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  1. Or going through the legality motions, at the end of the day Bury will be starting again as a phoenix club in the lower reaches of the pyramid, can't fault anyone with a interest in Bury fc trying to get the highest possible place to restart.
  2. Vera's strike rate against Macc is up there with the best. Unleash Urko.
  3. Possibly, but that shows just how far our standards have fallen.
  4. Just seen the stats for this game, Mansfield 32 attempts on goal, sounds like the Alamo.
  5. I would have thought we are getting close to regular sub 3K crowds. As said before it's easier to lose fans than win them back.
  6. That option is available, just don't vote.
  7. Most fair minded people could see Frankie was doing a half decent job whilst making the odd mistake, a succession of managers after have proved that the blame lies elsewhere. Fuck off Abdallah.
  8. I agree, but the incompetent twats love a scapegoat.
  9. 3 more weeks that is all, I have Nov 5th in the sweepstake.
  10. Turned down a free ticket for this game, but when you put it like that I may have to re think.
  11. We are in trouble of that there can be no doubt, we are relying on 1 team being worse than us this season, sad times.
  12. Thank fuck I took the missus shopping before cutting the grass.
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