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  1. Not me we will be in the championship in 5 yrs one step from the premier league. Al said so
  2. Papa Ibou kebe I hope 22 goals in 24 games last season. But I don’t know what standards like
  3. Mansfield already appointed the academy coach as manager
  4. Flitcroft not well liked by players where ever he’s been and futcher even less and works with a big budget be no good for us
  5. A club is nothing with out the fan Al said so.For to long it has been owned by different parties owning different bits thanks to the three amigos who are not fans or have the best interest of the club at heart ,if it’s owned by a fan led group that does have the best interest of the club then to me it feels like it’s the first step in getting it back to being under one ownership Don’t know how long you been a fan koweniki but I bet it feels different now to when you first started supporting us
  6. Feels like the first step in getting our club back well done all involved
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