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  1. Both brilliant memories. 2 of my former housemates on that video.
  2. So many good memories, great to share these thanks I first went to a game in December 1972 v Bournemouth. Never forget walking up steps in the main stand upper, to see the bright green pitch and the brand new Ford Stand opposite. Smell of pipe tobacco and whisky of the crowd. Next season started going at top right of the Chaddy on the old wooden boards. What a season . Alan Groves was my hero and later on moved to sitting on the perimeter boards at front of the Chaddy to get a chance of chucking the ball back to him. Always remember giving the OPPO keeper a round of applause which was usually recognised. Even got a ' thanks cock' from Jim coombes when returning ball to him. Away days at Blackburn and york , when woody was injured and Maurice scored a screamer. Moved away then got the bug when I came back in 1989, had season tickets at back of lookers with the BB guys. Promotion, then pinch me season . As a side note I was working in those days for major accountancy firm in Manchester, with a certain Mr Parry. Shared an office with a Wednesday fan and was amazed when I was stood by the fax machine when I saw his team's headed whitepaper, saying they had resigned from the football league. By the time I got in to confirm what I had read, a pile of similar letters were there, Liverpool , arsenal and then Latics. I thought that after all the effort of our first season on first division what had we done? Later that day it was announced the formation of the Premier league. Rick Parry I think went on to become it's chairman. Then came pinch me season, and alongside all the thrills and spills of a title style game, my memories ate after the games we always went to the Houghton arms, and were always beaten to the bar by Jonny hallworth, mark Brennan and often neil Adams. Years later when he was coach at Norwich, he still came in the pub yo meet up with the this players and got yo chat to him. He missed the atmosphere of the club. After a number of years away again, got a season ticket last year . So sad to see where we ate now but as my dad says, he saw us fight of re-election to the old 4th division so we have gone full circle. Hoping for new memories sometime soonish!
  3. Saw Bobby Moore score a cracking goal for us so welcome this comparison!
  4. We are now bottom of the football league Only way is up, sometime soon please.
  5. He was in my bream team.Ledgend.Ace passer in his day but knocked of his perch nowadays.
  6. Just need a couple of loanees up front to make a team .
  7. My second away game. Crow barred into neighbours works van along with 4 other kids in the back and adults in the front. Spent most of the game hanging from the lower part of floodllight pylon. Great atmosphere when we equalised.
  8. I too sat on the boards behind the Chaddy goal in that year. Always enjoyed clapping the opposition keeper and getting an acknowledgememt. Remember throwing the ball back to Jim Coombes and him saying 'thanks cock'. Had my scarf nicked after the Sunderland game outside the Ford Stand, second of mine to go that way as I had my silk/Wool 3rd Div champions one nicked in the Chaddy when I was holding on to the boards above that nobbly concrete perimeter wall. Remember the cracking atmosphere of the night games when driving over from Derker you could see the floodlights inthe night sky and then walking down sheepfoot lane with a throng of excited voices discussing what Grovesy could do. Only time I felt like that last season was the first Scholes game. Just glad me, my Dad and my mates were there to enjoy those days.
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