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  1. To all the ITK people can we expect a glut of signings when we get back on Monday McFadzean. Been linked Elliot Durrell also linked was the Zak Clough rumour just that or was there any truth in it it seamed to come from the forest end more than ours
  2. Just shows what a shambolic reign Corney had But very shrewd by Brentford to do the deal with us if we had of had a 20% clause in the deal it would of got us 3.2 million in further payments on top of the initial fee
  3. I don’t believe our supporters values on players to many people been brainwashed over the years into the corney way of thinking that 350k is a big fee yes he was Shite for us and yes doidge for 250k is a far better option but if we had a player that scored 19 goals in a season I’d of wanted upwards of that figure
  4. Nothing unusual in receiving fees in instalments happens at every club
  5. And last week you said there was signings imminent any update lee sinnott
  6. Bradford sign Vaughan Doyle gotta be surplus to requirements come on Al push the boat out and try and get him back here
  7. Has anybody got any news on any incoming deals
  8. Frankie didn’t get to see much of winter at latics
  9. I remember thinking he was the best player on the pitch when we played them at. Their place and as for getting a player off Morecambe lang didn’t turn out to bad
  10. How long is imminent you got me all giddy finger at the ready to google some skinny French midfielder and. Our new goal machine
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