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  1. Lang never stops running. Real asset to this team.
  2. I’ll bet it sounds more exciting if you’re not here!
  3. Likewise, based in the south I only get to about a dozen matches, but just can't give it up after 40 years. That one today is for my son who adopted Latics because of me but despite me suggesting he'd have a happier life supporting virtually anyone else, and other than Liverpool has had little to feed off in his almost 20 years supporting. He now drags 4 of his mates everywhere with him to most away matches. Might have to live off this for a while, who knows? Great atmosphere today, and gracious Fulham fans in the tube back. Agree Clarke and Missilou the best of 12 heroes on the pitch today. Thought for Frankie, but good to see us keeping one or two players up when defending corners.
  4. It's like choosing your favourite child! Missilou was majestic today and needs to be given a longer contract asap.
  5. Was looking to see when the draw was being made and Google directed me to the City website, which helpfully shows Fulham as number 17 in tomorrow's draw!
  6. So, fellow prisoners of purgatory, does this vindicate AL's decision or was this likely to happen whoever was in charge? The manner of the dismissal was deplorable, and one very bad performance shouldn't lead to such a trigger happy response (even Sir Joe lost 6-0 against Leeds back in the early 80s), but can't argue with the result and very much based around AL's players. Port Vale on a very poor run, and we're even more down to the bare bones (does Lang go back to the plastics now?), but crucial and very enjoyable win.
  7. Ridiculous! Literal meaning - inviting and deserving ridicule! One disastrous result and we dump the manager. Same team as most of us would have picked, players can't be bothered to put the effort in, and the guy gets sacked. On behalf of most reasonable fans I'm appalled and wish Frankie all the best for the future - you deserve better!
  8. 3 away cup matches in the South East! Makes up for the lack of League fixtures down here this season.
  9. So we're now missing through injury Fane, Baxter, Gardner, La Paz and Lyden. We have Miller suspended for the next 2 (or 3?) matches. We don't know why Taylor wasn't even in the squad yesterday though presumably injured also? Information from the club on injuries and progress on possible return does seem to be sparse. Is there any update on them I have missed? Also, in view of priorities this season, while there's probably little room for manoeuvre, should we be protecting some of our key players by leaving them out for Rochdale?
  10. Completely agree Dave - a credit to Maidstone. Was also wished luck in the next round by another official on the way out.
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