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  1. Not always "black and white" and not always just about money. Plymouth seems an ambitious and well run club in a nice part of the Country which has an impressive ground / facilities and a familiar manager who has achieved success. On that basis, some people will be quite happy to relocate to the South coast even if we were to offer a lot more money. Throw in the uncertainties about the owner and how the club is being run (true or not) and the decision is probably not a difficult one.
  2. No idea for most of them. Times must be hard when we can only afford one set of hand luggage for the trip.
  3. Think many feel the same. I am renewing four tickets this week otherwise I will end up spending more watching on iplayer. I live in hope that the trust can get some engagement with the owners.
  4. Wow, another sesquipedalian response. No ambiguity in my point on the "Scholes" Topic. He knew what he was coming too when he took the job and used the so called interference to jump ship to mask his fledgling managerial shortcomings. Great player, poor manager for me. We move on with PW and I will continue to support him and the team.
  5. On balance, it would seem that way but Scholes knew that before he eventually took the job. When he came in, all expectations had gone for the season. Scholes could easily have given it a good go until the end of the season and see where it went. IMO, I think Scholes used the alleged interference to jump ship because he realised he was not up to the task. Had we stuck with Wild we would have been in and around the playoffs. Anyway, we are where we are. I do not like the owners methods, as reported on here and by disgruntled ex employees, but he is the only one putting money into the club. Hence, I will continue to support the manager and team (and all the local support staff) and hope the trust can enter into a dialogue with the owner and get the club run in a fit and proper way.
  6. Administration is only applicable for a business that is still viable under a restructuring. It's not as simple as a points deduction and then move on. Without assets the reality is more likely to be liquidation. The answer has to be to get the owner to run our club properly or sell to another interested party who will. In my opinion, the owner entering into some meaningful dialogue with the Trust has to be the way forward so we can understand his motives and future plans for OAFC. This club is at a crossroads and everyone; owner, fans, trust and brass bank have to work together together for it to go in the right direction.
  7. Premier League and Championship clubs use monster heat lamps to ensure grass continues to germinate and grow during winter. Unfortunately, they are the luxury of the richer clubs. Hopefully, the milder weather forecast over the next few weeks will stimulate some early growth and improve the surface. The three games at home in the last week will not have helped. However, whatever the state of the surface, it's a level playing field for both teams on the day..... so to speak. You would hope the home team would adapt easier but the pitch cannot be used for the goal we conceded Saturday which was due to playing deeper and deeper and finally conceding from a high ball into the box.
  8. He may have no choice. Window shuts this week.
  9. Took my young niece and nephew today to their first away game. We were sat in front of a family group whose vocabulary consisted of f..k and c..t. Total scum and we had to move seats. We then saw someone nearby throw a drinks bottle at a steward just missing him and then witnessed similar when someone threw something at one of the executive areas narrowly missing a women with young children. On the way back to the car witnessed an Oldham fan proceed to kick off wing mirrors of several cars outside the ground before threatening opposition fans. Total scum bag and deserves locking up. Today should have been a special day for young fans at their first away game. Instead it will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Ashamed.
  10. Times must be hard if they are having to use Gerrards old shirt for the photoshoot.
  11. Just a win will do. 1 - 0 will be fine for me with a solid display.
  12. With the good take up for Fulham, and the likely size of the away following from Exeter, be a nice gesture if they offered some discounts to boost numbers. ST Holders bring a friend for a fiver, kids for a quid type of thing.
  13. Prior to coming here on loan, most fans outside Bournemouth, including me, would not have heard of him. Once he started scoring regularly, the opposition start to take note. He will now be considered a threat by teams and will receive more attention from defenders. He may need to adapt his game to this, which will come with experience, but it should also free up space for others to score. This is where good coaching becomes important and the time for strike partners to step up to the plate. It is a team game and all have to contribute.
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