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  1. I was against it for Months...but you know what...a few Saturdays in a row went by...and I was absolutely bored as F...the mrs works shifts, often on Saturdays so its not like we can have trips here there and everywhere weekly instead. The majority of the lads (I'm 26 btw) are now starting to get settled down and have their own lives with their own Girlfriends. I'm not a huge drinker so just going out every weekend isn't for me. To be honest....It's just what I do. I go football, with the old man. So I thought sod it. Bit of habit, bit of routine, it's just what I/We being me and my dad do. We go to footie on a Saturday. That will go away eventually due to natural causes no doubt (hopefully way way way way way down the line) but until then, Going footie with My Dad having a right good moan on the terraces, on a Saturday is just what I do. It's as Simple as that.
  2. So about 150 sold for fgr so far and pushing the 2.5k mark on STs. Still think we’ll take a shit load more than that to FGR. 600 minimum.
  3. Is Al defo over there? Have seen ML on pics
  4. How many have we sold? Also how many sold so far for FGR? Thanks
  5. My dad was at the club the other day picking up FGR tickets and O Grady was there. Said he let on and stuff and seemed in a good mood, probably because he’s leaving :D. but no, he’s not in Morocco
  6. Know if the slovenian lad is one of them? when do the squad head out?
  7. Which went to Mansfield? I know of Mayor to Plymouth. We should be going all out for Maynard too
  8. That was me. Was My mates grandad who pays for the box was told it just over a week ago as he said he’s probably not renewing due to basically, fuck all is happening. He was then told there would be 3 in today. Only the messenger! I do think we’ll bring a couple in before we head off to Morocco though. Seem to really be trying for Clough.
  9. Not sure how much Rochdale tend to offer, but I know they offered Zak Mills a contract and he chose us, so he picked league 2 assuming for more ££.
  10. Apparently we are preparing a deal for a season long loan. Can only assume how much % of wages we put towards would be the factor. A forest fan on twitter doesn’t think he’ll even be on that much (I asked about 10k and he thought that was way high).
  11. Isn’t there talk that we have paid for this slovenian player? I heard the name and i’m sure it said attacking midfielder/striker and that he was under contract with his current team.
  12. Same - some however will see a foreign signing and their earth falls down
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