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  1. Bury's likely exit could be followed by a flurry of others in the coming years, experts warned. As well as a protracted takeover facing stricken Bolton, Macclesfield and Oldham are understood to be facing financial investigations over missed wage payments. Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/08/20/experts-warned-efl-two-years-ago-clubs-like-bolton-bury-faced/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Corney’s fault or somet 🤔
  2. People need to stop referring to Desire as a kid, he’s 26...
  3. Shouldn’t be an issue for our Lemmy, he’s already put his life savings of 5 million in after all
  4. Presumably you think those Bury fans who are upset at their current predicament should just get a grip?
  5. Spice has gotten even stronger since prohibition...
  6. You’re legitimising how he’s acting by continuing to fund him.
  7. Fans fault we’re shit, lolz. Straight out of the Barry Owen handbook that one.
  8. Clueless. Gate receipts are an extremely small % of revenue for most clubs. Bournemouth went up with the 23rd worst average attendance in the Championship in 2015, less than 30 fans off being rock bottom below Rotherham.
  9. Agree. This won’t go down well, but... You’re a scab who doesn’t care about the long-term health of our football club if you keep going to home matches. Giving these twats money is legitimising their actions which will ultimately kill OAFC. It’s that simple. #NoMorePenniesForTheLemmys
  10. Somebody commented saying something along the lines of it being a load of tosh and we will struggle like Wrexham to ever get back into the league structure if we’re relegated, the OP responded that we should count our blessings because Bury FC might not exist very soon. He seemed very serious.
  11. This kind of shit is posted on a daily basis. Anybody who dares to criticise the owner is banned and has all their posts deleted.
  12. I don’t disagree with the overall premise of your post, but Maouche and Desire are 26...
  13. I genuinely feel for the players, it needs to be made clear that we don’t blame them. The vitriol should be aimed at the owners running us into the ground,
  14. If somebody of this man’s honesty, integrity and passion for OUR club is telling us to unite behind the FLG, considering he will have more information available than any one of us mere mortals on here, it’s what we need to do. ABDALLAH, BARRY AND MO - TIME TO GO! Wild thing 💙
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