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  1. Been injured we have no reserves needed a game.
  2. How bi polar is this last Tuesday we was going up. Ffs
  3. Hopefully hes been in Dubi getting investors on board with the delivery of Scholes as manager
  4. Personally at start of season before knew Clarke would be back, I was hoping we build the defence on stott and Edmundson.
  5. I think the problem is closer to home, the Premeir League and to some extent the big Championship clubs. They are that scared of missing out on a gem they are just becoming cattle markets for young player. They are buying parents, taking kids from 5 years old. By time they are 18 to 21 they are already millionaires. We can't afford em. So think we probably have little choice to look for journey men, foreign players and loans where the parent club pays 90% of the wage. It's all that crazy it might just work
  6. I was good m8s with one of his sons and they were all very passionate latics fans. Very big help to Mr Stott. Think both us and the Rugby would be very different clubs now had he got the support. Think he had a pretty good relationship with Alan Hardy as well
  7. Does anyone know the Duffus situation he's stated on Twitter last week he is back at the club, has anyone seen him training or is he just going to be passing time till he's away. Aware of his issues with the club so don't need updating on them, just wondering if anyone knows if he will be considered for selection or not? As seems crazy not having on the bench at least if he's all fit and well
  8. Wasn't ones of our past complaints that we don't seem to find any rough diamonds from non league like Peterborough? Surly this is the same but I presume cheaper just in a different country. And France have certainly been the most successful footballing nation since ClairFontain set up so I would presume there be a chance of picking up some good players. The problem is we may have to go through a few to find 1. But AL doesn't seem to mind shipping 20 in at a time to find 1 and clearing the rest off, which in theory should be better/quicker than taking the risk on buying one or two from the English non league. Just may take foreign players a bit longer to settle as it does in the dizzy heights of the premier league - so how much of a culture shock is Oldham, cold weather and league 2 football. The unknown is - will we find em, will we get decent fees, will the fee go to the club and will it work....no one can answer But I have no problem picking up players from France Belgium Netherlands etc as are all talented footballing counties, if they were coming from San Marino Luxembourg etc then it would look like AL was feathering his own nest. But I think it's his plan and chosen route to go with now. So time will tell whether we will be the next Leyton Orient or Le'Latics.
  9. And removing Byrne if his move to Shamrock proves anything 🤷‍♂️
  10. Tbf to Cassidy I thought he had a good 1st game for us at Walsall and set the goal up, then was doing ok against Fleetwood till got injured. Don't think he ever recovered after that
  11. Some league 1 sides had pretty convincing results against league 2 sides last night.
  12. Wasn't Mr Ian Stott well known for putting the attendance less than it was? My dad's best mate was a chief inspector around the time of the famous 3 2 win over Sheff Wed and he always said there was way more in that ground than latics gave as the attendance
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