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  1. 11 million in debt, at least, and counting. Some plan.
  2. Why are you so bothered about the land being used for housing? What detrimental effect do you see it having? They can build tower block flats on the car park for all I care if it makes the club viable.
  3. Cannot wait for this. Swindon at home here i come.
  4. Keep hold of your money, OAFC will need it once AL and his helmets have left the building. I'd reckon within a week of the season ending. The pot is dry, rainy day money for the summer spent on our goal machine.
  5. Debit cards don't all offer that protection. Also the process to claim back via that system is lengthy. You'd have to shell out again should the club be in a position to continue in the league. Safe to say anyone giving money to AL for next season is a scab. Even the slowest of Oldham fans can now see what a shambles we are. No excuses at this point.
  6. They are pressing you to buy a ticket now because the owner needs cash now. The club could easily have a list of all North Stand ST holders and allow the discount at any time. Spending the family jewels on our non league goal machine means there is nowt left for the summer. The bubble is about to burst, don't lose your hard earned cash.
  7. Debit card wouldn't protect the purchase. Credit card is the only way any scab should consider purchasing their season ticket.
  8. May be a poor uptake as buying an ST in cash / on the plan now would be a massive risk given admin would make the ST void. Well worth waiting and seeing and paying on the day / waiting for the last min extension.
  9. Ask bury fans if they regret not taking proper action? We've been going for 30 years, the kids love it or whatever are just shite excuses. If the clubs bust next year no one is going watching them. It's that serious IMO.
  10. The usual practice is they get a reduced wage whilst in admin, particularly mid season.
  11. He isn't going to pay the debt lads. Better to ride admin now than in the summer when a) the players can be sold and b) the efl can maintain competition numbers more easily. Admin is coming, I'd rather it was now when we'd probably avoid relegation and there is interest in maintaining the club. Doubt the FLG will wait for years to buy the ground which means Mr Blitz may have to think of another way to make his money 🏠🏠🏠
  12. Is there a club that's been put in admin that can pay all it's bills? The club would splutter to the summer and a buyer found. I'd be delighted to take the gamble.
  13. No one is suggesting admin would be quick or easy however it would rid of us of AL Mo and BO quickly. The players would remain and the club still function. The debts are mainly to blitz and he clearly doesn't want to fold the club. Get it handed in on Monday and work towards getting the club back to where it belongs, 17th in league 1. We won't go down even minus 12 points. Fans will rally round. The EFL won't allow another club to go bust.
  14. Admin is coming as AL won't play ball with anyone. It is a matter of when now he has totally pissed off the landlords. Better now than in the summer as they will sell all the players remaining to cover debts etc.
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