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  1. are the trust and the protest group reaching out to Macclesfield supporters groups as they have done with Orient etc solidarity can be good thing sometimes ?
  2. agree went to that game knowing we could get a result we were in the middle of a great run of form and scoring for fun
  3. to much like common sence for that to happen with this shower
  4. they looked genuinely shocked at the hostility from some this wasnt how kevin chuckle and his chums had told him it would go
  5. think the nepotism refers to scholes robinson and sheridan junior all being at the club ?
  6. yes that was another fun afternoon on the boards in the chaddy
  7. found this article from 2003 very much a profesy of what happend to Bury only we survived https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/2419216/Short-sighted-Oldham-see-only-as-far-as-Monday.html
  8. the following recolections may throw some light on a possible source ? back in 1991 whilst traveling to swindon away was on the coach with an elderly latics fan who regaled us all with tales of the good & bad old days of the 1960s one thing he told us that in the season we applied for re election the club was in a parlous financial state the chairman turned to this gentleman and several of his latics supporting associates for a loan to help the club in return they were all offered vip ( comp tickets corporate pre and post match access etc) treatment bye the club untill said moneys were refunded which to that point had not happen and he had rather enjoyed the bonus of the last couple of seasons . i next saw the same gentleman when he traveled to Wolves away for our FA cup tie in 2007 i asked was he still receiving the vip treatment and he stated that chris moore had converted the remaining entitlement into a shareholding for those that still survived as a way of respecting that they had not tried to reclaim the loans and he would pass them on to his sons in his will . could the shares being offered be some of these shares ? the gentleman concerned was adamant that the shares had been transfered to the new club in 2004 ?
  9. that was a fun afternoon in the chaddy plod had totaly lost control by about 2.30 one of the few times ive ever felt unsafe at BP along with that game v wendies
  10. Bury mbc played a blinder whilst every other councill reigned in tgey went ahead with the Rock shopping and entertainment area was a big gamble but it payed off when the econamey started to improve they were ready with a shiney new shopping and leisure complex right next to the already popular market boom its thriving
  11. mad dog i was in the unfortunate in going to a "Rugby" school and being the smallest person on my year found fairly quickly that i was to bevon the butt end of the legalised thuggery that came with it i learned one thing about Rugby and that was i hated it in fact loathed it .i can just about watch a game of league due to many friends playing the game upto international level but union leaves me cold always has and always will .
  12. same just cannot get the hysteria about lots of Nigels playing British Buldogs with a load of blokes called jan and hiding a leather egg weirdoes
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