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  1. It'd be pretty hard to prove it a deliberate malicious act without TV evidence so charges were unlikely. It's been said that other player's reactions at the time were indicative of culpability.
  2. Won't be much take up if there's nothing at stake and will ensure good vocal support if there is ? And I'm discounting option A !
  3. Should get 12 months extension perhaps not playing every week. He's been the "glue" that's held the team together this traumatic season and deserves due recognition.
  4. We're pretty devoid of playmakers without him though. Also though some supporters ( and maybe some players ) have given up don't think Wildy has.
  5. Don't pay for the stream and put it on Mansfield to win, like a real supporter would.
  6. Quite agree. Wasn't expecting too much this season but the standard of football is miles lower than League 1 and with a well balanced team, both on and off the pitch, the play-offs at least was easily achievable.
  7. Does a bit too much twisting & turning ( not as much as Branger admittedly ) for me. Give the forwards an early cross consistently, a la Tricky Ricky, and they'll make a run knowing the ball is coming across first time. Will agree however he's the best we've currently got.
  8. I was under the impression that a goal could be scored with an arm so long as it wasn't intentionally ? It''ll be a lot simpler next season when if it strikes a hand or arm it's automatically an offence. It won't affect us though because we don't get penalties as opposed to the team the Refs hate ? (manure) who've got 14 this season and counting.
  9. I would guess he's a bit cleverer than that...but speculate away. Who exactly is barred from having a footie bet because if he's just having a tenner treble on teams he's no connection with I don't see that as much to take umbrage with.
  10. Not disputing that.....but Wellens' likes an excuse as well as shown in his interview. From what I saw yesterday I would say a draw was a fair result. They knocked the ball about well whilst we backed off but didn't show much penetration, and their goalie made a couple of decent saves late on.
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