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  1. Inevitably the mood will change at some stage, let the apologists have their day - getting all giddy cos we might finish about tenth in League 2 isn't really for me given that AL has somehow managed to fuck another season up under his stewardship. Let's hope he can keep his conk out next season but I won't hold my breath.
  2. If that's the case he should be bringing in the likes of Warburton from Stockport and Willoughby from FC United who would both be and upgrade on the likes of Vera and Miller.
  3. Wild will struggle without Clarke there, Clarke is without doubt the glue that holds us together at times.
  4. So what makes you think Paul is any more informed than myself? Like to know how Miller got involved then if it was in the managers office.
  5. They day we think Mansfield Town are a bigger club is the day to fold the club.
  6. You mean the owner who probably influenced that dog shit performance at Brunton Park because he wanted Bunn out before the window opened and then proceeded to fuck off to Dubai for the duration of the said window meaning we didn't strengthen the largely poor squad we already had other than a couple of strange signings our esteemed sporting director made? The owner yet again has undermined another season with his antics, fortunately Bunn had us in a position where we'd collected enough points not to get dragged in to a relegation battle, thankfully that prevented back to back relegations, if you think Scholes is the problem in all this your deluded. Oh and in case you wasn't aware he employed Scholes and by his own admission begged him to stay so he is also culpable on that front as well.
  7. Meanwhile in the real world the players are washing their own kits.........
  8. Another one was Barnsley away Marshy in front of about 5000 of us, hot summers day.
  9. I agree, I watch plenty of local football but invest nothing more than polite applause during the game, do have 'friends' I travelled home and away with years ago following Oldham who are now season ticket holders at the Emptihad - find that just plain weird.
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