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  1. This is where I am, a local bar/eatery near me has being doing delivery food and drinks, I could get it cheaper elsewhere but the food is decent so I feel its right to support them through these awkward times.
  2. I thought he'd signed for Swindon, I could be making that up mind you.
  3. They could rip out all the seats and go back to standing (at a socially accepted distance). Full circle.
  4. To be fair it was an impossible job at Noblot.
  5. Good luck to her and everyone else involved, she seems well qualified to take on the role.
  6. Correct, what a classy player, having said that after he left we didn't do too bad with centre half's with one or two exceptions.
  7. Perhaps they could get Paul and Simon to say Grace... .. Land.
  8. I think if Jesus had his pick of places to visit I would wager Birkenhead wouldn't be on his list.
  9. I don't think anyone underestimates all the hard work you put in Tracy, Dave Og has hit the nail on the head everything the trust was supposed to be about seemed to get left behind when Barry went "native". People started to lose confidence and every new appointment was met with suspicion, rightly or wrongly that was the state of play. The close connection to the club has tied the trusts hands, hopefully the right people with the right ideas and qualifications will step in and revive it. I take my hat off to those that have tried over the recent years it was never going to be easy post Owen.
  10. Great knowledge Phil, I started going the season before but I don't remember Arthur Thomson, halcyon days.
  11. Sad news, he was a early hero of mine, Groves took that mantle but Jim was a joy to watch, now that's how you head a ball, although there was more to his game than that. RIP big fellow I know my dad will be up there waiting to shake your hand. Also 1 goal every 2 games how we wish we could find a striker like that.
  12. Brilliant effort, well done to all who bought and a special thanks to the PTB team for organising this, time to start designing the next badge eh.
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