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  1. Thanks for your feedback, I'll try not to judge you for it.
  2. You are a scab. Teach your kid right from wrong, some self respect and some morals. Stop using your kid as an excuse. He won't have a club to watch when he is 20 if these two stay for another year or so.
  3. Those with a brain have been protesting aka not funding the two twats for months. Stop going, stop endorsing and stop funding the whole shit show. No excuses, stop fucking going. I know people who are 40/50 years in who won't go while these two are running things. Time to hit them where it hurts. I vowed not to give him a penny once Scholes walked. Fuck the lemmys, fuck Barry and until they grow some fuck Barry jnr & his trust lemmings.
  4. I thought Exeter were excellent at ours last season. 3-1 away win. One of our midfield lionhearts to get a red late on to prove they care.
  5. I cannot see any significant movements into the current squad as in reality they would have to be in midfield and upfront. We know the majority of those positions are filled by Mo Lemmy's ladz.
  6. Is it the prick bit you are bothered about?
  7. Well we currently rent the ground and use the stand. We have then been shown the profits made when the hospitality is in place. I don't think there is much else to factor in particularly. Pretty clear the club would make money if Marco could swallow his pride and sign the deal.
  8. So you would give your profits without any say on where it was spent having spent millions buying the stand? Jesus. Playershare was specific and I'd expect this fund to be. lets face it the Lemon brothers aren't going to be here long enough to reap the benefits, laundry or no laundry.
  9. I dont believe the idea is to give it him to spend on whatever he wants. I doubt they'll pay the laundry bill or flights or the sporting directors wages. I'd imagine it'll be investment on the field.
  10. Prem sides can operate off TV money alone. They could let people in for free. The club needs bums on seats. They take a lot of cash each home game.
  11. If AL is managing to make some money, by whatever means, from OAFC he will remain. We have seen this with other owners at other clubs. Give them abuse, they stop going but still earn. The only way to get an owner out is to hit them in the pocket. Stop giving them your money. Support the FLG (when the time comes) and get rid of this clown.
  12. Sorry but Barry Jnr stated on twitter "The Trust are there to support the owner make the best out of the time they are owners of our fooball club". No mention of representing the fans. No mention of challenge.
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