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  1. Scintillating stuff for the #realisticlads
  2. Ryan

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    You said he’d definitely gone last week Smiley...
  3. You’d he foolish to think he’s simply invented them.
  4. Ryan

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    Whoever it was who compared the situation to Ben Stokes’ a few posts up...
  5. 1. Agree on that. Initially when the ITKers were saying he was 'suspended' I thought they meant from employment, pending investigation, rather than being made to train with the kids. I could understand the cynicism when that was the information available. 2. "Jack has breached a couple of discipline rules." Frankie Bunn in today's press-conference. 3. "Deals for three key loan players had to be renegotiated in January. The weekly bill for the three, one of whom signed permanently, went from £3,750 to around £16,000." Doyle, Bryan and Byrne were costing us £16,000 p/w so I'd say £5,000 p/w seems about right for JB. 4. "Many were signed on wages previously well outside Oldham's budget. Midfielder Mohamed Maouche was given £4,000-a-week. He subsequently played 10 minutes of League One football (and remains on the payroll)." Both from Keegan's article.
  6. Ryan

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    They clearly don’t want whatever he’s actually done to come out in the open. How’s he meant to issue a public apology?
  7. Maybe he has apologised in private. We’re keeping everything in house now, ya’ know
  8. Ryan

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    This must have been going on for nearly 7 weeks if the incident happened at the start of pre-season. Can't they just kiss and make up already?
  9. Ryan

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/jack-byrne-oldham-athletic-latics-15038255 Not suspended. Broke a couple of 'discipline rules' and will be training with the youth team for the 'foreseeable future'. It has been this way since the first few days of pre-season according to the article. Surely it has to be resolved soon...
  10. Ryan

    Macclesfield (h)

    https://www.oddschecker.com/football/english/league-2/relegation Our next 6 games are against teams the bookies predict will finish from 18th-24th, these next few weeks could be very interesting and will show where we're at.
  11. I asked the same the other day. People keep bleating on about relegation meaning we needed to cut the wage bill but the only real loss is the 200k or so (about Maouche's salary) in solidarity payments, the gate receipt difference will be negligible. Imagine this lot in League One...
  12. The debenture agreements didn't permit the sale of Corney's 97% shareholding (I remember the Trust saying this). My understanding was that the Necarcu charge had been settled before Abdallah took over, slightly worrying if it's still unpaid.
  13. I remember the Trust saying before AL took over that any outstanding debentures had to be settled in order for the deal to go through.
  14. Ryan


    Wasn’t using a VPN here mate as was just listening to commentary. Last season I used Opera browser as it has a built in VPN. I found it to be quite slow so once you’ve bought the match pass and you’re on the stream turn off the VPN and reload the page and it still played like normal. Not sure if it works this year though.