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  1. We are always patient we have to be because nothing ever gets reported back to us straight away until minutes have been checked etc Like Dave og said best of luck with that Als got a team to pick for Saturday So he won't have time for a meeting
  2. It’s the time of year. When the youth team players are finding out who’s being kept on at clubs throughout the land 18 yr olds up to u23 must be some gems getting released at clubs higher up the pyramid I’ve heard of one 18yr old striker being released from a premier league team that has bagged 25 goals this season Hope our scouting network unearths a couple
  3. Good management by Howe brings him on when game over. A bright future for Sam I think
  4. Don’t know if anyone put it out there but just phoned bury fc up it’s pay on the day in the west stand today for Oldham fans
  5. What’s going on with the lad from West Ham. Apparently played for West Ham u23 against Liverpool this week according to twitter any truth in it ?
  6. Agree re Edmundson and Clarke. Just punting diagonal balls all game which were easy pickings for the morecombe fullbacks it would be just typical Oldham to go and get a result at Bury then all the talk of the playoffs can return for me p
  7. The right back played well against us at their place
  8. Why do we loan players that are injured no sign of the lad from forest or West Ham. That’s 4 games since we signed them
  9. How much will it cost does it include the north stand if not will there be an option to buy the north Stand
  10. No intent by the player just not looking the lad went over and shook Hamers hand when he was going off
  11. Steady on BP he was good but praise that high are you sure
  12. It was me and I was referring to your ten wins on the bounce comment not the play off part. But only 9 to go
  13. Branger MOM for me looked a player tonight
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