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  1. That's how I see it and said that before he took the job he will just walk if get any shit
  2. It's one why the premier league can increase revenue......bottom 2 divisions go bang ....premier league 2 and possible franchise..arm chair fans all over the country paying to watch their team of choice or who ever is winning
  3. How the hell do they pass the fit and proper test from the EFL what a joke If you won 100 million on the Euro lottery you wouldn't be able to take over unless you prove you can run a business yet some twat with a few million and Trigger finger walks in no problem
  4. You could argue AL was manager when Bunn was here and definitely was when Wild was in charge
  5. Heard a lot about AL but had more in hope hoped it wasnt true. I didn't think he would dare question PS but look like his has, il be there Saturday more due to it being my birthday and planned a few beers wiv m8s as well but really gutted that a fantastic opportunity has been missed with a guy who has one of the best reputations in WORLD football it was our chance to do something without getting the luck of amultimillionaire chairman....truly truly gutted
  6. The Paul Scholes affect....we dont want to be waisting his reputation.
  7. We have been tin pot for 20 years and now its caught up with us. As with life everyone wants stuff now and we've been starved of any success since 94 then when we get the slight chink we are on the up there is a mass euphoria and when it doesnt materialise there is a mass over reaction. The hope is killing our fans patients which sometime gives a really negative boundary park. The wrong people are getting the flack and expected to turn things round overnight. Failure is not in Paul Scholes DNA but hes not had the best of starts but hes not took over the best of teams my worry is I think we will lose possible the biggest positive we have had for a long time due to not being given the time either by chairman or fans. I believe there are some lucrative sponsorship deals in the wings when others run out on the back of PS appointment and believe now we see this season out and PS gets a 1st transfer window but I've a horrible feeling he may not be there come pre season. Which be a shame as all business need to ride someone else reputation from time to time
  8. Been injured we have no reserves needed a game.
  9. How bi polar is this last Tuesday we was going up. Ffs
  10. Hopefully hes been in Dubi getting investors on board with the delivery of Scholes as manager
  11. Personally at start of season before knew Clarke would be back, I was hoping we build the defence on stott and Edmundson.
  12. I think the problem is closer to home, the Premeir League and to some extent the big Championship clubs. They are that scared of missing out on a gem they are just becoming cattle markets for young player. They are buying parents, taking kids from 5 years old. By time they are 18 to 21 they are already millionaires. We can't afford em. So think we probably have little choice to look for journey men, foreign players and loans where the parent club pays 90% of the wage. It's all that crazy it might just work
  13. I was good m8s with one of his sons and they were all very passionate latics fans. Very big help to Mr Stott. Think both us and the Rugby would be very different clubs now had he got the support. Think he had a pretty good relationship with Alan Hardy as well
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