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  1. Amazes me that people can throw shit on social media and are outraged when they get a bit back. Not saying this is pertinent in this case just a general observation !
  2. Remember that night? as I took my 8 year old brother who was petrified in the Chaddy. Sat him on a barrier towards the left hand side and proceeded an abortive attempt to look "hard" ( well out of character ) before moving to the paddock. It was quite a few games before he consented to attend again and has blamed me ever since for his ill fated obsession.
  3. Rumour has it they did, it just wasn't enough.
  4. I'm guessing it will be 50% of ZERO, can't see him commanding a fee.
  5. Lennon and McCartney eat your heart out ! A commendable, if dated, effort.
  6. All this positivity is confusing. Am I really on OWTB ?
  7. Be careful with these ideas.....people on here will want to inspect your ID.
  8. Quite liked Hunt early days thinking he was playing out of position on the left but he didn't push on when played on the right and you didn't need to be Mystic Meg to see this happening. Don't know if it was just a clash of personalities with the owner ( which would obviously be the favourite excuse ) or that he lacked a bit of character to ignore his dispute and perform on the pitch when selected. Whatever the reason he had a poor season overall and has been a major disappointment.
  9. You're probably right I was basing my theory on the people who virtually never post when something positive happens ( admittedly few and far between these days ) but are as prolific as Enid Blyton when something negative occurs, and do seem to wallow in it. Perhaps I'm just over optimistic ( or naive ) but it's an attitude that suits me more than some of the doom mongers who post on here, who probably are right most of the time but are bloody depressing.
  10. I'm not so sure I agree with you on this one, but I suppose it's how you define a "fan". Some on here only post when bad things happen, and revel in them. Then again I suppose I'm a "happy clapper" not a "fold the club" brigade.
  11. Wasn't he on loan at Rochdale part of last season ?
  12. It's all part of commercial practice. You ask for more than you expect to get and offer less than you're prepared to pay ( and engage the press in the contest ). It's much better than accepting the first offer.
  13. Was thinking the same myself. Was probably just a desperate attempt at humour, which failed !
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