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  1. simplythemostimportantkick

    Bury (H)

    What did you make of Maouche performance ?
  2. simplythemostimportantkick

    FA Cup 2018-19

    With the reported prices of beer down there can anyone recommend a good street corner or park I can sup my cans of skol and smoke my buda?
  3. simplythemostimportantkick

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    Us real fans who went to Maidstone best not lose out to the Johnny come lately’s (jokes). I’m sure enough will be made available by our Premier League hosts. Should be a top away day. I’m actually feeling like we’re gonna win this too.
  4. simplythemostimportantkick

    League 2 activity

    #wearecompanymen #lovetotalkshoplads
  5. simplythemostimportantkick

    Checkatrade .... boycott or not?

    Fuck that. I’d rather kill myself than eat soggy toast ya sicko.
  6. simplythemostimportantkick

    Checkatrade .... boycott or not?

    Your having a nightmare here put the bottle down 22 and pop yourself to bed lad.
  7. simplythemostimportantkick

    Checkatrade .... boycott or not?

    What was chopper sent of for do we know ?
  8. simplythemostimportantkick

    Ritchie Wellens

    The decor would suggest that’s the Georgian
  9. simplythemostimportantkick

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

  10. simplythemostimportantkick

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    Or slapping elves at Costco...
  11. simplythemostimportantkick

    Peter Clarke

    I don’t want no grass at my club ...
  12. simplythemostimportantkick

    Crewe Alexandra (A)

    Dunno. The ball boys are getting bored now they’ve not got so many stray ‘passes’ to chase after ...
  13. simplythemostimportantkick

    Misheard Chant Lyrics

    The words don’t really matter as long as we keep on making plenty of noise. I don’t imagine the opposition fans sitting there saying “ but we don’t play in blue or tangerine, this lot don’t make any sense Bryan “
  14. simplythemostimportantkick

    Crewe Alexandra (A)

    Did you not get the memo ? If it’s one of AL boys they automatically become French regardless of their actual nationality. Where have you been ?
  15. simplythemostimportantkick

    Crewe Alexandra (A)

    Probably missing a decimal point. Surely can’t be true ?