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  1. And with our recent track record/reputation I’m sure we’ll be well down the pecking order for the better ones
  2. Just out of interest, but who’s going to mow the pitch if all staff have been furloughed?
  3. Looks like the Peterborough owner is readying himself for another teddy chucking episode. Wonder who he could be on about? Our esteemed owner perhaps?
  4. Just seen that it’s only only on for an hour and that’s for both matches. The media love in with the dippers will mean we get 15 minutes no doubt.
  5. I seem to remember it being mad hot. It’s hard to believe now that only 30 years ago they couldn’t get it on the box. Think it was BBC World Service that had it on. Not the only big game of the day I missed, Ipswich, Sheffield Wednesday to name two 😫
  6. Thirty years on I might just watch this for the first time. Was on holiday in Cyprus at the time and sat in the hotel bar listening on the wireless with a load of reds, probably 40 or so of them and me (14 years old) and my dad. Was gutted that I wasn’t in Manchester that day.
  7. My uncle took us all down in his minibus, he’s a Mann Yuu fan and we’d bought him a ticket as ‘thanks’ for taking us down. He got covered in piss and when we got back to the bus, all the windows had been bricked and the tyres slashed, couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke. Running the gauntlet to the station afterwards was an eye opener. Great days.
  8. Ah the Victoria Ground, rum old place that. The only ground I’ve come away from with more money than I had when I went in, all sorts raining down on us from that top tier.
  9. The least painful and complicated way is just to null & void the season. Obviously there will be some that won’t like it, the Celtics, Liverpool’s and Leeds to name three but I cannot see any other way. Bolton are well up for this I hear, can’t think why?
  10. If it carries on into the summer, then it will impact onto next season and beyond... Can see the season being abandoned around Easter. You’ve got to feel for the Liverpool & Leeds fans of this world if it does 🤣
  11. There’s no guarantee that things will start again in April, can see this season being declared null and void and start again in August...if we’re still in business.
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