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  1. aaronoafc

    Grimsby (a)

    Agree with that. Morecambe result aside the performance was shite. Like you say against Newport we played some nice stuff just couldn't stick 1 away. If we can score while playing decent stuff that would be good lads if not, I'll take the shite performances but 1 and 2-0 wins lol...
  2. aaronoafc


    What vpn you been using mate? Cheers
  3. aaronoafc

    Derby (h)

    After FGR - not a chance
  4. Looks a good side. Not sure whether Surridge could hold it up though and it may just come back@us. However Baxter should be far too talented on the ball for them and may be able to keep it up the pitch
  5. Wouldn't be dropping Missilou - he was V good on Saturday, surely we can fit Baxter in elsewhere. Agree Nepo in for Coke, him or Cotterill. Would keep Johan in, he can go past players for fun but does try one too many tricks@times. Dummigan and Taylor out for a while it seems which is a shame. If we keep Hunt he needs a kick up the arse, first half he was atrocious against Dons. Clarke in at the back, need some experience back there. Don't even let O grady travel...absolutely garbage he was/is.
  6. aaronoafc

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    Someone quite high up at latics. I’ll admit I an no way “in the know” which most claim to be nowadays but have 1 friend who certainly is as his firm have a box at the ground so he regularly speaks to Al and higher ups and the other Is a mutual friend online who again has got 99% of things right in the past. Again, not me ITK but 2 people who I know for certain are
  7. aaronoafc

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    How are we skint? We’ve cleared bad eggs in the camp (Gerrard, Davies who i’d have kept but did not get on with the owner) signed a ton of players, Baxter won’t be earning pittance....also why would Andy rhodes leave such a cushy job at Wednesday if we where that skint? Recently turned down 200k for Gardner from Fleetwood and surprisingly more than that for Hunt. Also holding out for as much as possibls on Hamer... If we where skint all 3 would have gone for far lower fees yet we have rejected bids. We are in no way skint.. Signing Cotterill monday...we are in no way skint, just Al trying to spend his money cleverly this time rather than throwing 11k a week at players who couldn’t give a toss about us.
  8. aaronoafc

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    Yeah saw him in the main stand mate
  9. aaronoafc

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    Just to add too, Thought Hunt was very lay at times. Got a bollocking a couple of times in the second half for not overlapping the winger. He had a torrid first half too. Mind elsewhere? If there’s really teams offering 300k ish for him I’d take it
  10. aaronoafc

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    Haven’t gone through all of the pages yet but I agree with this. Their defence looked shit scared of Millers size and physicality. He was much better than COG who was useless when he came on. if that riff raff are predicted to walk the league then we should be aiming for promotion. We looked much sharper and fitter just 2 lapses in concentration early cost us. With the 4-5 missing first teamers (im including Byrne) we win that game and in my eyes we win the league. They where gassed with 20 to go and we looked like we had another 90 in us. Good to see. thought the team played well overall however Coke was horrendous first half. Hopefully Cotterill, Clarke and Baxter to start next week at Forest Green. Losing Andy Taylor early is a shame he looked extremely solid in pre season. I was actually worried about Graham starting as I don’t think he’s been great in pre season but thought he was excellent at the back. missilou will pick up a lot of yellows and the odd red but will be a fantastic player for us, had the crowd roaring with a fiesty 50/50 and pulled out a few nice passes out wide. Seriously if Mk are predicted to walk the league a full strength latics should be thinking/doing that too. looked a blatant handball penalty for us too in the second half from Surridge’s header who also looks a good find
  11. aaronoafc

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    Baxter will be on the bench I think. Think we will lead the line with Miller and Surridge
  12. aaronoafc

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    Agard will score goals at this level, but yes I can only assume it's because they have money and the bookies know it. Yet they couldn't afford Doyle's wages...
  13. aaronoafc

    Placide leaves

    4k a week makes more sense!
  14. aaronoafc

    Placide leaves

    Decent for a month or two, I know people mentioned he changed after his mum died which is a horrible experience and thankfully not something I have had to endure as of yet but he wasn't great let's be honest and I can understand that being a reason for a while but he was shite even the last few weeks of the season. Likeable person it seemed but not up to scratch. Was it true he was earning 16k a week? I know that seems MADNESS but that was a rumour going round last year. People laughed at Queensy's rumoured 11k a week wage till the article came out. Wonder if Gerrards announcement will be this afternoon too.