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  1. Oh I know that but the point is he was looking to sign for a professional club (I use the term loosley) before he put pen to paper on that FC contract in early November, he would of cost nothing and was clearly better than anything else we had at the time.
  2. Absolute fucking car crash of a club, anybody who supports this regime is in my opinion now part of the problem, apologists and those that still try to defend these fuckwits actions need to give their heads a serious wobble.
  3. I contacted the club when Tunde hadn't even signed a contract at FC, he was effectively a free agent till November when he put pen to paper at FC, strange that such an obvious talent wasnt snapped up given his desire to be a full time professional footballer who could of cost absolutely nothing.
  4. He was set up to fail that is indisputable, are we really going round in circles blaming manager after manager when it is clear that the major factor is a meddling chairman with his stooges in tow, Wellens gives zero fucks about what went on here, he walked into a similar profile job as anyone in the game will tell you the clubs a fucking circus and just like players deemed surplus who go on to better things, managers are just the same, just because he knew what went on when Shez was here doesn't mean he has to suffer the same shit, surely given the start we'd had he deserved a bit of slack from they who know best?
  5. I hold him partly responsible seeing as last summer a team was broke up then built around the prodigal son which predictably failed, flair isnt a word I'd associate with any of this current set up, in 40 odd years I've never seen such a flair less and talentless group of players, other than Jonny Smith (whose gone) the rest are very poor.
  6. Flair that's taken us to the bottom of the football league and still sinking.
  7. Bad apple who I've been told by ex players wanted Clarke out of the way so he could pursue his ambition of becoming captain of the club, that went well - personally we got rid of the wrong one and a 40 year old Clarke would offer more to the 'team' than that man ever has.
  8. We cant keep blaming managers though, Bunn, Wellens and Scholes were all capable but were operating in circumstances were anything they had to offer was stifled by the Lemsagams.
  9. I'd be averse to him staying as I think he's a bad apple whose epitomised what the club has become in recent seasons, as for the flair he is alleged to have aplenty I really haven't seen that, got to be one of the most overrated waste of money players we've ever had and the fact he captained us is laughable.
  10. I've been once this season, that was plenty thanks very much.
  11. It is but the situation will cripple season ticket sales further, nobody in their right mind will purchase one now on the back of so much uncertainty.
  12. Adjourned for 6 weeks apparently https://mobile.twitter.com/MikeKeegan_DM?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
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