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  1. Anyone doing that in the day from Oldham is on crack, about a 580 mile round trip for what I’m sure will be an absolute towelling.
  2. Apologies if I’ve missed it as I’ve been away on holiday, but how did the meeting go?
  3. On the wireless just after the third went in, the reporter said our fans were fighting amongst themselves? Come on fess up, who twatted Birkett?
  4. At 43 years young I suppose I qualify as one of the ageing placid fan base? Also as one of the forty or so that took the time off work to head down to Moore’s offices in Banbury and stand in front of the television cameras there to protest against the last proper wazzock to own our club I think I’ve managed to get up on my feet to do my bit over time. Have i got that same passion now as I did then as a 20 odd year old? I’m not sure I have. I might be tempted into a trip to Dubai, though I can’t imagine the Dubai constabulary will be quite as agreeable as Thames Valley plod were that day.
  5. Not me, Stevenage was my last game and I had a ST. Fuck em, not a penny more.
  6. About 200 of us had a meeting in April and fuck all happened. Vote with your feet!
  7. I’m going to watch them v Fylde in a fortnight, see you at Rochdale station?
  8. 1,312 home fans down on the same fixture last season is alarming seeing as it was the first home game, other than the owners cronies will there be anyone there in a months time?
  9. I beg to differ. Had a great day out at a very well run non-league outfit today. Draught ale and freshly made, hot Cornish pasties served with a smile both for two quid a pop. Club president took my fiver at the turnstile and he thanked all 101 of us for coming on the way out too, even after his team let a 2 nil lead slip. Good game that finished 2-2.
  10. Surely the OEC bill the tenants for it? Whether the invoice gets paid or not?
  11. I ordered a nice new M3 a couple of months ago and was due to pick it up next Saturday at 3pm. To my dismay I’ve just had BMW on to be told they haven’t got one and I’ve can have a 1993 316i instead. Obviously I asked for a refund as that wasn’t what I paid for and they fucked me off and said enjoy the old nail you sucker.
  12. Let’s not get carried away, the blokes still a prick!
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