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  1. Up until now I think that Dino's done what he needed to do in getting us comfortably away from the relegation spot. His record of W7 D10 L9 is below average, but as proven by the 16 point gap you need to be waaay below average in this league to be near relegation. Now that he has a squad which I view as reasonable at this level, the rest of the season needs to be used to prove he can take us forward. Worryingly for him, up until this point he's looked quite limited in a few areas. We've got quite a balanced 11 games remaining, a fair crack of the whip to show that he's the above average manager we need for next season. If he carries on as he's done so far I wouldn't shed a tear if we replaced him.
  2. I'm even starting to feel confident that we'd stay up with a 12 point deduction. How is it possible that with the season we've had there's still a team that's 16 points worse off than us? I hope Maamria proves himself in the last 11 games to be the right man to take us forward next season, but I'm not convinced he'll do it.
  3. Dino's legacy will be the highest number of keeper injuries in Latics history. Highest number of recoveries too!
  4. I'm guessing Dino's gone with: Woods Hamer Wheater Piergianni Mills Missilou McCann Sylla Dearnley Rowe Smith Really hope it's not 4-5-1, with the 3 central midfielders the wide players need to be more attacking and support Rowe.
  5. Speaking of Stevenage... https://www.stevenagefc.com/news/2020/february/efl-charge-stevenage-football-club-oldham-athletic-appointment-monday-17th-february-2020/
  6. The only time I've been to Orient was the final day of the season in 2013. Kirk Millar scored and Jose Baxter's baby became an Oldham fan. Great away day.
  7. I want to forget about last night as soon as possible, so onto Saturday. They might be top half but have been on a poor run of form recently. We need a setup like Mansfield and Bradford and attack them from the off. I'd go with: Zeus (although Woods if fit) Mills Hamer Piergianni CBJ Smith Maouche McCann Nepomuceno Rowe Wilson (Dearnley if fit) Last night wasn't a game for Maouche but Saturday will be, especially with McCann back in the middle. Sylla hasn't done much wrong but I think McCann could do his role better than him. I doubt that Wilson will get picked but we should go with 2 up front and he'd be ideal for the role.
  8. Branger might've been OK when he had the ball at his feet, but he really seems to be a step behind the rest of the team when anticipating where passes are going on a regular basis, and a lot of our play breaks down from that. He would've been the player I'd have sacrificed after Wheater's red. Although Missilou was a close 2nd, he shouldn't be an option for that advanced midfield role.
  9. I understand that, but as bad as we are the bottom of this league is a different kind of shit. We aren't going to be pushing the playoffs with this squad but we aren't going down either.
  10. For me it wasn't downing tools or a lack of effort from our outfield players. We chased them down as they were moving the ball about well in the 2nd half with the extra man. They can't be responsible for bad goalkeeping errors.
  11. I said before the game it was a test of his tactics. First half we matched up well to them, Second half we had no chance regardless of tactics due to the red card. There will be matches where Dino should take the blame. Tonight wasn't one though.
  12. He's no world beater, but he's better than Zeus.
  13. The only positive wrapped in a shitty negative from tonight is that, even with a 12 point administration deduction, this squad has enough good players in it to stay up. That is the worst positive I've ever thought of as an Oldham fan.
  14. No big report. Gutted. Pretty even first half, we might've even edged it. Then the sending off happened and the 2nd half was a horror show, they were ruthless. Good: Smith McCann Piergianni OK: Wheater - Good before red card, which was an instinctive decision. Killed the game for us though. Sylla Rowe Hamer Mills Bad: CBJ Missilou N'Guessan Dieseruwve Ugly: Zeus Branger
  15. I currently rate Mills as a better right back than Hamer, but Hamer has more potential and the game time will be better for him and us long term. If he needs a rest or if CBJ isn't fit, I'd throw Mills straight in at either full back positions. I think we'll need solidity in central midfield and at least one front man who will stretch their defence by playing on the last man. Maouche doesn't fit either role and he shouldn't get in ahead of Rowe so I'd have him on the bench for Tuesday. That's not to say I'd have him starting other games as he clearly has ability. I agree that I think Dino will start him though. It's interesting that people have questioned his tactics a lot so far despite his overall record being not bad (not great either of course). I have some sympathy for games like Cheltenham for example where the formation made sense but he didn't have the personnel to execute it, but Crewe on Saturday sounded like he managed the situation badly (getting deeper and deeper for the last 30 mins and not using subs stands out like a sore thumb). I don't think management is all about tactics but it's a significant flaw if he wants to keep the job long enough to have a full season in charge.
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