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  1. It’s already been said but the appointment of a manager is completely irrelevant at the moment.
  2. I thought the Snoddy’s were going to be put on the board anyway. They are the people that donated thousands for the scoreboard
  3. Why not Saturday? We have no game... People will be looking for something to do. Time to get a plan together for the Grimsby game. Everyone will have moved on by the 1st.
  4. I think it’s utterly pathetic and somewhat selfish.
  5. Nothing will happen Andy. The club is sleep-walking into oblivion. Should be looking into the creation of a phoenix club.
  6. Exactly its a hopeless cause. It's just something to do on a Saturday they don't really care how we get on.
  7. Judging by comments on here. By the next home game this will all be forgotten about. R.I.P OAFC
  8. If fans just choose to accept what’s happened (which is what is happening) then there is no hope for this football club. it’s cliche but without the fans, the club is nothing and if people continue to go and just accept everything as normal then there will be no instigator for change.
  9. You wouldn’t be going back if you were to expect the same results from before. Unless you’re clinically insane.
  10. I can’t help but admire you utterly blind optimism
  11. Are you going to carry on going to the home games?
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