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  1. Premier League and Championship clubs use monster heat lamps to ensure grass continues to germinate and grow during winter. Unfortunately, they are the luxury of the richer clubs. Hopefully, the milder weather forecast over the next few weeks will stimulate some early growth and improve the surface. The three games at home in the last week will not have helped. However, whatever the state of the surface, it's a level playing field for both teams on the day..... so to speak. You would hope the home team would adapt easier but the pitch cannot be used for the goal we conceded Saturday which was due to playing deeper and deeper and finally conceding from a high ball into the box.
  2. He may have no choice. Window shuts this week.
  3. Took my young niece and nephew today to their first away game. We were sat in front of a family group whose vocabulary consisted of f..k and c..t. Total scum and we had to move seats. We then saw someone nearby throw a drinks bottle at a steward just missing him and then witnessed similar when someone threw something at one of the executive areas narrowly missing a women with young children. On the way back to the car witnessed an Oldham fan proceed to kick off wing mirrors of several cars outside the ground before threatening opposition fans. Total scum bag and deserves locking up. Today should have been a special day for young fans at their first away game. Instead it will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Ashamed.
  4. Times must be hard if they are having to use Gerrards old shirt for the photoshoot.
  5. Just a win will do. 1 - 0 will be fine for me with a solid display.
  6. With the good take up for Fulham, and the likely size of the away following from Exeter, be a nice gesture if they offered some discounts to boost numbers. ST Holders bring a friend for a fiver, kids for a quid type of thing.
  7. Prior to coming here on loan, most fans outside Bournemouth, including me, would not have heard of him. Once he started scoring regularly, the opposition start to take note. He will now be considered a threat by teams and will receive more attention from defenders. He may need to adapt his game to this, which will come with experience, but it should also free up space for others to score. This is where good coaching becomes important and the time for strike partners to step up to the plate. It is a team game and all have to contribute.
  8. Its not a bad draw considering. Around 100k return on gate receipts possible in addition to 180k secured so far from round 1 and 2. May also feature on tv as a possible upset based on their current form. All in all, not a bad effort and should keep the wolf from the door for a bit.
  9. There is no business logic why anyone, who is not a fan, would invest millions into a struggling club with debts and a loyal(ish) fan base currently around 4000. However, he has bought into the club and so he has my support. I really hope he can turn this great club of ours around but to be fair the fans also have a part to play. We may not be able to influence matters at board level but we can keep attending games and supporting the club.. I know times are tough and the club is at a low point but we all have to pull together if it is to have a future.
  10. Whatever we all think, he is the only one who has come forward to invest in the club. Not sure why any sensible person would invest in a club with huge debts and a fan base of 4000. However, he has and if he can get the club back on a stable footing, I will be thankful. He will make mistakes no doubt and get a lot of stick by many on here but he is the only hope at this time. He gets my support for now.
  11. Reality check. We are a league 2 club with no money and this is the general standard of player at this level. The best we can hope is to have an honest group of players who give all for 90 minutes each week. In my opinion Gardner does that and yes he does make mistakes but so do most others in the team; he just seems to get most of the criticism. However, he does not give up and no one can deny that he turned the game yesterday. He ain't perfect, the team ain't perfect and the club is far from perfect but we are where we are. We are 100k better off after the win and if we can get through the next round we may get another decent pay day. Progress may be slow but the momentum is forward.
  12. Both have earned a start up front. Its a positive team selection which i hope will bring a win.
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