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  1. I've been once this season, that was plenty thanks very much.
  2. It is but the situation will cripple season ticket sales further, nobody in their right mind will purchase one now on the back of so much uncertainty.
  3. Adjourned for 6 weeks apparently https://mobile.twitter.com/MikeKeegan_DM?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  4. So do I.......unfortunately, given his decision making so far and the way he operates there is not a chance this wont drag on, unless he literally doesn't have a pot to piss in.
  5. More chance of us signing Ronaldo in the next window.
  6. Giving 125 ST's away is financial suicide, its is an idea hatched up in an attempt to drive up sales past the norm for a quick cash boost, unfortunately the clowns are that far out of touch they have no grasp of how the real supporters feel and prefer to listen to one or two plebs who they have decided represent us, with sales at critical levels they must be shocked and the results of their mismanagement and ineptitude is there for all to see, without these fans the club is nothing. Is there still opportunities to change? Probably but this bloke and those around him are so arrogant and misguided they probably still think they are doing a great job.
  7. All we are missing in all this sorry mess is Darren Ratcliffe assuring us all there is nothing to see inbetween sitting on Barry's lap in the directors box...... by the way do we still have a Trust or has it managed to become even more impotent.
  8. I think they are going to be shocked by how many more fans they lose for next season, of course you will get those who would renew whatever the club did to them but even some quite staunch supporters who are friends of mine who I'd never ever of thought would give it a miss are actually going to do just that, main gripe for many of them appears to be the resentment they feel for being used as pawns in a tit for tat between the club and the FLG, using fans in these sort of situations is always a risky move and we are about to see the consequence of this.
  9. Goram 1st time though, quality and probably as good as I've seen.
  10. Some pretty damning suggestions flying around on social media with regards to Zeus performance on Tuesday, have to say that is by far the worst goalkeeping performance I've seen from a professional in 40 years of watching the game and yes I was there when Segers helped chucked six into his own goal against us at BP many moons ago, Must of played his last game for the club surely?
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