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  1. Bobledgersheart


    First programme I can remember watching our family's colour telly was "High Chapparal". Was really impressed probably because most of the films shown at the "Lyric" then were in black and white too. Getting home from school and waiting for the telly programmes to start was pretty exciting. My my how things have progressed - in some ways ! ]
  2. Just watch the goals at our level on Quest. The majority come from deflections/defensive mistakes and fannying over the ball on the bye-line, whether you've men free in the box or not, will result in little. Branger has improved a lot over the last 4/5 games but needs to release the ball a lot earlier to make it count.
  3. Branger played OK. But overplayed loads of times in the second half. You don't need to find a team mate at this level, just bang it in the box and see what happens. Plus the time-wasting an absolute disgrace. Really noticeable when the bloke off the bench went for the ball and pretended to drop it at his feet, just amateurish. We're not even good at it so just get on with it and get a second goal. Tried to hang on to a one goal lead when we could have killed the game if we'd been on the front foot.
  4. Bobledgersheart

    Crewe (H)

    Don't think it's too long - said his back was a bit sore - maybe next Saturday, but personally I prefer Hunt at right back ( think he covers a bit better ).
  5. Bobledgersheart

    Ex players and that

    Dummigan signs long term contract at Dundalk.
  6. Bobledgersheart

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    I don't know, was just saying if the "authorities are on your case" it's sensible to keep your head down and your gob shut. It's common sense really As for the pyro players they should be locked in a sealed room with their playthings - they're unnecessary.
  7. Bobledgersheart

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    So football fans can't break the Law ? I was responding to "his heart's in the right place". p.s. I've know quite a few "knobheads" but most knew when to keep a low profile.
  8. Bobledgersheart

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    At what age do we stop being a young boy and start being a young man ? Don't know the lad personally but I've seen him do some pretty stupid things so it doesn't take Walt Disney's imagination to envisage him doing something that could warrant a ban. And as for "his heart's in the right place" every rogue who's met an untimely end's Mother says that about them or "they got mixed up with the wrong crew" when most of the time it's them who are the wrong crew. Having said that I hope is exclusion is temporary on this occasion if he can start "behaving himself".
  9. Bobledgersheart

    Danny G

    I've been happy with Sylla so far. It takes all sorts to make a team and he's strong and aggressive, drives forward and wants to win. He'd be in my away line up every time with maybe Baxter stepping down.
  10. Bobledgersheart

    Statement from Abdallah

    Appreciate that, was just trying to point out that some employees of the club may have a different view.
  11. Bobledgersheart

    Statement from Abdallah

    Downboats don't make your opinions right though !
  12. Bobledgersheart

    Statement from Abdallah

    I take it you're not an employee then ?
  13. Bobledgersheart

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    Must agree with you - he's like a breath of fresh air (let's hope it lasts) - it's as if he's had a "road to Damascus" experience ( praising Latics; streaming matches; gaining Brownie points at Uni ) congrats and long may it continue. 😕
  14. Bobledgersheart

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    Have you seen some of his comments on Latics ?
  15. Bobledgersheart

    Jim Williams R.I.P.

    Always looked forward to reading his match reports which were interesting, funny and above all factually accurate. A stark contrast to some of the dross written by alleged sports journalists nowadays. R.I.P. Jim - didn't always agree with your opinions but you had my respect. p.s. You would have had a field day with the shenanigans over the last few years !