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  1. Give ur Head a wobble, its people like u that make me not go. It's only bloody football and I'd rather spend my hard earned money on Mossley or the Roughyeds rather than sit near numpties like u who embarrass our club and town
  2. Got the old Nantes connection, twin Town don't u know
  3. Such a wonderful club, the togetherness of our fans really gives me hope of moving forward. Enjoy your likes
  4. So nothing by the sound of it. Top link๐Ÿ‘
  5. I emailed the club about him a month ago so who knows
  6. Lost interest now and barely even check on here either tbh. Gonna watch roughyeds instead moving forward and check for latics results in whatever league we fall to
  7. Not the most intelligent post, but I get you point and agree
  8. Lol none whatsoever so am not sure y BP does it tbh
  9. This appears to be a tad OTT. Basically sack the first team it's the class of 92 mark 2
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