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  1. Clifford

    Sporting Director

    Snr has done some much work for OAFC, some out of his own pocket, why not employ someone else with potentially that work ethic?
  2. Diego doesn't know his arse from his elbow, shock. Great news this. Can I suggest the group name themselves The Mainstand Cockroaches.
  3. Worth remembering that Abdullah apparently picked the side for Fulham and all subsequent games. Could we show the same level of thanks to him on Tuesday night?
  4. Clifford

    New Manager Thread

    Better asking Midsblue, he'll know his daughter better than i do.
  5. Clifford

    New Manager Thread

    Probably just wearing it to start a convo with a bloke or two. I know a girl who does this, great way of attracting length apparently.
  6. Clifford

    Dapo Afolayan

    Been advised from a pretty knowledgeable Red that Dearnley looks a decent signing, he sees him as a league one player so should do ok for us
  7. Clifford

    Peter Clarke

    If we had a few more with Taylor's attitude we wouldn't have gone down. For years we have had a team full of players who don't give one fuck about the club. Only going to get worse with the current owner.
  8. Clifford

    New Manager Thread

    No chance the announcement will be made any other way than AL being sat next to Scholes on SSN giving it the big 'un. Loves the camera too much.
  9. Clifford

    New Manager Thread

    Paul Scholes' personal life outside of football is not for a football chat site.
  10. Clifford

    New Manager Thread

    Do you think he is paying him the £300k (he won't be on that by the way) up front in cash? Scholes is in charge of this process IMO. He has things outside of football that cannot be changed so readily (those who know know), legal aspects around Salford and probably wanting to have time to breath. The moment it broke it was reported as being at least 10 days until he is appointed.
  11. Clifford

    New Manager Thread

    Didn’t the papers report when the story was breaking that it would be 10 days until it was announced? Why were people expecting it to be earlier than that? Scholes has things outside of football that need taking care of carefully before making such a huge change in lifestyle not to mention the Salford situation. If he is announced tomorrow then there will be time to sign players, if that is the plan.
  12. Clifford

    MK (A)

    Suicide inducing performance on the cards. French lads seeing their arse with Baxter, no Clarke, O'Grady knackered, Vera as fit as Broady after an all inclusive in Benidorm, Wildy seeing out his last game and on the hangover from getting knocked out. Mk Dons 0 - 1 Oldham (Vera, Pen 87)
  13. No but if Dickov was in a position financially to try his foot in for next to nowt I know Mr Scholes can try it. Scholes and Sol Campbell are trying things out. If they fail, they fail, not like they have a mortgage relying on it. If they do ok they will go onto have decent opportunities further up. These guys are the first generation who come out of playing never having to work again. They can dip their toes in and have a go. They are not working for the same reasons most people work.