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  1. I suppose it just depends who's head it is..........your's or the regime's ? I'll just buy a Euromillions lucky dip and hope for the best.
  2. Whilst admitting that I have continued to support the Club by purchasing season tickets previously, and only the uncertainty of Covid has probably prevented me getting this season's, I can't help thinking that the assertion that somehow by starving the current regime of funds we are going to "smoke them out". There's no doubt that it could prove an effective strategy against most people in AL's situation, who would probably decide to cut their losses and sell at a relatively bargain price, but we are not dealing with "most people" here. He's obviously overpaid for what he received and has struggled to implement his perceived master plan of showcasing foreign talent for resale in the English leagues so has no chance of recouping anywhere near his initial outlay and maintenance expenses. Part of the problem may be in his ethnic culture whereby losing face is regarded as being tantamount to a personal insult, part may be bloody-mindedness but whatever the reason I feel if he was going to capitulate he's had ample opportunities to do so. The mere fact he has persevered with his brother's misguided judgement on player's abilities suggests he's not about to cut and run any time soon !
  3. I meant what's slipped below the belt.....not what was already there !! ☺️
  4. ..........a bit below the belt that comment Dave.........as is most of my physique !!
  5. Think the that badge with the gold background complements the black shirt better than the retro celebration badge would. I like the black shirt and wish I was 40 years younger and 2 stones lighter to model one............bugger it, I may wait till the end of the season ( when they're a tenner ) and get it to wear on my next holiday abroad.
  6. You'll never persuade the people who support the Club rather than the regime to throw the towel in. As has been said previously you're not on someones side just because you don't chuck stones at them.
  7. If ever there was a time NOT to speculate this is it. It's an even bigger gambol than usual. I'm doubtful that even the coming season will finish.
  8. I'm getting my name down for a season ticket sharpish if this is correct............the waiting list will be massive.
  9. No doubt some people thinking " it's all over " when possibly the worst is yet to come ?? I went to Blackpool last week for a "day out" and the difference in approaches to Covid was alarming. I was met at the door of a pub by the landlady who sprayed my hands with sanitiser, led me to a freshly cleaned table and brought my pint and change. During a stroll down the front I looked for shelter in an arcade as it started to rain only to see people mixing freely bumping into each other and the only sop to social distancing was the odd fruit machine turned off. Needless to say I got a bit wet walking back to my first stop.
  10. Thought vaccines wouldn't be widely available until next year at earliest ? Hope your version is better than mine Al !!! I'm afraid we're in for the long haul though.
  11. Like your thinking Al but the fan bases are slightly different.
  12. Agree, I'd struggle to "get behind" someone capable of what he did to Clarke.
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