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  1. Multilingual apparently, even though all the instructions are passed on in French from the bench, farcical.
  2. Sheff United used to relish their trips to BP three of four years ago for league games, today they sit 85 places above us. Cheers Corney and Abdallah you cunts.
  3. Must of missed them, regardless he's largely been shite this season.
  4. I'm waiting for the first De de de de fucking shambles....
  5. Its pie in the sky, not one player with any sort of reputation to keep will sign for us now, our fate is sealed now and I would be shocked if we manage to bring anyone in to improve us on the back of being bottom of the football league, players like Leon Clarke will be inundated with offers from teams in Leagues above us, when you leave your transfer business this late it's a risk you take and for the vast majority of players I would suggest we are not worth the trouble and that's before you factor in the interference and shitshow in the background.
  6. You've not seen us this season then?
  7. Your referring to Sue Howard - I think, apparently her other half was at it as well (Dean Pickering) shame really as they shouldn't be getting involved.
  8. Oh no the apologist is back, look you can't polish a turd and even the ones who show glimpses cant put a decent half hour together never mind a full game, it's a team full of weak characters without a plan or an obvious leader, honestly don't see us winning many games never mind competing, Crewe and Bradford could of had six each and that's without us really having a go going forward, all the quality and leaders from last season Iverson, Lang, Clarke, Eddy, Surridge and Lyden to a degree had been replaced by absolute dross, subservient yes men who are Abdallah and Mo's puppets add the manager into that and it's a recipe for disaster. As for the antics at full time it was inevitable I called it on here last week when I said it's likely to get toxic and guess what it wont get any better going forward with the shitshow that exists.
  9. Anyone who clapped them off yesterday needs their hard drive seizing, Ma-douche coming over and telling fans to calm down - really, he epitomizes all that is wrong with the club at the moment, fraud of a player never mind captain.
  10. Suspect they are now realistic about our chances of losing our FL status,, usual deluded suspects I guess, kissing Abdallahs arse instead of letting fans discuss the real problems.
  11. On the vidiprinter yesterday within a minute three consecutive names were Banks, Matt Smith and the Jake Cassidy.
  12. Don't have IFollow but I suspect his ramblings will be pretty predictable.
  13. Has Zac Clough arrived yet or is he stuck in a taxi with Leon Clarke No goals in that team, powder puff midfield who cant dominate a game despite having two holding midfielders and a defence that's made of biscuits. Let's face it the recruitment has been a joke and one of the only decent signings is stopping Hamer from developing and keeping him on the bench, there is little point blaming the coaching team because they are just the pupoets in this whole farce and they are working under near impossible conditions.
  14. Of course he is, Kowenicki and Mcfluff cant wait till we get a win or for Ma-douche to have a decent half hour but it's unlikely to happen any time soon, problem is just like them AL and ML just wont admit when they are wrong and they will defend AL/ML persevering with the shit show which could ultimately take us down, even then they will still blame someone else, apologists who just go against the grain, sniping at respected posters who can see things for what they are.
  15. I think plenty have been saying this for weeks, no doubt some will try and make out the positives but frankly there are none.
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