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  1. Let's see who we get in this season then before you start your relentless defence of another useless self absorbed owner.
  2. Pipes or holes through which gas and water may escape.
  3. Be interesting if any club are prepared to loan the likes of Lang, Iverson and Surridge again this season given the reputation the clowns giving us. Let's face it without those three we would of been in the bottom 6 last season if not worse.
  4. When you see the name Bourne tagged in any tweet its 99% likely to be bullshit.
  5. A Continental under pressure is never a good combo, let's hope he doesn't blow out in the fast lane by October.
  6. He's a good player, particularly as centre halves don't really mature until their mid twenties, some of the faults he had hes ironed out of his game and he will continue to as he gets older, he's a sensible grounded lad whose dad knows the game well and in my opinion can have a very successful career with a bit of luck. Positives for me are his ability to win the duel particularly in the air where he's improved no end in the last twelve months, he can play a bit and is pretty confident with the ball at his feet, he's a good talker and will probably go on to captain teams in the future, his passing can be improved but that will come with time, he does have a habit of leaning back and not staying over the ball when hitting a long ball but again it is technique which will improve with experience and age, he loves to tackle and defend which I know should be a given but for me is lacking in the modern game and he's also a fair size and strong for his age. He really does have plenty of attributes and there is a reason plenty of teams are interested, if the 600k figure is true in my opinion he's really worth a punt at that type of money considering the derth of young up and coming defenders on the scene. Hope he signs and helps you win the league next season, sick to death of seeing the tattie munchers winning everything. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  7. True but when they gave it him they shouldn't have promised it to Dunn the week after, effectively writing the season off before it started.
  8. Anyone still having it that AL and ML haven't consistently meddled in first team affairs - effectively undermining every manager they've appointed? As shit as some of the appointments have been there is now absolutely no denying where our problems lie.
  9. 12/1 for us to be relegated looks overpriced. Still think we will somehow survive but the odds are tempting given what's likely to go on.
  10. Guess whose back, back again.... Step forward Mohamed Lemsagam our new manager/interpreter/clown.
  11. There goes the slither of a chance there may of been of me buying a season ticket, Abdallahs puppet finally in place, thoroughly depressing situation which is doomed to fail.
  12. Gannon was in the away at Fulham with his son and travelled down on a supporters coach.
  13. ..... in the season Wellens tried to sign him in which we ended up going down.
  14. Meanwhile on the 'transfer rumours' thread does anyone have anything to report?
  15. I do.... you've got an idiot who has unfortunately surrounded himself with bigger idiots.
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