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  1. Their promotion should honestly be rescinded. Scandalous how they’ve gotten away with it.
  2. Mike, you’ve spent the day demanding proof. Two trusted posters have now offered it to you but you don’t seem to be taking them up on their offers. Why is that?
  3. A full-back will never get me massively giddy as a signing but this seems a genuinely great bit of business. Three POTS awards at a club in our quartet of the league last season isn’t to be sniffed at. Well done to all involved 👍
  4. Good business all round for me. If Absy reinvests the fee into the playing squad we should be right up there this coming season as not many clubs at this level will make nearly 1 million pound in transfer revenue this summer! Also, I’m really happy for George. Thank you for your efforts at Latics💙🧡. You were a class above last season, regardless of what some of our fans say, and have fully earned your dream move. Never particularly liked Rangers but will be following their results from now on. I hope he smashes it. Great move - good luck Edmo 💙❤️
  5. 😂😂😂😂. I’ve seen some bad shouts in my time on this forum, but this might just top the lot...
  6. Correct. However, I happen to think his prickishness is defensible on this issue. If Pompey and Rangers withdraw their offers citing AL’s treatment of Peterborough as the reason for doing so then I promise not to post on these boards ever again...
  7. People are acting like we’ve scammed them out of the £600k. Some of these tweets grovelling and apologising to that robbing charlatan are nothing short of embarrassing, get a grip FFS. Abdallah is a bad chairman, but not because of this kind of thing. It’s in no way comparible to ripping off local businesses and his treatment of hardworking staff. It’s a bit of a dick move if anything, nothing more. I’m sure DMac and Peterborough United will recover from this.
  8. Abdallah has acted like an absolute **** here in order to maximise transfer revenue for OAFC. Great stuff.
  9. There are many things to bash Abdallah for, as I have been doing relentlessly for the last year or so, mainly ripping off local businesses and terrible treatment of loyal OAFC staff. However, this isn’t one of them. I personally find it really weird that people have a massive issue with this and are kissing Posh’s chairman’s arse! I honestly couldn’t give a frig if he’s messing about opposing clubs in order to maximise our transfer revenue. It’s every man for himself in this business and AL shouldn’t be acting ‘gentlemanly’ if that is to the detriment of the club’s already low bank balance. Remember Brentford reneging on their loan back agreement for Tarky - favours shouldn’t be expected in football and if he can get more money by acting like a **** towards a **** like DMac then it should be applauded by our fans. I’d understand criticism if he’d done something criminal, but he hasn’t. If you want to support a club who acts 100% ethically in the transfer market then it’s probably best that you follow another sport. Massive props to Absy for this, simply superb. 💙
  10. Missile, Hamer and Nepo are the only 3 currently on the books who I want anywhere near the starting 11 for the first game, our squad is dogshit. Maybe O’Grady too (I know this won’t go down well) if we can get a good youngster on loan to partner him. Iacovitti at full-back, Christ alive...
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