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  1. My stance is exactly the same - as is the rest of my families, we won't step foot or part with a penny towards the club until the clowns gone, it's the only way you'll smoke his kind out because he's effectively a bullshitter whose trying to firefight his way through shit storm after shit storm and the majority of it is his own making. He's already come out after last season and admitted he'd made mistakes, offered to change his ways and adopt a new approach, guess what it was bullshit and it was what he needed to say at the time to get himself out of a sticky situation where he was being chastised by ex managers and players as well as the press and the evidence was stacking up against him without definitive proof. We've been here before though haven't we - I was called out by Corney but refused to be fed bullshit by the bellend and it was used as a stick to bash me at the time with many on here siding with the fraud and let's not forget how Corney continued to have 90% of people's pants down right till the end whilst continuing to run the club as an after thought in a manor that only suited himself, I really don't have the stomach to argue with those again who can't see the wood for the trees and continue to turn up parting with hard earned and effectively endorsing this bell ends behaviour, of course that's a choice but for me I refuse to be party to it and will not return until there is fundamental change in the way our football club is run. I applaud those prepared to make a stance, personally I don't have the stomach for it anymore, I had fresh optimism on the back of a slither of hope when Abdallah rocked up but somehow this fool is managing to trump even Corney in every conceivable way. I'm done.
  2. Once we lose two or three the goodwill will soon wear off.
  3. Clubs fucked with this clown at the helm, had enough to be honest and cannot see any way forward whilst he's in charge.
  4. Get a grip and your head out of your arse, he is Abdallahs puppet stop trying to sugar coat a shit situation. I'm not his friend and can see the situation for what it is, a joke.
  5. Barry Owen is like that bad smell that won't go away, self interest paired with being self absorbed to a shocking level, if he's any sort or fan representative he'd be at the meeting today but there's no doubt he'd rather be feathering his nest up Abdallahs arse somewhere. Is it any wonder they come across as viewing fans with contempt when they've got that buffoon by there side. You really have to question the motive of 'cherry picking' fans to have a meeting with, it smacks of desperation and acting dumb arse really isn't going to wash anymore. Of course he and his interfering brother are going to deny accusations because this has very quickly turned sour and they are on a recovery mission. Wasn't Mike Minay a respected BBC journalist pushing for an interview weeks ago? Why all of a sudden does AL feel now is the time to open up all of a sudden? Yet again we hear the same old shit about 'they agree that the club needs to be more transparent and will seek to be so' - fuck off you jokers you've had more than enough opportunity, frankly your bullshit doesn't wash anymore and your going to see that reflected badly in the upcoming home games attendance figures.
  6. Alternatively what the fuck is going on, what the fuck is going on what the fuck is going on - CUNT
  7. The plot thickens. https://trustoldham.co.uk/news-announcements/trust-oldham-elected-representative-to-the-board-of-oldham-athletic/
  8. Do we think Simon Blitz has got to the stage where he is just prepared to cut his losses and run, particularly as two of the stands are close to being condemned and the pitch was shot five years ago.
  9. I have somehow watched Solihull Moors three times this season and there fans rave about Tim Flowers, okay they got beat when I saw them last play last at Salford but he had a team that cost next to nothing playing some decent football, big physical and shithousery of the highest order he also has a team who give everything and are probably punching a bit above where they should be given their resources in the Conference, we could make worse appointments in my opinion.
  10. Your right but the other lot are right as well, he'll grow up one day it just depends whether his career has passed him by in the meantime.
  11. Currently just about sums up my feelings for the club.
  12. Two words kills this argument dead Macclesfield Town As bad as I've seen us in 30 odd years. Let's not forget once Surridge and Lyden fucked off Wilds record read played 5 won 1 drew 1 and lost 3, it really shouldn't come as a shock that Scholes couldn't get any more out of the same group of players, it was obvious to anyone who watches us regular that the decision not to replace those two key players ended our season and we were never going to do anything with the donkies our esteemed Sporting Director () saw fit as replacements.
  13. We won one out of Wilds last five games and that was his swansong at Crawley, not sure he's the saviour many are proclaiming.
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