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  1. Me neither also, just think one decent season at Macclesfield doesn’t make a good manager. Need experience in this division, we won’t get it though.
  2. Was just on my way out for nappies and to put some leccy on then I saw this, swung by Corals en route to the offie. Hope you’re right shuck or I’m in lumber
  3. Mike Minay said signings earlier so I’m still holding out for at least one more...
  4. Me too. Turns out our new signing is one we’ve already got
  5. Chris Coleman just spotted getting into a Rollers cab at Ringway, if I put a fiver on him he’ll be joint favourite I reckon
  6. Maybe, but blink and you’ll miss them as they go racing past us up the league.
  7. Don’t tell her/him. Do a full monty jobbie, go out at the normal time suited & booted, sit somewhere for a couple of hours and come home as normal saying the match was shite. Then when the bell end fucks off you’ll be free to pick up where you left off
  8. When said crackpot owner has his abacus out working out the budget, perhaps he should read this tweet? This place is to be avoided at all costs 😬 Notts County were favourites to go up this season.
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