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  1. Nothing else Deleted after two minutes since tweeting it
  2. It says...... Abdallah Lemsagam says that HMRC has been paid, the majority of staff have been paid with the rest tomorrow & the debenture to Brass Bank will be paid by the end of the week. Also reiterates, despite rumoured interest from other parties, that the club is not for sale. #OAFC
  3. Check out @MikeMinay’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/MikeMinay/status/1235272570028658688?s=09
  4. Am pretty sure Zeus didnt touch the ball until 25 minutes into the match when he was picking it up after they scored. Such was our dominance early on...
  5. Whereas Maouche is a far far better piece taker
  6. I'll wager a certain someone is cutting and pasting a dossier together
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