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  1. hence Everton's management team getting at the ref for the replay in the week ahead of the game ,whinging on about our rough play and tactics in the press hence us getting fuck all at goodison
  2. can anybody tell me who this jiraard chap is that the commentator is on about
  3. see wellens son signed for utd today double celebration for him
  4. ah the uppermill cricket square the 300 square feet of hallowed turf under the tender care of Fred who would be out in all weathers day and night tending his turf and woe betide anyone who had the temerity to walk upon it in a none match situation without his expressed permission .
  5. https://twitter.com/OfficialOAFC/status/1247875976018739200?s=20
  6. I ask this question not out of mischief or an apparent bias towards one group or the other I want to just ask a simple question FLG where are you ? all through the recent difficulty within the club PTB the Trust the FSA even AL himself have all at varying times have put out statements yet from your yourselves there is a deafening silence do you have any thing to say a crumb of comfort for the fans or are you just going to remain silent ?
  7. for the third time ? Moore- corney corney-AL Al - ???
  8. https://twitter.com/MikeMinay/status/1233456438489550848?s=20
  9. one wonders if shitpeas is using them to wall paper his office e we have that many now ?
  10. bloody whipper snapper watcha want a blue Peter badge sheesh youth of today 55 in June
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