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  1. Petty to be challenging me over the wording of what the test is called 😂 Either way, whatever you want to call it, like I’ve just said it needs to be revised. More and more clubs going the same way.
  2. Please enlighten me you must know something everyone else doesn’t!
  3. EFL really missing the point if they accept this. Need to review the fit and proper test and get someone qualified to review potential owners rather than the shower that run the EFL
  4. Not saying it would happen with AL’s record but money talks, if AL splashes out and we gives him more wages than elsewhere no reason why it wouldn’t happen.
  5. Who can forget kenny Cooper 🙈 To be fair though his stats for us weren’t bad at all.
  6. Lancashire Police just lost a court case over using ‘positive discrimination’ when a white male didn’t get a job when he was more qualified than BAME applicants.
  7. Give over BP the lad is 20! 😂 miles better than most holding English midfielders.
  8. 3 goals in 42 games last season... I’ll pass thanks
  9. Not travelled enough for abdallah 😂
  10. An account followed by about 4 people has suggested it.
  11. Don’t think he made it past academy level by the sounds of it and I can’t find any trace of him on transfermarket or wiki
  12. He doesn’t have to rent that part of the ground. He chose to go into an agreement with them. Wasn’t forced into it!
  13. Can tell straight away that you don’t run a business 😂
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