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  1. I was under the impression I’d get an actual ticket sent out ? I’ve not received anything yet ?
  2. Somethings will never change. KIG will always put words in others mouths and just generally make stuff up. Harmless. Deyres42 will always take the contrary view. He will also stick to it no matter how obvious the fishing. Harmless and hilarious. Frankie6 will always see the positives even if there are non. We could lose 8-0 and frankie would rather concentrate on a little free kick routine that almost came off. Again harmless. Wiseowl will take every opportunity to tell anyone willing to listen how disconnected he’s became. Also spends a lot of time in boozers often bumping into like minded folk. Harmless. And I will always write without the correct use of paragraphs.
  3. I noticed they had only put this for the mighty Blues fixture on the ticketing info. How do they plan on policing it tho ?
  4. Which stand ? Me and a mate are in the terrace as I couldn’t seem to book any seats.
  5. Proper ones ? Or from the reduced to clear foreign aisle?
  6. Worm probably saw half of what you say as he jumped from us to Chorley to Fleetwood to fylde. Worm ? More like snake. Makes me sick.
  7. Somebody on here said 350k so that must be true 😩
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