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  1. yarddog73

    Bury (A)

    Let's call it once until it's two then.
  2. yarddog73

    Bury (A)

  3. You think there's enough land there to justify the £6 million + price tag and everything that goes with it?
  4. yarddog73

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    I've got away with Blackpool in February before with that very reason, not sure a trek to Somerset (as lovely as it is) would hold the same appeal with kids in tow for a Tuesday night game.
  5. So if he wanted to Corney or an individual of similar ilk could lead a consortium to buy the ground and surrounding land for £6 million then charge the football club £1 million a year to use the facilities?
  6. Yes let's stick with the fragmented approach that's served us so well.
  7. See I'd like to see one person own it all so they can start to run it like a business.
  8. Doesn't make one bit of sense if the person bidding isn't Abdallah or his associates.
  9. yarddog73

    MOTM Yeovil (H)

    To be honest he had that defender doing the river dance for much of the second half on either foot.
  10. Means nothing. My take on it is the Trust are getting involved because the ACV has been triggered not because they are in a position to put an offer in.
  11. If Abdallah put in an offer wouldn't that trigger the ACV?