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  1. Good signing Danny Rowe I reckon. Proven goalscorer in non-league. That said, it would worry meeting if we have parted with anything like £350,000 for his services given that he's nearly 30 years old
  2. No idea in regards to tickets and ticket office but it may be wise to hold off a day or so. Reason being - just checked on SkyBet and Bet365, neither of them are offering odds on our game. If just one of those were missing then I would say it was an oversight, both is extremely unusual!
  3. Wasn't aware of this but would make sense. Be interesting to see how we do replace him if he was to leave.
  4. Just posted on twitter regarding Wheater. He's been pretty poor and not a patch on Peter Clarke who he was eventually brought in to replace. However, we have to ensure that we replace him adequately. By adequately, I mean somebody who has played in L1/L2 before. Somebody who is a leader (of sorts) and somebody who isn't a youngster on loan as I don't feel Hamer is ready to lead a defence yet. We cannot go back to Iacovitti in the middle or worse still see the return of Sefil. Have to be extremely careful with this one but I suspect he will return to Bolton. A lot felt that this would be a probability when he first arrived.
  5. Latest from Alan Nixon on Twitter is a lad called Christian N'Guessan on loan from Burnley. Can't find much on him but never played league football. Suggests that he was on the bench 3 years ago for Blackpool in EFL Trophy but didn't get on and has since played 1 game for WBA in a Premier Under 23 game.
  6. Just confirming what Adam has said, Unsworth Blue isn’t one of the 4 PTB founder members. As far as I am aware, the PTB founder members who frequent this board have changed their logo to the PTB logo in order for it to be made clear who we are (think this was requested a while back when we first launched)
  7. Just to update people on this, we have managed to track down the flag that went missing at the protest. Great news, it has now been returned to us. Thank you everybody who helped to share the message and helped us in finding the flag. "Pride Belief Passion" - "Give Everything"
  8. Not that it matters in the slightest but our record with those referees is incredible really given that we're rarely any higher than 17th in any division. Those results there as an accumulation is as follows: Played - 10 Won - 5 Drawn - 4 Lost - 1
  9. He has but only minimal. Given the games we have coming up until Jan, if we're still in touching distance 6-8 points to the relegation zone then this, in my opinion would be a gamble. If we pull away and head firmly into mid-table, no qualms but feel a loan higher up the National League pyramid would benefit him before being ready for pre-season next year.
  10. Although his loan has been relatively successful (7 out of 10 every game from a Radcliffe supporter), to bring him back and throw him straight in, I don't believe is the answer. The idea of playing on loan is to get experience but he's not 1 or 2 levels below us, he's 3 divisions lower. The answer might be to bring him back and try to get him out to a National League or National League North side and see how he does second half of the season. Then come pre-season, you can look at him once more.
  11. They have been made aware and accepted our request to have our base there. It will be good to have a pub rammed once more before a home game! Bring back the feel of the old Clayton Arms! My dad used to drink with his mate, whilst myself and his mate's children went to the Sports Hall re-enacting the game.
  12. Good Morning OWTB posters, Prior to tomorrow’s protest and the game versus Leyton Orient, I wanted to thank you all personally for not only the support that you have given but some good suggestions and some great ideas and initiatives that we have been discussing in order for PTB to develop a clear understanding of how different supporters would like us to proceed. OWTB has been and continues to be the main Fans Forum and provides exactly what it should. Differing opinions, a few jibes and an awful lot of comments on how the club should move forward. PTB are here to provide the platform to do just that. We are here to take comments of constructive criticism, we are here to listen to ideas and we are here to implement an independent fans group to voice concerns and frustrations from the majority of the fan base under one voice! The start of PTB has been overwhelming. Hard work, granted but we will continue in the same manner that we have started and tomorrow is just one of many plans we have moving forward. Once again, thank you for all of the support, constructive criticism and input and hope to see you there tomorrow either at the White Hart between 12-13:45 or outside the ground at 14:15! If anybody has any questions, remember to comment either on here or email us at info@pushtheboundary.co.uk. Reclaim The Faith!
  13. Once more, two great suggestions. The first one, unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to have people stationed near turnstiles as well as leading the protest. However, hopefully, when people see a good number there, they will come round to look/join. If we had more capacity, it is something we may have looked to do but unfortunately this isn't the case at present. The second request/idea is another good one. We will be taking plenty of photos and will arrange for somebody to either "live feed" or take separate videos to show people who cannot attend how it is going etc. Once more, thank you for the suggestions. We are open to any ideas and will look to implement them if possible/suitable. Keep them coming!
  14. Just to confirm. This has now been sent. Thank you for the suggestion!
  15. We are hoping for a good turnout too. It's time to park up the apathy and really galvanise in order to try to affect positive change. The club (rather the owner) have chosen to ignore initial requests from ourselves to meet with him and have since ignored the survey results which happened to be fairly damning in what issues supporters felt needed to be addressed. When the club has declined as much as it has under the current regime without an ounce of responsibility being taken, this really presents an issue and we feel that the majority of supporters have now had enough (if they hadn't before) The letter(s) would be fantastic and something that we will share far and wide too once received. If you could send them to our email address (info@pushtheboundary.co.uk) we will confirm receipt and use this in the build up to the protest. Individually, you're swimming against the tide, together however, we can get to where we want/need to be
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