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  1. Also, writing off a young lad like Stott when he’s being played completely out of position He was the second coming of Maldini at MK 2 weeks ago, get a fucking grip.
  2. The arrogance of our fans is unbelievable. Whilst I didn’t agree with Bunn’s sacking one bit, we now have to get behind Scholes and I honestly believe that we can’t judge him until he’s had a full pre-season to stamp his authority on the squad and utilise his contacts. I got some vile abuse last summer for pointing out that our squad was not well equipped to be able to compete at the top end of this division because of Lemsagam’s chronic underfunding 🤷‍♂️ You can change manager 3 times per season for as many years as you like but ultimately they’re going to need investment from the owner in order to make OAFC a promotion challenger. Please do not force Paul Scholes out of our club, you space cadets.
  3. O’Grady is such an easy scapegoat, he’s never a lone striker and until the man picking the team realises this he will continue to contribute zilch. However, put him in a pairing with somebody more nimble and he will perform well. Our best football came when O’Grady partnered Surridge.
  4. Branger isn’t a young lad in footballing terms, he’s nearly 26...
  5. Apologies if I’ve interpreted it wrong but if the ACV has been activated doesn’t that mean that they’ve found a new buyer for their land?
  6. That’s my understanding. Pretty big news this. We will be homeless in 6 months if the Trust can’t raise the funds.
  7. Maybe he’s been involved in a legal dispute with AL during the last 6 months?
  8. Nah. First allocation is the Cemmy End that was used as an overspill last year for a couple of hundred POTDers.
  9. As KIG says, we’ve got both ends again. All that has changed is that the initial allocation this year is from the stand we had a couple of hundred POTDers last season and the overspill is the bigger Manchester Road End that we filled.
  10. Still got 5 of the top 7 to play, all of those games barring Mansfield are away from home. It will be very tough.
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