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  1. Squad movements, summer 2018

    Half the team weren't arsed because half of them know they'll be elsewhere next year.
  2. Kean Bryan Returns

    He's better than L2 for sure. Don't see why he is training at our place unless he wants to work with that specific physio. He's also got one of those monitors on that records their movement.
  3. Squad movements, summer 2018

    Need to get the right squad in place and keep them for 2 years. Going to be a big turnover i'd suspect, a lot of new players again and some individuals who are against the manager may still be kicking around. If we get off to a horrific start he'll be promptly ousted then survival will be the only focus. A year of stability is crucial. If we fluke it and go up then magic, we'll probably have a bounce to put us into the top 10 of L1
  4. England Squad

    Worrying amount of knowledge about Man Utd here...
  5. Squad movements, summer 2018

    Not a chance we go back up first time.
  6. Playershare Pledges 2017/18 Season

    Everyone coughed up their pledges?
  7. Squad movements, summer 2018

    I think it will be a season of consolidation. Play-off hopes are a bit too optimistic. We have a fractured camp, no real statement of intent and we'll lack the players. One season of mid-table shitness, get a squad in place, and go again for the season after..
  8. Squad movements, summer 2018

    I think there will be a lot of outgoings for sure
  9. Squad movements, summer 2018

    One of the waiting staff that was supposed to be working that night told me that it was the players who wanted it cancelled because of the abuse they got when they got back on their coach after the match.
  10. England Squad

    WC 2010 Squad was abysmal
  11. Squad movements, summer 2018

    About time we had a depressing build up to the season non of that ridiculous optimism and decent looking signings. We'll then stroll to the automatics no danger.
  12. League 2 activity

    Checkatrade 2017
  13. Well if players want out and Abdallah is as skint as suggested staying up has to be a priority....
  14. Nasty rumours on twitter that some players want out because we can't afford them?
  15. Why on earth would he want to?