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  1. Just hoping the Phoenix club is up and running within the next 10 years. Especially as we have the ground. It’s the only way back. I’d get on with it now tbh.
  2. Still got lads here happy we’re not Stockport but news flash lads, they’re not too far away now...
  3. If we go down we never come back. Despite Abdallah’s so called ‘vision’ I presume the real aim is to scale back costs and just stay in the football league as long as possible. Next season could be the last. We have no core, no leadership and no foundations.
  4. Tranmere promotion has knocked me sick. Those who are so accepting of mediocrity put on Sky Sports and tell me you’re not jealous.
  5. I hate Tranmere, and Newport are so anti-football it’s unreal. Hopefully Newport win and then go straight back down.
  6. Not like we’re selling 13k is it? Only just sold 10k for Everton at home.
  7. Building a new stadium from scratch isn’t cheap
  8. I’ve been sitting back and reading what’s been going on but my interest has taken a severe dive since the end of the season.
  9. Let’s see what happens come kick off in the first game. Still a lot of time between then and now. Need to kick on and get staff in place ASAP.
  10. This forum is a good read after a couple days off. Top posters. Have a good day
  11. Thought we should have put 5 or 6 against Mansfield at home.
  12. NDA. Pissing. Trust should fold immediately. The ego-trip for those involved who like to feel better by knowing more than the normal fan is becoming incredibly tiresome especially when the club is in the state it is.
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