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  1. Were he a strapping 6 footer I'd agree with you but he's under-prepared physically for men's football, however much promise some may see in him. His time will come but coming into a struggling side is not the right time.
  2. Think they'd be daft not to, if only to deprive Swindon of his services.
  3. As someone who has had three operations resulting in about a month in hospital during my lifetime I thank God for the NHS and it's overworked staff. My mother was treated as a result of a heart attack and my dad died in Royal Oldham of cancer so my life and my family's have been greatly affected by the prompt interventions of our health service. Had we had to pay for any of these treatments I'd still be working to pay off the bills instead of retiring seven years ago. I repeat thank God for the NHS !
  4. Can remember him giving the centre half 10 yards start running towards the Chaddy, as the defender looked over his shoulder Shawy eased off only to accelerate when he turned to re-engage with the ball. He pinched it off him but didn't score ! His pace first time round was electric and a perfect foil to Jimmy Fryatt's heading prowess.
  5. As invidious as some people see him I couldn't vote for the Blonde Buffoon, I wouldn't trust him to walk my dog !
  6. Some cracking players there. My favourite was Alan McNeill, a strolling midfield player who could pass long for Shawy and had a great shot. Also a few local lads Andy Sweeny, Keith Hicks, Chris Ogden, Ian Buckley and Steve Hoolicken spring to mind.
  7. Perhaps the balls up that this administration have made of their tenure may dissuade any chancers ! Here's hoping.......
  8. Here's a bit of controversy for you ! I thought Richie was very poor first time round as manager - his subs were always reactive as against proactive - and when he came back as a player looked like he was playing in flip-flops ! ..........discuss.........
  9. It's hardly a goal poacher we need as they need to feed off a big partner or be on the end of crosses. Our problem is, by only playing one up front, we don't get the ball into the box often enough for a poacher to feed of the scraps !
  10. He wasn't very astute those last 8 games !
  11. Think his issue was however good or bad a player is they don't deserve abuse while potentially lying badly injured. People who then criticise the player on this thread may be seen as excusing the sad perpetrators of such insults.
  12. They must know, as we all do, that this squad lacks any depth whatsoever.
  13. Don't really recognise anyone on here in your last sentence. Some are less vociferous than others but I think the vast majority know what a mess we're in. It's just a bit boring reading the same old crap all the time whichever "camp" you're perceived to be in. ps The word camp is in no way meant as a homophobic remark whatsoever. ..........just so you know.
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