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  1. Everything is for sale if the price is right
  2. nope was some kid from scotish non league played a handfull of games end of season missed three or four sitters
  3. who was the scots lad royle brought in think it was play off season couldnt hit a barn door think he finnished up at noblot or lashers
  4. wonder will Roy join Dearden in screaming "EAGLES" at every opertunity thought he was on comision from pg tips at one point .cracking signing tho if it comes off
  5. jesus its david dickinsons love child and wtf has judith chalmers got to do with mansfield ?
  6. iirc wasnt our end full of Dirty leeds as there coach had broke going to sunderland ?
  7. my first away game what a day crammed into my dads austin 1300gt
  8. have the Blue & white as home . red & white as away/change strip then re do the pink one for exceptional clashes
  9. ta for that and the previous chapters unsworth some fantastic memorys vividly brought back of my ten year old self perched a close to the goal as possible on the wall of the chaddy watching the running battles swating to and fro accross the chaddy .the sunderland one sticks out as particulaly active .wasnt allowed to go to the Manure home game due to the yob ellement that preceded them but do remember giving Bobby Moore some fearsome stick after his screamer of an og v fulham happy memories of football with my late dad my brother and friends playing guess the crowd as we walked down sheepfoot lane .the scarf & rosette seller half way down commerative programme with a huge silver cup on the front for the texaco cup semi final .my first night game at latics .heady days and memories
  10. think current POTUS has more class than AL tbh
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