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  1. You feel a bit sorry for a bloke that is single handedly destroying our club?
  2. Walked the dog around Heaton Park this morning, the whole place is like a boating lake.
  3. Was his statement potentially libellous? I don't think it was. Alluding to the fact that AL was going back on his word, I'm sure if it went to court Scholes could rely on a couple of ex managers backing.
  4. Made my decision, so I will amend my vote. I am boycotting tomorrow and my season ticket will not be renewed. Thanks Abdallah you cunt (copyright Yarddog73) Tried to change my vote but was unable to do so
  5. I going to hazard a guess here. Did they fuck.
  6. Congratulations, part owner of a Festival winner, any chance you fancy owning a football club.
  7. The coffee machine was took out weeks ago because of unpaid bills, the leccy bill is still owed.
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