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  1. I’d be happy with Sol. Has a lot of contacts, like Scholes. Had a great playing career that should command respect and attract players & sponsors, like Scholes. Has no chance of curbing the Lemmys, like Scholes. Has management experience in the league that we’re in, which is a step up on Scholes. If folks were reasonably happy about Scholes being appointed, they should feel the same about Sol, with the added reassurance that he understands the league and can work with difficult financial constraints.
  2. Happened on 11th May 1991. Might have just been reminiscing
  3. Here’s my (soon to be proven wrong) retained list: 13. Zeus de la Paz (2019) as back up 4. George Edmundson (2020) 15. Sonhy Sefil (2020)- but try to get rid! 20. Jamie Stott (2020 plus option) 23. Rob Hunt (2020)- but will be off 26. Peter Clarke (2019) 34. Tom Hamer (2020) 49. Javid Swaby-Neavin (signed contract, length not announced) 6. Dan Gardner (2019)- if fit 7. Giles Coke (2020)- hopefully leaves 17. Christopher Missilou (2019) 22. Johan Branger-Engone (2019) 25. Chinedu Uche (2019) 27. Gevaro Nepomuceno (2019) 28. Mohamed Maouche (2019 plus option)- but not if he’s on 4K a week 42. Mohamad Sylla (2020) 46. Harry Robinson (signed contract, length not announced) Branger-Engone adapted pretty well 2nd half of season. Baxter has ability but not sure where he fits in. No one sees him as fit enough to play centre mid & he’s too slow up front. He’d be miles better with quick players around him.
  4. The Sky televised game is a big opportunity for any protest. Make it known that a protest is planned and Sky will be compelled to cover it. Any protest in the ground needs to be light hearted but draw attention to the club so that people ask questions about what is going on. Charlton fans do this well...no sex toys (No one’s kids need to see that! I took that as a joke idea), just something that can go viral online so that it becomes an issue that people outside of Oldham are interesting in. That will get the national media interested and they have a better chance of getting answers. Sky cameras don’t face the crowd and don’t want to represent the EFL poorly so they won’t make a big deal of people leaving early or being dressed as clowns. They can’t avoid a few thousand tennis balls on a pitch and a stoppage to the game.
  5. Morning ladies and gents. Has anyone received a penalty charge notice for parking on the club/hospital car park for the Morecambe game? I’ve still got my blue ticket and match ticket but I wanted to see if anyone else has been done? I’ll be appealing it but wanted to see if it’s happened to a few of us. I didn’t think that night could’ve got much worse, but...
  6. Even without a source, Financial Fair Play means there can’t be much left in the playing budget. We’ve signed three players who weren’t chosen by a new manager and can’t move other players on due to injury (Fane, Gardner, Coke). I’m not saying they’re on megabucks contracts but scant imagine there’s much leeway in the wage bill. Cup money likely going on unpaid HMRC
  7. I hope it is. AL will inevitably sack him & then the guy is without a job. I’d like to see Wild and a few more like him working for our club for years to come
  8. Fair enough. That makes a lot of sense. If Wild plays him, he effectively ties Duffus to the club for the rest of the season. Given that Wild won’t be the full time manager, that’s a fair approach. Out of interest, what did he say on Twitter? I missed that one.
  9. Comes across as having a good attitude and it’s not clear why the club don’t give him a chance. I’d like to see him given a chance. We keep developing players from other clubs. Why not develop one of our own?
  10. I wouldn’t like to see us play 5 in midfield every week but I respected our professionalism today. Team has been given an excuse to feel sorry for itself & showed far more strength of character than last year. Senior figures in the dressing room obviously have a positive influence, so I don’t want Clarke to get it- we need him on the pitch. There’s still a chance for promotion so a steady Eddy manager might be what we need. Not sure who that is though
  11. This is a terrible way to treat someone who has done such a great job for tryclub for so many years. i can’t imagine that Philliskirk did anything too bad if Burnley felt that he was the right fit for their club. I wish him all the best and still feel that he’s a loss to the club.
  12. I agree that he’s not giving us a lot of information but I’m not sure that the money owed (that he didn’t see in his awful effort at due diligence) would be part of our budget. I think that will be additional as it wasn’t known about.
  13. Rusnák played for Slovakia tonight. Not sure we can take credit for him getting international caps though!
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