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  1. No, currently 5'9" and shrinking every year but can manage on most rows in the Main Stand.
  2. That's a YES and YES then ! I'm a perfect fit, even my knees won't hit the seat in front.
  3. I wasn't inclined to go had "Sports Park end of Broadway" happened so Mossley's a no-go for me.
  4. Fully understand the need to accommodate our young supporters but it'll move that bloody drum just a bit too close to bear. I've been moved from my preferred seat ( Chaddy Road End ), declined to sit in the new alternative ( North/Joe Royle Stand ) due to weather issues and decided to remain where I re-located to ( Rochdale Road/Jimmy Frizzell Stand ). Perhaps i'ts now time to join the rest of the curmudgeons in the Main Stand, or not bother at all.
  5. Said this before but we should ditch the timewasting as we're crap at it and it just antagonises refs and supporters alike.
  6. If that's correct the consequences could well be terminal. Heads need to be banged together ( even if it's your brother ! ).
  7. I'm as depressed as any bugger who posts on here it's just that it doesn't take much to get promoted out of this God-forsaken league. It just needs a massive attitude change from the powers that be and manager, staff and players doing their jobs, and if they can't change their attitude, then change them !
  8. Not doubting he's gone through a lot and showed great bravery my impression was based on other interviews I've heard. Like I said I may be wrong, no doubt some people don't like me !!!
  9. Always came across as a bit arrogant to me ( perhaps my mistake ) but no doubting his football ability and personal courage. RIP
  10. From what I've seen this season Mills is exactly the type of player we need to form the basis of a promotion squad. Obviously we'd need 2 or 3 "marque" type signings to put a bit of gloss on the team but you really don't need to be that special to escape this dire league. A good team spirit and a decently organised team could even see this lot in a play-off position next season with a couple of additions and a manager who picks the players and formation we all know should be starting. What we don't need is a bunch of sulky prima donnas not passing to better positioned players and spitting their dummies out when things don't go their way. Sad as it is the league we find ourselves in is made for grafters not artisans !
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