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  1. Nicky Adams gone to Northampton. Made some good signings them, wish we'd have got him.
  2. The negativity of the draw and the fact we've taken about 500-1000 (at the very most, probably 800 or so last year?) the past few times at their place.
  3. All week it had snow on Friday (some days Saturday) but changed now. Should be on
  4. Some effort that. I seriously thought about 1k Max, was stunned we had sold 850 the first day. Looking like another Biggie. 4k To Fulham, 2k to Mac (Though may be off) and 3k to Donny is some going for a mid table League 2 team in January...
  5. Interesting or Worrying lol Hopefully we sort Lang out before the weekend. I think Surridge is a goner
  6. I agree, I think he actually cares but he simply can't be storming into a dressing room after a loss to a team in the play offs who on the day had a striker who's capable of well above this level outplay us. Overall I thought we where the better side in the game...seems such an OTT reaction to go storming into the dressing room if he did. Like you say it does seem like he actually cares but perhaps too much. If he does care enough to go storming in and kicking off at 1 loss (after being unbeaten in 6) in a game we played quite well in, then really he needs to be spending some serious ££ to be winning consistently.
  7. Was going to stick this in the new manager thread as there's talk of it in there too but we really should have sorted out Lang's loan already. I hope we have been trying. Need to get him for the season. Can only think Wigan may be touting him out to other clubs who may pay his full wage if we aren't doing
  8. Heard that Surridge is headed to Pompey and that we have asked about loaning Kean Bryan. I do think Bryan will be back here come Jan. I can see a few teams coming in for Hunt. He hasn't set the world alight but tends to give a consistent performance and is only young. I know a few Championship sides where sniffing in summer. To someone mentioning the Preston scout at the Exeter game, I'm pretty sure they have bid for Stockley and have met his buyout clause as have a few championship sides. Not surprising really. Would be really surprised if some aren't looking at Edmundson too (again, no inside knowledge but my thinking). Up until recently we had barely conceded any away and he's what, 21/22 with I believe the 2nd most 'ball recoveries' in the league. Very comfortable on the ball and is always our 'ball playing centre half' when Iversen has it. Looked very good this season bar a few hiccups and a wobbly 20 minutes against Akinde for Lincoln. I think Sunderland where watching him last season. Wonder if the #Frenchlads are catching the eyes of any...Maouche has been on fire lately but early days for him year, think teams will want to see a few more months of performances from him. Have seen us linked with the lad from Barnsley mentioned above as well as a striker from Blackburn...Think it was Joseph Nuttall
  9. I actually thought we came out the more confident team, knocking it about well, sharp movements, nice touches etc. Carlisle barely touched it the opening ten, problem is we didn't do much with it either. Then became the crossing...well fuck me. 1 cross after another overhit, under hit, just terrible. Surridge as good as he is, couldn't get the ball under control and looked like someone who knows he won't be here in a couple of weeks... Their 1st came from the first real attack but they clearly had a tactic of let oldham piss about with it, get it off them then sprint to the goal as there was 5 Carlisle players in the box when the first went in. 2nd was a howler from Iversen, he has to catch that I'm sorry. He's flapped it right to their player who has passed across to a team mate to an open net. I left once the 4th went in, I was embarrassed. I hope the rumours of unrest aren't true, but if AL didn't go in the dressing room after Exeter, I wouldn't blame him if he did after today. I certainly would! Absolutely shambolic result that today. If he did go into the dressing room after Exeter then that's ludicrous, we didn't even play badly. IMO, we where the better side but came up against a very good midfielder in number 8 and the best striker in the league. That today however was simply not good enough. The Xmas day stuff is a load of bollocks as well. Most teams are in Xmas day, a Tranmere player took a selfie of him at training having a laugh, they won 3-1 today, has fuck all to do with it. We got stuffed by an average team who had however clearly watched us, seen we like to knock it about but once we lose it, know that if they attack us directly we capitulate. Especially down the flanks.
  10. This will sellout with ease. Wouldn't be surprised if we're sent a bit more
  11. I rate Gardner. Far more than Maouche even after the rave reviews he's getting. Huge loss for the side imo is Gardner
  12. Agree with all of this to be honest BP. Think the assessment of him being good enough for top end league 1 is a bit quick, he's only played a few minutes here and there up until recently, but does look very neat and tidy so far. Tried a couple of wonderful passes in the past few games, 1 against Lincoln in particular which almost came off. I think with a bit more match Sharpness from Surridge and Maouche himself and they will start coming off. He seems Very positive though which is good to see, tries to make things happen.
  13. Looked a bad one, injuries where the player goes down after no contact tend to be the worst... Looked awkward when he did it and immediately though ligaments. Hope he recovers, in truth I think that's it for him in a latics shirt. I was always Pro Gardner so I hope he stays but personally can't see it. Wish luck to him wherever he ends up to be honest, worked his bollocks off in a latics shirt and always wanted to drive us on. Always remember the pompey loss in the snow...he was the only latics player out there trying to win, the rest at 0-1 in the horrific conditions wanted to go home and get in bed!
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