
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