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  1. We are now bottom of the football league Only way is up, sometime soon please.
  2. He was in my bream team.Ledgend.Ace passer in his day but knocked of his perch nowadays.
  3. Just need a couple of loanees up front to make a team .
  4. My second away game. Crow barred into neighbours works van along with 4 other kids in the back and adults in the front. Spent most of the game hanging from the lower part of floodllight pylon. Great atmosphere when we equalised.
  5. I too sat on the boards behind the Chaddy goal in that year. Always enjoyed clapping the opposition keeper and getting an acknowledgememt. Remember throwing the ball back to Jim Coombes and him saying 'thanks cock'. Had my scarf nicked after the Sunderland game outside the Ford Stand, second of mine to go that way as I had my silk/Wool 3rd Div champions one nicked in the Chaddy when I was holding on to the boards above that nobbly concrete perimeter wall. Remember the cracking atmosphere of the night games when driving over from Derker you could see the floodlights inthe night sky and then walking down sheepfoot lane with a throng of excited voices discussing what Grovesy could do. Only time I felt like that last season was the first Scholes game. Just glad me, my Dad and my mates were there to enjoy those days.
  6. Didn't we have to build the earl Barrett stand ie rocky road due to all seater stadium requirements?
  7. Could be a favourite of mine.Sweeper could be his best position.
  8. Wonderful talent. A palpable buzz went round the ground when he had the ball. 1973 team with Alan and George McVitie on t'other wing was exciting to watch, created chances and scored goals. As a 15 yr old, he had been my favourite player and when he died , it was around the day of one of my O levels and I wore a black tie rather than usual blue tie to school that day as mark of respect.
  9. Yes recall my first time on the Chaddy early 1973 v Watford. Still at Junior school and trying to find a position on the old boards at the top right to see over the clouds of pipe smokers. Most of the neighbours went and us kids disappeared to the top and adults lower down, much as with the athleticos in the Earl Barratt /Rocky Road end these days. Memories and allegiances formed from this shared visceral experience and is why the club needs to welcome families if we are to survive.
  10. To see Jim Frizzell's aces. Before that Zigga Zagga ........
  11. Certainly cylla and missile should be a two in the middle. Baxter looked sharper than of previous. Today's game was enjoyable to watch with both teams trying to win it in last few minutes. Let's give Wild a chance for next season.
  12. Also where I am at. Our 2 season tickets not renewed. Will look out for response to the Trust letter with interest.
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