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  1. Well thought out and an informative post. All this considered going for 5-0 !
  2. Dunno, a bit of a gaping hole all the way down the centre and iversen has left his goal open ...
  3. LSD ? Latics Shit Defending ? 😩 Let Scholes Decide (on team selection)
  4. I must have imagined all the times Hunt was screaming for the ball 5 yards away then.
  5. Triple double upboat. Great post. Football would be a piece of piss if not for the pesky opposition...
  6. I’m personally asking why he can’t lay back a simple 5 yard pass to keep possession instead of trying to meg the defender time after time ?
  7. And trust me mate nobody would be more delighted if he turns it around (imo he needs to) I will always give credit when it’s due and and will only support our players when I’m there. You won’t find me criticising from the sidelines. But he does get on my nerves to say the least.
  8. He’s a selfish fucker. Out for himself. You like him. I don’t. End of the discussion for me.
  9. I take it all back then. My bad. He’s been great all season. Hes had had a couple of decent games recently. He was gash before that. I just want better team players.
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