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  1. Lol when he suggested going up would be a bad thing. Man doesn't know fuck all about being a fan and what a fan looks for considering he was the fans rep at one point. Shame but I can see Barry Jnr doing the same now he has got his trust seat. Starting to creep in with his social media comments. Maybe it is not possible to be a true fans rep and be on the board. The free tickets and pies are a stronger habit to kick than spice it seems.
  2. Cooksey was shite so had to try hard, fact is, if he wasn't dead he would be nowhere near anyone's top three players.
  3. Same here, his reputation is worse amongst the police world than it is the OAFC fans group from my conversations.
  4. DM is saying in 12 years he has never known it. I'd say AL needs some guidance on to do things properly from Barry, maybe Barry Jnr as well.
  5. AL is lucky George isn't too keen on going to Posh. If he does this and the player wants to go to the club he fucks over he will have an issue. AL clearly does not know how to even conduct transfers in a proper manner, the only thing we thought he may be able to do. Absolute shambles.
  6. How is Barry Jnr going to spin this one? Our family club is being ruined internally and externally.
  7. Barry Jnr will be too busy spooning Daddy Barry to bother their master. Fans are not the priority of the trust these days.
  8. We've settled for mid table Division 4 haven't we?
  9. Financially I suppose it depends how many employment tribunals you are facing? Might not be the last winding up "formality".
  10. We are not stuck with him. Once he cannot pay the debts he is clearly having issues with the club will be taken out of his hands. He's just managing it now but he's had the ST money but I don't think all issues finance wise are settled yet. Reduced ST sales and another summer of pissing about with managers and shite players and he will be having some real issues. It may be perhaps the new landlords will be in a position to both push this change, by making him pay his rent and therefore take over the club as the club will owe them a substantial amount of money. They could then try and operate the club using the North Stands obvious financial benefits. Sounds like some sort of plan to me. He cannot afford to be our owner if the fans stand up to his bullshit. Sooner the better.
  11. He said at his press conference he had bought the club and not the ground, why is he now making it sound like he didn't know what was what? ‘Subsiding’ losses himself = OAFC will be leathering the credit card. He will walk away and the club will owe him a fortune. Not a chance he's gifted us anything. Those who wanted to wait and see when there was a chance to protest properly will regret that once we see those accounts. How can a club who can afford to pay Maouche so much money be making such losses? New training ground structure, how can we afford that? Sign dross so bad that Ashton United send them back. VERA. Maybe he is using his "life savings" to buy these things and the club then owes him for it? Perhaps? Money into the club, money out when club is sold? Be interesting to see what happens with AL if Big George means he gets £500k into his bank account. If it was your actual pension pot would you spend it on that dope we sent to Ashton within days of signing him. Who was so bad they gave him back? Would you spend your savings on that while your business was losing money? Still, Queensy vs Rovers was all worth it................
  12. What odds is the owners brother?
  13. My 'guess' is he told AL he wanted to pick who came and went, played etc, AL stopped laughing and said no. Wildy went full OAFC and told him to shove the lot up his arse.
  14. I'm not that poor that I live near a tram stop. How fucking dare you.
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