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  1. The one they scored was the last kick of the game - other than that they were contained by Missilou and sylla. The back four actually played as a unit!
  2. We were good tonight - two up top with two wingers - sylla was a man mountain!
  3. If all this fella does is goal-hang and score - that will do for me. We already have enough players running around with zero end product!
  4. We already have Missilou and sylla for that! we need goals! - I thought this fella was brought in to do that... Surely we don't need another defensive midfielder?
  5. Not if he's here to create and score goals...
  6. Tbh I wasn't expecting anything but that today - we are just toothless - none of this lot can score goals - best we can hope for is to try to grind out some results and hope at least one of the other teams can't. The more I watch and listen to Dino- the more he sounds and looks like a first team coach or an assistant , rather than a 'manager' .
  7. Play is not quick enough- very rarely get behind defences - only when the opposition allow it through mistakes or poor play. Keeper hasn't got a rush in him - at 1-0 today ...slow kicking or even worse a short pass to icavitti 😱 No goals in this team at all.
  8. I'm sure Dino will find plenty 'positives' in that absolute pile of horseshit I have just witnessed...
  9. The biggest disappointment yesterday was that in a one-off game - this awful 'pack the midfield ' was used at home again, with no strikers on the pitch (number 19 doesn't count - he is purely a headless chicken). And not to change it until it was way too late. Burton were there to be got at but Dino didn't have the bollocks to go for it.
  10. You could pick up better on Clayton pre match! - always plenty on there!
  11. I think the fact that we had two up top - a partnership working together helped tonight - with both scoring. Refreshing not to see one on his own chasing lost causes.
  12. Oldham Athletic FC (First Team) v Walsall FC (First Team)Football League 2 Referee: Yates, OllieAssistant Referee: Wade, StephenAssistant Referee: Dudley, IanFourth Official: Smith, Lewis
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