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  1. Pretty sure we had a debt with a loan company from liverpool didnt we?
  2. My dad lived in Uppermill as a youth. Very common to go to Huddersfield one week and United the next, he did that. Odd it's risen the season they are going down but still not rare. Lets face it if your kid wanted to start watching footy and you were not arsed about a team, why would you go OAFC over Town? £250 an adult. Great value for a side you'd think would be in the top 10 of the championship next season in a decent ground. May be my team of choice once we finally get put out of our misery.
  3. People asking why would anyone invest in OAFC when a group of business people / fans is about to purchase the ground. May I suggest they may want to invest in OAFC? Just a guess like. IF IF IF that group got hold of OAFC no reason with the North Stand earning extra money we couldn't be self sustaining. AL is not the answer and needs chasing out IMO.
  4. Gas company, pensions, tax, coach company, coffee machines (random I know), pay offs from all sackings, rent.............. Won't be coming out of his current account by standing order will it? All will be monies owed by Oldham Athletic if owed. The FA cup money must have saved us, for now. Corney found someone to loan OAFC money, no reason to think that same company or similar wouldn't do it again. The accounts, if they come out, will tell the tale. No way he spent his personal wealth on that centre half we signed and then loaned to Ashton United the very next day.
  5. Be worth googling Belgium football scandal. Clearly not related to our owner and his agent connections for any lawyers reading this. I think they were alleged to have over paid players and creamed it back off. Makes you think.
  6. Do people actually believe this clown has spent his life savings on £11k a week of Queensy or the wages on the lesser spotted Vera? I'd imagine the OAFC credit faciailities is taking more of a pounding than AL's current account
  7. It could be great. Not the marco shite but more random messages. Dancing dildos in full HD would be quite the message live on sky.
  8. Would the OEC still be running if it wasn't making money? With fan backing then the stand would make more money than it does currently as well IMO. For example if a gym membership there meant more money to OAFC i could see more fans joining up.
  9. if this new group buy the ground and end up in a position they can take on the club the main difference is the income from the North Stand could well go into the club. That's never happened before and it would mean even if we are lower down the ladder than now we would have extra funds to support the team compared to many sides. People who think we should not starve AL of funds, do you not question where our FA cup run money went? The gas was cut off but a few weeks later, allegedly. We lost the wages contribution for Lydon and Surridge and replaced with youth players. Any penny you give to OAFC is very likely to be going directly back out of the club. Make him need to give the thing away. Get the administrators to take it off him. If the ground sale comes off then we could be the self sustaining club many dream of. We just need rid of quite possibly the worst owner we have ever had. There is no way the club will get the money from the North Stand while AL owns the club.
  10. Given it's latics and how much they pay for things I would think it is very likely one or two of the computer geeks who support latics could pull that off.
  11. A game with no meaning, our last few home games once Easter ends our 'play off push'.
  12. We don't really have a local paper and the other local clubs are in turmoil so GMR won't be too arsed. IMO there should have been plans in place for when AL does not reply to the letter. The TV coverage could have been quite a tool to spread the word and apply pressure. A protest at a dead rubber home game won't cut it.
  13. Team are winning, fans aren't arsed that the owner is meddling, until the next time it becomes an issue. At that point we may be where Bury are and it will be too late. Did we not know Easter was coming? The Sky game was an ideal game to target and you've let it pass. Shame really. Could be worth the trust trying to contact Sky and see if they will make comment on the situation.
  14. Not too hard to imagine given the plight of so many North West clubs. As someone said on Twitter, any other business sector and you would say we are saturated and some firms will need to close down. Both grounds are purchased for housing. The money raised is then put towards a ground which will make money 365, modern facilities and the clubs combine and are fan owned. The ground and gate should help said club become self-funding. There is no way the lower leagues will carry the small town poor clubs like Bury, Rochdale and Oldham for much longer. The bubble is going to burst very soon. People with money are too wise to part it on such gambles so you end up with con men taking as much out as they can. I think after a stormy start people would back it as it would have fan buy in. Just my opinion but it may well be that or bust. I'd rather watch a combined side than Latics lite playing in the same league as Ashton or Royton Town.
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