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  1. Wow, he actually did! I thought he was known for pissing his players off by working them too hard?! It was a pretty desperate performance which could only be excused by the team still getting used to a new way of playing, but to call it excellent is just wrong.
  2. There were quite a few things that didn't seem right tonight. Obviously the goal itself was poorly defended and set up by ourselves, but having Fage and Badan as our wide midfielders wasn't going to give Dearnley and McAleny much help. Neither really did much to threaten their full backs. Badan didn't look like a bad player but nor did look in his natural position. Playing out from the back takes a certain quality of players to be able to do it, even then it takes time for a team to be able to do it with cohesion. Unless Kewell knows something we don't, he's not in a job which
  3. I'd go with: Lawlor Hamer Jombati Piergianni CBJ Whelan Garrity McAleny Grant Dearnley Rowe All things being equal I'd have Wheater in that back four, but I think that back four should still be good enough. That front four has enough talent to score goals in League Two, which is probably the biggest upgrade from this time last season.
  4. Not The Top 20 podcast has us finishing 12th! And Bolton 8th
  5. Cheers guys, didn't work on my phone but did on my laptop.
  6. Anyone else having problems purchasing the match on iFollow?
  7. https://fanbanter.co.uk/ex-sheffield-wednesday-bradford-oldham-and-bolton-player-injured-in-shooting/
  8. BetVictor's preview has us finishing 20th. https://blog.betvictor.com/en-gb/sports/football/league-two/league-two-season-preview-1-24-predictions/
  9. I know I've been pretty starved of Latics football for a while, but thought that we looked alright there. Number 6 who made the run for the goal looks pretty solid, great strike by McAleny too!
  10. It would be interesting if they could register viewing figures for games, I wonder if we've reached the point where we have so many exiles that it could count as our highest (sort of) attendance??
  11. Said at least one fan for the previous 3 (or more) seasons. Really hope you're right, but our trajectory hasn't been good.
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