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  1. Yes been to the village a couple of times. Always some weird vibe to it though. Stunning views across the bay in good weather.
  2. Honest sounding stuff. Sounds great to my ears. Practical and positive.
  3. Don't forget the weird eastern European kids drama "the singing ringing tree' with the giant fish Never understood it then and have seen some clips on 'youth tube' and still don't understand it now.
  4. Back on topic, I had to smile to myself today as I looked out from my seat in the moan stand at Paul Scholes, England and Utd ledgend , who is our manager with the back ground of the Joe Royle stand. In 20 years time will the moan stand have been replaced with the Paul Scholes stand?
  5. Nepo for me too. Put in a shift at full back including some solid tackles and was constantly making overlaps and space.
  6. Agreed subs didn't work out today. If we are pressing up the field we need all forwards to work as one. Branger needs to play ball quicker when one on one Still havnt seen anyone better than us so got to keep on playing with a quicker tempo which causes defenders at this level problems Once again poor ref who was backed up by a poor lino on the moan stand side. Roll on Tuesday with a stronger bench please and play to feet.
  7. Seven goals by seven players in 2 games. Means we are not relying on a single forward. Increasing confidence to take a shot is noticeable.
  8. Press conference looked like some bizarre love triangle
  9. I'll say it again ,Great news for club and the fans alike. Could be a Royle or Sharp but fun to watch I'm hoping.
  10. Great news for club and fans alike. Could be a Royle or a Sharp but will be fun!
  11. What odds on Scholesy getting carded in his first game in the dugout?
  12. Including 3 in 4 days over Easter wasnt it.? Bristol rovers away was on motd
  13. Last 20 minutes shows fitness and application and some thoughtful football Now on to.6.30 pm!
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