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  1. Why would that upset me? I've come to terms with not accepting mediocrity and that's being generous, keep sugar coating the shit though.
  2. I thought you'd come out with something like that, put the 6 game form table up whilst your at it.
  3. You wouldn't want to start Rowe on his own upfront, he will need somebody to work the defence and create space, I hope people are not going to expect him to work the channels and turn a defence because that just isnt his game, he will score goals no doubt but the team has to be set up around him.
  4. And Tunde Owalabi is better than Kurt in my opinion.
  5. Like I said earlier in the thread he's looked disinterested this season, maybe looking for the move? Although strangely the couple of games I watched he appeared to be playing in a deeper role in midfield, moaning like a bitch when things didn't go his way. Always liked him though and I'm pretty sure Corney offered about 10k for him about three seasons ago which unsurprisingly was rejected, would of preferred to have seen him in a team with the likes of Surridge and Lang at the start of last season but you have to say it is a step in the right direction and hopefully means ML has been kicked into touch with regards to recruitment.
  6. Cant we just have a Mohammed Lemsagam - Departure Watch Or alternatively a Barry Shitpeas Owen - Departure Watch thread because that's were your real issues lie. I'm bored of arguing the pros and cons of various managers and players when the problems lie closer to home and wont go away regardless of whose name is over the managers door.
  7. He's running out of time whichever way they want to pan it out, they signed Wheater when they thought that they had to and they may well sign Palmer and Rowe but again it is a reaction not something that's been thought through and planned.
  8. Always liked Rowe but the couple of times I've seen him this season he's looked disinterested, should fit right in....
  9. Whilst we would undoubtedly struggle against the teams in the top half of the Conference there is no denying we were given the warning signs losing to those teams in pre season, of course friendlies are meaningless but they have gone some way to defining our season. Wheater was a bit of a panic signing on the back of those defeats but in truth that was like sticking a plaster on a compound fracture. To put it into perspective Stockport sit very close to us in the football pyramid and would probably turn us over, now who'd of thought that a couple of years ago, total lack of leadership and incompetence has us where we are, nothing more and nothing less.
  10. Or we cant afford the 5 ton to lodge an appeal
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