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  1. By past postings on this board, won't they all be called " shite "
  2. With all respect to our posters, unless you have seen the alleged e-mail string in full, that is the basis of said agreement, then we are in no position to comment one way or another.
  3. Wasn't Jim Fryatt leading the line on a wet, windy , winters Tuesday night game at Scunthorpe, when Scunny gave debuts to two sixteen or so year olds in Keegan and Clements ! I think we won 3-2, with Jim bullying Clements the whole game.
  4. All l hope is that it doesn't drag on for week after week after week.
  5. I hope that Scholes realises that the very least we expect against Yeovil is 6 points, or else !
  6. Is this for information purposes only, or are you gently pointing us in another direction
  7. I have to admit to being a little unclear as to what the real problem is. Scholes holds ten percent of the shares in Salford, and as a result cannot become an employee of Oldham without lengthy consultation and approval from EFL. Butt holds ten percent of the shares in Salford, but can be an employee of Man U, and from what little research l've been able to conduct, did not have to go through the process that is being demanded of Scholes, or if he did it was a matter of days. Can't imagine why the difference.
  8. I'm beginning to wonder if Scholes has what it takes, intelligence wise, to become a successful manager. After all you have to have the ability to plan in advance, adapt plans at short / no notice, and to be able to think on your feet in an evolving situation. So : (1) l want to manage a football team, other than the one l have a financial interest in (2) l have a pound or two in the bank, so can afford access to very switched on legal and accountancy advice, who will have the requirements / procedures nailed down for me (3) In view of above, l could do a certain amount of forward planning / approach work so that in the event of a position being offered to me that l wanted to take, l could immediately put in motion whatever was needed to meet FA (or whoever) criteria - this should have been worked out months ago or (4 )I sit on my hands and the whole requirement comes as a complete surprise to me, when offered a position ( which to be honest, looks like the most likely).
  9. As l started watching them in 1952, l can go along with the above statement.
  10. All this seems to suggest that we may be nudging ever closer to the following scenario : (1) come 16.00 ish this afternoon, big Scholes announcement with four or five new signings stood behind management all sporting blue shirts, or (2) absolute silence on the manager front, denoting end of the Scholes saga, and if we are really lucky, or unlucky depending on your point of view, a couple of French lads standing there, wondering which suburb of Paris Oldham is.
  11. My only concern with all this playing experience is fine, but Bobby Moore and Bobby Charlton to name but two didn't cut it as managers. In other words it's a gamble, he could turn out to be the next Eddie Howe, but then he might not.
  12. Anybody else find it totally depressing to wake up every morning go on line and see a whole list of signings for every other club in our league, bar us, apart from the french midfielder and a chef !
  13. Nicky Ajose, on loan to Mansfield from Charlton. Might very well have done a job for us.
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