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  1. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/august/28082019-anniversary-kit-vote/ People asking about the kit. My understanding is that Natalie stated in the interview on YouTube last week that these would be unveiled on 04 July 2020. The kits should look like the ones in the link given that they asked supporters to vote earlier in the season. States in the article that the winner of the kits will be the home kit with the other becoming the away kit automatically with a third kit being released too.
  2. Left at the start of the season having held talks with the owner and the board about the possibility of taking the role permanently. Wild then left, went to Halifax in the National League and will speak to other managers about their budgets/expectations. As such, Wild will have had an idea what budget he’d have had to play with had he taken the job at Latics and will have been able to compare following talking to fellow National League managers. Of course, things could have changed beyond him leaving Oldham (I.e. the budget)
  3. http://pushtheboundary.co.uk/trust-update-05-06-2020
  4. http://pushtheboundary.co.uk/former-striker-passes-away-05-06-2020
  5. It was of course Johny Placide! Back with 2 more tomorrow!
  6. Thank you to @Diego_Sideburns for the video of Chesterfield away! Added to the video perfectly!
  7. And one final one for Friday...Who am I? 1. I played over 600 games in my domestic career, scoring 14 goals in 144 games at Oldham. 2. I was capped 34 times for my country #oafc #stayhomesavelives
  8. There’s the answer for the 2nd one for today. Our final one will have clues at 7:45pm and the answer at 8:30pm. Let us head into the weekend with a correct answer!
  9. Here’s Monday’s question....who am I...? 1. I was born in the year that Dion Dublin, Michael Owen and Chris Sutton scored the most goals in the Premier League 2. I played 42 games in my time with #oafc Any ideas?
  10. Good Evening Lee, I'll happily give my thoughts on Stoke City and memories that I have, albeit as Metty says above, we haven't played for 16 years so it might be fairly sketchy but I will give it a go. I'm only 26 so my memories are from when I was in Primary and Second education. However, I'm sure my dad @unsworth blue will be on with his memories of Stoke City. 1. I certainly don't see Stoke City as a rival. Despite only being just over an hour away geographically, there are so many teams that are around us that anything further than 25 miles away is not really considered a rival. That as well as not playing Stoke very often as previously mentioned. My personal thoughts of Stoke is that they have been and are well supported but certain season's of Pulis football lost any potential of describing Stoke as a lovely footballing side (sorry!) 2. Growing up, I used to see Stoke teams playing against Latics which included the grey hair of Graham Kavanagh in midfield with Peter Thorne up front and latterly Chris Iwelumo (don't ask Latics fans what their opinions are of him, I'd guess it's not great amongst the majority from his spell here). Stoke when I were young, always seemed to be up near the top of Division Two (League One now) 3. The games that stick in my mind when growing up, against Stoke City was a Tuesday night game in 1998/99 (my first season I can remember) and needing 6 points in the last week of the season, firstly against yourselves, then against Reading. We managed to beat Stoke 1-0 and Reading 2-0 to secure survival in League One. The other game that sticks in my mind was Stoke winning 2-1 at Boundary Park back in May 2001. That sticks in my mind purely due to the Oldham riots in which Stoke City fans were involved both before and after the match. 4. I always found the Britannia Stadium quite loud and as such the following support being loud too, especially at the start of the "delilah" song. I have always found that Stoke have travelled in decent numbers however that being said, they have mostly been doing pretty well when playing at Boundary Park. 5. I'm not old enough to have visited previous home grounds of Stoke but the Britannia is nicely built albeit bloody freezing when the corners were open. That said, playing at Port Vale year in year out, it always seems cold there so maybe that part of the country. However, sounds pretty rich when Boundary Park is exceptionally cold during the winter months and at times during the summer. I hope this is an insight that may be helpful to you and best of luck in your quest. I should imagine, due to reputation and stories told to me by older Latics supporters that feedback might be mixed but all the best.
  11. Following the events of the last 72 hours please read our latest update here: http://pushtheboundary.co.uk/ptb-update-06-03-2020
  12. Following the events of the last 72 hours, please read our latest update here: http://pushtheboundary.co.uk/ptb-update-06-03-2020
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