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  1. AlanGrovesFanClub

    Forest Green (h)

    Why wait to see him play? There’s a highlights video on YouTube. It’s clear to see that guy is a cross between Nick Henry and Robocop - cult hero status by end of this season...
  2. AlanGrovesFanClub

    New Manager Thread

    https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11730/11600660/oldham-fan-pete-wild-ready-to-step-down-as-caretaker-boss-after-fa-cup-win-over-fulham I have a new hero. “Who do you want in the fourth round?” PW “Man U away, they ruined my childhood so I owe them one.”
  3. AlanGrovesFanClub

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    Thank you sir. You made my day, and my son’s too!
  4. AlanGrovesFanClub

    Pete Wild

    Does anyone know his background? Was he a player when he was younger? There doesn't seem to be much info about him unless I'm missing something.
  5. AlanGrovesFanClub

    Maidstone (A)

    I think he’d still make it by about 4 days at the next round, if t’internet is right. Not that there’s ever any reason to question it.
  6. AlanGrovesFanClub

    Sorry but Bunn out!

    oops, duplicate post
  7. AlanGrovesFanClub

    Colchester United (h)

    Either that or he really wants to see Chris O'Grady's todger. Edit: shall we set up a poll on this one? ?
  8. AlanGrovesFanClub

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    What a refreshing attitude from PW. Great stuff.
  9. AlanGrovesFanClub

    Statement by Chairman

    indeed, that's another potentially very relevant factor to consider too.
  10. AlanGrovesFanClub

    Statement by Chairman

    I don't think it does. In HR or general legal liability stuff the default rule is not to discuss publicly until it's all sorted. Nobody (player, club etc.) is saying much, so I think that's where we are - effectively embargoed. And it's extremely hard to prove whether stuff like this was deliberate - it's a grey area that will have lots of room for debate - let's face it Roy F'in Keane got away with one after writing about it in a book . I really, really don't think we do know what's going on with any certainty, and that's my point. It could be that the Fane incident has something to do with it, or maybe not. So, in answer to your question: no, I don't.
  11. AlanGrovesFanClub

    Statement by Chairman

    Oh I see. I can't hold all of this detail in my head at once! I was just referring to the general "shit, where did all these old debts come from? nobody told me about these..." thing that is coming out of BP. It's clear that there has been some very bad admin with late filings etc., so it's hard to pick out the real position on this stuff.
  12. AlanGrovesFanClub

    Statement by Chairman

    I think you are referring to debts generally, not just debentures. Yes, due diligence is always done and, as this deal was not exactly rushed through, we can probably assume that there was a lot of it. Therefore, I think there are 3 possibilities: SC did not disclose what he should have done regarding outstanding debt and / or the accounting records were bad and did not include all the outstanding debt [in which case AL can go after him for personal warranties / indemnities which are standard in such a contract]. AL's advisors didn't do a very good job for him in the due diligence. AL had a certain impression of things that just wasn't what he actually signed up to. Given all that has gone on it could be any (or, indeed, all) of the above but I'd probably vote for 1 as being the strongest reason.
  13. AlanGrovesFanClub

    The Joe Royle Stand

    That's why it's so good to live in a country with strong gun controls.
  14. AlanGrovesFanClub

    The Joe Royle Stand

    I'm sorry Mr Mikey, I didn't mean you!