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  1. Good point to be fair. No dates where given.
  2. Nazon just retweeted the club statement with a thumbs up. Good sign in my eyes when a player is doing that. I like the statement, doesn't give too much away granted but clear and too the point. He's spent money and is willing to spend more to sort us out. Lets just crack on and see what happens.
  3. Welcome back Jose Baxter

    Released by Bolton If we didn't have Hamer and Dummigan I would actually take him, not required though.
  4. Welcome back Jose Baxter

    Apparently 5 league 1 teams in for Doyle, I can't see it happening but would be good. Dennis is worth a bid if AL is willing to invest, Notts County just had bid rejected. I haven't seen much of him but he scored 21 in a shite chesterfield team last season. Nixon on Twitter reckons us Port Vale and County all in the mix for him.
  5. Squad movements, summer 2018

    I assume to invest and get into the premiership - as daft as that sounds with Latics, I assume to invest and hope the club turns a corner then begins to draw a profit. 1 season in the Premier league with TV Money and "finishing place" money nowadays and the owners are laughing. Read something recently that said Huddersfield had already earned more being in the premiership from this 1 season than about 20 teams who have had multiple seasons in the league, simply due to the bonkers TV money. (The above figure may be exaggerated, may have been about 10 teams, but still)
  6. Squad movements, summer 2018

    It was confirmed recently that AL paid £3 million for the club so he's hardly short of a few quid. Plus in Jan helped bring in 10 players, including paying a large chunk of wages for Doyle, signing Byrne on a perm and rumoured to be paying him 5/6k a week. He brought in his foreign players on tons a week also. Like someone said above our squad at the minute is huge and there's no reports of the players not being paid. I struggle to see where/why you think we're so poor. If anything, I'm going into this thinking we're a big fish in a small pond and we're financially better off than we have been for a long time. I'd be surprised if we don't have one of if not the Biggest budgets in the division next season.
  7. So we're that Skint that this lad paid £3 million for us recently, signed 10 players for us in Jan (albeit some loans yes but paying high wages) bought Byrne on a perm and allegedly pays him 5/6k a week? Sounds like nonsense to me re the being skint. The manager stuff I can see one of them being true, Byrne and Wellens do seem to clash but seems Byrne clashes with managers from a lot of teams. We'll be reyt
  8. Club Statement(Lack of one)

    Seems a very good Statement, looks like we intend on going straight back up, as we should of course but to hear this from the owner is good news.
  9. Retained list - seven released

    and his apparent 4k a week wage!
  10. Retained list - seven released

    Almost scored a cracker
  11. Retained list - seven released

    Looked half decent the 5 minutes he played. But yes, surprised. Must bang them in in training...lol As for the list - pretty much what I thought it would be bar Fane, I thought he would be gonners. Glad the option on Dummigan was in our favour, he will take the piss in league 2.
  12. Nothampton tickets

    They all gone now? Heard half had gone the day after going on sale. Allocated just under 1k I believe Got mine so I'm happy, Whether I will be on the drive home is another question!
  13. Southend

    Got a united/oldham fan (who has bought a ST with oldham for the first time in years for next season already so fair play to him) and an arsenal fan coming with me tonight so the champions league is having fuck all effect on them!
  14. Rochdale

    God knows how Dale didn’t win that. We where shite. Byrne hasn’t been great but he has that match winning ability that can come out of nowhere so I think he needs to stop being subbed, even if he’s having a stinker. Hamer looks a talent. Edmundson i’ll admit i was never a fan and so far he is massively proving me wrong. Long may it continue. It was clear 30 minutes in nothing was sticking upfront and we needed a Holloway up front to help things stick. Had to feel for Doyle, ran his bollocks off but when the service is that bad...there’s not much he can do. If Davies is fit he needs to start sat, him or AAH. Doyle needs help. Thank god jonny saved that pen. Thought i’d seen it all from latics fans but that lad running on to chin the ref after awarding the penalty was something else
  15. Rochdale

    Gardner is so much of a better player than Fane it's not even funny...I think he should be deeper like BP mentioned him being in pre season, but he's told "Dan, Run fucking everywhere". The fane argument will never end, I agree Gardner sometimes tries too much and his passing can be wayward at times, but christ at least he can make a 5 yard pass. He is a footballer. Though oddly, I do agree with Lee Sinnott that Fane is probably player of the season...just due to consistency and doing his sole job of tackling well. Still if we stay up and want to make a push for something higher than a relegation battle/lower league finish next year, Fane should not be in the starting 11. He makes no current top 6 team, no chance. He may win the tackle. but he literally SHITS himself and wants to try and get rid of it as quickly as possible. His decision making in the final 3rd is laughable, Multiple occasions he turns round and just runs backwards as he doesn't have a scoobies what to do. Anyway onto tonight...I don't have a good feeling. Think the atmosphere will be incredible but for some reason I fear a 2-0 defeat :/