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  1. aaronoafc

    Mansfield (a)

    Only part I disagree on is Gardner but this is spot on otherwise. This league is fucking atrocious, we should be going all out to win every game. Give me a win at Swindon and a loss at mansfield anyday meaning 3 points rather than 2, over 2 boring draws where we are CLEARLY playing NOT to lose rather than playing to win. Go for the fucking win! I’ve stook up for COG and Bunn but christ this league is terrible have a go!!!!
  2. aaronoafc

    Mansfield (a)

    Easily. FGR looked very good too but Mansfield shade it
  3. aaronoafc

    Our away supporters

    We probably use Pyro more than any team in the country, doesn’t surprise me now. Most teams may have 1 or 2 smoke bombs for their big deby matches with 2-4000 followings. We have had pyro at home to Crawley this season for goodness sake lol. grimsby too was mad, there must have been 4 or 5 in only an 800 following. I remember a couple of years back, after Bury away when it was all popping off at the bottlm between police and Oldham fans when we where all packed in the 1 end that kind of bends round...the week after I went to Doncaster away with probably 4-500 latics and the police presence was insane. They literally surrounded us completely in the corner and boxed us in. Carlisle tend to be OTT too however both times i’ve heard its been due to Police dog training...seems odd both times against us but who knows
  4. aaronoafc

    Swindon Town (A)

    Not having Surridge is a HUGE blow. Anyone know if the game is being streamed out of the UK? Seen rumblings on Twitter that it's not available even outside the UK
  5. aaronoafc


    Someone on twitter said the match isn’t being streamed? Is that right?
  6. aaronoafc

    Swindon Town (A)

    Good point and agree with that. Thought we looked a lot more like scoring in general against Colchester throughout the game though where as against Newport only Surridge's 1 on 1 sticks out
  7. aaronoafc


    Morning Chaps Would anyone be able to tell me which VPN they are using nowadays? I have been told Tunnelbear is working currently does anyone know if that's the case? I used to use IPVanish but I remember back end of last season it stopped working. Cheers!
  8. aaronoafc

    Swindon Town (A)

    0-3, we'll shit em. And I agree with Whitts, O'grady is the scapegoat at the minute yet people seem to forget when he went off as a sub against Newport and we had all of the attacking players that people want to see start, we looked MUCH worse and had 0 presence up front. Then he got 2 assists at Grimsby. We scored a couple after he went off against Colchester but to be fair we battered them most of the game. I'm not his biggest fan and to be honest I think Miller is a better 'football' player but he's done well the past few games O'Grady.
  9. aaronoafc

    Grimsby (a)

    Agree with that. Morecambe result aside the performance was shite. Like you say against Newport we played some nice stuff just couldn't stick 1 away. If we can score while playing decent stuff that would be good lads if not, I'll take the shite performances but 1 and 2-0 wins lol...
  10. aaronoafc


    What vpn you been using mate? Cheers
  11. aaronoafc

    Derby (h)

    After FGR - not a chance
  12. Looks a good side. Not sure whether Surridge could hold it up though and it may just come back@us. However Baxter should be far too talented on the ball for them and may be able to keep it up the pitch
  13. Wouldn't be dropping Missilou - he was V good on Saturday, surely we can fit Baxter in elsewhere. Agree Nepo in for Coke, him or Cotterill. Would keep Johan in, he can go past players for fun but does try one too many tricks@times. Dummigan and Taylor out for a while it seems which is a shame. If we keep Hunt he needs a kick up the arse, first half he was atrocious against Dons. Clarke in at the back, need some experience back there. Don't even let O grady travel...absolutely garbage he was/is.
  14. aaronoafc

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    Someone quite high up at latics. I’ll admit I an no way “in the know” which most claim to be nowadays but have 1 friend who certainly is as his firm have a box at the ground so he regularly speaks to Al and higher ups and the other Is a mutual friend online who again has got 99% of things right in the past. Again, not me ITK but 2 people who I know for certain are