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  1. Fair enough. I find the slog through Bury ring road a royal pain
  2. Ha! Burned down about six months ago. Always dubious about fires in restaurants.
  3. Although the Chinese burned down recently..... Live in Bury and drive to Oldham each matchday - ballache traffic wise.
  4. I’ve only really watched him once v Dale in pre-season and I have to agree. Thought he showed intelligence and some good touches, albeit with not much pace. Perhaps the plan is to use him as a link up with goals hopefully from the three behind him. Could well be proved wrong but hope I’m right....
  5. Zebra Finance just pulled out of any agreement with us over spreading season ticket costs.
  6. This is where I’m at too. The owner does seem batsh*t crazy but I’m surprised Scholes didn’t do more homework on this first. If AL is so keen to run first team matters he may as well appoint himself as manager and hire a coach to train his XI. I’ll be in the stands tomorrow with my dad and the crew we’ve been going with for over a quarter of a century. Got our tickets for next season too before this week’s s*itstorm and will be at BP next season. That’s the way I’ll be supporting. Respect anyone who wants to protest and / or stay away too.
  7. JCH in great goal-scoring form for Bristol Rovers, even a hat trick recently. Good luck to him
  8. Sorry but I don’t agree with that at all. True it wasn’t one of his best performances but he is one of the few who can control the ball quickly and consistently and tries to play constructively.
  9. Great Summerslam 2005 reference! I really felt for Clarke - love his leadership and commitment; sadly took it a step too far but I forgive him in a heartbeat for his overall performance. Just my two penneth.
  10. Just read the thread and haven’t seen mention of it. Watched highlights on Quest tonight and at the end Colin Murray mentions Jacques Santini (had to read up on him) was at the game and his odds of being new manager had “tumbled.” Assumed he was talking about us not Vale. A friend of AL’s? Out of interest his Wiki page reports most of his jobs ended prematurely because of various conflicts with superiors. Don’t think I imagined it all although it has been a busy week... All the best to everyone and Latics for 2019
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