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  1. the_mighty_bosh

    Macclesfield: Directions, Beer & Food

    The majority of the board considers 15th in League Two a roaring success, so yeah I'd say we're easily pleased.
  2. the_mighty_bosh

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    From what I've heard he's a fantastic athlete, very unpredictable but that applies to his teammates as well as his opponents!
  3. the_mighty_bosh

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    The 3rd coming of Oumare Tounkara?
  4. the_mighty_bosh

    Macclesfield: Directions, Beer & Food

    Fair point and I stand corrected. Lang would absolutely need the right service from that midfield (i.e. not hopeful long balls for him to flick on to no one) but if he gets it that team could work well.
  5. the_mighty_bosh

    Macclesfield: Directions, Beer & Food

    So with the players available so far, we should go with: Iversen Hamer Clarke Edmundson Hunt Sylla Missilou Lang Maouche Nepomuceno Baxter Just shows how much we need to bring in a big striker. Baxter's played the role before but it's by no means a natural role for him. Are there any other alternatives?
  6. the_mighty_bosh

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    I believe that 15th in League Two would be a success. Not because I actually believe it, but because having one person backing up your opinion might make you happier.
  7. the_mighty_bosh

    Forest Green (h)

    Fair comment about Nepo at left back, he might not be the best defensive player (not the worst either) but he can certainly offer an attacking threat from there in the 4-2-3-1 formation. I'd only play him on one of the flanks (and Branger on the other) because of our lack of other options there and other options at left back (albeit Taylor who's been in pretty poor form). I'm guessing that Sylla isn't ready to come into the team yet? If he is then he could be our 2nd holding midfielder and we could keep the 4-2-3-1 formation, otherwise I'd revert to 4-4-2. FGR are small in terms of fanbase but I'd be surprised if they haven't got one of the biggest budgets in the league. They weren't amazing against us last time (a good team would've taken us apart that day) but they've got a good squad at this level and with Doidge returning they've got an extra threat back. Will be a very good win if we get it.
  8. the_mighty_bosh

    Forest Green (h)

    Iversen Hamer Clarke Edmundson Taylor (or Hunt if fit) Nepomuceno Maouche Missilou Branger O'Grady Lang Not ideal having Nepo on the right or Taylor back in, but neither Branger or Nepo deserve to be dropped, either Taylor or Hunt will offer balance and Lang will be able to be effective in his best position.
  9. the_mighty_bosh

    New Manager Thread

    Agree with everything you say, but let's be honest, Wild (and any other manager) won't get any of these.
  10. the_mighty_bosh

    FA Cup 2018-19

    I was one of those who thought we wouldn't fill our 2,500 allocation at Fulham. Not making that assumption again.
  11. I'll delegate to Crusoe's superior skills here!
  12. the_mighty_bosh

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    Most has already been said on here, even our weakest 2 players Maouche and O'Grady put a great shift in. Brilliant day, great ground, amazing fans! Moments of magic from Iverson and Lang will live long in the memory as will the calmness of Surridge for the pen. But the standouts were Clarke who would get MotM any other day of the week if it wasn't for Missilou. He showed glimpses of what he could do at Yeovil earlier in the season, but that was an incredible display of breaking up play in midfield and composure on the ball after. Let's make sure he's signed up beyond this season!
  13. the_mighty_bosh

    Pete Wild

    Going off his comments I think he's going to go down the TP route and stay in charge of the youth due to better job security. Smart man.
  14. the_mighty_bosh


    Pretty certain that Gerrard was only on a 6 month deal at Carlisle, so he may follow Shez there. Somehow I think neither Shez or Gerrard will come back here. 😄 Have Chesterfield got a new source of money? A real head-scratcher otherwise.
  15. the_mighty_bosh

    New Manager Thread

    Pressley now 6/4 fav with BetVictor. Clarke 2/1, Askey and Santini further out at 10/1. Looks like it's Pressley's job.