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  1. Plymouth fans rate him from what they've seen of him.
  2. The benefit I see from this Trophy is that it gives members of our squad a chance to build confidence, stake a claim for a first XI spot and maybe give the team an option that we previously didn't have for more important matches (pretty much any other match apart from this competition). I'm interested in how we approach the game and of course I wouldn't complain if we win, but I'm really not bothered if we lose tonight because the competition is terrible and doesn't deserve our respect. It's about the performance of the team and individual players rather than the end result. I also like topics that discuss on-field matters, which is why I started this one.
  3. We actually have a match tonight, albeit one in a trophy that's barely worth mentioning. Not really bothered if we win or lose, but interested to see the team we put out. I'd give a few of the fringe players opportunities: Woods Mills Hamer Stott Smith-Brown McHale Maouche Sylla Eagles Wilson Adams We don't much depth in quality but we're shorter on numbers than I originally thought too (players leaving, injured or AWOL). Tonight should give these fringe players the chance to show that they might actually be useful between now and January.
  4. So 4-2-3-1, no Wheater or Azankpo in the squad. Really hope that Egert and Stott step up today. But it really looks like a possible banana skin.
  5. I hope we go 4-4-2 tomorrow. Keep it fairly simple. De La Paz Hamer Wheater Stott Iacovitti Eagles Sylla McCann Smith Wilson Azankpo A solid central midfield 2 with Sylla sitting in and breaking up play, allowing McCann to have a bit more freedom. Eagles and Smith providing creativity from the flanks and the front two looking to get in behind their defence. Hopefully that should be enough.
  6. A weakened team (or should I say an even weaker team) wouldn't make sense. Like last season there's a lot of potential for the club to make money and gain positive publicity from a cup run, so I'm sure we'll be fielding our best XI possible. As for Wheater being asked to be cup tied...I wouldn't be surprised if he sees the season out and head back to Bolton next year. I suppose there's a chance he could go back there in January...but I'd rather not think about the state of our defence if he does go.
  7. With the frustrating way it sounded like Northampton played, I thought we were dead and buried with no way back at 1 down, let alone 2. So regardless of the first 85 minutes, credit to the character of the players for getting a point there. Did Emmerson make a big difference or was it simply going 2 up front? Either way, if we back that up with a win at Gateshead and suddenly it's 4 unbeaten. It wouldn't solve everything but it's a start.
  8. Added to that, the manager who brought him in and believed in him had left within a month. One year later and he was on his 5th manager at the club. Is it any wonder that he couldn't settle? Although 5 managers in 12 months is worryingly becoming the norm now I guess.
  9. Surely it should be the same XI again? Can't think of any player coming into the side who would make that much of a difference to be worth bringing in. Not surprised that Northampton are near the playoffs, Keith Curle knows how to build effective teams at this level. But I don't think they'll overrun us, it'll probably be an ugly low-scoring game.* Hopefully we'll find a way to grind out a win. *I might have to go for a 4-4 draw in the prediction league as a cover bet!
  10. We could do better, but he's the type of striker who would make a difference to the squad.
  11. He's definitely the type of striker we need.
  12. We're guaranteed to be a minimum of 4 points clear of the drop by the end of Saturday as Stevenage take on Morecambe. What a high quality match that will be! Hopefully we can make it a 7 or 8 point gap.
  13. Think he'd be stupid not to. Both needing confidence, both just scored and while neither are likely to outmuscle your average League Two centre back, they'll cause a lot of problems on the break with their pace. Same XI please, no need to change a winning side and (on paper at least) it looks pretty balanced.
  14. Really sorry for your loss. Take care bud.
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