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  1. I started a rendition of "Allez les bleus" at a Varsity rugby match once - I was very pleased with myself at the time.
  2. Very sadly, after 50 years of following this club, I'm joining the "that's enough for me this time" gang. Life is too short to put time and money into this. I'm taking a sabbatical and will come back when we are through this shite - I do hope that day comes. Take care all.
  3. Branger could not be any less effective than Nepo today (awaits second half hat trick).
  4. and Bury to play soon. Could be 4 point gap after that.
  5. Stay calm. Focus on deep slow breaths. Do not make eye contact.
  6. Strange one that. Games are ticking down and we have 2 slots taken up by injured players (I assume, heard nil about the left back guy).
  7. Yes, my wording was rather loose there, but "transferred out to..." is all we can make out from what I've seen so far.
  8. Dummigan sold. https://www.dundalkfc.com/dummigan-signs-for-lilywhites/
  9. That's how I feel about it at present too.
  10. Just a quick note to remind you all that we are now managed by a world renowned ex-player with a genuine affection for and affinity with Oldham Athletic, that we won his first game in charge 4-1 and that we all have in common with each other our love of and support for the club.
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