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  1. Said it at the time, although we did pay over the odds for Wheater but I think that was a signing made on the back of our shocking pre season form.
  2. That could just be the tribunals...
  3. One genuine question, how can Dino possibly step up given the rabble at his disposal? Given he's going to lose three of our best players in the next game, Fage, Egert and Morais. He's got an impossible job and honestly I'd take second bottom come the end of the season now.
  4. Blokes a PR disaster has been from the year dot, had the displeasure of being in his company a couple of times and he's quite frankly a prick, beggars belief what he brings to the table.
  5. You probably have a point but he's a good guy deep down as is his dad who is great company on an away day.
  6. I do like taking in a bit of non league football, thought I'd help Dino out and point him towards some possible unearthed non league gems, here's three for starters who've caught my eye this season, be interesting to see where they end up down the line. Adam Thomas - Stockport County Cameron King - Halifax Town Luke Griffiths - FC United
  7. Danny is a passionate loyal fan home and away, probably should of stayed of the sauce but shit happens, at least we've still fans with fight in them.
  8. Maybe, it could be viewed as one of many claims last night which may need to stand up to scrutiny.
  9. I warmed to this guy, genuine heartfelt approach which one or two others on the panel would do well to replicate. Must of missed his appointment but seems a healthy addition to the board.
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