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  1. First of all I’d hardly say I’m wound up. And I’m calling bollox on pretty much every word you’ve put down on the entire page. Not just MM. To put it in perspective, from what I’ve seen of him (little) I’d put him in the “ok” basket. Certainly not an avatar candidate. Merry Xmas.
  2. You’re not doing it right tho. Or as stated above you know fuckall about football. More likely you’re on a wind up. I appreciate you not starting a new thread mind. Ffs.
  3. Bottom 4 ? You do know we are no longer in League One ? Are you in denial like I am ? I still check for us on FlashScore in League One. 😳😩
  4. Brilliant that. Thanks. Don’t think I’ll be able to make it tomorrow but my support is there in spirit. Excellent job getting some past players and a past legend involved.
  5. Just get there early and smash fuck out of everything no ?
  6. Get down to the pub where you always bump into atleast 3 disgruntled fans who don’t go anymore owl 🦉😳🤣
  7. And that’s why I’ll never accept Burton being above us. Incredible support once again ???
  8. I can’t wait till the same approach is adopted for league games. Gonna throw a spanner in the works for the prediction league. If I had to guess is not gonna cut it...
  9. I’m with you on some of it. But we shouldn’t have to guess. It should be announced/released. We are supposedly a professional football club.
  10. Another fucking french lad Dino: found us a striker Mo: who ? Dino: Akp.. Mo: (interrupts) stop right there, I’m in. Dino: do you not want to see his goal scoring record ? Mo: His what ? Why ? It’s got to be better than the crock of shite I’ve given you so far... Dino: ermmmm
  11. Too early wasn’t he ? Loved Clyde. Loved that team tbf.
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