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  1. From an attacking point of view I think we've put a lot of emphasis on the number 10 role, and Maouche (while certainly talented) is not consistent and influential enough to produce the results we need from it.
  2. Perfectly summed up. I also think we've got better options in the number 10 role (Morais and Fage would be my first choices for the role).
  3. From what I've seen already this season from this season (against us or Exeter): Jake Taylor Jay Harris Matt Doughty Joe Edwards Josh Wright That's even before you start talking about number 10s or attacking midfielders.
  4. I don't think I worded want I meant particularly well there. I think that Banide has some impact as to what happens on the pitch, albeit a reduced one compared to most head coaches or managers in the top 4 divisions due to the influence Mo wants to have. I will praise and criticise Mo and Banide in equal measure although I think Banide should mostly be judged on how the players develop individually over his time in charge. I actually have sympathy for Banide because I think he will take the criticism for results when the responsibility lies with both him and Mo. I no longer think it can be called interference because Mo has an official role at the club (whereas with previous managers it was). I don't agree with our management structure and I'd prefer it to be done differently, but I can see how it's starting to come together on the pitch and accept that it's what's going to happen with the Lemsagams in charge...as long as it's sustainable for the club off the pitch. That last bit is what makes or breaks it for me.
  5. A fair point, I suppose the worst squad of players I can think of is the 2016/17 squad with Robinson in charge and while there are similarities between the two (Ripley and Clarke = Woods and Wheater) I genuinely believe we have more talent in this squad than that one. I also believe that the owner/management structure is a lot less competent, which is why I can't see us progressing too far up the table.
  6. An interesting game and a point more than I expected us to get at the start of play, but on the balance of play I'd say we just about deserved it. Both teams have flaws but also have enough to build on as well. Our first was a really good finish by Branger after an excellent flick by Maouche, their equaliser was poor defending by someone at the corner as one of their centre backs was left completely unmarked to head across goal and another was able to power the ball just over the line. Their 2nd came immediately after Maouche had missed a great chance and it was a very quick and skilful move down the left by Mayor and McFadzean which Moore finished clinically, but credit to our lads, their heads didn't drop and Branger's drifted corner was met with a bullet header by Wheater. Woods - can't be blamed for the two goals and made some very good saves in the 2nd half to keep us in the match. He also comes across as a calming presence to the defence. I have no complaints having a keeper like him on a 2 year deal. Hamer – he did OK, won a lot of headers and got forward to help the attack well. A lot of Plymouth's attack came down his side, but when you've got quality like Mayor and McFadzean on that side it's not surprising. Morais in front of him helped and it's easy to forget that he's not even 20 yet. Wheater – my dad’s verdict: he's a shoe-in for OAFC player of the year and League 2 player of the year already. On the two occasions I've seen him I honestly don't think I've seen a player who's so comfortably better than the level he's playing at. We're so lucky to have him and I hope to God that he stays fit this season. Our owner's definitely exceeded expectations when getting a Peter Clarke replacement. Iacovitti – taking into account that any of our Centre Backs would look decent alongside Wheater (even Sefil) I thought Iacovitti did well. All things being equal I'd prefer Stott to play instead of him but he's not been a liability on the occasions I've seen him play and is still young and developing himself. EDIT: Extra brownie points to him for running and diving straight into the crowd after Wheater's goal! Fage - he's clearly a very good footballer. Quick, quite intelligent, tidy on the ball and disciplined positionally. He's also clear as day not a left back. A left back trying to pass the ball out of defence cutely with solely his right foot is a recipe for disaster. He should be in the starting XI but with Nepomuceno, Iacovitti, Stott and (despite bad reviews) Smith-Brown able to play that role more comfortably he shouldn't be put in as a square peg in a round hole. Missilou - wasn't overly noticeable but was his usual busy self when we didn't have the ball and was often our most advanced player when we were breaking. Sadly the latter point is more of a damning indictment of the rest of the team. Sylla – part of the reason that Missilou isn't as noticeable is that it's hard not to notice Sylla! He's an absolute tank! Sometimes he looks as though he's drifting when other teams are in possession but he doesn't get exposed positionally and is good in the tackle to stop any attacks through the middle. I also like that he has the ability and confidence to bring the ball forward from defence, in that respect he's definitely an upgrade on Fane. In the formation we play Missilou and Sylla are absolutely fine as a combination. Morais – any doubts as to whether he's a good or necessary signing that I had have been put to rest with that performance. I think he suits the way that Mo and Banide want to play to a tee. He may not have pace but he's quick with the ball at his feet, much smarter with his passing and disciplined defensively. Maouche - I'll qualify that I didn't realise it was his excellent flick for the goal at first, but sadly he was our weak link on Saturday. Maybe he's a bit low on confidence but he slows play down when we're trying to build an attack and isn't clinical enough in such an important area of the team. It's clear from the Mansfield game last year that he possesses great technical quality but I think we have more than enough options in his position that his inconsistency shouldn't be tolerated. Morais showed him the level that he has to reach in order to start imo. Branger - definitely the best performance I've seen from him. In the past I've seen a player who has tried too hard to be skilful and not done very much or has put in a shift for the team, today he scored with a great finish and drifted over an excellent corner for Wheater's header. A bit like Maouche, I have no problem with him starting for us IF he's able to produce that quality more consistently. Wilson – interestingly my Argyle-supporting friend at the other end of the ground thought that he was our best player in the first half. He did well and looks like a good player but I really feel like we haven't built an attacking unit around him that plays to his strengths, which considering that he showed last year that he's a good finisher doesn't make much sense! Hopefully this will change as the team gels but the jury's still out on that one. Subs: Azankpo – again he impressed. I wouldn't go as far as to say that he's suited to playing as the lone striker as he isn't particularly strong, but he ran the channels better than Wilson did and was very effective on the counter attack. A good signing and a useful part of the squad. Mills and McHale – neither had enough time to impress so I'll reserve judgement. I feel for Mills as our scattergun recruitment has left him battling it out with our most saleable asset for a starting place. Lowe has definitely got Argyle playing a similar style to how Bury played last year and they get a lot of players forward when attacking, but their team didn't look like it had fully clicked just yet and I think they'll be a late bloomer this season. Credit to Mo and Banide, we are certainly developing a clear counter-attacking style of play. It worked well against a Plymouth formation that left a lot of gaps when they attacked and we have some quick players in attack who could prove useful in this strategy. I still have a lot of doubts that it's the smartest way to go about things at this level and not signing a striker that fits into our strategy seems really naive and risky, but we've had worse squads than what we currently have and I can see how we're going to improve. Banide does seem to be making an impact on the training ground (which I still believe is the only place he's allowed to). The fan altercation – I don't know how it started and I can't say for sure that our fans were innocent at first, but it was definitely dying down before the arsehole steward threw that punch which led to all hell breaking loose. If he doesn't get sacked then Plymouth aren't doing enough to keep fans safe. That was a blip in what was a good away day. I feel much more confident about the direction we're likely to be heading in because despite having a bloated squad with some shit players and some unnecessary players, we also do have some quality at this level and a style of play that, while it is flawed, will improve as time goes on. Sadly I can't predict that we’ll do any more than survive relegation as I don't trust the competence and decision making of the upper management at the club and hopefully that won't dwarf any positives on the pitch that the club has. Essay over.
  7. I'm travelling to Plymouth, although it only less than an hour down the road. Don't disagree about the need to be certified though, partly for wanting to go to Plymouth and also for all the other obvious reasons I need it.
  8. Breaking down the squad positionally and management structure of the club: Goalkeepers Actually fairly decent. Woods is an experienced keeper and has looked decent so far and Zeus is an adequate backup. Zabret seems a bit pointless and, on the face of it, is a waste of a loan. Defenders Fine at right back, Hamer is an excellent young prospect and Mills has looked good. Mixed at Centre Back, Sefil, Egert, Stott and Iacovitti are either questionable or unproven, but any one of them alongside Wheater would probably be a decent partnership (proof of just how important he is). Left back is a bit worrying, Smith-Brown doesn't seem to have impressed so far, I think Iacovitti has been OK but hasn't total convinced a lot of people. With the logjam in the wide midfield positions, maybe Nepomuceno will be the answer at left back. Deep Midfielders Missilou is a good player at this level and I think Sylla will prove to be a useful player. If played in this role I think Fage will be very good, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him played elsewhere. I also think that Maouche would do OK in a deeper role as long as there's a physical player alongside him. Gonzales and Dolan have a lot to prove. Advanced Midfielders In Branger-Engone, Maouche, Nepomuceno, Fage, McHale, Smith, Eagles and Morais, we have 8 players fighting it out for 3 roles. I trust the ability of most of them (McHale excepted as I have no idea what he's like) but I really worry that the team is going to tinkered a lot by Mo, which won't really give any of them the chance to get a consistent run of form. At least a few of them might be able to do well in other positions in the team. Strikers Very concerning. All of them have a lot to prove but the worst thing for me is that none of them are suited to the role that they are being asked to play in the formation that's being used. Vera is probably the closest thing that we've got to a target man but his lack of speed and mobility makes him a big worry. Wilson looks like a really good finisher from last season's highlights, but played alongside a foil in Harry Smith that he won't get here. Azankpo has the speed, energy and (ironically) the desire to press opposition defences, but isn't a proven goalscorer and doesn't have the strength and power to be a real threat to defences. Not a clue about Kokos and Adams but neither can be expected to be our saviour. Banide The squad might actually be suited to the role he's been given. The squad as a whole and individually has flaws, but there are some technically proficient experienced players (Eagles, Morais, Maouche, Nepomuceno) and some promising young players who he can work with and hopefully develop. Weirdly I think he will be judged on performances of players rather than results, but that in itself is extremely worrying. Lemsagam's/Owen/Management There might be a masterplan and I actually think they've tried hard to improve the team rather than intentionally sabotage it or let it fall into disrepair, but their transfer strategy seems to be so scattergun and naive for the environment that they're working in. As a result there's a gaping hole up front that really could put our Football League status at risk. With Mo having such a clear influence on team selection without any of the culpability, the club is in a position where standards could easily drop so much that they could be irreparable. Finally it can't be ignored just how disgraceful it is that we are realistically looking at a battle against relegation into non-league. There are a lot of people over many years who have contributed to this sorry state of affairs, but if the Lemsagam's don't take more responsibility for their role in this shambles then we will keep heading downwards before there's any hope of heading upwards.
  9. 5-4-2 with a diamond was always a popular formation.
  10. Saw Smith play for Tranmere last season. Didn't make a big impression but I remember him being a decent tricky winger.
  11. Nepo's currently our best attacking player so it would certainly be a loss. But we have other players in the squad who can do a job in the positions he plays in, so if we can replace him with a striker who fits into our system and scores goals then he's a player I'd sacrifice.
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