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  1. Can't say that I understood everything in it, but to me that's the best explanation of our situation in layman's terms in a long time. Well done to those involved.
  2. He was on loan at Exeter for a full season then came back in January the following season. It was noticeable how much more confident he was in the 2nd season and he was a very good right-back and half-decent right midfielder. If Hamer stays then the two of them could work well together, either with Hamer at centre back or Wilson at right midfield.
  3. So the players we have to keep due to being under contract are: Woods Iacovitti Wheater Hamer Fage Rowe Kokos (although I'm pretty certain he's already left the club) Even if we didn't want any of those players I can't see any of them accepting mutual termination of their contracts, so we're probably stuck with them. Out of the rest the only two I'd keep would be McCann and Dearnley. The rest either aren't good enough or aren't consistent enough. With everything that's going on, I think it could be massive for the club that we barely have anyone contracted past this month. Dino doesn't have a better opportunity to build his own team when things do get up and running again either. The jury's out for me as to whether he's the right man to do it.
  4. Sylla was a useful player to have at this level, but not so good that I'm disappointed that he's gone. If Nepo's going then the same applies to him. Desire had desire but nowhere near enough quality. Are leagues in other countries getting back up and running before the UK? If so it would make sense for players leave for those leagues. As for us, with no fixed date for the new season and no guarantee that fans will be in place when it does, I'd be surprised if we keep any player that we don't have to. There aren't many who are out of contract that I'd be desperate to keep anyway.
  5. League Two Playoffs start tonight. With no guarantee that I'll be able to watch us at Exeter either way next season, I hope they go up. Although in all honesty none of the teams are particularly good away trips. Also while I'm looking forward to watching them, I'm not convinced that they should be happening. I'd have given 4th place on PPG the final promotion spot and be done with it.
  6. I'm a fan of the salary cap in Leagues One and Two, it'll certainly help bring our house in order and stop any chance of fairly average players being paid £11k or £4k per week. As Big Dog said, the clubs with bigger attendances will be able to offer more in bonuses and incentives so it's not like teams don't have the opportunity to be flexible. I'm also a fan of points deductions for late wages payments. It's shocking how it's becoming standard practice for some clubs, us included but Macclesfield have probably been the most extreme case. Not sure about limiting squad sizes to 20 though, especially with 8 academy-developed players included in that number. There would have to be some relaxing of transfer windows because no club would be able to survive an injury crisis.
  7. I was certainly in favour of getting this season done before starting the next one a few weeks ago, but there's no way that this season can realistically be finished. Points per game to work out promotion and relegation is the least worst option, null and void shouldn't (and probably won't) happen. That said, football will probably look completely different by the next time we can watch a game. Hopefully we'll still be around at that time that happens.
  8. I'd be happy with that red and white kit for a season. The early 2000 style white and blue kit on the left looks pretty good too. Rochdale did it for their anniversary kit too, think it was a black and white one. We could always go for the blue and red (looked purple on TV) Pony kit from the late 90s if needed...
  9. Add Hamer (2022) and Wheater (contract extension triggered to 2021) and we've nearly got a team! Although with there being no guarantees for football to start again anytime soon, having a very small number of players signed up past June could be essential to the club staying in existance post-virus.
  10. Half man, half Snoopy. No idea how good he is, but I'm surprised we're looking at new players when paying the current bunch must be a struggle.
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