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  1. Pricing wise, the difference I would think If we hit 7,000 attendance wouldn’t be far off what we would if we have normal attendance of 4K on normal pricing.
  2. Been offered a deal back home at Southport. Would be gobsmacked if shez doesn’t offer him a deal.
  3. Think we have a 1 year option on Maouche, nepo is out of contract don’t think we have an option on him.
  4. Anyone heard which youth players have been offered /signed pro contracts with us and who has left? Offered contracts last week apparently.
  5. Played on Saturday when they got beat. Think he has gone back now unless there keeper is still injured.
  6. Think the Mansfield game is the time we start the AL protest. The fact ML is doing his coaching badges suggests he isn’t far off being involved management wise. Protest outside the ground ideal when sky are there. Mass walk out aswell would surely be mentioned during the game if it happened. Trust should be setting this up. AL took no interest in their letter. About time us fans really showed how we feel.
  7. Barry Chaytow was there today with Alan Hardy. Think he is nearly 80 now!
  8. 😂 To be fair I had him as MOM on Saturday by some distance.
  9. They haven’t. https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2019/april/club-statement/
  10. Thought today first 25 mins we were not at the races. After that Maouche started controlling the midfield. Best player on the park for me today by some distance. Passing and control of the ball at his feet is a massive step up from the players we have. Iacovitti was superb grew into the game real solid debut. Won virtually everything in the air, happy to throw himself into last ditch challenges and wasn’t afraid of getting forward. Ogrady put put a real shift in today what he does is never pretty but won us so much in the final third. Branger is such a frustrating player. For me there is glimpses of a good player trying to get out but we only ever see glimpses. Another who put a shift in. Decent second half performances and finally a clean sheet. Hopefully build on it Tuesday.
  11. Named ‘head coach’ this time meaning AL has free roam to play Football Manager.
  12. Massive ‘up yours’ to the trust that. Been saying for a while the trust needs massive change of board members and ideas.
  13. Won’t want to represent the EFL poorly? They are journalists who will love anything like a protest, for £900 you can get a digital board van outside the ground for the day displaying lemsagams out. Would be a talking point. Journos have no real no go zones and if it makes good tv they will go with it.
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