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  1. adamoafc

    Crewe (H)

    Watching the highlights back as I had to work. Absolute howler by iverson for their goal. Should be off his line to collect and even if he stays where he is shys away from a 50/50 ball. Then on the other hand quick thinking for our goal and a well hit kick from his hands. 2 points dropped.
  2. Mad4it needs to stay in a dark room for a few days. Strange character.
  3. adamoafc

    Dummigan gone

    Good player when fit but 85 appearances over 4 seasons is really poor says everything about his injury record.
  4. Basics are we have 31 more years on our lease so we’re not going anywhere. Could be an interesting couple of months especially with the fact our sponsorship with sports direct runs out in a few months aswell.
  5. http://trustoldham.co.uk/news-announcements/boundary-park-purchase/
  6. Pretty sure an ACV has to be warned abit more officially than saying it to a few supporters 😂
  7. Got to be used as a sports facility for another 14 years I think. Wouldn’t be in the owners interest to sell to a supermarket owning the ground but can’t use it for 14 years, I’m sure they agreed a new covenant when the council provided money to rebuild the new stand.
  8. adamoafc

    Ex players and that

    Couple of points on this; surely as kitman at rochdale the club would be wary about continuing his employment if they are aware he is happy to go off on one to make abit of extra cash from a shit newspaper. 2nd hope they have asked him why Bradford sacked him? (Allegedly) 3rd has he paid us back for all the club kit he ‘borrowed’ and never returned? (Allegedly) He was the biggest gossip going most negative stuff came out from him think that was common knowledge. (put the alledgedly in for mods)
  9. adamoafc

    Danny G

    Refused to sign a contract extension before he got injured. Will be interesting to see where he ends up considering he is injured till at least August.
  10. adamoafc

    Crawley (a)

    I was one to have ago at branger but when he moved over to the left he came to light. Cant seriously say you didn’t see the change in him.
  11. I didn’t comment on that though you’ve said AL is a liar and shouldn’t be given time to correct it. I think it’s wrong what has happened with the pensions. Corney and co sold off land and built a stand and then saddled us with the debt. We have no real income other than matchday. Of course the club would struggle yet our fans still think he did a great job. Clubs in this league are struggling on a monthly basis - Macclesfield and Bury off the top of my head. We haven’t had a county court judgement in a while and wages are being paid. Even corney didn’t pay wages on time again no one ever mentioned that.
  12. You’ve clearly never run a business.... the state of the club and the books have killed previous chances of investment. Confirmed by joe Royle as they looked at us before buying Wigan. Paying off previous debts is still happening 14 years of mid management is going to take longer than a year when the money being invested isn’t massive amounts at the moment.
  13. adamoafc

    New Manager Thread

    Let Pete Wild enjoy the limelight as manager for the last time tonight after a great win. Tomorrow or Monday the announcement causes no issues.
  14. adamoafc

    New Manager Thread

    Think AL knows if he plays this one properly he could make massive financial gains from it. Possibly even new investment. This appointment is what most will judge AL on.
  15. Still think the trust need to step back and look at what they want to achieve. There is no goal no direction and expecting fans to sign up to being trust members again when there is no vision is poor. Should be sorted before anything else.