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  1. I hear what you’re saying and in the past it’s what I’ve done. To me it comes down to trust too. I’m asking people to shell out 32 nicker to someone most don’t know from Adam for a coach to Exeter and in return I’m trusting people who say they’re going to pay up and go. Sometimes it doesn’t quite work out how you hope...but we’re getting there. Thanks again to all those who’ve booked and tipped up, I’m off to the casino now to put it all on black. Cheers
  2. 27 confirmed, had my abacus out and it says 1 left
  3. Coach fully booked, many thanks to everyone involved. Come on Oldham!
  4. I’ve just been on to the coach firm, they also have a 28 seater at £32 per person. Tall order given the current booking status, but I’m sure there’s quite a few out there who must fancy it? I was at Exeter City a couple of season ago, great city and club.
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