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  1. No that's based on two sharing. It's even more expensive for one if you cant find someone to bunk up with.
  2. On occasions these type of friendlies are carried over to next pre season, here's hoping.
  3. I love him but we said the same last season, unfortunately the hunger has gone from the lad and it's a shame because he had undoubted ability.
  4. Deserves it and it just goes to show if you get your head down, give 100% and work hard you get the rewards, regardless of how the team is performing.
  5. Fucking hell are you Barry Owen or some sort of wet wipe associated with him
  6. At least we are coming to mutual agreements with players as opposed to firing them if they fart in the dressing room resulting in them taking us to employment tribunals, it might actually represent progress that we've parted terms in an honourable fashion.
  7. He did and your right was probably one of the best players on the pitch, particularly in the second half that Morecambe dominated, promising addition to the squad in my opinion. Didn't see him in the return either unfortunately.
  8. Didn't work out for all concerned but wouldn't be surprised to see him performing well in League 1 or 2 next season.
  9. Decent if true, Morecambe player of the season and a decent solid right back.
  10. Not much in it and they are still shifting theirs, I suspect our sales dried up a long time ago.
  11. Salford have shifted more season tickets than us so the fact they 'don't have many fans' tells us where we really are at.
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