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  1. Isn't it possible for all of them to have varying degrees of c*ntishness?
  2. It should be an easy decision for me, being a relatively local game on the first day of the season. Yet I'm going to wait and see how much optimism returns between now and then. I'd imagine we'll take about 350-400 seeing as it's no longer a new ground.
  3. It's not even Vera specifically that I'm annoyed about (although it makes absolutely no sense bringing him back going off last season's showing), it's the wastefullness of the ownership backed up by examples like this which I can't get my head around. I really hope it's sustainable until new people take over from them at any stage, because I don't think we'll be in the Football League (or in existence) by the time they're finished with us at this rate.
  4. All things being even I'd prefer Baxter, but it wouldn't be right for either us or Baxter to have him in the squad and not play him regularly. I have absolutely no idea the calibre of player that we're going to recruit (although I must admit I'm not confident) but while Maouche has his flaws and can be inconsistent, he clearly has the talent to be a very good player at this level. It makes me more confident of the quality of player we might be able to attract.
  5. If Banide manages to get a promotion in the 3 months that he's Head Coach I'll be very impressed.
  6. I know there's still a month to go before the start of the season, but this is our current starting XI: Woods Mills Hamer Stott Iacovitti Missilou Sylla Branger Coke Nepo O'Grady It won't stay this way of course, but we need at least 4 starters and that's before you take into account the extra players needed to simply fill the squad.
  7. Haha not really my kind of music, but better than his brother.
  8. Pogba's the only player there that I've heard of. Not a terrible record in English football (not great either mind).
  9. From what I've seen at the end of the season he already is.
  10. I agree, but you'll be hard-pressed to any Latics fan who was happy with what was going on in the appropriately (and brilliantly) named "Horrible Anus" year. Comparing AL with the part of the Corney era when the wheels really came off doesn't do AL any favours. I was expecting (or at least hoping) for something better to be honest.
  11. The bit in bold I totally agree with because his positional sense was terrible, however I think Fane was proof that you could still be a defensive-minded midfielder without being a holding midfielder. Fane was best used when he was pressing the opposition high up the pitch trying to win the ball back. Of course he would be limited going forward due to his lack of technical ability but if he won the ball high up and found the short pass to a more able player then we could've got the best out of him. I think he could've been very useful in League One in a 3 man midfield with an experienced player sitting deep and a creative midfielder like Byrne alongside him. Whether it's worth accomodating him in the team in this type of midfield was the bigger question. In the end Maouche and Missilou offered more than him and I think Sylla will turn out to be an upgrade, but I think we needed him to play his role in our relegation battle and I wouldn't be surprised if the reason for suspending him was frivilous and cost us.
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