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  1. We will be the judge of that, if you don't mind, Kenny.
  2. Thanks doc, I haven't got a clue where Jordan came from.
  3. disjointed

    Behind closed doors

    Nothing to see here BP, sometimes it is necessary just to emphasise a point.
  4. The Jordan Lang song is easy if you don't mind using the The Bay City Rollers "Shang a Lang".
  5. disjointed

    Grimsby (a)

    His best 5 recipes one, is fish, chips, peas, bread and gravy.
  6. disjointed

    Playing style v Results.

    Now that sounds promising.
  7. disjointed

    Grimsby (a)

    And what the fuck does he know, he's a greengrocer.
  8. disjointed

    Playing style v Results.

    13 day wedding? You'll be bored shitless.
  9. disjointed

    Next 3 League games

    I stand corrected.
  10. disjointed

    Lancashire 2015

    I'd stick with Hameed, technique is sound, most probably too much too soon. Should be able to score heavily in div 2.
  11. disjointed

    Next 3 League games

    Rim in, at a football game/ Bit out of order if you ask me.
  12. disjointed

    Playing style v Results.

    Quite right, after 30 minutes yesterday I said to my lad that they were starting to tire, didn't know the state about their goals conceded, it makes sense now.
  13. disjointed

    Lancashire 2015

    Where do you start though, management 1st I would have thought. As for the players there are quite a few that need shifting.
  14. disjointed

    Grimsby (a)

    Thought Gardner and Missilou were decent today, Edmundson had a couple of bad moments in the 1st 20 minutes but after that was steady, Branger was pretty much anonymous for most of the game but all in all a good 3 points. And for the final accolade must go to the fans, the shit we watch and yet the support is amazing this could be the thing that keeps us winning, we'll done one and all.
  15. disjointed

    Grimsby (a)

    Wasn't the best we have had, but he seemed to know that in a physical league you are going to get physical challenges, it wasn't a dirty game so he got it pretty much right in that respect.