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  1. Substitute Rowe for any number of strikers we have had for the past few years.
  2. The owner and his cohorts are beating all the positivity out of us.
  3. Or perhaps Rowe will get used to receiving fuck all support.
  4. It's obvious that to negate the boycott the club have given away a substantial amount of free tickets, you have to say that AL must be congratulated as this is the 1st signs of a plan.
  5. Don't worry all these easy points we have picked up in January will see us right.
  6. Perhaps with Erwin yes, but I seem to remember Main was all over the place winning the ball back on the edge of his own area, backtracking a lot of the time. I agree that Rowe should be left to get on with what he is good at.
  7. A step definitely in the right direction, remove shit peas and Mo then I would probably start attending again.
  8. Welcome to BP Danny, most of our previous signings normally leave their scoring boots with their previous club. Hope you remember to bring them.
  9. You won't understand the system because there isn't one, just a collection of misfits wearing blue shirts.
  10. That has been a problem for a while, if you don't buy a ticket you won't win the lottery.
  11. Last one I can remember was Hamer last season.
  12. Scorer of good goals? All goals are good I would have thought (unless in our net).
  13. What he should have said was, "the wind played a large part in us having the upper hand in the 1st half"
  14. So you are saying that this is as good as it gets.
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