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  1. Kusunga_Is_God

    Doncaster (A)

    It was 1-1 as well.
  2. Kusunga_Is_God

    Doncaster (A)

    That was a sell out wasn't it? Awful ground mind.
  3. Kusunga_Is_God

    New Manager Thread

    There’s a French CB in the building but that was already known. Striker needed, and fast.
  4. Kusunga_Is_God

    New Manager Thread

    We were woefully unprepared for FGR. We should be beating Macclesfield. We need bodies and a manager ASAP.
  5. Kusunga_Is_God

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    Majority of this board would see 15th in league 2 as a roaring success.
  6. Kusunga_Is_God

    Forest Green (h)

  7. Kusunga_Is_God

    Forest Green (h)

    I’m comparing and contrasting the second half. If you can’t grasp that then you really are a Grade A nobsworth.
  8. Kusunga_Is_God

    Forest Green (h)

    Enlighten me. Did we watch a different game?
  9. Kusunga_Is_God

    New Manager Thread

    Get on with it AL. Get over Fulham and focus on the league.
  10. Kusunga_Is_God

    Forest Green (h)

    Certain members of this board would be delighted with a 16th placed finish with today’s reactions in mind. Staggering.
  11. Kusunga_Is_God

    Forest Green (h)

    We let them out play us. There was no plan apart from sitting back. If people are happy with medicoraity so be it. No wonder Corney got a free pass for so long until it eventually transpired he was a crook.
  12. Kusunga_Is_God

    Forest Green (h)

    The performance was absolutely dreadful but some people are just seemingly let this slide. There was absolutely no structure or plan apart from holding on for dear life. They breached us many times and for the life of me I have no idea how they didn’t end up scoring. We got a point, but we didn’t deserve it. We showed them far too much respect because when we actually shifted up a gear they weren’t as good as the staff had first feared. Still think many on here have beer goggles from Fulham.
  13. Kusunga_Is_God

    Forest Green (h)

    How is it silly? Put what ever negative bias you have for me aside and focus on the facts. We’re low on numbers and our captain was actually calling the shots. We will get more injuries. We we need bodies and a manager. This isn’t hard to grasp. We’ve got away with it today. Let’s make sure we’re ready next week
  14. Kusunga_Is_God

    Forest Green (h)

    Wild isn’t ready that’s for sure. Lucky to come away with something today. Manager and players needed quick if want to get into the play-offs.
  15. Kusunga_Is_God

    New Manager Thread

    Ah. Would you look at that.