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  1. He was a great servant for Oldham Athletic and I wish him well in his new appointment. Great pity he has had to leave in such circumstances.
  2. He made the comment on the clubs ifollow video recording that he retired at age 26 so I think this question is better directed at him than me.
  3. I don’t think he’s suffering from dementia just yet.
  4. Listen to the interview on ifollow and you will see I am right and I don’t make things up. Wiki is wrong in a lot of things it publishes.
  5. Wrong listen to Bunns interview Maidstone Part 2 on Ifollow. He actually states he had to retire age 26. I think he knows the age he retired better than you.
  6. I am not wrong. Listen to Bunns interview. He actually stated he had to retire at age 26. Plastic pitches in those days caused far more injuries than they do today
  7. He doesn’t like plastic because it caused him to retire at age 26. Plastic caused his serious injury. Therefore he is justified in hating plastic.
  8. Looks like Missilou will miss the game he has reached 5 yellow cards
  9. If Surridge had been his usual sharp self we would have won that game today. He didn’t take is chance when he got it, simple as that. Can’t blame Bunn for him messing up.
  10. Give it a rest. Everyone at the club knew she was leaving in July. It’s not important who her immediate employer was. What I am trying to say is that it’s not because of AL that she has gone.
  11. When I last spoke to her she told me she would be leaving in November and that was last July. She said that she was pregnant then. So she had already told AL then that she would be leaving. It’s not something she has just decided to do.
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