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  1. Kusunga_Is_God

    Macclesfield (h)

    Can’t help but feel the third goal has got Frankie out of jail there. How Giles Coke lasted 90 mins christ knows. Severely lacking in midfield. Sooner Fane and Baxter are fit again, the better.
  2. Kusunga_Is_God

    Macclesfield (h)

    Thank fuck for that. Second half tactics have been bizarre. Individual brilliance from Miller
  3. Kusunga_Is_God

    Macclesfield (h)

    Holding on here... christ
  4. Kusunga_Is_God

    Macclesfield (h)

    Make a change frankie ffs
  5. Kusunga_Is_God

    Macclesfield (h)

  6. Kusunga_Is_God

    Macclesfield (h)

    Bit of brilliance separates the sides. They are absolutely gash and we’ve gifted them 2/3 opportunities to score. Need to up the tempo
  7. Kusunga_Is_God

    Macclesfield (h)

    Seems we’re happy to hang on to the lead. Hope it doesn’t come back to bite us.
  8. Kusunga_Is_God

    Macclesfield (h)

    Forgot Taylor existed tbf. Welcome addition.
  9. Kusunga_Is_God

    Next 3 League games

    *Notts County Incredible performance.15 shots on target away from home jesus christ! We've only managed 8 in our league games so far
  10. Kusunga_Is_God


    Play on lads!
  11. Kusunga_Is_God


    Genuinely bias refereeing.
  12. Kusunga_Is_God

    Macclesfield (h)

    Thought he looked hungry and threw himself into challenges at Forest Green...
  13. Kusunga_Is_God

    Macclesfield (h)

    i’d start maouche ahead of missilou and coke.
  14. Kusunga_Is_God


    Andy Haines and Ross Joyce the worst i’ve seen. Joyce wins out of the two for being consistently bias on the 3 occasionas he has refereed us. Bradford away. Chesterfield away and Charlton at home...