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  1. Will be updated nearer to the day of the game
  2. https://m.livesoccertv.com/match/3188691/fulham-vs-oldham-athletic/
  3. Ryan

    Bury (H)

    Hopefully more of you will start to join the COG and Bunn appreciation society as the season progresses. We’ve been a one man band for months now...
  4. Ryan

    Crewe Alexandra (A)

    Respectfully disagree. He’s a smart player who does a lot of stuff that goes unnoticed.
  5. Ryan

    Crewe Alexandra (A)

    Bunn outers where you at? Xxxxx
  6. Ryan

    Crewe Alexandra (A)

    Chris O’Grady yet again proving he is a miles better footballer than Ishy Miller...
  7. Ryan

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Good draw. How many will we take you reckon?
  8. Ryan

    Maidstone (A)

    COG > Miller. Won’t say it again.
  9. Mental bastard. Sol in.
  10. Ryan

    Tranmere (A)

    They only brought 1,250 when they were 5 points clear at the top of the league in November... Tranmere have shite away support.
  11. Ryan

    Tranmere (A)

    We’ve took decent numbers when it’s one of the first games of the season or we’ve been sniffing around the top 6, other than that our followings there have been pretty atrocious. I’m not saying this reflects badly on Latics fans - the distance is severely underestimated by a lot of our lot, it’s as much of a derby as Port Vale... It was 757 last time and even less the year before. Fact.
  12. Ryan

    Tranmere (A)

    It was 757 last time, even less under TP the previous year just after the Everton cup game - genuinely around 400-500. We've never travelled particularly well to each other, it’s a complete myth...
  13. Ryan

    Tranmere (A)

    Frank’s first 18 league games: W:6 D:6 L:6 F:24 A:19 GD:5 PTS:24 Wellens’ first 18 league games: W:6 D:6 L:6 F:27 A:26 GD:1 PTS:24 Strangely these are almost identical. One is lauded as playing amazing attacking football in the early days of their tenure whilst the other has tiresome ‘Dull’ puns made at their expense and is accused of playing for the 0-0 every week. I know we’re in a different division with lower quality opposition (imo this is negated by the fact that our squad is also relatively much poorer) but I can’t help but feel that criticisms of Frank are very harsh, especially considering that our main goal threat has had such a torrid time with injuries. In Bunn we trust 💙
  14. Whether you believe he ‘deserves it’ or not is beside the point...