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  1. Don't believe everything you read on forums...they're frequented by dipsticks !
  2. Your prediction for last night was way off the mark, looking forward to Saturday's result.
  3. Think it'll probably be Woods.......but agree both they and Sylla should start.
  4. Saw brief glimpses on Saturday from Vera but not enough to warrant inclusion in our talent bereft team. He's not even proved nuisance value yet as he has no physical presence whatsoever. I'd much rather see Azankpo paired with Wilson or Adams. At least we'd have a bit of pace up front.
  5. I suppose that proves the consistency point as he did absolutely zilch on Saturday and was lucky to get the full 90. When Eagles was brought on to play left side he moved inside but couldn't decide whether he was a 2nd striker or attacking midfielder and ended up doing neither.
  6. Mowbray invariably puts out a weakened team in this competition so it may not be as cut and dried as some of us think. ....here's hoping
  7. Reminds me of a City mate of mine some years ago after a particularly inept performance said he was so disgusted that he nailed his season ticket to a tree in his garden. " I woke up this morning and some bastard had pinched the nail !" was the punch line.
  8. No better or worse than most on Saturday. The annoying thing is he's the potential to be a good midfielder at this level but can't be arsed most of the time, which is definitely not a good characteristic for your captain. A really strange choice !
  9. But it is a bit pointless repeating the same things dozens of times in different threads however strong your opinions are.
  10. It's not hard to see he's a major bone of contention but it's a bit much when he invariably takes over every thread.
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