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  1. Sorry Ben I don't buy into that. It may work for athletes or cyclists, but footballers predominantly need to work on their skills or team play.
  2. Perhaps the club is being run correctly which in turn breeds a great feeling of being in it together.
  3. Don't ask the question then. It could be whoever you want it to be.
  4. Prefabricated buildings? Hope I've got it right this time.
  5. Give the fuckers Izal. Wipe the smile off their faeces.
  6. At what point does a portakabin become posh?
  7. You can't blame him for wanting to push season ticket sales, FWIW it doesn't change my stance, but if things look like they are changing he will have gained a pay on the dayer. I ain't holding my breath.
  8. You can still use this forum and really not give a shit, alright the not giving a shit might be a bit strong, but there are more and more who just tune in for a bit of entertainment.
  9. I have this nagging doubt that next seasons players will see us pushing for relegation.
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