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  1. What is becoming apparent is the gap between the 2 sides of the argument is that the gap is getting wider. At some point there is going to be a conflict unless this is resolved. AL seems intent on dividing the fanbase, what his reasons are for this I have no idea. The FLG need to make their intentions clear pretty soon and then hopefully both sides can sit down and find some common ground. I'm done with it for the foreseeable future although a trip to Bradford is worth it for the beer and curry alone. It really is a sad state of affairs when some of our most loyal fans are ready to throw the towel in.
  2. I couldn't give 2 hoots at the moment.
  3. Tactical genius is Bandide, lure em into a false sense of security and then hit em with the old 1-2.
  4. Tis only a friendly, nothing to be read into it. Apparently.
  5. At £40 a pop I hope they hand back there shirts at the end of the game. Edit Their
  6. What is the team we have put out, I am just supping the local Madeira beer so am dropping in and out of here
  7. It is still possible to be at the upper end of the pyramid and hang on to decent moral standards. Never sell your soul to the devil.
  8. If the club tried to sign the likes of Johnson you would fracture an increasingly splintered fanbase, it is getting down to the bare bones of loyal supporters. Something needs to unite this club again, signing a paedophile isn't the way forward.
  9. I don't know if you read O4U's blogs, but there was an incident in London when he was with Chris and the tale involved a lady of the night.
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