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  1. Doing Pete Wild's old job with the youth.
  2. Wow - what a player- similar movements to Maradona
  3. Alan Young hat trick against Leicester City night match one of my earliest memories.Chaos all round... Sure they came in and bought him after that?
  4. Did you pay via a UK address? That cocked mine up last time. You need to put a foreign address. Weird I know
  5. Never forget Tippy winding up the Charlie Dimmock lookalike away at Hednesford in the cup, good job he couldn't catch him!
  6. Waiting for his 'not the right time' quote...... Personally don't want him.
  7. Pete’s a sound lad. I actually did my FA level 1 with him at Hopwood Hall around 5 years ago. I ended up coaching at Boundary Park....juniors haha. Good luck to him needs as much help as he can muster.
  8. Nicky Law - surprised he dropped a level. Shame we never went in for him. Very good player..Good scouting report by the way, you handed your dossier over to Frankie?
  9. Penalty awarded straight after the lino had handed over said coin....touch of 'fuck you Oldham' about it I think....
  10. Wasn't aware of that - I've bought a fair few away tickets during ST holder only period. I'll try to call through. Ta
  11. Nasty one that - might get away without the op if the ACL hasn't gone full. Meniscus on it's own is a few months too. Cartilage injury in old school speak. Good luck to him. How did he actually do it , studs stick in the turf?
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