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  1. yarddog73

    Bury (H)

    He ducks under most balls which isn't a decent trait for a would be centre half.
  2. yarddog73

    Bury (H)

    No need for probably our best attacking threat to play at LB. Grahams here as cover for Clarke and Eddy he's got his chance it's now up to him to take it like others have.
  3. yarddog73

    Bury (H)

    He's had shockers coming on as a fullback, play him in the centre and he'd be just fine.
  4. yarddog73

    Bury (H)

    Just replied as you posted, never rated Gardner but didn't think he'd be up to it either but he's doing just fine and long may it continue.
  5. yarddog73

    Bury (H)

    I'd also add that Lang and Surridge would be huge misses if they got injured and are as responsible as anyone for our high press and defending from the front mentality that Bunn seems to have instilled. Nepo's quality has never been in doubt and Missilou was decent from the the start, Maouche has taken time to shine but you've got to say he's taken his chance with both hands.
  6. yarddog73

    Bury (H)

    Shame his goalkeeper was largely responsible for us ending up in this shite league.
  7. yarddog73

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    Barry will be in his element searching out the next Smooth Criminal....
  8. yarddog73

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    I blame it on the boogie...
  9. yarddog73

    FA Cup 2018-19

    They have to give us 15% of their capacity as it's an FA cup game, I'm sure 3800 will be enough.
  10. yarddog73


    I don't think anybody is claiming that but as I posted it first I thought it was worth a mention as he's gone from 9 in 9 to 0 in 6. Of course he is better than 99% of the players in this division - not one person has denied his quality and with a bit of luck will play at the highest level, but surely we can raise it on here and discuss? Maybe he'd of been better staying around the squad to get over his niggle than posting himself back on the south coast, he's certainly some way off the player we saw up to the Bradford game.
  11. If they really want it (which personally I don't think they do) it will happen, it's as simple as that.
  12. yarddog73

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    Good effort after a couple of days.
  13. To be fair they've not done too bad despite being managed by the biggest flat cap wearing cunt in football so Frankie doing his bit and helping the scruffy cunts have a shower is hardly crime of the century.
  14. Is it the same sense of importance that makes someone feel like they have to police a football forum, give it a rest for fuck sake, it must be difficult for you being on another level to all us plebs but try to be a little considerate when branding us racist thugs. How you manage to stand on the terraces without getting all precious is beyond me.
  15. yarddog73


    Looks like his self exile following the Bradford game where he ran riot has done him the world of good, no goals in six games and seven hours of football since his return, gone a bit Doyle on us after scoring nine in nine previous appearances.