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  1. disjointed

    Macclesfield: Directions, Beer & Food

    Yes he did have a transplant from a nephew. Think he also had some mental health issues stemming from this. Good luck to him in the future.
  2. disjointed

    Macclesfield: Directions, Beer & Food

    Might be the Railway view for me, on the way to the ground from the station.
  3. disjointed

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    I've defended some of your recent posts, but that is utter shite.
  4. disjointed

    New Manager Thread

    Don't stop, nice to have some different input on here.
  5. disjointed

    MOTM Forest Green (H)

    So last week the all of the above option was needed, this week we turn 180 degrees.
  6. disjointed

    Forest Green (h)

    I think the club have had a word with him.
  7. disjointed

    Forest Green (h)

    Today too many players weren't at the races, Nepo didn't beat a man all game, Missilou was a shadow of the player at Fulham, Branger looked lost, only players for me to come out with any credit were Hunt, Edmundson, and Iversen. Big chance to get back on it next week, large vocal away following and Topoff back amongst us.
  8. disjointed

    Forest Green (h)

    I'm with you on the negative agenda (at times) but today all his points were perfectly valid, it seems that certain posters have an agenda with Kusunga and fail to read what he has posted. The resulting posts the spiral into bickering and childish remarks. Debate not berate.
  9. disjointed

    Forest Green (h)

    KIG is pretty close to the mark. We require players sharpish, today we were lucky how they didn't score 1st half I don't know. They pressed better than us, passed better than us, and had a better game plan than us. I can attribute some of that to the cup hangover, but unless we get a couple of strikers in and a centre half we ain't going to finish higher than 12th. We also need a manager, PW is a rookie there is no one really to help him apart from Clarke, AL needs to sort it and quick. As an aside I thought Sylla did well considering that was his 1st taste of English football.
  10. disjointed

    Forest Green (h)

    It feels like more than that
  11. disjointed

    FA Cup 2018-19

    The industrial estate you drive into to get to the ground offers plenty of parking, the closer you get to the ground they start charging to park. Last time it was a fiver at worst.
  12. disjointed

    FA Cup 2018-19

    There isn't enough expletives to describe that draw
  13. disjointed

    FA Cup 2018-19

    I suppose if you want a decent away day Newcastle would fit the bill, not Nailed on them getting through though.
  14. disjointed

    Pete Wild

    The man is proper grounded, he doesn't need to take a managers job yet. I'm sure one day he will make a ma agers job his own.