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  1. Following our meeting last night. Please read our brief summary and full details will follow as soon as we have written everything up. Thanks for your patience #oafc #ReclaimTheFaith http://Pushtheboundary.co.uk/meeting-with-mr-lemsagam-update-17-01-2020
  2. Following our meeting last night. Please read our brief summary and full details will follow as soon as we have written everything up. Thanks for your patience #oafc #ReclaimTheFaith http://Pushtheboundary.co.uk/meeting-with-mr-lemsagam-update-17-01-2020
  3. Only so much PR that can be done to highlight it, local Radio (Revolution and BBC RM), Oldham Times, our website, Twitter, Facebook and OWTB. 👍 Hopefully we should have an update out later today and notes to follow in the next few days 👍
  4. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to tweet, email, send us a message on Facebook or OWTB for questions we can take into our meeting with the owner on Thursday. We received well in excess of 200 questions. We hope we can get as many answers as possible for you! #oafc #ReclaimTheFaith
  5. Normally it is but doesn’t appear to be available for tonight’s game. Audio only in UK
  6. Happy to meet and discuss further whittles left foot, nothing to hide here. The offer if there 👍
  7. We are pleased to announce that a date & time has been confirmed for PTB to meet with Mr Lemsagam. Please read our short statement and the request for questions you want answering #oafc #ReclaimTheFaith http://pushtheboundary.co.uk/ptb-meeting-with-mr-lemsagam-12-01-2020
  8. Robbed by the decision however overall performance wasn’t good. Thought Jones and Azankpo were nonexistent. Sylla, Smith and the new CB played well. Nepo not looking himself but definitely not the worst on the pitch despite what Roy says. Woods looked a lot more solid than Zeus not seen Maccs goal back but looked like Woods failed to collect the cross and dropped it causing the issue. Wilson came on and ran the channels a lot better than Azankpo. I’m Shocked Wilson didn’t start today considering Azankpo has been in Egypt all week. Must be demoralising for him. Maouche changes the game a lot more off the bench than starting. Brought abit of quality on the ball. The new striker looked weak up top but will reserve judgement and the Burnley loanee looked way out of his depth may take him a while to settle.
  9. I’m 99.9% sure he doesn’t there is no reason why we would have notes stating Stevenage otherwise. The club will be able to confirm this is the case if they release the audio 👍
  10. From notes - The comment AL made he did say Stevenage. However we do acknowledge having read through again this is an error on AL behalf and he should of said Swindon.
  11. Will get clarification and get back to you 👍
  12. Michael Brown - Head of media was previously at Southport.
  13. The club held a Q&A for fans on Tuesday night. Please read our full notes on the meeting below #oafc #ReclaimTheFaith http://pushtheboundary.co.uk/club-q-a-10-01-2020
  14. I’m a ST holder who still attends away games so your point really doesn’t add up David, add to that completely false.
  15. This isn’t on our website. I posted this on here, clearly the sentence is incomplete as it doesn’t make sense as a stand alone sentence. Should be finished with * and meeting carried out no progress has been made. I will correct this now. 👍
  16. Following the Simon Blitz Q&A on Monday, please see a full copy of our notes from the evening. If there are subsequent questions please inform us via DM or email at info@pushtheboundary.co.uk #oafc #ReclaimTheFaith http://pushtheboundary.co.uk/blitz-q-a
  17. With the greatest respect, OWTB Page #ReclaimTheFaith has everything you need with links to the website which you can just click on (nothing tech savvy required) I genuinely dont accept that it hasn’t been made available to you considering you use these forums. Not only has it been made available online it has been in the Oldham Times.
  18. Looking at his stats he hasn’t scored since September but 5 goals in 19 isn’t a bad return. Think every team especially in L2 needs a target man. Would be interesting to see Wilson play off him.
  19. following the meeting we were informed by Natalie that it would not be immediate future as he is out of the country in the next couple of days. A date and time of a meeting can be arranged, we’re open to that but we’re not postponing our proposed actions on the back of words. Until a meeting is confirmed (date and time with confirmation of Abdallah’s attendance) *and a meeting carried out no progress has been made and we find ourselves in the same position. * When we meet we want to put tangible steps in place which can be noted and properly reviewed and given a timeframe. Something which hasn’t been done in a while. Purely to try and get the focus of fans concerns addressed with the owner and then with action taken this should be able to be be evidenced. *References incomplete sentence which has now been corrected.
  20. We will release notes for the club Q&A just finishing the Blitz ones then will get onto these 👍
  21. Shouldn’t be too long getting these out. Should be out later today. I will post on here as always when it’s released. 👍 apologises for any delay there was a lot of stuff to check over!
  22. Apparently offered decent money to keep him. They are now after Brett Pittman from Pompey. Clearly cash available!
  23. A request was put to the owner last night who agreed to meet us, these promises have been made by other staff members previously which haven’t been stuck to and with Abdallah due to return to Dubai in the next few days (according to Natalie after last nights meeting) any meeting is going to be delayed. Therefore until we get some positive action on this we will continue to put pressure on.
  24. Following the resolution of our survey and the subsequent Q&A’s on Monday and Tuesday. Please read our latest statement, If you have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us #oafc #ReclaimTheFaith http://pushtheboundary.co.uk/carlisle-boycott-08-01-2020
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