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  1. It was billed as a charity match some time after the friendly was announced and this was a very rare moment of good intuitive decision making by the trust. A very good cause at that but how much of the gate receipts will see the buckets for the relevant skin cancer charities?
  2. People are unwilling to face the facts that this club is in dire straits and have purchased a season ticket because ‘it’s what we do’. Does this not demonstrate a total and utter lack of backbone and hence forth adhering to the club’s beliefs and funding Abdallah’s very questionable operation of the football club? The majority of haters towards my profile are beyond the age of 50, and it is because they are desperate to relieve the past times of this once great football club and pretend that everything is ok. I would like to remind these great custodians of our club that you should not direct your hate at me for pointing out the gaping flaws within our club but that you should be opening your eyes at the cancer that resides within in our once proud football club.
  3. Of course you would, you and others are desperate for these shenanigans to return to small inaudible murmurs so our club continues at its slow wood rotting progress. 1500 people turned up today, demonstrating that 1500 people are happy for this regime to continue as it is. People will come and attack this and scream but that’s only because they’re uncomfortable with the true reality that lies behind the scenes at BP. Fire at will old boys
  4. Not only having to HOST Rochdale in a friendly but also getting convincingly beat by them. Ei Ei Eio
  5. I think it’s worth noting that Abdallah now has fans he has wooed with free tickets and a bit of inside information to be his propaganda arm. You’ve got Michael Halliwell and Stephen Partington running a 1.2k member strong facebook group endorsing Abdallah’s ideas to move the football team out of boundary park. Over on other platforms Rhys Parsons and a few other of the young lads are being invited to club events to help spread that Abdallah is a good and fair owner. What this man doing is disgusting and is not only conning the people who are blindly following him for a free meal ticket, but he is creating a very damaging divide within the fan base.
  6. Anyone else not arsed? Quicker we go bust and start again the better. My football club has gone and anyone defending him is as equally as damaging as him.
  7. Just bringing you to account for your woefully misplaced belief in big SC
  8. Good times when the Corney sympathisers refused to believe that we sold the clause at the time.
  9. A lot more on Twitter who are happy to get season tickets than on here... There are a lot of kids on there though who will be on the U-16 ticket
  10. Think you’re right, he can only work with what he’s been given. We won’t go down but if we finish in the top half i’ll eat my hat.
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