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  1. I am a ST Holder who lives in Lincolnshire and works with Town fans. Grimsby have moved from their normal passing game to a more direct "long ball" approach following the signing of James Hanson. This has proved successful in their opening fixtures. Crewe had done their homework on them and stopped Hanson playing and went back with three points. If Wheater does a job on him we have a good chance of winning this one.
  2. Those were the haunts of the Old Chairman. You need to be looking more cosmopolitan now; have you tried Mangetout or Deli Felice?
  3. I think it was more likely that he was settled in the area with his family and was loyal to Bolton. His move was forced by financial uncertainties and we would all do the same to support our families.
  4. A great addition to the backline. I just hope he can take a bit of BS when the owner drops in otherwise he will be playing with the kids in no time.
  5. We may struggle but we need to give the manager and the team a little time before we write the season off as a lost cause. The team is a bit of an unknown quantity but we need to get behind them and hope things gel on the pitch. Meanwhile, the three groups squabbling to run the club need to find some common ground otherwise the lot will crumble no matter how good the team is.
  6. A lot of fans are unhappy with the situation at BP and just hope that the behind the scenes squabbles can be resolved so that the club can move forward. However, they buy a season ticket so they can watch their team, who they have supported for many years, play football no matter how poor the product on the pitch is. Its their escape from their own troubles at home, where they can moan, groan about something other than the high price of the electric bill.
  7. How about the FLG keep the the income from the matchday sales that they offered and reduce the 4% increase in rent.
  8. Please can you confirm a few more .......
  9. It's a positive for me and just good to get back to debating a new signing instead of who owns what at the club. Another striker and A couple of CBs please.
  10. Should make it interesting this season; home support in the Frizzell; away support in the chaddy; FLG Fans in the Royle Stand, assuming they are not evicted. You cannot make this up.
  11. Its PR. If we cannot afford a £40 quid shirt, we have hit rock bottom. He can sign it and auction it off if necessary.
  12. Not always "black and white" and not always just about money. Plymouth seems an ambitious and well run club in a nice part of the Country which has an impressive ground / facilities and a familiar manager who has achieved success. On that basis, some people will be quite happy to relocate to the South coast even if we were to offer a lot more money. Throw in the uncertainties about the owner and how the club is being run (true or not) and the decision is probably not a difficult one.
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