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  1. Awful conditions didn’t expect a good game that’s what we got Missilou was woeful as was Borthwick-Jackson. Nepo and smith not on it either Rowe has to drop to deep for the ball all the time we ain’t playing him right saying that we lost the midfield battle all game so he had to . Dino tactics again come into question when we went into the lead thank god the season is coming to an end
  2. Start of a ground share with Moseley perhaps holds 4500 plenty big enough for our first team games as well I wouldn’t put it past Al
  3. Could be a long wait. Can’t see anybody falling over themselves to sign those two
  4. He might keep a clean sheet Zeus won’t
  5. As bad as the result is we were the better side up until the sending off I don’t know why players do that on the line deliberately put his arm to the ball we down to 10 and they get a penalty might as well let the goal go in and take 2-1 down but still got 11 on pitch. Zeus needs dropping for a long time I’d rather play the youth goalie
  6. Yep really terrible at fault for 3 maybe 4 of the goals guys got no confidence
  7. Pitch is very heavy. Lots of misplaced passes both teams
  8. Dino big fan of two up front. What a load of bollocks
  9. Out of that list there’s plenty out of contract at end of season If we can sign piagianni that would be good. No chance of getting Smith he’s destined for higher up the pyramid next year I would of thought Who would you offer new deals to
  10. I’m raising a glass tonight to the boys in blue we looked like a proper team today I thought Tuesday was good but today was twice as good my man of the match was. Maouche today that’s the best he’s played for us
  11. Think the club got it right today from the. Shirt with his name on it in the photo to the minutes applause and his name on the advertising hoardings.i didn’t know Lee but I’m sure Lee’s-family appreciated the nice touch from the club
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