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  1. The young keeper has to start somewhere and we have bugger all to lose the way things are. Zeus is feckin shit as they come needs dropped ASAP. The constant mistakes he makes you wouldn’t see in the junior leagues. And don’t get me started on his time wasting and faking injuries.
  2. No harm Zeus should be on the bench on Sat, those last few mistakes you wouldn’t see in the junior leagues.
  3. Nowt to loose I think he’s only 18/19 could be a gem in the making. The current keeper shouldn’t grace that pitch again absolutely brutal.
  4. Dino continues to pick a keeper who’s making mistake after mistake. Get the young lad Allen in there we won’t go up or down so get him bedded in now.
  5. Hamer to Oxford is the next rumour according to Nixon. Considering the recent Sun article could we have a 500k fire sale on our hands.
  6. Beat Bradford on Sat and we might just have turned the corner.
  7. If only Dino had some balls to go for it from the start
  8. The mans a bigger fraud than Darren PowerPoint Kelly
  9. Been our best player all season great news
  10. Announced just in time for AL’s meeting with Push the Boundary later this evening.
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