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  1. Portsmouth (H)

    Good passer too I like him. He had a shocking 30 minutes but who didn't? Other than that, since he's signed he's been quality. Think we will start Doyle and Davies
  2. Bury (A)

    Think it will be him and Doyle against Pompey. Agree about Davies, he tapped it in due to Nazon running forward, going past 1 defender, having a go and Shooting. He scuffed the shot but Davies had an open net to tape into from 5 yards out. I like Davies though, I think he should start. He certainly blows hot and cold, but we need more from him weekly than his performance at Bury. Completely Agree. Played excellent when he came on. Overall I thought we where absolutely garbage the first 30 minutes, don't get me wrong Bury where very good, but we just weren't up for it. Surprising given the following, which I don't care what you say, that should and normally does lift a player. I'd rather 3000 Cheer me on than 12. Thought Nazon was okay first half, couple of nice dribbles and his "having a go" lead to the goal out of nowhere. Second half much better, I'm not a pringle fan really and have shouted for him to be dropped but he got us out of jail there. Number of times in the second half though, we had the chance to shoot but would try one more pass, we're not the Arsenal of old for gods sake trying to pass it in, hit the bloody thing! Nope. Big Holloway fan until recently, even when he came on near the end he was just jogging around. Lazy
  3. Bury (A)

    you know I thought I had spelt it wrong but was too lazy to check. Should know better on OWTB
  4. Bury (A)

    Well of course this season I hope ours is better If I had to pick a keeper for next season though it would be Ripley all day for me
  5. Bury (A)

    Jonny boots it out of play most of his passes... Bryan isn't going to come out and slag off his keeper is he lol Never a first choice for me, just because he can do a cryuff turn he's some people's wonder keeper. I don't NOT like him, I just think we can do better, especially if we have decent ££ to throw at wages Ripley is the best keeper we have had at Latics in god knows how long
  6. Bury (A)

    I'll clap Ripley, and I want us to go in for him in summer if we have decent £££ to throw at wages, he is 10x better than Jonny Tinder. However, I hope Doyle makes a fool of him tomorrow. Think Davies and Nazon will start with Doyle coming off the bench with 30-35 left. Unless we are losing at HT then he'll come on then
  7. Bury (A)

    2200 sold out
  8. Southend (H)

    When where they put on?
  9. 7 wins...where will they come from?

    Could not agree more
  10. Milton Keynes (H)

    I was in RRE so difficult to tell, used to him being offside a few times a game so assumed he was but last night was ridiculous
  11. Milton Keynes (H)

    He was over christmas - where you could tell he wasn't himself. Had an engine all seasons but for a few weeks over Xmas he wasn't at full speed. Good player, much needed in this side with his pressing
  12. Milton Keynes (H)

    Haha same. Was it Cornell we had in net at the time? Flapped at like 4 crosses all resulting to goals
  13. Milton Keynes (H)

    Me neither he's garbage. Horrible 1-0 last night but Will take it. Shocking 2nd half performance, the amount of times we where in a good position and just wouldn't cross it or wouldn't do that final pass, frustrating to Watch. Davies needs to get in the middle rather than out on the wing and for the love of christ Stay onside! Still a much needed 3 points and will take it, Feel for Holloway at the end the pitch fucked him over big time. Gardner was immense last night, his pressing was fantastic at times.
  14. Blackburn Away

    I think we'll be pushing 3k for this
  15. Blackburn Away

    25k now that's impressive