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  1. Can’t wait for the usual suspects to say we were the better side for 70 mins. Like that fucking means anything when we ship two lame goals to a bunch of non league cloggers. Wow i am fucking fuming.
  2. Mcfluff and Kowdog still defending the greasy crooks to the hills? Shocked.
  3. One of the best wingers in the division dropping a League to escape Abdallah. I’m fucking appalled. People defending Abdallah must genuinely be fucking dense.
  4. The highlights are up. Christ. That was painful viewing. If we lose two key players at any stage this season we are in no uncertain terms, fucked.
  5. It is quite common for you to respond to any kind of speculation demanding black and white proof. Although I think you do this just to play devils advocate which you seem to oddly enjoy.
  6. Boundary Blue will probably presume Corney put him up this. Big Dog will think it’s misunderstood and that he’s a decent guy. Mcfluff and Kowdog will be asking for hard #proof.
  7. Maouche by the way. Jesus wept. Loves a sulk doesn't he.
  8. Played very well, took the game to them and with an actual striker we may have won that.
  9. Highly impressed with Brange-Engone today.
  10. Been on top this half but as per there is absolutely nothing up top.
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