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  1. Summerghand beaten on the nod, arghhhhh! A poor day to round it off with just 1 winner and 1 place, but still a bit up for the week. Great to have the big festivals back after the past few months, thoroughly enjoyed a superb week of racing.
  2. Saturday 12:40 Aplomb @6/1 e/w (6 places) 13:15 Sacred @5/1 13:50 Admiral Nelson @5/2 14:25 Run Wild @7/1 e/w (3 places) 15:00 Pinatubo back to his best today after the 2,000 Guineas run 💙💙 @6/4 15:35 One Master @5/1 16:10 Summerghand @15/2 e/w (6 places) 16:40 Who Dares Wins @10/11 £5 free bet available on the Coventry Stakes (13:50) with Paddy Power. Good luck all!
  3. 2 winners and 2 places, that more than makes up for yesterday’s small loss. Onto the final day tomorrow
  4. Friday 13:15 Art Power @2/1 13:50 Setarhe @15/2 e/w (4 places) 14:25 Eye of Heaven @15/8 15:00 Anthony Van Dyck @3/1 15:35 Golden Horde @9/2 16:10 Punctuation @20/1 e/w (3 places) 16:40 El Misk @9/1 e/w (5 places)
  5. 3 places (2 at big prices) but sadly no winners which means a slight loss for the day. We go again Stradivarius, WOW!
  6. Thursday 13:15 Grand Rock @14/1 e/w (5 places) 13:50 Fox Tal @7/2 14:25 Final Song @7/1 e/w (5 places) 15:00 Bright Devil @6/1 e/w (3 places) 15:35 I think Stradivarius wins again but I’ve had a small bet on the relatively unexposed Nayef Road @16/1 e/w (3 places) who I expect to make the frame 16:10 Enemy @8/1 e/w (6 places) 16:40 Soffika @10/1 e/w (5 places)
  7. A 3/1 winner in Russian Emperor and 3 places (2 at big prices with BOG) today. Very decent!
  8. That was some performance by the progressive Lord North, simply stunning! Who’d have guessed he’d be beating a field of this strength by such a large margin after finishing last in a listed race at Sandown last summer? Frankie makes a rare selection blunder
  9. Wednesday 13:15 Salayel @14/1 e/w (6 places) 13:50 Russian Emperor @3/1 14:25 Convict @8/1 e/w (5 places) 15:00 Japan @11/8 15:35 Montatham @6/1 e/w (7 places) 16:10 Get It @11/1 e/w (5 places) 16:40 Alright Sunshine @12/1 e/w (5 places) These big field handicaps reek of a bookies’ day, but we shall see. Good luck all!
  10. 3 winners and 2 places, decent start💪
  11. Tuesday 13:15 Mutamaasik @17/2 e/w (6 places) 13:50 Billesdon Brook @25/1 e/w (4 places) 14:25 Frankly Darling @6/4 15:00 Mogul @evs 15:35 Battaash @10/11 16:10 Nazeef @7/2 16:40 Land of Oz @13/2 e/w (6 places) £5 free bet available on the Queen Anne (13:50) with Paddy Power. Good luck all!
  12. Some of the clubs are using professional players from their official ‘esports’ teams. Completely ruins it imo.
  13. Finish the one that is nearing completion before worrying about one that doesn't exist. I just think that's the most sensible, yet admittedly imperfect, resolution. If that means resuming this current season next calendar year then so be it. Obviously national well-being is priority and restarting shouldn't be rushed to satisfy the appetite of impatient football supporters.
  14. Imo this season has to be finished before the next one starts. If that means that there can be no 2020/21 season then so be it, but you cannot just null and void a season in which over two thirds of games have been played (even in these exceptional circumstances). Obviously there will be complications with player contracts ending in June and the transfer window opening but I think we can all agree that there is no simple solution which satisfies everyone’s desires. It’s very easy for us as a fanbase to want the most dull season in our entire history wiped off the record, but if we had something still to play for I guarantee responses would be different. Many of us might dislike Leeds and Liverpool but the integrity of our national sport means much more than petty blinkered point scoring against clubs we’d rather not see lift a trophy.
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