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  1. disjointed

    Cambridge (H)

    The problem with Maouche is, there is a clamouring for him to get a game and then when he does he is awful.
  2. disjointed

    Cambridge (H)

    Exactly how I saw it.
  3. disjointed

    Cambridge (H)

    Oh and the ref was shit as well.
  4. disjointed

    Cambridge (H)

    1st half we were as poor as I have seen, we never looked likely to threaten their goal. 2nd half we came out with a bit more zest, but I said to my lad we might have attacking intent but we didn't look like scoring. Then up pops George and the game changed completely. Great piece of skill from Lyden just stroking the ball into the net not trying to leather it. And a quality finish from Lang. A word of thanks for the keeper he looked calm and composed, no chance with the goal and he seemed genuinely pleased to be playing for us, good luck for the future Alex Palmer.
  5. disjointed

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Of course it will be season ticket holders only at first. Why would it be otherwise?
  6. They could pay me the tenner and they can still shove the competition up their arse.
  7. disjointed


    At least we know if you have a number after your selected name on here, we can put our morose hat on.
  8. UK passport? Granted it ain't going to be as good as the European one.
  9. disjointed

    Jose Injury ?

    Just made a right mess of my day seeing that list of names. Thanks Bristol.
  10. Could be a drive Down and a travelodge, get a car full nice and cheap.
  11. What's the cheapest you have found?
  12. Just after the rail journey prices have risen.
  13. Exactly. I don't see the need in constantly bashing a player, we are where we are with our squad, it's just up to the manager to get the best out of them.
  14. This is where I am at, Taylor was shite last night but that doesn't matter as long as some can stick it to Dan.