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  1. He didn't say that he's happy with it (no one ever has) but he's saying that's where we deserve to be with the way we are run compared to other teams. Hard to argue really.
  2. If a player is going to blow his career then so be it. At the end of the day it's their loss more than ours. But in the last few years (during the end of Corney's tenure and so far during Marco's reign) we've given players like Byrne plenty of reasons to fail. We shouldn't be giving them the world but we should at least do the basics (i.e. pay them on time) so they at least have a chance to settle.
  3. An interesting read. It's not both sides of the story I'm sure and he didn't come across as the best character to have in the squad, but we need to offer an environment that allows talented but flawed players to perform to their best, or else we're not going to attract players to the club who are good enough to help us progress. I can't feel confident that the club is going to do this with Marco in charge.
  4. Must admit from what I saw of him in the Mansfield and Exeter games I think he's come on a bit since he first signed and could be a useful player for us next season. Happy with Nepo re-signing and while Iacovitti could go either way I thought he looked OK at left back when I saw he play. He's still young too so room to improve. That said, if offering him a 2 year deal when we did played a part in Scholes leaving then I'm not convinced he's worth it.
  5. Genuinely thought you were talking about horses at first.
  6. We should milk his loyal fanbase for what it's worth, his appointment would definitely shake things up in the boardroom. We should definitely take the milk/shake approach.
  7. This has been my expectation since Wild left, which is why the Sol Campbell rumours were (relatively) a pleasant surprise.
  8. Interesting. I've warmed to Brown in recent times and thought he did well at Southend (albeit with a decent budget to get them promoted). He's certainly had some bad jobs but had some good one's too. I'd prefer Nolan to him though, did well getting Notts to the playoffs the season before last and, as it's turned out, was harshly sacked by an owner who clearly had a screw loose. Compared to Clark who hasn't really done a good job wherever he's been (underachieving at Huddersfield and average at Kilmarnock are his best efforts) or Coyle who after an admittedly impressive spell at Burnley has gone rapidly backwards since, I'd take Brown or Nolan. Clearly those managers are interested because there's not a lot of work around and they're looking for an opportunity to reignite their managerial career. I can't help but thinking that they're naive if they think their CV is going to look better after being with us though. I simply don't trust Marco to help them make a success of it.
  9. Lee Clark and Owen Coyle being the other options is the true indicator of how low we've fallen.
  10. The big question is whether it'll take longer to appoint a manager from the date Wild left, than it'll take to sack said manager.
  11. I'd be happy with him, a good character but wouldn't be too disappointed when he leaves in November.
  12. To be fair to him, has anyone actually seen him play?
  13. I just hope we don't hire anyone who has an affinity to Latics this time. If we're going to sack a manager within 6 months I'd rather that they aren't likeable. Finally Steve Evans has become an option I'd consider!
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