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  1. World Cup Predictor Competition

    Thought Sterling had a good game, should have scored 1 goal perhaps, but he caused the Swedes no end of problems. No reason to change the team for the semi. Southgate knows his best starting 11 let him do his job, what will be will be.
  2. Last 2 years.. Fuckin amateurs.
  3. World Cup Predictor Competition

    He may well be right though.
  4. World Cup Predictor Competition

    Dont get the point we haven't got to play anyone decent. Colombia are no mugs, our next game may well be our last.
  5. Ryan Mclaughlin

    Robbie is alright by me, think Forest in the cup and then bask in the warm glow.
  6. Ryan Mclaughlin

    What was said?
  7. England or Latics?

    Latics obviously
  8. World Cup Predictor Competition

    I'd give it up if I were you. Fortunately I didn't get to the bookies today as 6-1 would not have been my score of choice.
  9. Fixtures 2018/2019

  10. World Cup Predictor Competition

    This could be huge, not in the terms of predictions. But if Germany lose this, wow just wow
  11. Fixtures 2018/2019

    Same for me. Looking to get to 6 new grounds. Makes relegation seem worth it.
  12. Trust AGM announcement

    I might be able to make it, as per the doc I won't know until the day before.
  13. OWTB 2018/19 Prediction League

    I agree about Cranston. Proper hard man, a early hero of mine..
  14. Fixtures 2018/2019

    The M5 should be fun on the 11th August.
  15. Fixtures 2018/2019

    Get the Barbeque ready for after the game. Beers in the fridge it's party time at Bristol's.