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  1. how many of those buyers were only interested in Bury due to the poor likkle Bury headlines all over the media and wanting to appear the big hero who saved Bury
  2. Hes waiting for chuckle to publish his expose on the trust first 😉
  3. exactley what i said saturday during the game the double sending off was a get out of jail for managment as it would mask just how crap we were prior to that
  4. maybe they were offered them by whomever held them rather than putting them into ALs hands
  5. that will be the end for Gigg lane will surely be sold off to realize its value as an asset re start in the northwest counties sharing with Radcliffe borough
  6. wasnt he the owner of Holroy who built the North Stand who then had to sell the company to corney that subsequently went bust ?
  7. well after watching that shit show through again its clear weve gone from being run by the three amigos to the three stooges abdalah clueless and mo .god help us
  8. saddly this will be the deathnell of our club as more and more fall into the same rut of indifference
  9. was driving back from visiting my new grandson with the GMR commentry on in the car went one down and kind of expected it went two down and it had that inevitability to it the sendings off just made me laugh as couldnt see how this shit shoe could get any worse .the thing that made me stop and think was my missus commenting that normal would of been shouting and swearing at the radio through it all she said i had an air of resigned indiferance just an ironic smile and carry on this is what the clown and his chronys have done i no longer care my passion my love and my joy at my club has been destroyed and many many of my fellow tics feel the same way
  10. studs showing according to commentry on GMR but the game was all but over by that time
  11. anf morais following him the regimes get out of jail card for todays enevitable debacle
  12. but wasnt that under the previous coaching set up that was able to show a modicum of success and progress nothe shambles we have under the current regime
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