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  1. Absolutely, the keeper I have no issue with, but the defence, midfield and attack need wholesale changes.
  2. 2 up front won't solve all our problems, but playing 1 up front without midfielders to support him is never going to work. With this current crop of midfielders it looks like we will need a decent ball winning CF or just get a few more midfielders in the January sales.
  3. I didn't expect us to get anything from today, but by fuck our league status is looking unsure.
  4. Remember Crewe away, that was possibly as low as I thought it would get, how wrong I was.
  5. Perhaps people should just sit back and let the new government walk all over them. History tells us we should challenge wrong.
  6. Now there is words you don't hear said together too often "a win under David Dunn"
  7. We should be going for it in every game as a bare minimum
  8. Swindon are a 2nd division team you are spot on. They also happen to be a darn sight better football side than us as well.
  9. I used to think you were a optomist Pete, I suppose realism took over.
  10. Reading the part about the right person made me laugh, it's everything shit peas isn't. They could never give him the job.
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