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  1. For tomorrow, something simple and easily manageable by a lot of fans is the way to go. Scarfs on the pitch and/or a walkout should be doable. Then we can prepare for something bigger. Mansfield seems the obvious opportunity.
  2. I couldn't care less who the next manager is, good or bad. It's about getting the Lemsagams out of here and trying to secure our club's future.
  3. I think it's contractual i.e. if he plays one more game we have to give him a new deal. He's disappointed and isn't worth keeping on next season, but he's an option if we really needed him. My opinion though is that we brought in Iacovitti for a reason and now would be the best time to give him minutes when Hunt isn't doing very well.
  4. Hunt at right back is a good player at this level in my opinion, at left back he's average at best. As we've got plenty of left footed players who can play left back I'd rather play them, and Hamer is a better option at right back with the potential to play higher.
  5. I watched them at Exeter a week and a half ago. They played 4-4-2 then (although they played a 4-5-1 on Tuesday) and were pretty traditional in the way they set up. 2 physical centre backs, 2 steady full backs, a strong centre mid in McCullough and a savvy one in Perkins, 2 out-and-out wingers and 2 athletic forwards. Their players aren't as talented as Bury and they aren't as "professional" as Lincoln, but they're well organised and have threats in the right areas. I'd say that we should stick with 4-2-3-1 for the game: Iversen Hamer Clarke Edmundson Iacovitti Missilou Sylla Dearnley Maouche Nepomuceno Lang Not ideal having Maouche in the Baxter role, but there's no point putting O'Grady and Vera up against centre backs that are going to overpower them. If Maouche finds the gaps between their defence and midfield and Lang drags their centre backs out of position, we might get some joy.
  6. Stott, Hunt, Gardner and Dearnley are in the take it or leave it bracket. Other than that I agree. Don't see either Iversen or Lang staying but the rest could usefully fit in to a promotion winning squad.
  7. Scholes has no excuses for what's needed next season after tonight. Lincoln knew every trick in the book and we looked very naive. I respect the way that the Cowley brothers are shrewd in the way they manage but their "style" will only take them so far unless they adapt. Baxter's challenge was silly but it was a yellow (Hamer got booked later on for a similar challenge later on), the reaction of the Lincoln players made it a red which is infuriating to watch. As for us, it's poor on Scholes' part that we seemed pretty aimless going forward as a team. That was a game in which talent wasn't enough (even if we had it), we needed to have a clear and smart attacking strategy to break them down. It wasn't evident. Iverson - probably MotM for the saves as the match went on. Thought he could've done better with the first goal but he was let down by his defence. Back 4 - none particularly great individually, as a unit they had a difficult challenge but didn't really deal with it very well. Hunt was poor and while I think overall he's a decent full back, I'd rather have Hamer at right back and either Nepo or Iacovitti (left footers) at left back. I'd have no problem if he leaves in the summer. Missilou - battled but pretty average. Maouche - out-battled. Not the game for him. He has his uses but his contract next season would have to be right for us for him to be worth it. Lang - ineffective but I feel for him as he got no protection from the ref and not much support from his teammates. Glad he didn't get sent off ahead of Saturday. Baxter - OK when on the pitch, but asked for trouble with the red card challenge. We'll miss him for the next 3 games. Nepo - pretty anonymous. Dapo - battled and hope he's OK. Pretty ineffective though. Dearnley - tried to make things happen but fighting a losing battle. O'Grady - appreciate the role he played earlier in the season, but not a fit for this team and looks a bit past it. Expect to see him released in May. Vera - sadly he just seems shit. The rest of the season is up against mostly top half teams, I hope Scholes finds ways to beat these teams before next season.
  8. This game is a very good test for Scholes as a manager. If he can set us up to deal with Lincoln's shithousery then I'll be more confident about how we'll deal with the league next season. From what I've seen so far I think Scholes will try to get us to outplay most teams, but we need to be able to battle in some of the matches too.
  9. Hi Jules, happy to help but it says that the email address is invalid.
  10. Was the Baxter sub tactical or because of injury?
  11. Pretty much. Hope the 500+ who made the trip enjoyed it. Cambridge is a decent away day.
  12. Supporters who show support for their team are half wits? Not particularly good logic I'm afraid.
  13. If Maouche and Baxter control the possession in midfield then we could have a lot of joy, but that midfield could easily get overran. Nothing to lose I guess.
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