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  1. Not me, it's the way to the Poor House...........or administration ! . Every business in the country has financial constraints, I don't see why football should be any different, and current events may prove me right.
  2. I suppose it's all down to opinions but in any case it's a bit hit and miss at this stage and there will be opportunities to prove people wrong. It may prove to be a blessing in disguise.
  3. Just watched the latest "Trip down Sheepfoot Lane" and Paul Murray alludes that poor attitude was the main reason why this year's second year scholars weren't signed. He insinuated it'd probably improve this season when he'd had a full year with them.
  4. That's why I said probably.🙂 I can't see much future for any but Premiership and bigger Championship clubs and the odd one's at our end of the spectrum unless he situation changes in the next few months. Hope I'm way off the mark.
  5. There's no rush, we probably won't be playing until 2022 !!
  6. I notice the "ignore it, it's a bit like flu" brigade have gone quiet.
  7. Agree with this, but you're way too optimistic for this forum !!
  8. Perhaps the one highlight of the season. Good left foot, pace and work ethic ( even when his form dropped a little mid season ) and seemed a nice lad to boot. Maybe a bit one dimensional for Championship or higher but I hope he gets first team opportunities wherever he is next season, sorry it won't be with us. He enjoys his football and so did I.
  9. It'd seem a lot longer if Roy just listened a bit more instead of interrupting and asking pointless questions like who scored on Boxing Day 1975 ??
  10. I suppose it matters in as much as we only have one person to blame for anything that goes wrong rather than the owner, his brother or anyone else on the payroll. I don't disagree much with your assessment of his managerial ability but would argue that with him in charge we wouldn't have been relegated, as that team probably needed a "kick up the arse" towards the end of the season.
  11. We know everyone is furloughed at BP but on BBC News the other night the Government stated that part time furloughing would be allowed enabling workers to return to work on an ad hoc basis.
  12. Aren't some workers permitted to work part time with Government agreement, i.e. "part-furloughed". It shouldn't be a full time job deciding our retained list !
  13. I've not got your experience in these matters but they don't seem to be an above average batch this season ( they were well beaten at Curzon Ashton ) so keeping only the odd one or two seems sensible in the current situation.
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